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A Contracted Spouse for the Prizefighter by Alice Coldbreath


A Fiery Duchess for the Dashing Duke: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Scarlett Osborne - 2021

Mending the Duke's Heart

Bridget Barton - 2021
    However, when her beloved father dies, she dedicates herself to working by her mother's side, to make ends meet. Her luck will finally change when a young lady becomes astonished by her talent and hires her as her personal dressmaker, spiralling her into a world she only dreamed of joining. It won't be long until Ella's world turns upside down once again, when she meets the lady's charming brother and becomes unable to stop daydreaming about his sparking gaze. Will Ella manage to survive and find love in a world that is totally unknown to her? Could she truly have the fairytale ending that any other girl of her class would die for?After the unexpected loss of his father, Ross Edmundson, The Duke of Winthrope, has become distant, burying himself in grief. Carrying the extra wound of a past love, he has refused to open up his heart again and much to his distaste, he must suffer through the upcoming season as chaperone to his young sister. Everything is about to change though when he sees the beautiful seamstress of his sister and day by day realises he is desperately falling in love with her. However, he knows that this love would be against society's rules and that he would have to clash even with his own mother, who would undoubtedly be against this romance. Will the lonely Duke find the strength to defy everything for the sake of love? Could Ella be the one to finally sew his broken heart back together?Ross and Ella cannot deny their blossoming feelings and they are desperate to make amends that will bring them closer to their happily ever after. However, a malicious figure who has set eyes on the Duke, tries to sabotage Ella and take her out of the picture once and for all. Will the honourable Duke manage to protect her from a world that keeps breaking her gentle heart? Will the two soulmates eventually beat the odds stacked against them or will they fail to break down the walls that keep them apart?"Mending the Duke's Heart" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Forging the Shilling Girl (The Hudson Sagas Book 1)

Emma Hardwick - 2020
    Young, widowed Clare Byrne, is escaping the famine in Ireland. On the coffin ship from Dublin, in the final hours of the journey to England, Clare goes into labour. Weakened and alone, the young, beleaguered mother gives birth near the quayside. Unable to look after the newborn, the child is bought for a single shilling by a curious gentleman, the industrialist Samuel Hudson. What will happen to the young girl? What plans does Mr Hudson have for her? Will the child thrive, or merely survive? Also by Emma Hardwick ----------------------------------- The Urchin of Walton Hall

A Fiery Lady's Accidental Affair

Lucy Langton - 2021
    Even though this is her safe, familiar environment, a part of her is missing. While she is desperately trying to find herself in a place far away from home, she ends up in distress, when her carriage is violently wrecked. Thankfully a vigorous man appears to rescue her and she instantly knows that accepting the seductive stranger's offer for temporary hospitality is her only option. However, little did she know that the most passionate and fulfilling chapter of her life was about to begin...Laurence Gillingham has always been a fierce young man, known for his love for the countryside and his roots. Being a farmer and having spent all his life close to nature, he appreciates rural living more than anything else. Will his peaceful and isolated life change after hosting the high-society lady that fate threw in his arms? Laurence will soon realize how much the world of London high-society collides with his rural retreat... Could Alison be the woman that will finally stimulate the mind and hidden desires of the distant Laurence?When Laurence and Alicia come closer than they could ever imagine, they realise they may have found their missing halves in each other. However, they are struggling to leave their prejudice behind and they soon find themselves torn between love and social status. Alicia should now decide whether she is willing to sacrifice all she has held dear for a lifetime of incomparable bliss and lust. Is love enough to keep these two passionate lovers together against all odds? Do they have the courage to overcome themselves and surrender to their deepest desires?

Luck Be A Lady

Anna King - 2017
    Her peaceful childhood in Kent is devastated when her parents and younger brothers are taken by smallpox. When her cousin Richard offers to take her in, it seems an offer too tempting to refuse. But Richard’s bedridden sister is in need of constant attention, and when Rebecca moves into Richard’s house in London’s East End, Richard moves out. Luck, it seems, has been anything but a lady. And when Rebecca is attacked while out shopping, it seems that fate is far from finished with her. Then Rebecca is rescued by Jimmy Jackson, an East End bookie with deep brown eyes and rugged good looks. And as she gets to know him, she realises she has found that rarest of men: one who is as kind as he is attractive… For readers of Katie Flynn, Annie Groves, and Rosie Goodwin, Luck Be A Lady is a heartwarming East End saga.

A Hope Baked with Love for the Sheriff

Melynda Carlyle - 2021
    His duties as Sheriff in Kansas only reinforce his sense of justice and his desire to do good, although he has received very little himself. After a terrible heartbreak, he puts up a Mail-Order-Bride ad, wishing to finally find the love and warmth missing from his life. . Little does he know, he is about to find all that and much more in the face of Natalie, the most talented young baker of Boston.Natalie has always loved her family and they have loved her in return. Yet, she knows that it’s high time she made a life of her own. When her hope to work as a professional baker and her wish to find an honorable man for herself merge by what seems to be a magical touch of fate, Natalie grabs the chance and heads out to Kansas to meet her destiny.When Natalie and Harland meet, their attraction is undeniable. With her lively attitude and her delicious baked creations, Natalia wins Harland’s heart and everything seems to be going smoothly for them. But as the new shop takes a lot of Natalie’s time and Harland’s duties drag him away from his bride-to-be, an unsuspected threat slips into their lives. As the Sheriff, Harland must figure out the menace that hides in plain sight before the town’s safety is jeopardized. But at what cost?

Apple Trees and HoneyBees

Charity McColl - 2017
    Ruth Conroy is the pride of her father and brothers and the despair of her mother, who fears that her daughter’s unconventional ways will prevent her from marrying. Goaded by her mother’s nagging, Ruth declares that she will only marry a man who can beat her in a horse race. As she is an expert horsewoman, her challenge seems unlikely to be met. But family friend Robert Holloway has always loved Ruth, and if it takes a horse race to win her, then an equestrian he will be, even though he is a poor rider. Out of friendship, Ruth agrees to teach him how to ride with skill, never realizing that his goal is to win the race and win her hand in marriage. When she is challenged, she must decide what she will win or lose in this race for her heart.

That's Why the Lady is a Tramp

Merry Farmer - 2022
    But the four of them are determined to strike back at their father by marrying the most unsuitable brides they can find...Second son Samuel Rathborne-Paxton cares for three things above all else—his brothers, financial speculation, and his mistress, the fiery Irish courtesan, Alice Woodmont. When he and his brothers hatch the plan to marry, he seeks Alice’s help. Their search for the right bride looks like it will come up short, until Sam hatches the idea of marrying Alice herself. She has been investing right along with him, after all, and Sam is convinced she’s been successful at it. Wealthy? Check. Socially unacceptable? Check. His best friend? Check. Alice has it all. Little does Sam know... Ever since leaving Ireland two years before, Alice has been determined to make a place for herself and her son, Ryan, in London, whatever it takes. What it has taken is visiting the beds of some of the most distinguished rakes in London. But Sam’s is her favorite bed, and for some time, his has been the only bed she indulges in. And when he asks her to marry him and spend the rest of her life in that bed, she jumps at the chance. The Rathborne-Paxton family is one of the most respected and upright families in England, after all, and by marrying Sam, her reputation will be restored. Which is handy, since her financial speculations have all failed, leaving her scrambling to pay the rent. But, of course, nothing goes as planned... When Sam discovers Alice isn’t wealthy, and Alice discovers Sam and his brothers are determined to destroy the Rathborne-Paxton family name, there doesn’t seem to be any point in them continuing down the aisle. Except for that annoying little problem called love...That’s Why the Lady is a Tramp is a fun, sizzling-hot, unconventional love story that involves friends-to-lovers, rags-to-riches (and riches-to-rags), dressing like a man, an enormous hat, plenty of trips to the theater, and a happily ever after that will leave you in stitches.Please Be Advised: Heat Level – Super Steaming Hot!

Hidden in the Heart

Beth Andrews - 2006
    High-spirited Lydia expects a very dull visit, but her sojourn to the village of Diddlington is not as idyllic as she anticipates . . .A charred and bludgeoned corpse is found in the woods, and suspicion falls on Lydia’s aunt’s suitor, an intriguing Frenchman. Convinced of his innocence, Lydia enlists the help of her new friend, John Savidge, to catch the real killer. But before their dangerous adventure ends there will be more than one unexpected discovery.

The Wanton Redhead

Meg Hutchinson - 2006
    Viciously raped, then thrown out of the family home, the girl goes on the run, fleeing her cruel rapist.

A Courtesan Countess Worth the Scandal

Ava MacAdams - 2021
    When her family is threatened, she does the one thing she can to protect them: publishes a book exposing them all.After his disaster of a marriage, Liam Westwood, the Earl of Keswick, made a sacred pact: never fall in love again. Having spent his years abroad, he never expected to meet a vixen that would test his sanity and haunt his nights upon his return.With the Ton’s most scandalous secrets hiding between the pages of her book, Nora has no shortage of people who wish to see her suffer. And some are determined to see her ruined. When the manuscript falls in Liam’s hands, his feelings of betrayal are overshadowed by a single thing: a name that jumps out more than all the others put together. His.

In Love with the Rogue: Historical Regency Romance

Lisa Campell - 2021

The Tigresse and the Raven

Julia Donner - 2012
    By then, it's too late--her family hovers on the brink of financial ruin with another social catastrophe about to explode. But neither can resist an attraction that burns stronger than society's dictates and their lack of trust--his of women--hers from fear of discovery.

Lyon in the Rough

Meara Platt - 2022
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.Proud Scottish brothers, Cheyne, Matthew, and Lucas are known as the Lyons of Mar. Cheyne and Matthew have fallen in love and married their brides, will Lucas be next?Lucas Lyon thought he could escape the matchmaking schemes of his distant relation, Bessie Dove-Lyon, by waiting for the morning of his departure from London to visit her. But she is ready for him, and he leaves her Lyon’s Den to return to Edinburgh not only with the beautiful Beatrix MacGlory in tow, but her overly perfumed aunt and her aunt’s little yipping dog.Will he survive the ten day journey in a cramped carriage with those three? More important, will he keep his hands off Beatrix? He is falling in love with her, but she is returning to Edinburgh for an arranged betrothal to another man. Since when has that stopped Lucas from claiming what he wants?

The Art of Submitting to the Earl

Harriet Caves - 2021
    Until she meets the uncouth rake she is to serve.Dominique Brooks, the Earl of Wettington, is sick and tired of being called a hero. Especially when his scars are a painful reminder of his failure to rescue his mother and sister from the flames. His life, however, changes when he hires a new valet. A valet with something decisively strange about him.When their forbidden desire takes its toll, Dominique finds himself thrown in a different kind of fire. Only this time, failure is not an option. For, the past has flesh and bone, and it finds its way back on the scars mapped on Dominique’s body.