Larry A. Winters - 2013
    But there was one tie to the industry she could not sever. Her sister, Tara, was also a porn star. Two years later, when Tara supposedly commits suicide, Ashley must return to the San Fernando Valley and the life she thought she'd left behind. Now she's not sure who she can trust--especially the handsome new video editor who seems intent on helping her. But she won't leave Los Angeles until she's proven Tara's death was a murder. And until she's faced the killer.One of the most thrilling and original novels of the year, Hardcore crackles with sexual tension, great characters, and enough twists to keep mystery and thriller fans turning pages until every secret is revealed.

My Love Costs Nothing

Erica A. Davis - 2020
    A sexy rags to riches romance.Antique shop owner Celia Whyte comes from an impeccable lineage and a mother who thinks she has the right to manage her daughter’s entire life.So when Celia meets the self-made billionaire hunk Brady Gilmore, of course she worries her mother will make a scene!Brady has gone from rags to riches all on his own, but to Celia’s mother, he will always be lower class…But that won’t stop Celia and Brady’s relationship from getting hot and heavy!Yet when family and friends scheme against them, everything turns upside down!Will it be the wedge that will drive Brady and Celia apart?Or will they find love through all of life’s battles?Find out in this emotional yet sexy romance by Erica A Davis of BWWM Club.Suitable for over 18s only due to shockingly hot sex scenes!

Royal Majesty: A Dope Boy Love Story

Chrissy J - 2016
    She gave up on love and the whole fairytale love story until Majesty walked into her life, showing her things no other man has done before... Will Royal let Majesty love her or will she push him away because she's afraid of being hurt a second time? Majesty Swore off love after his ex-girlfriend did the unthinkable and walked out of his life. Majesty threw himself into his businesses and stayed clear from any kind of relationship, until he crossed paths with Royal. With both of their exes trying to come back in the picture, will both Royal and Majesty make it through the lies, drama and deceit that the people that they once loved try to throw at their relationship? Or will they go their separate ways? Find out in Royal Majesty: A Dope Boy Love Story

Saved by a Billionaire

Eve Fox - 2016
    The very air of his presence demands attention, respect, awe. Until one day, at the swish of a wiper blade, everything changes. When a beautiful mystery girl unexpectedly appears in his midst, she releases a passion in him that he’s never known, and for the first time he sees his erotic fantasy being fulfilled. But will her body be his undoing? And will the secrets of her past destroy the career he's spent a lifetime building? This story is more than just a sexual encounter, it is a romantic fairy tale of intense desire and a steamy erotic attraction. Filled with erotica and romance, this book will have you turning pages late into the night right through until the very end.

The London Sisters: The Complete Series

Abby Brooks - 2016
     Love Is Crazy Dakota London is a small town girl trapped in her small town life. When she meets Dominic Kane, a travel photographer she's admired for years, her life gets turned upside down. What Happened in Vegas Dakota and Dominic's wedding story. This novella is not available outside of this box set. Love Is Beautiful Chelsea London isn't looking for passion or fire. All she wants is safety. When she meets Max Santoro, a gorgeous cop with a bad attitude, she gets more than she ever expected. Blissed Out Chelsea and Max's wedding story. This novella is not available outside of this box set. Love Is Everything Hudson Knox is the kind of guy that should come with a warning label and that makes him perfect for Maya London in her quest for a no-strings-attached relationship. She thought a one-night stand would be nothing. Turns out it's everything.

Cursed: Andreas & Annabella

Londyn Lenz - 2018
    But there is more to Annabella than meets the eye. Unlike most people, Annabelle was born with a supernatural gift. A gift she's kept concealed her whole life. Despite the things she's capable of, Annabella lives a life of simplicity. But when she falls head over hills in love with the charismatic Andreas, things change and Annabella's simple life turns into something much more. Andreas Washington has walked the earth as a vampire for many, many years and after losing his wife, finding someone worthy enough to spend eternity with has been a challenge. That is, until he meets the beautiful and mysterious Annabella Stacks. There is only one problem though - Andreas' maker, Robin refuses to see him with anybody but herself Faye, Annabella's best friend, has no time for love. In between focusing on building her career and dealing with judgmental, strict parents, love is the last thing on her mind. But fate intervenes, and she meets Andreas' intriguing nephew Duke, falling for him almost immediately. Unfortunately, Faye's parents are harboring a devastating secret that may cost Faye her relationship. When Andreas' & Duke's vampire curses are revealed, will Annabella and Faye hang on to love? Or will their own secrets force them to let go of the only two men they have ever loved?

Forced: To Enjoy (The Billionaire's New Toy)

Tanya Colt - 2014
    “Forced” to come on a day trip to Mexico, Cheryl and her two friends have the time of their lives. Boundaries will be tested and expanded as James pushes Cheryl even further. This is part 2 of The Billionaire's New Toy: 1. Summoned: For His Pleasure 2. Forced: To Enjoy 3. Used: To Satisfy Enjoy your reading time again!

Loved by the Billionaire Tycoon 1: High School Sweethearts

Danielle Jamesen - 2016
    Jaden is the new boy in town, as quiet and stoic as a teenager can be. From the moment they meet, their lives entwine. They’re meant to be together, simply fated since they laid eyes on each other. Together, they outlast the odds for years, through high school and college, loving and learning as they go. Headed in different directions, as Hazel develops a talent for writing and speech, while Jaden has harbored a romantic athlete inside him all his life, somehow they stay as united as two souls in love should be. But there are warnings, small signs which hint at an impending disaster. What will happen when that tragedy strikes, and upends everything they made together?

Dangerous Deceptions (The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-off)

Cate McKoy - 2018
    The best way he knew how to do that was to work. The more dangerous, the better. He's headed for the trouble in Taten, Georgia. Rynn Rolland is all alone, living in the big city and drowning. She accepts an inheritance from a distant relative to see if you she can make a go of it in a new place all her own. She is overwhelmed with all there is to, but, she metaphorically pushes up her sleeves and prepares to make a home of her new farm in Taten, Georgia... that is, if her neighbors will let her live long enough to accomplish her goal.


Jade Sinclair - 2016
    Not only did he have the nerve to rudely cut her off in the parking lot and steal her parking spot but he intentionally outbid her for the Artemis Clock with an obscene amount of money which he knew she couldn’t afford. He didn’t even want the rare antique! Despite her hatred for him and his egotistical and conceited nature, she couldn’t help notice his broad shoulders, his roguish looks and confident air as he tried to interest her in purchasing the clock, on his terms of course! Her passion to impress her boss, Mrs. Belkins with this rare and high quality antique compelled Michelle, to surrender to Tom’s conditions. Is this a bid she can win or does he win something else? This book is free on Kindle Unlimited. Download this exciting alpha billionaire bad boy romance!! Download your copy today! Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language. A New Alpha Male Billionaire Romance by Jade Sinclair!

Conan: MMA Alpha Fighter Brotherhood

J.S. Cooke - 2015
    WARNING: Contains graphic language, sex and violence. Intended for mature readers only. Conan Reagan has it all: good looks, money, security and a desire to help those less fortunate. But when he decides to give back to the young people across the border in Mexico, the fight for their life turns into a fight for his own. Everything is about to change forever, for him and another person he never intended to meet. Join my newsletter to find when the next book is ready... http://eepurl.com/bm2SXn

The Sister-in-Law Submissive

Sylvia Redmond - 2015
    She may have been pompous and arrogant, but she had a body that was built for sin. She was sweet and succulent, the textbook definition of a MILF. She also happened to be my brother's wife....... She never liked me, and I have only ever tolerated her. That is, until I found out she has a secret. A deep, dark secret. And she’ll be willing to do almost anything to keep her secret from being discovered. It looks like it's time for us to get to know each other better... *** This is an erotic first in series about a submissive relationship between two consenting adults. Who are married to other people. And one of them is quite twisted. It is lewd, tawdry & over the top, enjoy if you dare! FF, MF, FFM, Bondage, BDSM ***

The Heart Of The Hawk (Book 1)

Abby Greenwood - 2015
    She guards her heart. They never expected a second chance at love… Gray has always known his duty. The heir to a hawk shapeshifter clan, his father insists he marry the daughter of another clan family to consolidate their power. Gray wants to lead by serving, but he never expected the night of his engagement to a stranger to find him true love as well.Layla has been hurt before. When she meets the wealthy heir, she knows that getting involved with Gray can only end in heartache. But when he tells her it's forever, she can't help but believe him. Meanwhile, the fragile peace between the shifter clans begins to fracture. An attack, a kidnapping, and Gray's betrothal all threaten to end a blossoming love from coming to pass. Can the love of two shifters survive against all odds?Heart of the Hawk is the first book in a series of paranormal shapeshifter romance short stories. If you like fast-paced plots, suspenseful action, and compelling shifter romance, then you'll love the first installment in Abby Greenwood's heart-pounding series. Buy Heart of the Hawk to start the shifter romance story today! Interview with the Author Abby Greenwood Q: why do you write free shape novels when others are charging for theirs? A: I am a self publishing author so I don't have the marketing power of other authors who write shape novels and also have big publishing companies to promote their books. I give my shape shifter novels away for free so readers can evaluate my stories and then decide if they want to invest in my other shapeshifter romance novels. Q: There are a lot of alpha werewolf romance stories available; do you include any in your book? A: The main character is a billionaire diamond mine owner who is the future king and high lord of the falcon clan. In this book he meets his girl but she is kidnapped by a rogue alpha werewolf so yes there are alpha werewolves in this book but you will have to read it to find out what happens. Q: This is your first book in the paranormal shape shifter genre, will you be releasing shifter romance box sets or bundle? A: I already have book two published (Heart Of The Hunter) and I am half way through the third book (Heart of the Heiress) so once the third book is finished I will be releasing my shifter romance box sets/bundle. Q: So, why should readers give your free shapeshifter romantic short story books a try? A: When I was a child living in England I used to watch the old British Hammer House Of Horror movies about werewolf’s and vampires, they frightened the life out of me. As I got older I started to read more of these shape shifter romance books, I liked them so much I put pen to paper and wrote my very first with a little mystery and suspense thrown in. If you like paranormal fiction with a little romance thrown in you will love my free shapeshifter novels.

Curvy Attraction

Tara Brent - 2018
    I’m religious, he’s his own God. He’s a playboy, I’m a virgin. He’s chiseled. Well, I have my own curves! And yet we fit perfectly together. Tristan Blackwood and Bethany Ballard are an unlikely couple, especially with Tristan’s eccentric older sister warning her neighbor Bethany, to stay away. Bethany is ecstatic when Tristan shows an interest in her. And there is no way she was going to let Colleen ruin her one chance of real love. In a drunken stupor, Colleen reveals a dark secret of the Blackwood family. A secret that can never be revealed to Tristan. If exposed it could shatter the very foundation of his existence. Yet, if Bethany keeps this secret away from him, will he ever be able to forgive her?

Never Ever

L.P. Maxa - 2015
    She had never been more ready for her yearly girl's trip with her three best friends. A weekend of drinking, dancing, and laying in the sun were just what she needed. What she didn't need was a sexy playboy trying to tempt her into a weekend fling. Taylor knew what Livi thought of him. Arrogant, cocky, player...Not that she was wrong. She wasn't. But something about Livi made him want to be more. Now if he could just convince her to let him try. This is a stand alone novel...for now. Lot's of sex and cussing, 18+ please