The Irresistible Passion

Alexa McLean - 2018
     Hunter stole my heart when I was young and when I was older, he made it burn. One look was all he needed to turn this good girl bad. And, can you blame me? With a body like that, of course I was all over him. We were stuck together like a couple of magnets. That is, until I was forced to leave. Because staying behind meant putting my life at risk. And even my Alpha couldn’t protect me. Ten years I waited for him and finally he shows up again. Bigger and worst than I remember. He took my life by storm. Made my heart bleed for him and now he wants me to leave all over again. Oh, Hunter, the man who always leaves me inside a whirlwind of impossible emotion. You’re no good for me but damn do I want you. Now, the question remains, will you stay or steal my heart and take it away with you? **This is 32,000+ word Billionaire Bad Boy Friends To Lovers Mystery Romance. No cliff-hanger, No cheating and Guaranteed HEA (Happily ever after). This is book 2 of the The Billionaire League Series which is a stand alone and you don't need to read book one** Claims your copy today by clicking the “BUY Button” or Read for Free in KU(Kindle Unlimited)

The French Retreat

Sue Fortin - 2015
    In a bid to reassess her life, she heads off to the only place she has ever felt content - her brother’s farmhouse retreat in rural France.Marcie isn’t the only one looking to escape. Ex-soldier Will hopes the gentle pace of French life will help to banish the ghosts of his past and offer him the fresh start he desires.However, all is not what it seems at The Retreat. Fuelled by a string of strange happenings and local rumours, Will and Marcie are pushed together as they try to discover who or what is behind it all. In so doing, they are faced with a moral dilemma and question if doing wrong is doing right?The French Retreat is a story of human compassion, hope and love.

Murder in the Rose Garden

Tabitha Tate - 2015
    As if having a murder to solve, wasn’t enough, Beth also has to fight to save her inheritance—a struggling flower shop. Not everyone is pleased to have her snooping around town, least of all her mother’s cheating boyfriend. Now, to save the flower shop and restore her mother’s legacy, Beth will have to catch a killer, with the help of Chase Crawford, the handsome private detective that makes her weak at the knees…

Cold Case Division

Kenna Coulby - 2017
     Book 1 Cat has spent years trying to leave the disappearance of her fiancé in the past when out on a date with a new man, she receives a message that can only be from her former love. Jay immediately falls for a girl like Cat, but how can he win her over with the ghosts of the past still lingering? Moving on isn't easy and even those closest to you may not be who they seem. But through it all, love can always find a way. Book 2 Ethan’s spent his entire adult life haunted by his past. A new cold case file is pulled from the box and Ethan is shocked to see almost the exact same murder scene that he witnessed when he walked into his sister’s murder years before. Certain there’s a connection, Ethan begins to dig deeper into the murders in the hopes of finally putting his horrific memories to rest. Book 3 Another young babysitter had been murdered, that made three in only a short amount of time. Though no one seems to believe there’s a connection, Angie is certain that it can’t be coincidence. Only person she wishes she could confide in is her partner and boyfriend, Ethan, but he’s still working out his own demons. Striking out on her own is the only way Angie believes she can provide justice for these murdered girls. Book 4 Angie had been waiting patiently for her daddy to be released from prison, but not under the terms that he must help Jay in breaking up the mob. Sampson must go undercover to dig up as much as he can in order to send his old bosses to jail. But Angie isn’t going to let that happen without some major precautions.

Room at the Inn

Diane Greenwood Muir - 2014
    Her veterinarian, Mark Ogden, has more animals he asks her to rescue and rather than Polly calling the Sheriff because she's found a body, he calls her because he needs her help.Room at the Inn takes place just after the fifth book in the Bellingwood Series - Life Between the Lines and sets the stage for a brand new year of excitement and growth in Bellingwood. There are new animals, new relationships and new ventures ahead for Polly. She can hardly wait to get started. But first, she takes time to be grateful for all that she has.

The Billionaire's Secret

Johanna Evelyn - 2018
    Broken and wounded after the devastating loss of her parents, she’s tried to navigate her way alone. Earning a lucrative contract in the modeling industry, she puts her past behind her. Until everything comes crashing down. Now she lives a quiet life out of the spotlight. When her best friend Hazel pulls her back, she tries to fight the attraction she feels for Gabe, a charming bachelor who wants more than friendship. Gabe has been relegated to the friend zone when he so clearly wants more. But he has secrets of his own—their past that links them together has the power to force them apart. Other titles in the series: The Billionaire's Conflict Excerpt from this book: "The moon shone bright still, highlighting the silk of his black hair. They moved to the ship’s rail again. Paige, leaning her arms to peer at the water, Gabe standing behind, not touching her. But she could still feel his electric pull. The air buzzed with static that begged contact. She ignored its call and thought of the inevitable. She would need to leave Tino’s. A clean break would be best. She knew from experience, those wounds healed the fastest. She started her sentence before the words would be too hard to speak. “I’m recognizable. I’m taking a big risk working at Tino’s. The paparazzi would have a field day if they knew. I left that life for a reason. I need to stay out of the spotlight.” The words sat heavy in her throat. He closed the gap, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her close. The connection sent instant sparks shooting through her veins, just as she knew it would. As it had countless times tonight. “I hope you know you can always trust me.” His breath was hot on her skin and it made her insides do too many things she wasn’t prepared for."

My Stepbrother's Arrangement 3

Juliette Jaye - 2015
     Kaleb's always been a bad boy. A womanizing, cocky, arrogant, aggravating bad boy. Oh, did I add that he has a body that belongs on a magazine cover, cheekbones you can cut yourself on and a smile that makes the panties melt off every girl he meets? And for the whole summer holidays, before I go away to college, he's also my boss. So why, in a moment of vulnerability, did I end up in bed with him? I mean sure, it was just one night. But damn, it was one hell of a night. I tried to forget it. I tried to pretend it didn't happen. After all, I'm a good girl. I don't do things like that. But when he tells me the next day that as his boss, I have to obey his every command... Well, let's just say accounting internships have never been so exciting.

Shutter: Volume One

Sarah Dosher - 2014
    During the day, I watch while he’s working, and every night I watch him while he’s f***ing. It started as a job but quickly turned into an obsession.His name is Nikolas Gallo.I spent years in front of the camera before I escaped. Now I’m behind it and in control of what my shutter captures. The moment I viewed Niko in the lens of my camera I found the escape I’d been searching for. I finally felt connected - whole.There are two types of celebrity photographers: those that wait for their victim to venture into public, always allowing some semblance of privacy. And then there are those that lurk in the shadows, steadily invading lives, hunting and searching for the most private shot, and that’s what I had become.My name is Brook Beckham and I found my inner peeping Tom.***Previously listed under the pen name Eli Chastain. Even though the name has changed the content is still the same.

Chasing Moonbeams in Merriment Bay

Emily Harvale - 2020
    Will a discovery in Devon Villa change that? Cat Devon is finally with the love of her life – and she couldn’t be happier about that. But discovering the identity of her real dad and the fact she has two half-brothers was a shock. Getting to know her new family is now a priority. Kyra Devon is only eighteen, but she’s more mature than her mum in many ways and is coping far better with everything that’s happened. Kyra knows what she wants and unlike Cat, she’s not going to let opportunities slip away. Mary Devon has regained her daughter and her granddaughter, but she’s grieving for her mother, and also for the loss of the love she thought she’d found. Putting on a brave face may not be the best way for Mary to get over it. When a long-lost painting called Moonbeams Kiss is discovered in a hidden cellar beneath the floorboards in Devon Villa, a story of love, loss and treachery unfolds, bringing with it repercussions for each of the Devon women. This is Book Two in Emily Harvale's Merriment Bay series which is interconnected to her Wyntersleap series. Each series can be read alone, but several characters appear in both series.

Rough Patch

Laramie Briscoe - 2015
    Sometimes it isn't patient, sometimes it isn't kind, but there's one thing that will make you appreciate your significant other. The way they make you feel when you come though the other side of a rough patch.

Behind the Wall

Jane Harvey-Berrick - 2017
    That’s what it’s meant for the five years that Garrett has been behind bars. But now hope is on the horizon and he’s daring to dream again: small dreams, small hopes.Getting his GED would be a start. If only his prison-appointed teacher Miss Ella Newsome wasn’t so damn sexy.As Garrett and Ella start to play a dangerous game, the price could be higher than either of them have guessed..•*¨✨.•*¨✨.•*¨✨.•*¨✨.•*¨✨.•*¨✨.•*¨✨.•*¨✨This story first appeared in the anthology HOT FOR TEACHER in 2016. It has since been extended with new scenes, more heart ache and even more heat.

Garters & Groomsmen

Kim Loraine - 2019
     Now, years later I'm stuck between them both at my cousin's wedding. The bride doesn't understand my issue with having two hotter than sin cowboys on my arms for the whole wedding weekend. But she doesn't know the history I have with these men. Colt and Sean are the two men I couldn't choose between. In fact, they're the fantasy I never made come true. But maybe this weekend can be more than an awkward walk down memory lane. Maybe now we can put our past behind us and I can have what I really want. Them. It's Wedding Season! Something old, Something new, Will you say “I do”? The best-selling authors of Flirt Club are at it again! This time we have sixteen couples heading down the aisle with our new Wedding Season collection of steamy, sweet novellas!

Christmas in Camelot: Camelot, West Virginia, Season 1, Episode 1 (Camelot West Virginia Season One)

Emma Jameson - 2018
    This once-beautiful Appalachian land has fallen under what could almost be an evil enchantment. Disappearing jobs, pill-pushers, and boarded-up buildings have taken their toll, and the people are losing hope. A MYSTERIOUS STRANGER Right before Christmas, a handsome retired colonel in a Stetson comes to town, conjuring up an offer to buy the castle. For barkeep Misty Avalon, a woman who’s returned home to lick her wounds after surviving cancer and a devastating divorce, selling her grandfather’s castle could settle her debts. But can Col. Merle Emery be trusted? WELCOME TO YOUR NEW FAVORITE SERIES From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Emma Jameson and heartland mystery author Cyn Mackley, a charming new mystery series. Because it contains more sleuthing, romance, comedy, and surprises than any one regular-length book can contain, the authors are presenting the saga of Camelot, West Virginia in serial form, just like a bingeable series on Amazon Prime. Get ready for interlocking plots, big romances, and a huge cast of characters, some familiar to fans of the Arthurian legend, some brand spanking new. Find a cozy spot, silence your phone, and enjoy the first of many visits to Camelot, West Virginia.

Callaghan Brothers Guide: The Official Guide to the Callaghan Brothers Series

Abbie Zanders - 2015
     What’s in the Callaghan Brothers Guide? • A list of the books (in order) with blurbs and excerpts • The characters and super-short bios of each • A family tree • A timeline (no big spoilers if you haven’t read the whole series) • Miscellaneous info on things like the Callaghan crest, their cars, stuff like that • The super-secret recipe for Brian McCain’s Virgin Slayer • A special interview with the boys with questions posed by the readers

The Wrangler and the Runaway Mom

RaeAnne Thayne - 1999
    The Wrangler And The Runaway Mom by RaeAnne Thayne released on Aug 25, 1999 is available now for purchase.