When It Counts (2016, #2)

Lauren Hopkins - 2016
    Gymnastics is Amalia’s life and she’s sacrificed everything to get this far, but she still has to prove she has what it takes to stand out in Rio. The competition is tough and nothing is guaranteed, not even for her teammates, recently-crowned national champion Ruby Spencer, who missed the 2012 Olympics after rupturing her Achilles a month before the Games, and world champion Emerson Bedford, whose personal drama is threatening her mental game when she needs it most. Picking up where "Finding Our Balance" left off, "When It Counts" follows Amalia, Ruby, and Emerson on the next steps in their journey to Rio.

Five Get Gran Online

Bruno Vincent - 2017
    They're shocked to find it's been so long that they don't recognise her at all. While they're there, they try to help her with her computer. They try first to fix her iTunes account, and then her internet banking - after all it's the least they can do! However everything they touch turns to dust. They end up getting her cut off from the internet, the gas and the electricity, and reduced to a World War II-style privations - that is until the toddler from next door comes in and fixes everything. They return home somewhat with their tails between their legs, only to discover that with their help Gran has learned to make videos, and has become an internet sensation.


Malia Mattoch McManus - 2017
    As the heiress to a plantation fortune, Eliza Dawson occupies a privileged place in the opulent court of Hawaii's King Kalakaua. But her secret plan to marry the son of an opium tycoon collapses when political crisis forces him to China. Pregnant and desperate to keep her child, Eliza must wed an opportunistic rancher on the remote island of Moloka'i. After a devastating fire, Eliza makes a daring escape to Honolulu on the eve of the American overthrow and joins the clandestine fight to restore the Hawaiian monarchy. When a mysterious figure from Moloka'i reveals powerful secrets, only one man can help Eliza find the truth-her first love. But soon, their search for answers threatens to unravel the life she's rebuilt in a dramatically changed Hawai'i. Dragonfruit is both a vivid portrait of Hawai'i in a time of historic upheaval and the story of a woman shaped by love, betrayal, and the intoxicating power of the past.


Kristene Perron - 2012
    Cold, brilliant and desperate to prove himself as a Cultural Theorist, Seg breaks away from the recon squad sent to protect him, to scout out prime vita sources. But to find his prize he must face his biggest fear: water. Fiery and headstrong, Ama receives an ultimatum from her people's tyrannical overlords: betray her own kind or give up the boat she calls home, forever. When a wealthy traveler hires her as a guide, Ama thinks her prayers are answered - until a violent murder reveals Seg's true identity. On the run, over land and water, hunted by a ruthless and relentless tracker, and caught in the schemes of a political powerhouse, Seg and Ama will have to strike an uneasy truce to survive. The fate of two worlds is in their hands.

The Darkest Minds Series Boxed Set

Alexandra Bracken - 2018
    With gorgeous, fresh designs and exclusive bonus short stories from the perspectives of fan-favorite characters Liam, Vida, and Clancy, this collection will delight loyal fans and new readers alike, just in time for the major motion picture starring Amandla Stenberg and Mandy Moore.Praise for the Darkest Minds series:"Meet your next dystopian obsession"--Entertainment Weekly"Haunting... Bracken creates a gripping and terrifying dystopian world."--Kirkus Reviews "Heart-wrenching but completely riveting, this novel pulls no punches."--BCCB"A riveting, emotional read that kept me on edge!"--New York Times best-selling author Melissa Marr

Days of Fire

Rebecca Fernfield - 2018
    She even joined up to help protect them amidst the growing terrorist threats. If the worst happens she’s made a promise and has a plan: get her mother and sister out of the city then wait out the danger in the family’s safehouse. 20,000 feet in the air, her worst fears come true when a devastating electromagnetic pulse takes out the entire grid. As she watches the city below descend into darkness, and the plane begins to fall from the sky, Jessie’s only thought is of home and the last desperate phone call from her sister. With her mother missing, and the country descending into chaos, Jessie is confronted by a criminal underbelly more dangerous than she could ever have imagined. To keep her promise, she’ll have to face her fears and use every ounce of her training and ingenuity to get the people she loves to safety. But is it enough? Scroll up and buy today! *** Days of Fire is an intense, post-apocalyptic EMP survival thriller series with a twist.

Blackout: A Tale Of Survival In A Powerless World- Book 0

Alexandria Clarke - 2017
    This is Georgie Fitz’s reality when an EMP bomb goes off over her home in Denver, Colorado. As one of the few who knows how to survive the start of an apocalypse, she sets out with her boyfriend to escape the city. After all, the darkness of the Rockies is safer than the violence in the streets.

GU: Justice Net

David Archer - 2016
    Gun violence is almost nonexistent, quality health care is available to everyone, food is abundant and accessible, and crime is all but unheard of. These problems were solved by the creation of the Global Union, a worldwide government that treats everyone as equals. Crime was lessened by one of the GU's most innovative new programs, known as Justice Net. Rather than languishing in prison cells, convicted criminals are sentenced to fight to the death on live TV. The more serious the crime, the more fights they must survive in order to be released. It's an incredibly successful program, since the vast majority of those convicted are unlikely to survive even their very first fight, while the public and the government make fortunes by betting on the outcomes. What happens, though, when an innocent man is framed for crimes he didn't commit? Professor Carson Pace, a gentle soul, finds himself the target of a madman who wants something he has, and before he knows it, he has been arrested as a serial rapist and the evidence against him is overwhelming. Convicted in a mockery of a trial, Carson is sent to Justice Net, where he will have to fight for his life. He has been sentenced to seventy bouts, and the only way he can survive is to kill every opponent he faces, but he's never been in a fight in his life. It all seems hopeless, until another convict, one who has already survived fifty bouts, takes Carson under his wing and begins to train him. Even more astounding, a cyber terrorist group that is bent on exposing corruption in the government learns about Carson''s case, and begins working to free him. In a world with more technology than we can even imagine today, it may take the hardest work they've ever known to bring Justice to Justice Net.

Anxiety Girl Falls Again (Anxiety Girl - Book 2)

Lacey London - 2017
     So, what did Sadie Valentine do next? After an emotional voyage through the minefield of anxiety and depression, Sadie decides to use her experience with mental health to help others. Becoming a counsellor for the support group that once helped her takes Sadie’s life in a completely new direction and she soon finds herself absorbed in her new role. Knowing that she’s aiding other sufferers through their darkest days gives her the ultimate job satisfaction, but when a mysterious and troubled man attends Anxiety Anonymous, Sadie wonders if she is out of her depth. Dealing with Aidan Wilder proves trickier than Sadie expected and it’s not long before those closest to her start to express their concerns. What led a dishevelled Aidan to the support group? As Sadie delves further into his life, her own demons make themselves known. Will unearthing Aidan’s story cause Sadie to fall back into the dark world she fought so hard to escape? Join Sadie as she guides other sufferers back to mental wellness and battles her own torment along the way… PRAISE FOR ANXIETY GIRL A fantastic insight into the fear, dread and debilitating illness that is anxiety and depression. Brilliantly written and very well observed. An eye-opening, thoroughly enjoyable and very relatable read. I honestly couldn't put this book down! Entertaining, sometimes desperately sad, very often uplifting and hugely life-affirming. Another magnificent achievement for Lacey's remarkable pen. I'll never forget it.

Disease X

N.J. Croft - 2020
    Drafted onto the WHO Fast Response Team sent to lock down a possible outbreak in Mexico, he realizes that this is the big one they've been waiting for. Disease X: the unknown pathogen with the potential to destroy mankind.It's a battle of man against virus. And we're losing. As the deaths mount and civilization breaks down, the team must race against the clock to connect the clues and uncover patient zero. But Eli is unprepared for the shocking secrets he exposes when the truth is finally revealed.

Of the Abyss

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - 2016
    They are the ones who study the three realms: the mortal one in which human beings live and die, and the two that follow, the Abyss and the Numen. Anyone outside their order is strictly forbidden from even discussing the other realms.Hansa Viridian is a respected captain in the elite guard unit tasked with protecting the population of Kavet from sorcery. When he arrests an abyssumancer, a sorcerer whose power comes from the infernal realm known as the Abyss, the man attempts to explain that the creatures of that realm have some kind of plan.The prisoner doesn’t get far before his own magic kills him, and Hansa’s attempts to investigate the supposed plot don’t get far. According to Sister of the Napthol Cadmia Paynes, the denizens of the abyss are creatures of violence and immediacy, incapable of planning. Everything she has ever been taught tells Cadmia she is right, but despite her assurances to Hansa and the others of his unit, she worries she has made a dreadful mistake.When the next report of sorcery implicates Hansa’s neighbor and friend Xaz, it triggers a series of events that force unlikely allies to question everything they’ve ever known about magic, morality, love, and even death itself.

The Three Sisters

Jane Routley - 2004
    Once Tari ruled in the land of Yarmar -- a mysterious race of visionaries and healers whose power has since faded to legend. Then the armies of Mir came to destroy and enslave. Now, in their relentless drive for domination, the despised Mirayan Prince Scarvan and his loyal duke, Wolf Madraga, have both claimed a prize beyond compare. She is called Elena Starchild, the bewitching wife of a newly slain woodlands leader. She is Tari, possessing a "fatal beauty" that confounds and obsesses her lustful captors. And she will not be abandoned.Drawn from their island sanctuary by a sister's plight, a warrior and a sorceress return to an oppressed land, carrying with them the magic of hope, spirit, and glorious rebellion. But there are shadows in their own hearts that first must be conquered before a prisoner is freed ... and a mighty destiny can come to pass.

Homecoming: Earth (Omnibus)

Orson Scott Card
    Their descendants, genetically altered to receive the computer's transmissions, worshiped the voice within -- what they called the Oversoul. But after 40 million years, the Oversoul began breaking down. To be repaired, its core had to interface with the even more powerful master computer still on Earth. So it chose a group of men and women for a journey to that distant world, where they would establish a colony and, hopefully, thrive. But although it tried to provide for every eventuality, the Oversoul was a machine -- not always accurate with regard to the dangerous complexities of the human heart and mind...^^^^^^^^^^^^Nafai did not possess his borther Elemak's natural gift for leadership, but he also lacked his brother's capacity for envy and suspicion. While Elemak resisted the Ovesoul, Nafai was its willing tool--one reason he was put in charge of the expedition. For that, Elemak would never forgive him. Yet his hatred of Nafai went far deeper--a poison that ate away at the colony. And then it spread among those with whom humans now shared the Earth--two sapient races that had evolved from ordinary bats and rats. The colonists called them angels and diggers.^^^^^^^^^^^^The angel pTo feared the Old Ones, but even more, he feared they would ally themselves with the hated devils, who lived underground and preyed upon the angels' young. And so he dared approach the strangers who'd come out of the sky, though they had no wings--and nearly paid for such boldness with his life. An inauspicious beginning to a friendship that would endure for centuries.^^^^^^^^^^^^The digger Fusum was blood king of his people, and he despised the way they groveled before the newcomers. The root Mother said they were gods; Fusum knew better. They were strong, but mortal. He saw one die! So he would wait, forge alliances, and when the time was right, he would lead an army to destroy them.


K.B. Hoyle - 2014
    But all that changes when she meets a rogue Enforcer named Pax, who infiltrates Sanctuary and targets her for extraction from the Controlled Repopulation Program. Pax seems to know a little too much about her, and he plants dangerous doubts in her mind that accuse Sanctuary of hiding a dark secret, and that cause Seventeen to question everything she’s ever known.When Seventeen’s life is threatened, she has little choice but to run away from Sanctuary with Pax. But for Breeders, contact with men is forbidden by law, and even the simple act of taking Pax’s hand is treason.Mired in confusion, Seventeen travels with Pax to the outside world and takes the name Pria, the identity of her childhood. But she is far from certain she’s made the right decision when they discover an entire community of people who should no longer exist.Seventeen, now Pria, is thrust into a position as a key player in a dangerous bid to bring down the Unified World Order. Meanwhile, Pax’s attachment to her and her growing attraction to him contribute to the ever-growing mysteries in her life.Pria’s journey from a sheltered, naïve Breeder to a rebel agent requires not only external transformation but self-discovery. As her world crumbles, Pria must decide who she is and what she really believes.But the truth comes at a cost, and uncovering it will require a greater treason than she could ever have imagined.


Can_76 - 2014
    Civilisation was wiped out, countries drowned. Out of the ashes of a desperate refugee camp, a new society was born, with a new place to call home: Land. Trapped by an aggressive sea, its citizens were bound to rules that saw the weak removed, marriage and children by approval only, and designated work for all. All for the greater good......Decades later, and seventeen year-old Christy's life is on the cusp of irrevocable change. She has become eligible for the Pairing, a carefully selected marriage of political and social convenience where romance is out of the question. Her grandmother, Cons, has also reached a significant age - sixty-six: soon the Selection Truck will arrive to take her away forever.Christy’s only hope for protection lies with her missing rebel father…..but nothing goes as it's supposed to. As Christy finds a Pair who might offer a new opportunity for love and security she also uncovers a destiny that has been hidden from her; truths that have been disguised as childhood lies. With Cons’ life under threat, Christy is forced to face a whole new world, one where she must choose between those she cares about and the greater good….a new life where she must play the reluctant rebel, the revolutionary, the lover.....the assassin.