Henry Ford: Young Man With Ideas (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Hazel B. Aird - 1959
    These lively, inspiring, believable biographies sweep today's young readers right into history.

Walt Disney: Young Movie Maker (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Marie Hammontree - 1997
    How did a farm boy in Missouri grow up to be the father of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and scores of other beloved characters? Here is the childhood story of an American original.

Susan B. Anthony: Champion of Women's Rights

Helen Albee Monsell - 1980
    Anthony: Champions of Women's Rights is the next installment in the Childhood of Famous Americans series.Using simple language that beginning readers can understand, this lively, inspiring, and believable biography looks at the childhood of Susan B. Anthony, who grew up to fight for women's equality and the right to suffrage.

Harry Houdini: Young Magician (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Kathryn Kilby Borland - 1991
    Harry Houdini: Young Magician is the next great installment in the Childhood of Famous Americans series.Written by Kathryn Kilby Borland and using simple language that beginning readers can understand, this lively, inspiring, and believable biography looks at the childhood of the young prestidigitator Harry Houdini.

Paul Revere: Boston Patriot

Augusta Stevenson - 1946
    Presents the boyhood of the well-known Boston silversmith and patriot of the Revolution, famous for his ride to warn the countryside of the approaching British.

Annie Oakley: Young Markswoman

Ellen Wilson - 1979
    Using simple language that beginning readers can understand, this lively, inspiring, and believable biography looks at the childhood of Wild West personality Annie Oakley.

Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Ann Weil - 1983
    Recreates the childhood of the woman traditionally remembered as the maker of the first American flag, which was secretly presented to General George Washington in Philadelphia in 1776.

Elizabeth Blackwell: Girl Doctor (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Joanne Landers Henry - 1996
    Elizabeth Blackwell: Girl Doctor is the next installment in the Childhood of Famous Americans series.The life story of Elizabeth Blackwell, one of the first woman doctors in the Unites States, who worked in England and America to open the field of medicine to women, is told in easy-to-read language.

Thomas Edison: Young Inventor

Sue Guthridge - 1947
    A biography focusing on the childhood of the inventor who patented more than 1,100 inventions in sixty years, among them the electric light and the phonograph.

Teddy Roosevelt: Young Rough Rider (Childhood of Famous Americans)

Edd Winfield Parks - 1953
    Focuses on the childhood of the dynamic president, describing how Teddy worked hard to improve his poor health and developed a lifelong interest in nature and the conservation of natural resources.

Neil Armstrong: Young Pilot

Montrew Dunham - 1996
    But he did love to fly from an early age, and after serving in the Korean War and then finishing college, he joined the organization that would eventually become NASA.As the first man to walk on the moon in 1969, his comment, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” was heard by millions, and Neil Armstrong’s influence on the world didn’t stop there.From his early years in Ohio to his NASA career, to his later service as an aerospace professor and on Congressional panels, Neil Armstrong’s life is a legacy to be admired, and this narrative biography illuminates his childhood.

Davy Crockett: Young Rifleman (Childhood of Famous Americans Series)

Aileen Wells Parks - 1962
    A biography of the famous frontiersman and Congressman, focusing on his childhood.

The Tree Lady: The True Story of How One Tree-Loving Woman Changed a City Forever

H. Joseph Hopkins - 2013
    After all, Kate grew up among the towering pines and redwoods of Northern California. But after becoming the first woman to graduate from the University of California with a degree in science, she took a job as a teacher far south in the dry desert town of San Diego. Where there were almost no trees.Kate decided that San Diego needed trees more than anything else. So this trailblazing young woman singlehandedly started a massive movement that transformed the town into the green, garden-filled oasis it is today. Now, more than 100 years after Kate first arrived in San Diego, her gorgeous gardens and parks can be found all over the city.Part fascinating biography, part inspirational story, this moving picture book about following your dreams, using your talents, and staying strong in the face of adversity is sure to resonate with readers young and old.

To Dare Mighty Things: The Life of Theodore Roosevelt

Doreen Rappaport - 2013
    He promised a "square deal" to all citizens, he tamed big businesses, and protected the nation's wildlife and natural beauty. His fearless leadership assured that he would always be remembered, and his robust spirit now dares others to do mighty things.In her moving picture book portrait, award-winning author Doreen Rappaport uses her well-honed approach of personal quotes and vivid prose to spin together the tale of a sickly boy who became a monumental man. Coupled with C. F. Payne's dramatic artwork, the story of President Teddy, touchstone of American history, is brought to life.

Who Was Albert Einstein?

Jess M. Brallier - 2002
    Everyone has heard of Albert Einstein-but what exactly did he do? How much do kids really know about Albert Einstein besides the funny hair and genius label? For instance, do they know that he was expelled from school as a kid? Finally, here's the story of Albert Einstein's life, told in a fun, engaging way that clearly explores the world he lived in and changed.