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Night Wing by J.P. Bowie


Little Daddy (Littles of the Night Book 1)

A. Little - 2021
    Companionship these days is easier to get, thanks to the internet. Hookups, too, thanks to the mini-computers everyone carries around in their pockets to talk to each other. Want a quickie? Just open your chosen app and slide right. What’s harder is getting someone you can genuinely connect to, not only through a screen but in person.Step one: Create a profile online that generates trust. Step two: Convince them to meet you and charm the pants off of them. And I mean that literally. That’s not proven to be too hard, given I own a large condo complex in the ritzy part of downtown.Step three: Shower them with gifts, so the good times keep on rolling.Step four: Once a few weeks have passed, make them mine. I have the fangs and supernatural mojo to do that just fine.Now, if I can only get them to want to remain as my companion and not move on. My complex is full of vamps who started off as conquests and now are mated to another while remaining part of my coven. Maybe my luck’s about to change, though. There’s a human in the building opposite, and he’s been watching me with my latest hookup. He doesn’t know it yet, but my preternatural vision shows me the yearning in his eyes quite clearly. Oh, come to Daddy, baby. An eternity of delights awaits you…Little Daddy is a paranormal Daddy/Little age play romance. All characters are over the age of 18 and are consenting adults.

Sorcerer's Lover

Shawn Lane - 2008
    And he selects the man he has been lusting after ever since sharing a secret, sensual moment at court months earlier—Benedict, the beautiful and illegitimate son of the king. At first, Benedict is reluctant to give into forbidden desires, but he cannot resist the enigmatic sorcerer’s pull. Yet when he surrenders to his lust, he’s also not sure whether it’s of his own free will or because of a spell Warin cast on him. As the men grow closer, however, they realize that when the ransom is paid, Benedict must be released and Warin must flee from punishment. Will they be able to end their passionate affair and separate, or will they fight to stay together, even if it means facing the king’s wrath?

Varick: The Reluctant

Red Phoenix - 2012
    He resists the violent culture, but his is a lonely existence until Aleshia enters the darkness. Her youthful passion stirs feelings he once thought lost. In a fit of rage, his sire condemns her to a vampiric hell only Varick’s love can overcome.This erotic novelette explores a unique vampire society defined by its violence and lust. Thrust into this dark world, Varick must fight to retain his noble character in the midst of extreme cruelty.Extended Description:Luther - both sire and enemy, turns Varick at the young age of nineteen. Varick’s sense of justice sets him apart from his new race, forcing him to live alone. Along comes Aleshia, a young human ready to end it all. Against her wishes, he saves her life by condemning her to his living hell. Varick’s depth of love for her is tested the day Luther returns to exact his terrible revenge.* Adult Reading Material (18+) This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

Carson's Night

Tracy Cooper-Posey - 2010
    Natalia Grey's demon hunter father is also dead and his new partner, the astonishingly sexy Carson Connors, can't remember how it happened. Carson isn't sure what role he has played in Natalia's father's death, but after one look at Natalia, he does know that guilty or not, he's doomed.The gargoyles Meinhardt carved have been brought to a life they should not have without the help of dark forces she and Carson must defeat -- once the gargoyles have risen. The night is hours away yet, giving time for Tally and Carson to explore their explosive feelings for each other. What happened to Carson during the night Tally's father died and what will happen tonight?Warning: This short romance features multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, light bondage and the use of sex toys. Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.No vampires or demon hunters came to harm in the making of this book. Gargoyles have been added to the official hunt list, however...This is the first book in The Stonebrood Saga:Book 1.0: Carson's NightBook 2.0: Beauty's BeastsBook 2.1: Harvest of Holidays*Book 2.2: Unbearable*Book 3.0: Sabrina's ClanBook 3.1: Pay the Ferryman*[*Stony Stories are short and novella length tales featuring the characters and situations in The Stonebrood Saga. They are best read in the suggested order, to avoid spoilers.]A Vampire Gargoyle Urban Fantasy Romance

Savage Chains

Caris Roane - 2015
    His mission is simple; his methods, extreme. He is hellbent on infiltrating—and destroying—a notorious sex-slave ring in the dangerous world of vampire clubs.A WOMAN UNCHAINEDHer name is Angelica. Her beauty is incomparable; her body, for sale. She is the prize attraction in a human slave auction, and Reyes is prepared to pay any price to buy her—then free her.A PASSION UNLEASHEDDisguised as a slaver, Reyes strikes a devil’s bargain to purchase the one woman who has stolen his heart. Angelica feels an irresistible erotic connection to this gorgeous, powerful vampire—but can she trust a man who trafficks in human flesh, even if his hungry gaze ignites her darkest desires? Reyes wants to prove she is more than a slave to him—but can he break the savage chains of destiny that bind his love-scarred soul forever?

Her Master

Jenika Snow - 2011
    This story has been revised. A bite of a story… Claret isn't just a bar for the paranormal, but a portal to another dimension. It plays tricks on the mind, and whoever enters will experience agony or ecstasy. Once Nena steps insides Claret she realizes that the price to leave may be more than she is willing to pay. But once she is in Master Erach's hold, she realizes that the life she has experienced thus far doesn't compare to what the dominant and alpha vampire has in store for her. *This short story is told in first person from the heroine’s point of view. This is also a quick read with an ending that doesn’t fit in the HEA or HFN category. It’s purely for enjoyment purposes, and has some darker content. Please be advised.

The Viscount's Prey

Julia Leijon - 2015
    When he is sent to Transylvania on business, he looks forward to demonstrating his steadfast and reliable nature. Nothing prepares him for Vlad. The handsome, forceful viscount seems to cast a dark spell over his young guest. And then the dreams begin. Vivid, frightening, but strangely alluring, they are full of forbidden desires … and sharp white teeth at his neck. Slowly seduced by the castle and its master, Ben must decide if escape is what he really wants. But if he stays, can he ever be more to Vlad than prey? This 12,500 dark erotic romance features features submission, captivity, and scorching sex scenes, and is a perfectly wicked treat for a night’s reading.


Kate Rudolph - 2016
     The first chills her blood, his psychotic psychic scent sending shivers down her spine and spurring her on a desperate hunt to destroy him before he can wreak havoc on her town. But Adam Luther is a danger that Gold has never encountered. His sensual glances and devastating good looks are almost enough to make her forget the centuries-long battle between vampires and huntresses. In his arms, she feels whole, but his kiss is as deadly as his bite. Luther claims to be reformed, but how can she trust that a vampire could ever change? While a blood maddened vampire stalks their city, they must work together to save an innocent life. And as the connection between them grows ever stronger, both their hearts and lives will be at stake. This is a complete story is full of angst, forbidden love, and steamy romance between a vampire huntress and the sexy vampire she can't resist. No cliffhanger!

The Hunger

Jaid Black - 2006
    He couldn't have imagined in his most depraved nightmare just how hellish "anything" would become. Damned to walk the earth alone, his only comfort the dream woman who haunts him during slumber, he is the guardian between hell and earth.Four hundred years later, the evil vampire rises again. Dario vows to kill her at any cost. And to hunt down the human female who turns out to be more than an elusive dream.Reader advisory: The legend of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the "Blood Countess", is not for the weak of stomach or faint of heart.

Prince Lucien

Serena Rose - 2016
    She felt it was a random kidnapping and so she fully expected to end up as a meal but she had no idea that she was... chosen. She was chosen by handsome Vampire Prince Lucien but Mara had no idea why. Is it for her blood? For her fertility? Information? Mara was about to discover the real answer was more important than she could have ever imagined... This is an epic vampire romance novel full of mystery, mythology, action and sensuality. Please only read if 18+ due to some scenes of an adult nature.


Jae T. Jaggart - 2013
    Nix DeAngelo has always known that vampires existed. Hell, they’ve been out since the sixties. He just never knew he’d fall for one. And Alexander Roark, a fiercely alpha, magnificent male, is way out of his league. Even when he first meets Roark in the VIP section of an upmarket club and believes he is human, Nix knows that. It may be lust at first sight, but tough, independent Nix walks away from the devastating male. He has enough trouble in his life. Like dealing with the aftermath of family tragedy and being a big brother to his sister, Samantha. And raising money to pay off the mountain of debt the siblings have been left with. Some of the ways he pays those debts aren’t pretty. When he meets him again, Roark is his purchaser for the night. And not concealing his true identity as a vampire. What Nix doesn’t realize is that the two have a history that goes back for centuries. One of a dark, vicious love. Even those of Roark’s own bloodline, the Hellfire Vampires, do not trust him. They remember just what his previous incarnation, Nikolai, was. A killer. A slaughterer. The infamous Bloodletter. To save Roark from his enemies, Nix must let go of his human existence. Become a vampire. But if he does so, will his dark side, the Bloodletter, be let loose? Even Roark cannot answer that. HIS is a standalone Hellfire Vampires Bloodline novel incorporating the following, rewritten and with additional material: His Claiming (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 1) Claimed, Bled & His (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 2) His Claimed, His Consort (The Hellfire Vampires Bloodline: Novella 3) Approx. 57,000+ words or around 220 print pages. Contains two males scorching hot for one another and fierce m/m human/vampire action.

Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance Boxed Set

Michelle Fox - 2014
    Impassioned. Impossibly sexy. These vampires are masters of seduction, delightfully dark creatures with insatiable appetites who are hungry for more than just hot blood. Let them lure you with their magnetic gaze, their fascinating charm, their intoxicating bite, into a dark, delicious world that has everything you CRAVE. Sink your teeth into this quintessential boxed set collection of eight vampire romance novels filled with exquisite obsession and dark desire from some of your favorite USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors.If you enjoyed THIRST and HUNGER, this boxed set will be everything you CRAVE!Beholden by Marian Tee - 18-year-old Zari, pet to Alexandru, a powerful, gorgeous vampire, is torn. Everyone tells her she has to be a perfect pet, but why bother when her Master seems bent on replacing her?Her Vampire Mate by Tabitha Conall - Werewolf Jennalynn discovers the perfect way to ruin a job...find out her competition is her mate. And worse, a vampire. Thrown together, they team up, not knowing that hidden danger lurks.Her Bark His Bite by A.E. Grace - Lillian doesn't believe in monsters... but vampires exist. One of them turned a child. She vows to hunt him down! Allied with a gorgeous vampire, she never expects to start falling in love with him...Devil's Descent II: Impure by Claudia D. Christian - Lily Walker is contemplating murder. Pureblood vampire Julian Douglas is contemplating the same. Both will realize love and hate aren't so simple when obsession itself can't be killed so easily...The Blood of Angels by Selena Kitt - Everything you've ever heard about fairies, angels and vampires is wrong. Zeph knows what he is, but Sam doesn't have a clue. She's about to find out the brightest lights cast the darkest shadows.Blood Struck by Michelle Fox - In a world where vampires are real, blood is a financial asset and sex mixed with blood commands the highest price. As for can kill you.Thrall by Abigail Graham - Christine is a vampiric thrall without a master. By night she hunts, by day she hides, and with every setting of the sun hope slips further away until a mysterious stranger claims her as his ownKnight Fall by Alexis Dare - Sometimes things that go bump in the night aren't supernatural. Vampire Detectives Knight & Fall are chasing a killer. As they discover clues, they find that sometimes love and murder go hand in hand.

The Alpha's Reluctant Mate

Morganna Williams - 2015
    It rapidly becomes apparent that not only has she been bitten by a rogue werewolf, she has also been identified by the alpha of a nearby pack as his chosen mate.Connor had planned to take his time and woo Alexandria gently, but the attack by a rival wolf forces him to take drastic action and compel her to join his pack right away. He is more than ready to keep his mate safe whether she likes it or not, and as she’ll quickly discover, disobeying her new alpha will earn her a swift and thorough punishment.As her first full moon approaches, Alexandria struggles to adapt to life as a member of a pack, especially when that involves submitting to the alpha. Yet despite Connor’s willingness to bare her bottom for a painful, embarrassing spanking whenever she defies him, a part of Alexandria cannot help longing for him to claim her fully. But when an enemy challenges Connor and threatens to take Alexandria from the pack by force, will he win the fight to protect his mate?Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Reluctant Mate is an erotic romance novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

The Black Lily Club

Chelle - 2012
    One day she receives an invitation to an exclusive private club. What the hell, might as well give something different a try before swearing off men all together…right?Marcus is a two hundred year old vampire who owns The Black Lillie Club, a safe place for vampires to seek their mates and partake in their darkest desires. He has been searching for his soul mate since his turning. Can the Vampire who created this haven finally find his true soul mate? Can Jasmine find bliss in the hands of a stranger?Contains: spanking, whips, cuffs, and strong BDSM scenes

The Vampire's Assistant

Stormy Glenn - 2015
    He knew needed to find a job and move out, especially when he heard that his sister and her husband were expecting a baby. It was time to find his own place, but first he needed a job.Applying for the personal assistant position to the reclusive Nikolas Vaile, CEO of Vaile Industries, one of the largest pharmaceutical and research companies in the world, seemed a little too high seeking, but what did Jon have to lose?His blood?Note: This book was previously at 17,000 words published with another publisher. This version has been extensively revised and expanded to over 30,000 words.