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Sacrifice the Wicked by Karina Cooper


The Witch Doctor Is In

Mindy Klasky - 2018
    Ashley McDonnell, a witch, always knew running a hospital for paranormal creatures would be a challenge. But then she lost her magical powers. And Empire General’s operating license was put in jeopardy. And the most valuable supernatural drug in all of Washington DC was stolen from the hospital’s impermeable safe. Now, Ash must work to regain her lost powers, even as she fights to discover who is undermining the hospital’s upcoming inspection. All of which would be a lot easier if she weren’t distracted by Secret Service agent Nick Raines, a newly turned vampire who appeared at Empire General the night everything went wrong. How can Ash regain her magic when the vampire making her hormones hum may be the man sabotaging her career? Magical Washington includes The Washington Witches Series, the Washington Vampires Series, the Washington Warders, and the Washington Medical: Vampire Unit Series: Girl's Guide to Witchcraft Sorcery and the Single Girl Magic and the Modern Girl Capitol Magic Single Witch's Survival Guide Joy of Witchcraft "Dreaming of a Witch Christmas" "Nice Witches Don't Swear" Fright Court Law and Murder “Stake Me Out to the Ball Game” The Library, the Witch, and the Warder The Witch Doctor Is In Fae's Anatomy 100218mkm

The Taste of Magic

Gina Rosavin - 2006
    Nearly two-thousand years old, he uses immortality to his advantage. Though je lives the life of a successful European businessman, what he really wants is to rule the world.Originally, he sought Katerina Romanov for her latent powers of witchcraft, but now that she’s come of age, his desires have changed. When Katerina succumbs to Adrian’s charms, some fear the vampire will become invincible. As du Lac’s enemies set out to destroy him once and for all, he and Katerina run the risk of losing each other forever. Fallen Angels Reviews: Recommended Read The Taste of Magic is one of the best books I have read in a long time. Gina Rosavin hooked me from the first page of the book and never let me go until the end. I was totally entertained by the by the see-saw motion of Adrian and Katerina relationship. The Taste of Magic is full of wonderful characters that are not what they seem on the surface, a wonderful plot. The story is full of action, intrigue, laughs and very hot sex scenes.The Romance Studio: 5 Stars Gina Rosavin pens a well-crafted story that this reader thoroughly enjoyed. The dialogue is excellent, the passion intense, and the characters remarkably fashioned. With powerful wizards, vampires, and witches spells, this enchanting tale has about everything to please the reader. Bravo to Ms. Rosavin for an extraordinary read.”

A Twist of Fate

Alicia Montgomery - 2019
    When a series of events forces her back into the center of the New York clan life, she bumps into an old childhood crush. Zac Vrost, son of the clan’s Beta, has always been out of reach for her. Their orbits were so far apart, they might as well have lived on different planets. Plus, he’s disappointed her once before and there was no way she was putting her heart on the line again.Growing up as son of the New York Clan’s Beta, Zac Vrost has always excelled at everything he does and plays by the rules. However, seeing Astrid Jonasson again makes him want to break all the rules just to get close to her. Fueled by his desire and passion, he pursues her, despite the fact that she’s not what everyone in the clan would think of as a proper mate.When old adversaries arise and puts the clan in danger, Zac and Astrid must decide between love and duty. Will they be able to to put their desires at bay and defeat their enemies or will the forces trying to tear them and the clan apart prevail? Find out by downloading this sexy paranormal romance.A Twist of Fate: True Mates Generations is FULL-LENGTH sexy shifter paranormal romance novel. It's a standalone novel with HEA, hot and sexy scenes, Lycan action and no cheating.

Hexed, Vexed, and Undersexed: Trials of a Salem Witch

M.J. Marstens - 2020
    . .I learned that reality tv isn’t real.To undo the curse that was placed on my family centuries ago, I must compete in the human game show called Modern Day Witch Hunt.The prize: Mother Shipton’s grimoire.The irony: only a spell from its pages can reverse the hex.The stakes: my family will lose all their magical ability without that spell.All I need is a new hairstyle, a new name, and a complete personality change—easy, right?Throw in a fake-ass broom and a black cat with a little magic, and I have this competition in the bag.Nothing is going to stop me from winning back my family’s long-lost grimoire.Nothing. . .Except maybe the asshole whose family hexed mine.WARNING: This is a reverse harem comedy starring a witch-bitch turned hippie, a sexy 'on-screen' coach, one arch rival with a wand up his ass, a few surprises, and plenty of spells waiting to go wrong.

A Wicked Hunger

Kiersten Fay - 2014
    Her kiss spurs an obsession.Coraline mistrusts the many vampire clans that have been at war with humans for the last century, but when her husband is murdered right in front of her, she is thrust into the dark and dangerous world of the supernatural. And now she has a target on her back. Against her better judgement, she must rely on a mysterious vampire named Mason to keep her safe as those who hunt her grow near. Little does she know, her desire for Mason will threaten to consume them both.A Wicked Hunger is book 1 in the Creatures of Darkness series.

Blood and Magic Series: An Urban Fantasy Boxed Set

Danielle Annett - 2018
    Aria Naveed spends her nights keeping the streets of Spokane safe ... for a price. But things get personal and money stops to matter when innocents are killed and Aria makes it her mission to bring the bastards who killed them to justice. What Amazon readers are saying about the Blood & Magic series ★★★★★ "I was hooked from the start and couldn't stop reading until the very last page." ★★★★★ "I personally am a Kate Daniels fan and I love this series." ★★★★★ "If you haven't read this series you simply must!!!" ★★★★★ "An emotional action packed read that has me flipping the pages." ★★★★★ "Aria is one bad ass heroine." ★★★★★ "This is the first book I have read from Danielle Annett, but I can promise it will not be the last." ★★★★★ "This book series has my favorite 3 h’s, humor, heart, and heat." ★★★★★ "I loved following the story and couldn't put it down." CURSED BY FIRE (Blood and Magic Book One) KISSED BY FIRE (Blood and Magic Book Two) BURNED BY FIRE (Blood and Magic Book Three) BRANDED BY FIRE (Blood and Magic Book Four) CONSUMED BY FIRE (Blood and Magic Book Five) FORGED BY FIRE (Blood and Magic Book Six)

First Instinct

Tamsin Ley - 2019
    Her mother was, as her mother before, but her stutter botches every spell she tries. Convinced that an eloquence potion will solve her problem, she heads to Devil's Crown to gather ingredients. But a rugged park ranger with golden eyes shows up and awakens something wild inside of her. A need so strong, it scares her. A desire she's helpless to resist.Adrian's inner animal demands seclusion, a place away from humans and shifters alike. His job patrolling the mountain wilderness is all he needs to be happy—until he rescues a curvy human from a rogue shifter. Darcy smells of catnip and makes his mountain lion growl for a mate.He’s going to claim her even if she’s a witch. Content Warning: A reclusive shifter, a wanna-be witch, and a whole lot of steamy explicit purring. ~✫~✯~✫~Welcome to Diablo Falls, where the world of the supernatural is out in the open, and where fangs, fur, and magic are the norm. Join the authors of Bite Club and meet those who are experiencing paranormal firsts in our growly, filthy collection of thirteen steamy “First Time” short stories.Because we all know… you never forget your first.


Jennifer Reynolds - 2014
    Abby, like most humans, knows nothing about the supernatural world. She does know that her new cat is different. She knows that the new, gorgeous man in her life is up to something. And she knows that something isn’t right about the beautiful yet crazy woman stalking her. When Mave, the witch who cursed Dimitri, discovers that the curse she placed on him is breaking, she goes to great lengths to stop him from becoming human once again.

The Witch Rescues Her Werewolf

Cate Dean - 2017
     She hopes that a move to Nocturne Falls will help her find out why – and maybe get some of it back. But when a sexy werewolf crashes into her life – literally – she realizes that the quiet life she had planned just flew out the window. And she learns that there’s more than one kind of magic. Harrison Grey has always been clumsy, and has been the star of many jokes since he tripped over his first branch. Now, as the owner of a shop selling interesting keepsakes to the tourists, he can at least go about his day without embarrassing himself. Until he tumbles at the feet of a beautiful new resident. Her humor, and her acceptance, restore his belief in himself. When he learns of her recent loss, he helps her find the person she can be, with or without magic.

Silver Wood Coven: The Complete Series

Hazel Hunter - 2016
    ;-)” Rescued (Silver Wood Coven #1) Templar Michael Charbon has been watching the young witch for months. Homeless, beautiful, and living in Central Park, she seems to charm everyone she meets. They shower her with kindness, and yet he never witnesses magic. Only when he rescues her from a rapist, does he understand why: Summer has no memory, not even of her real name. Though he barely resists her inexplicable pull on him, he would gladly break his vows to make her his own. Magus Corps Major Troy Atwater is surprised to hear from Michael. But their long past together puts Michael’s word beyond doubt. Troy collects the beautiful, young witch from the Templar, before her strange attraction drives half of New York wild. A powerful warlock in his own right, Troy manages to veil her seductive appeal, so that he and the coven can help her. But a passionate bond quickly envelopes them that goes far beyond her charms. For her part, Summer’s head is swimming. With barely a memory, she can hardly comprehend the ancient world of Wiccans and Templars. More than that she finds herself torn between two very different men. But as the extent of her powers reveal themselves and her deadly past returns in painful snippets, she finds that she isn’t meant to choose between Michael or Troy. She must have them both. Stolen (Silver Wood Coven #2) Just as Summer settles into her new life with the Silver Wood coven, her world is upended. Templar Michael Charbon inexplicably kidnaps her from the very place he’d sent her for safety. Though still suffering from amnesia, Summer has learned of the long enmity between Wiccans and Templars, and tries everything to escape him. But as he thwarts her every attempt, the fierce desire that has always bonded them surfaces. United (Silver Wood Coven #3) Still reeling from the brutal attack that has left Templar Michael Charbon fighting for his life, Summer and warlock Troy Atwater flee with him from New York. As they head to the Silver Wood Coven for refuge, they know two things: they will not be welcome, and the coven harbours a traitor. Betrayed (Silver Wood Coven #4) As the winter solstice gathering draws closer, and the other covens converge, the stakes couldn’t be higher. But when Summer’s memories begin to return, she glimpses her terrible purpose. Not only will she need to summon her power and her courage, she must ask the ultimate of her two men. Revealed (Silver Wood Coven #5) In a breathtaking vision shared by the three of them, Summer, Michael, and Troy finally learn the truth. But not only is Summer’s birth name revealed, so is her heritage and the real purpose of their passionate union. As deadly forces close in on the winter gathering, Silver Wood coven has never been more vulnerable. Templars intent on finding the Emerald Tablet will stop at nothing to get to Summer, aided by a traitor in their midst. When the traitor finally reveals themselves, the depth of their vicious intent becomes clear.

Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 5 & 6

Tasha Black - 2014
    In Episode 5, Ainsley makes a powerful enemy. Mysteries are solved and secrets are uncovered. How will the pack react when the new alpha is drawn?In Episode 6, Ainsley must master her true nature to bring balance to the pack. Will she be able to harness her powers in time to defend the ones she loves? ˃˃˃ A continuing story... Curse of the Alpha: Episodes 5 & 6 are the final two novellas in Curse of the Alpha, a serial in six episodes, much like a TV show. It tells the story of Ainsley Connor, a female werewolf, and her struggle to come to terms with her past, and accept her true nature and her role in the future of the pack. It contains strong sexual elements, and is NOT intended for readers under the age of 18.

Command The Moon

Kathryn Moon - 2019
    Useful for entertaining the tourists with their fortune telling and spells, but held at arms length out of suspicion. But for Zoya Lane, witchcraft is her life, from morning until night. Even her dreams are flooded with the visions of her pesnya dushi, the person whose life threads are forever tied with hers.Unfortunately for her that person is Johnny Sharpe, and he’s burned her more times than she cares to count. While she can’t escape the visions of him at night, she would at least like to keep him out of her waking hours. When Johnny returns to the island, it’s clear he has different ideas and a heart determined to make her forgive him.To complicate her love life, there’s a new mysterious man in her dreams. He arrives to her house handsome, powerful, and with definitely questionable motives. Is he here because he’s Zee’s soulmate or does it have something to do with Aunt Nadia, the house ghost and the closest thing Zee’s had to a mother?When the protective wards on the house and island start cracking, Zee’s emotions are more tangled than ever. It’s going to take everything Zee has to keep her home and aunt’s spirit safe from a threat more powerful than she could have possibly imagined. No matter what the dreams say, she can’t imagine Johnny sticking with her through what’s to come. This book is a magical ménage romance novel at 96,000+ words and is intended for audiences 18+ in age. There is mature content.

Wicked Good Witches Three Book Box Set

Starla Silver - 2015
    The Three Book Box Set is a Limited Time Offer so Grab it Fast! The Howard Witches, three siblings charged with protecting The Demon Isle... Charlie, the werewolf. Michael, the empathic death reader. Melinda, living under self-inflicted house arrest. Her gift: prophetic dreams of people about to die. Their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield. Charming, ridiculously handsome, and walking a dangerous line between sinking into darkness and living in the light. In constant temptation to declare his love for the one woman that could be his undoing. The story begins with an unsolved murder. One that will change everything... Come stalk the streets of The Demon Isle... you'll go up against witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, shapeshifters, ghosts, mermaids, faeries and a host of other devious supernatural creatures waiting to wreak havoc on The Demon Isle. Where fans of the paranormal come to vacation and immerse themselves in fantasy. Where magic comes to life, mysteries abound, and you might just find yourself laughing, crying, and most definitely, falling in love. In Book One: Melinda Howard is the Demon Isle's weird girl... the one that's been holed up in the Howard Mansion for the last four years. Why? No one knows the truth except her family... a long line of witches charged with protecting the Demon Isle, along with their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield. Another reason Melinda doesn't mind her self-inflicted imprisonment. She gets to spend her days with the charming vampire, who also happens to be her best friend. Only now, she's spending her night's with him too. He just doesn't know it... Any other girl would enjoy the nightly thrill of a sexy vampire invading her dreams. But not Melinda as her dreams have a tendency to come true. Although typically, they don't include the handsome vampire she's crushing on, but rather horrifying visions of people about to die. But she cannot stay under self-inflicted house arrest forever. And if her brothers or William get their choice in the matter, Melinda will be out of the house partying with her friends, giving her affections to a human, not a vampire, and digging into her role as a witch. A role her eldest brother Charlie lives for and a role her second brother Michael would rather live without. Nevertheless, when duty calls, usually from the local sheriff needing help with some tourist who's gotten themselves into trouble, life screeches to a stop, and duty takes over. Such is the case when the sheriff needs help with a four-year-old murder investigation; one she fears has a supernatural cause. To assist her in the case, she calls upon the skills of The Howard Witches. However, what they learn might be more than any of them can deal with, or accept. Worse yet, they fear what this discovery will do to Melinda, as it returns them all to the core of her self-imprisonment. Back to the lives, she could not save... Wicked Good Witches... Book 1: Demon Street Blues Book 2: Alpha Knows Best Book 3: Bye Bye Bloodsucker Book 4: Ghast Me Gently Book 5: A Nightmare to Remember Book 6: A Stake With a View Book 7: Bite Me, Baby!

Death's Dancer

Jasmine Silvera - 2016
    Then she's offered a job that will set her and her family up for life. Though her prospective patron is a formidable necromancer with a heated and infuriating gaze, she can hardly refuse the payday. The Allegiance of Necromancers is powerful but not omnipotent, and when someone starts murdering his kind, Azrael must enlist a human in order to track down the killer. But why does she have to be so frustratingly stubborn--and intriguing? Azrael can make the dead walk, but he can't make the very much alive Isela toe any line. Isela is thrown into a world of supernatural creatures--demons after dark, witches in the shadows, shifters running wild in city parks--where the grace of gods can truly infuse the blood of the most mortal-seeming dancer. As the danger increases with each thrilling discovery, trusting Azrael may be the only way to survive a conspiracy to destroy the fragile peace of a broken world. But the greatest threat is their growing attraction. Dancers and necromancers don't mix for a reason--it turns out there are fates worse than death. Journey to the magical streets of Prague in an alternate present-day supernatural thriller for lovers of romantic urban fantasy.

Roses and Revenants

Cate Corvin - 2019
    All I want is peace to work through the endless grief of my parents' horrific demise, but the universe seems determined to prevent that. The Great Covens are desperate to matchmake their way into my family fortune, and a new, sinister revenant lurks behind every mirror, a dark figure stalking me from the threshold of Death.Thankfully, I have Eric, my ever-loyal human guardian, protecting my body and soul as I traverse the deadside. He’s watched over me my entire life, but his vow to my father to keep me safe didn't extend to my heart, still in tatters over his rejection of my feelings for him.My childhood friend has finally tracked me down, intent on keeping me from running away again. In the five years I've been gone, Joss has become a gorgeous warlock who won't take no for an answer.Adrian -stoic, secretive, and far too enticing for his own good- has his own reasons for dragging me away from the world of humans, but his coven is plagued by rumors of dark magic I shouldn’t get involved with.I could handle all of that, if only Warden Stone hadn't made it his mission to annoy me to death. A deadline I'm not ready to face is looming, and this beautiful but irritating man is intent on forcing my hand.And I thought being on my own was hard. With four alluring men pushing and pulling me where they want me, can I uncover the dark skeletons in my family’s closet before it’s too late? Or will the last of the Bell exorcists join them in Death forever?Roses and Revenants is the first full-length novel in the House of Mirrors series, a dark, medium-burn paranormal reverse harem romance set in the Cimmerian Cage universe. With a strong heroine, steamy scenes, plenty of action and romance, and four gorgeous men in the harem, this witch will never have to choose. For mature readers only.