What the Souls Have Taught Me About Reincarnation

George Anderson - 2017
     Groundbreaking medium George Anderson uses his more than 50 years of experience hearing from souls who have transitioned to the world Hereafter to explain the purpose of reincarnation, why we choose to be reborn and how karma impacts us from life to life in this mini eBook. Do you think you were Cleopatra in a previous life? Anderson explains why you shouldn’t believe it if that’s what you’ve been told. Do soulmates really exist? Yes, but they may not be who you expect. What the Souls Have Taught Me About Reincarnation is a compelling view of past lives, lasting connections between souls and the purpose of our current journeys here on earth.

Annoying Dead People

Evelyn Adams - 2015
    The following are simply a set of 'Life Experiences' I have decide to share with you. Each chapter appears in no set order so don't think in terms of a timeline. Some chapters may make you feel happy, some sad, and even some may make you angry, but that is what life is all about; growing spiritually. Evelyn Adams

Essential Oils For Beginners: Aromatherapy Recipes for Weight loss & Well-Being

Charlotte Pearce - 2015
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Book of shadows - Spells

Black Cat Press - 2013
    The more straightforward and simple the spell the more effective they can be. Magic is in essence all about intention and will. Use your mind and be creative.ContentsChapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: The Full Moon PhaseChapter 3: Enhancing your PowersChapter 4: Basic Love SpellChapter 5: Apple of my Eye SpellChapter 6: Find your Soul Mate SpellChapter 7: Desirability SpellChapter 8: Spell to Bring Back a LoverChapter 9: Romance Magnet SpellChapter 10: Confidence Spell Chapter 11: Beauty SpellChapter 12: Spell to Ease a Broken Heart Chapter 13: Basic Good Luck SpellChapter 14: Seven Days of Luck SpellChapter 15: Breaking a run of bad luckChapter 16: Good Luck Herb JarChapter 17: Good Luck LocketChapter 18: Exam LuckChapter 19: Witches Lucky Candle SpellChapter 20: Good Luck Moon SpellChapter 21: Good Luck for OthersChapter 22: Weaving SuccessChapter 23: Candle Money SpellChapter 24: Success in Finding a JobChapter 25: Fame SpellChapter 26: Magick Mirror of BeautyChapter 27: Hair Growth SpellChapter 28: Aphrodite Glamour SpellChapter 29: Spell for Clear SkinChapter 30: Appearance ChangeChapter 31: Bigger Breasts Spell

Quick Reference Guide for Essential Oils

Connie Higley - 2006
    Designed as a pocket guide for convenience, this book contains the Personal Guide section of the large "Reference Guide for Essential Oils" plus the Vita Flex Feet Chart, the Auricular Emotional Therapy Chart, and other summary information. It is the perfect pocket guide to using pure, therapeutic quality essential oils and other commercially available products that contain pure essential oils. Revised and expanded, with new navigation guides and information on hundreds of health and wellness conditions plus the latest research findings, it is one of the most comprehensive and concise books of its kind on the market today. Comprehensive information about pure, therapeutic quality essential oils in a readily accessible, reference guide format. The new 2012 Edition is revised and expanded, with more information than ever before, new navigation aids, and research findings from a host of published studies. The latest edition of the Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils includes: Photo illustrations for the Raindrop Therapy techniques Photo illustrations and Hand Chart for the Vita-Flex technique This book is bound with a plastic spiral binding. This type of binding is very durable and allows the pages to lie flat-facilitating the use of this book during the application of oils. TABLE OF CONTENTS Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils Basic Information Personal Guide(over 600 health related topics) Appendix Bibliography Index

Essential Oil Recipes - Blending Essential Oils & Aromatics

Harper Evans - 2014
    Essential oils are quickly gaining popularity and even beginning to replace some traditional medicines as forms of treatments for certain diseases and health ailments. In this book, you will find great recipes for blending essential oils for beginners and advanced users alike. Not only will you get great recipes for blending your essential oils and aromatics, but you will also learn how to make your own essential oil at home. By preparing your own oils, not only will you save money but you can also ensure that there are no harmful chemicals infused into the oils. In this essential oils book, you will find recipes including the following: Essential oil recipes for relaxation Essential oil recipes for weight loss Essential oil recipes for beauty Essential oil recipes for the home Essential oil recipes for health And much, much more!

Essential Oils: A Proven Guide for Weight Loss, Skin Care, Hair Care, Stress Relief with the Use of Essential Oil Recipes

Sarah Joy - 2014
    It uses a number of natural essential oils to heal and enhance a person’s health and overall well-being. Aromatherapy refers to the use of plant essential oils normally diluted in some kind of solution for therapeutic application. These essential oils are extracted from the leaves, bark, roots, rind and flowers of plants.As I have some expertise in this area, I want to share with you valuable tipps and strategies how to use aromatherapy an essential oils so that you can improve your health in various areas. A Sneak Preview of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils: The difference between Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Therapy Essential Oils and Weight Loss Essential Oils in Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Depression Essential Oils for Pain Relief Essential Oils for the Respiratory System Essential Oils for an improved Immune System Benefits of Essential Oils regarding anti-aging

ESSENTIAL OILS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Lose Weight & Feel Great With Essential Oils (Soap Making, Bath Bombs, Coconut Oil, Natural ... Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil)

Scott Jenkins - 2015
     What Are Essential Oils? Some Precautions When Using Essential Oils Essential Oils for Weight Loss Marvellous Essential Oil Recipes To Help You Shed Weight & Feel Great The Only Essential Oils I Use And Recommend (And What To Watch Out For!) And Much, Much More! be Sure To Download Your Bonus Content At The Rear Of The Book! The Time For You To Slim Down Naturally With Essential Oils Is Now Download Your Copy Right Now!

My Psychic Casebook: The amazing secrets of the world’s most respected department-store medium (HarperTrue Fate – A Short Read)

Jayne Wallace - 2015
    In My Psychic Casebook, Jayne tells the stories exactly as they happened, and explains the techniques she uses to link with her clients. Just like a good novel, you’ll be instantly engrossed – except that all these stories are true.As the only department store medium in the world, in this short story, Jayne offers a unique insight into the work of a top clairvoyant, as well as shining a light on the remarkable truths behind the questions that concern us all.

Essential Oils: Recipe Quick Reference: Essential Oils Recipes for All Occasions

Philip Ozz - 2015
    These recipes range from those that you yourself can use as well as those that can benefit your beloved pets and home. If you are someone with minimal or no essential oils experience, this book will be good for you. This can help you get started really quick. If you're someone who has a little more experience with essential oils before, this book is also for you. This book offers tons of essential oils recipes resources laid out in a quick, concise, and easy to read format. In this book, you will learn the following awesome information: The basic information about the different essential oils that you can use! Brief information regarding the effectivity of the essential oils! The 100% best way to ensure that you are mixing the right essential oils together to achieve maximum effect! A step-by-step tutorial on how you can mix the essential oils to achieve the right blend or right essential oil product! The definitive guide that contains tons of awesome essential oils recipes! Our professional tips about these essential oil recipes! We’d love to share these to you! Several recipes for essential oil blends and products which are good for you, your kids, your pets, and even your home! and much much more…. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and experience the various benefits that essential oils can do to you!!! ***SPECIAL OFFER!!!*** LIMITED TIME OFFER 40% OFF (Regular Price $4.99) This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon - Download it Now!

The Complete Guide To Clinical Aromatherapy and Essential Oils of The Physical Body: Essential Oils for Beginners (The Secret Healer Book 1)

Elizabeth Ashley - 2014
     A student or professional aromatherapist looking to grow their, already ample, aromatherapy bookshelf A distributor for an aromatherapy multi level marketing company such as Young Living or Doterra who wants to better understand their product Am I right? This book, written by a professional aromatherapist with 21 years experience has a little something for each of you. Instructions on recommended oils for 60 different ailments Information on 104 essential oils and their safety data (referenced from Tisserand Essential Oil Safety Data for Health Professionals 2013) Facts on how to use 16 different carrier oils including coconut oil, tamanu, and also St Johns Wort Recipe blends by another 13 professional aromatherapists including a blend to use in labour by a midwife using essential oils on an NHS maternity ward and an aphrodisiac blend by a professional sex therapist. Details of how the chemistry of essential oils works Reflections on how plant extracts have been used since early neolithic times right up to the present day Plus extra bonus material: Free hypnotherapy relaxation download 6 essential oil monographs including the most up to date information into clinical trials into many conditions including breast, skin and prostate cancers as well as diabetes: on lavender oil, tea tree oil, geranium, rose, myrrh and chamomile. Past professionally published papers by the author on Agarwood, Damiana, Tuberose, Calendula and myrtle oils Discount vouchers to 15 aromatherapy schools, product stores and treatment clinics. Over 300 pages and 21 years of professional experience....

The Essential Oil Truth: The Facts Without the Hype

Jen O'Sullivan - 2015
    There is a lot of misinformation, speculation, and assumption going around, as well as a lot of bad advice given by people who never did their research. This book comes at it from a neutral perspective, without all the hype, in hopes to dispel some of the myths and rumors about essential oils. The Essential Oil Truth will help you gain a greater understanding of the true nature and beauty of essential oils and their proper use for your everyday life.

True Ghost Stories And Hauntings: Spooky Stories Of The Creepiest Places On Earth: True Paranormal Hauntings, Unexplained Phenomena And True Ghost Stories (True Ghost Stories, Bizarre Stories Book 2)

Travis S. Kennedy - 2015
    However, these areas can be witness to certain happenings that include pain, suffering, and rage. Experts believe that locations where intense negative feelings and events have taken place, have the potential to retain that negative energy. These places are where supernatural and paranormal beings lurk. Let’s face it, our world is not a complete paradise and there are hundreds of tragedies that occur every year. Places where hauntings of ghosts and other paranormal entities occur and usually have gruesome, creepy, and unbelievable back stories of real, historical events. This book will provide you with a list of some of the scariest places on Earth that you probably haven’t heard of, but are backed up with creepy histories and spine-tingling hauntings. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – The Haunted Ramoji Film City True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – The Bunnyman Bridge True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – The Cursed Island of Poveglia True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Ghost Island of Hashima True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Sinister Leap Castle True Ghost Stories And Hauntings – Clark Air Base Hospital Horrors Much, much more! >>> Download this book today! <<< If you love a spine tingling read of creepy hauntings and true ghost stories, then download this book now! Tags: true ghost stories and hauntings, true paranormal, true ghost stories, true paranormal hauntings, bizarre true stories, true paranormal stories, unexplained phenomena, haunted houses, unexplained mysteries, haunted asylums

How to Master Lucid Dreaming: Your Practical Guide to Unleashing the Power of Lucid Dreaming

Sean Kelly - 2014
    Grab it while it's practically FREE.Thanks to your support, "How to Master Lucid Dreaming" became a #1 Bestseller in 6 different categories including: Spirituality, Personal Growth, Self-Help. You're missing out on an ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE part of your life. It's time to change that. There are a ridiculous amount of techniques online for lucid dreaming. Too many. Enough to overwhelm any beginner and annoy any expert. This book is a journey into mastery of lucid dreaming. No more trying random techniques from forums. It's time to build a sustainable practice and delve into the depths of your consciousness.I've helped thousands of people with lucid dreaming over the past 9 years. It's your turn. What's Included in the Book - The Biggest Obstacle to Lucid Dreaming and How to Overcome It- How to Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To- How to Use Your Mind as a Rocket Booster Instead of Dead Weight- How to Remember More of Your Life With a Stupidly Simple Practice- The Forgotten Jewel of a Hidden Type of Memory- Why You've Been Doing Reality Checks Completely Wrong (and totally wasting your time)- How to Completely Let Go of Your Stressful Day- How Not To Waste Time With Lucid Dreaming Techniques- The 5 Things Every Good Lucid Dreaming Technique Has in Common- 5 Steps to Mastering Your TechniqueIf you just want to experience lucid dreaming once, then move on, this book isn't for you. But if you want to master lucid dreaming and be able to experience it any time you want, get this book. What are the Benefits of Lucid Dreaming? - Deep personal and spiritual exploration into the nature of consciousness and who you really are- Receive life-changing information from your subconscious- Artistic and creative Inspiration (imagine composing music while flying in the sky with rainbow colored sound streaming all around you...)- Wipe away years of minor depression- FUN! Fun! FUN! Tons of fun- Overcome fears that are holding you back in life- Explore different realms that you'll suddenly have access to- Heal emotional traumas through interacting directly with your subconscious mind- Overcome nasty nightmares that leave you feeling crappy in the morning- Add more hours of actually being ALIVE every day- Shift your entire perspective on life, reality, consciousness and what it's all about- Soar like a bird in the sky, feeling the wind against your skin (one of the most amazing experiences ever) What people are saying about the book "I'm on day 3 of the program today and had my first lucid dream last night! Thank you sooooo much for this book, I am loooving it and soo excited about my own lucid journey!"- Jess Webb"I’ve got LaBerge’s course, Lucid Dreaming Secrets Unveiled by Darius Thomas, Robert Waggoner’s Lucid Dream Workshop, etc. etc...

Kabbalistic Astrology: And the Meaning of Our Lives

Philip S. Berg - 2004
    Kabbalah, in fact, offers arguably the oldest and wisest application of astronomy and astrology known to humankind. Kabbalistic Astrology is a tool for understanding one's individual nature at its deepest level and putting that knowledge to immediate use in the real world. A natural addition to Berg’s many writings on spirituality, the book explains why destiny is not the same as predestination and shows that we have many possible futures and can become masters of our fate. Written in Berg’s trademark clear, intelligible style, the book teaches how to discover challenges faced in previous incarnations and how to overcome them, as well as the secrets to finding the love, success, and spiritual fulfillment.