Mystere Parish Complete Collection: The Reckoning\The Vanishing\The Awakening

Jana Deleon - 2018
    But teaming up with Alexandria Bastin is a complication he didn’t expect. Nor is he prepared to collide with the dark side of Cajun culture. And his own troubled past.The Vanishing Certain death awaits any outsider who enters Cache, a mythical city said to disappear when intruders threaten. But P.I. Max Duhon won’t let the Cajun superstition stop him from going there. He’ll do anything to help sexy Colette Guidry and close this missing person’s case—even admit how attracted he is to his client. The AwakeningIt could be a mythical creature wreaking havoc on a Mystere hotel…or a malicious vandal. It’s detective Tanner LeDoux’s first case and—much to his chagrin—the hotel belongs to Josie Bettencourt, once the most popular girl in town and his unrequited love. A woman who now doesn’t even recognize him…

The Lucky Train

Heather Graham - 2021
    Luck. Well, there's good luck, and then there's bad luck, and maybe, something a little bit in between. For Mary O'Hara, the very concept of luck will twist, and twice in one day it starts with a roll of the dice and ends with a terrifying train ride straight to the very heart of "luck".

Dragon Riders MC Series, Books 1-5

Savannah Rylan - 2021
    Motorcycle Romance best selling author, Savannah Rylan, brings you another series full of delicious biker boys and the sassy women who win their hearts.Murder and kidnapping all while fighting a rival gang.Life ain't easy being a Dragon Rider.But fire destroys everything in its path.And these boys know how to burn.LinkShe follows the law.I break it.Joanna is a damsel in distress.And hell, if I ain't her knight.She's a lawyer, and I'm deep in the MC life.We're complete opposites,But the way her hips sway?They don't know the difference.Her body calls to me, and I'm not saying no.She knows I'm no good for her.But when her sister is in trouble, and she needs my help?Suddenly we're on the same team.Rules are meant to be broken.And we're breaking all of them.BowserShe's off-limits.Definitely.So why can't I get Hope out of my mind?Joanna's little sister means trouble for me.Link told me to keep an eye on her.And I like what I see.But in order to keep her,I have to end Skeleton.Forever.The Red Pythons will help out.We'll destroy him from the inside.And then Hope can be mine.Right?AshNo one will touch her.Hannah is feisty AF.She's sassy and got a fire in her,That sets my sheets ablaze.But she's got a past.Hell, we all do.Her's involves an asshole ex,I'm going to have to deal with.She's not willing to take any risks with him around.And my girl can't feel like that.So I'll end him.Simple.Except nothing's simple in the club life.KnucklesRide or die.That's what they say right?Well right now, I don't know which to do.When Melanie shows up I know I'm in trouble.She was my foster sibling once.Off-limits.And now she's on her own.No family.Nobody to care for her.Except me.I always knew there was something more to us.But I didn't know she'd be mine forever.SlyI'm not supposed to love her.I didn't even try.When I met Tara I didn't know she was Chains' little sister.The cop who's investigating our club.She's not involved in any of this.She's the Juliet to my Romeo.And I'd do anything for her.But when the club decides to take down Skeleton once and for all,I know I can't put this innocent beauty in harm's way.Once he's dead?She's mine.

The Secrets my Husband Kept: A Standalone Novel

Loryn Landon - 2020
    Justin was staying out later than usual, spending all of his free time with his boys, and just shutting her out of their relationship, then later their marriage. When she finally finds out what has been causing her husband to neglect their marriage, things go completely left! Justin exudes the epitome of a manly man. Having been an athlete throughout his younger years, then once he graduated from college, he chose to become a fire fighter. Ava is the love of his life, but he doesn't feel completely satisfied with just her. He loses his urge for temptation and steps out on his marriage to Ava, but it's not with another woman as his wife suspects. Getting caught up in his temptations, be becomes sloppy and winds up getting caught up.Will Justin be able to convince Ava that she is the only one for him in order to keep his secret hidden? Find out in this riveting standalone, The Secrets My Husband Kept.

Single Daddy Detour (Southern Beaus #4)

Layla Valentine - 2022
    I built my career starring in rom-coms.I know enough to realize they don’t exist in real life…So why can’t I resist my hottie BFF?HER:I’ve avoided my home state for years, but now I’m back—for one reason only,On the cusp of mega-stardom, the kind of role I’ve been working for all this time,…only to be blighted at the last hurdle, for reasons that have nothing to do with me!Just as I think things couldn’t get any worse, who do I run into?Only Justin Hatcher, my former best friend, and the very reason I left Georgia in the first place.He’s the same hottie he always was, only now he has ten years of secrets to hide…HIM:I feel like I’ve seen a ghost.When Kim left, I never thought I’d see her again.In the time she’s been gone, a lot has changed in our small town,And now she’s here, and I suddenly have a lot of explaining to do…For one, I’m a single dad now, and that’s just the start of it.I know she won’t stay, that she has no interest in giving up everything she’s worked for,I’ll just have to make the most of her while she’s here…

In Love With a Miami Billionaire 3

Tina J. - 2020

Wedding Promise

Anika Rao - 2021
    Attend her best friend's wedding. And dance at the wedding festivities with her best friend's handsome brother who is her secret crush.Six years later, even though her life is a mess, she returned to her hometown to fulfill her first promise. But she never thought her best friend's brother would insist she keep up her second promise as well.Will she fulfill her other promise? Even though she knows that being in her crush’s arms during the secret dance practice sessions under the stars will lead to losing her heart once again?Note: This is a standalone short and sweet romance with a happy ending.

Love's Harvest : A Regency Romance Harvest Collection: 7 Delightful Regency Romance Harvest Stories (Regency Collections Book 5)

Arietta Richmond - 2017
    Immerse yourself in Love’s Harvest, and be swept away by love! ***FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED*** Finding the Duke’s Heir A bored Viscountess, a despairing Duke, a charitable project, a Lady lost, a secret heir, a new chance for love. Julian Stafford, Duke of Windemere, lost his only son in a duel - a duel partly caused by his dead wife. His son's betrothed vanished, and Julian has nothing but his dead wife's debts left. Widow, Lady Sylvia Edgeworth, Dowager Viscountess Pendholm, wants something to do, now her children are married. She starts a charitable project. Her offer to buy a house uncovers mysteries for the Duke, and brings them together. What really happened around that duel? Can Lady Sylvia trust her attraction to the Duke? Will the Duke allow himself to love again? The Earl’s Harvest Dilemma Lady Sophia missed her season while mourning the death of her mother. With few options for marriage, she is horrified when she overhears her stepfather planning her betrothal to the offensive Duke of Wyndham. The Earl of Gifford inherited an estate in disrepair and faces a failing harvest, whilst his brother runs up gambling debts. An option which could save him and his brother, places him in a dilemma. Can the Earl and Lady Sophia find their way to love, or will others’ greed destroy them? Dream of a Duke In the style of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, Ms. Thorne tries a more gothic style Regency Romance in ‘Dream of a Duke’. Alexandra Burton, now a governess, goes back to her childhood home to care for the son of a Duke, who once was her friend. Her station makes it impossible for her to be his wife. She refuses to be his mistress. Nothing could bring people of such different classes together, except the Duke’s son… by a different mother. A Perfect Match Miss Elizabeth Devereux needs a wealthy husband, for her family to survive. Visiting the daughters of the Earl of Cambury, she hopes to meet a suitable man. Her friends want her to marry their brother –she is not so sure. Mr Alastair Chamberlain has newly come into wealth, but his inheritance is conditional on him marrying soon. Visiting Cambury he meets Elizabeth, and the attraction is mutual. Can they trust their emotions? Are they each simply seeing the other as a solution to a problem? Can they overcome the jealousy and plotting of her friends? Will they eventually find true love? The Duke’s Matchless Maidservant A Maid, a Manager, a Duchess’ secrets, an unexpected heritage, a love fulfilled. Colin Brown is the handsome property manager of the Weston estate. Lovely Leah Hoskins has just been hired as the Duchess’ lady’s maid. There are some mysteries at Weston Hall and whilst sparks fly between Leah and Colin, things seem hopeless — until the Duchess steps in to give them help, a future, and... a hope. Tempted by a Duke Miss Josephine Dudley loves horses. The daughter of an affluent landowner, fallen on difficult times, she has always dreamt of marrying the Earl of Langdon, who has the best stable in the county. Then, through a chance encounter, she meets the Duke of Granger. What starts out as loathing, soon turns into something else. But can a dashing rogue really turn into a handsome prince? The Duke’s Secret Love Cecilia Hatch meets the Duke of Northcastle by chance, in a thunderstorm, and offers him some advice about his intended betroth

To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter Compilation

Jordan Krane - 2016
    The novel was so successful that it had earned him a Pulitzer Prize back in 1961. The story of the novel revolves around historical background of American society in the middle of 20th century, prior to the African-American Civil Rights Movement, which was largely led by racism and the cruel regime of white people towards the colored minority. Main character of the novel is a woman nicknamed Scout and her family that, unlike many other white families from that time, raise their voices against the justice system which proclaims racism against African-American people. Read more....

Ghosts of Culloden Moor: Volume 5: Highlander Time Travel Romances

L.L. Muir - 2020

Diary of a Surfer Villager: Book 18: (an unofficial Minecraft book for kids)

Dr. Block - 2019
    Now what> Will the squad be able to locate the final piece of Entity 303? Was Green Steve telling the truth when he appeared in Jimmy's dream? Can Jimmy have just one normal day as a thirteen-year-old villager? Read Book 18 of the ongoing Surfer Villager series to find out! ********************************************* Be sure to read all my other unofficial Minecraft books: Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 1 Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 2: Into the Mine Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 3: Rescue Mission Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 4: Mysterious Objects Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 5: Pursuit of Herobrine Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 6: No Rest Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 7: Herobrine’s Minion Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 8: End Times Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 9: Apocalypse The Complete Baby Zeke: Books 1-9 (also available in audiobook) Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 10: Return of the Warrior (also available in audiobook) Baby Zeke: Diary of a Chicken Jockey, Book 11: Rebellion (also available in audiobook) Otis: Diary of a Baby Zombie Pigman, Book 1 (also available in audiobook) Otis: Diary of a Baby Zombie Pigman, Book 2: Konichi Juan (also available in audiobook) Otis: Diary of a Baby Zombie Pigman, Book 3: Training (also available in audiobook) Complete Diary of Otis, Books 1-3 (also available in audiobook) Creeptastic (also available in audiobook) Diary of a Werewolf Steve, Book 1 Diary of a Werewolf Steve, Book 2 Minecraft Halloween Tales Diary of Herobrine: Origins Diary of Herobrine: Prophecy Diary of Herobrine: Apotheosis Diary of a Minecraft Bat (also available in audiobook) Diary of a Spider Chicken, Books 1-3 Diary of a Surfer Villager, Books 1-18 A Notchmas Carol: An unofficial Minecraft holiday story inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (also available in audiobook)

Julia's January

Caroline Ashton - 2020
    When this is interrupted by the sudden death of her grandmama, Julia is appalled to find that the detestable Lucien has been appointed her trustee. A heartwarming short story from the bestselling author of the Regency Belles novels.

Echo of Escape: A Novel of Misogyny, Tragedy, and Unconditional Love

Jessica Michaels - 2020
     Alyssa Burdick spends her days teaching middle-school and her nights battling the psychological oppression of a misogynist husband. He was her knight in shining armor from the day she met him up until the end of their wedding reception.Now she's humiliated by what goes on behind closed doors. At least at school she can be herself. And after school, behind her closed classroom door ... well, she's humbled, confused, hopeful even, as her department head, Connor, mentors her. Slowly, very slowly, she opens her heart and soul to him. Just when she's brave enough to leave her husband something inconceivable happens. Followed by the unimaginable. ★★★★★ "One of those books that grabs your emotions and plays them against each other. You'll cry at the ending, then smile, maybe even laugh."  ★★★★★ "Part thriller, part psychological warfare, part romance. Is there a category for literary/chick lit/suspense?  ★★★★★ Misogynist men are attractive and persuasive, but marry one and the mask comes off. A psychological thriller like no other.  ★★★★★ "I finished the book the first night. Stayed up way too late because it kept me riveted. I admire how the author tastefully handled a tough subject like abuse." --Norma Rudolph, author  ★★★★★ A thrill ride from page one  ★★★★★ ECHO OF ESCAPE is an adult suspense thriller that follows a young married woman on a daunting emotional journey through spousal abuse, kidnapping, tragedy, and forbidden love.  ★★★★★ Alyssa is a well-drawn character. Readers are inside her head from the first sentence. I liked the "detached observer" showing that the real Alyssa -- the one before Trevor beat her down -- is still there and can come back to the surface.  ★★★★★ Just because Alyssa's husband calls her a stupid, brainless woman doesn't mean she is one. But she believes it for now. It'll take being kidnapped, struggling to escape, and facing something far worse to learn that she's worthy of a truer love than her husband can give her.  ★★★★★ This contemporary women's fiction exposes a husband's misogyny and shows how an oppressed woman can find her strength again.

Firefighter's Curvy Bride (Steamy Alpha BBW Romance)

Amber Branley - 2019
    But when I rescue Beth Johnson from a blazing inferno, I know she's the one. And I fall head over heels in love with her at first sight. I can't focus on my work, and I can't think about anything except her. She's consumed my mind, and she's not letting go. I've got to have this girl in order to calm down. I've got to make her mine. I'm going to keep this curvy girl forever. I'm going to make her my curvy bride. Beth: When Vince rescues me from the burning apartment building, I fall head over heels in love with him. And to think that I had given up on love until I saw him. He's everything I ever wanted in a man. He's my dream guy. Tall, muscular, and so alpha that it's almost unbelievable. And yet, he's such a gentleman as well, always holding the door for me and making sure I'm happy. I want him more than I've ever wanted anything in life. And I'm going to do everything I can to get him. I'm going to make Vince Stanton my forever man. Firefighter's Curvy Bride is an instant-love, happy-ever-after steamy alpha BBW romance story, featuring an older alpha male with a younger BBW. This is a standalone story.

Cowardly Chicken (Unofficial Minecraft Series)

Steve the Noob - 2015
    Along the way, he makes a friend that guides him through some fun adventures. Check out this Minecraft diary today. Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights. Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2015 Mojang / Notch / Microsoft*** Tags: kids books, minecraft handbook, minecraft, minecraft books, minecraft free, minecraft games, minecraft secrets handbook, minecraft xbox, minecraft tips, minecraft game, minecraft story book, Minecraft Steve series, free kids books, minecraft handbook free, minecraft comics, minecraft books for kids