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The Lockhorns by Bill Hoest


Hitter: The Life and Turmoils of Ted Williams

Ed Linn - 1993
    But the tag that really fits is Hitter. “A riveting retrospective” (Baseball americanca). Index; career statistics; photographs.

Ivory Gleam

Priya Dolma Tamang - 2018
    A potpourri of musings assembled with a hint of practical spirituality, to be savoured passably as an oracle of hearts to the many answers, whose questions our minds are yet to comprehend. Ivory Gleam is split into three chapters of learning, longing and loving. Each chapter is a journey traversing a different road to the ultimate destination of self-reflection.

The American West: Cowboys

Grayson Wyatt - 2016
    But behind it were real men whose hard work and hard play, stoic toughness, and code of honor helped tame the American West. The epic cattle drives that were so much a part of the cowboys' heyday lasted only an astonishingly brief two decades. But the cowboy is still a basic part of the American character. Here, from historian Grayson Wyatt, is their surprising and little-told story.

Devil Ash Deceit (Devil Ash Saga)

Mitchell Olson - 2013
    When he's not out risking his life fighting demons he's doing deadly odd jobs for his boss Goddard. Ash's days of slacking off are over though: after getting their butts kicked a few too many times, Ash and his teammates begin a strict and potentially-lethal training program. Rebel activity is on the rise in Hell and Ash's team is assigned to tracking down and eliminating anyone who opposes King Satan. While Ash focuses on his training, Aura's tragic past family life finally catches up to him. Meanwhile, Shiva falls for an old flame and sets into motion events that lead to a full blown rebel coup that rocks the Kingdom. Let the battle for Hell begin.

The Difficult Life of a Regency Spinster: BELINDA

Susan Speers - 2017
    Her parents are dead, her home is gone. She lives by her wits at the homes of distant connections, running errands, writing letters, tending children. Belinda arrives in London, the last outpost of her far-flung family, to serve as companion to the irascible Millicent Anstruther. Millicent is the eldest of a proud family famous for its discovery of ancient British artifacts. Belinda's duties include chaperoning beautiful debutante, Fleur Anstruther, and scholar, Edward Fortescue, as they catalogue the collection for exhibit. Belinda's dismay at such proximity to her former beau grows, as she suspects that the Anstruther Miscellany is not at all what it seems to be.

Her Dirty Secret

Endiya Carter - 2020
    Joella soon learns that the price for selling her body in exchange for her dreams has become a living nightmare, and her father-in-law is intent on making sure she pays ten-fold.

Unexplained, Unsolved, Unsealed Mysteries of the World : Strange Disappearances, Paranormal Activities, Cold Murder Cases, Abnormal Occurrences

Gerald Burns - 2021

Sacrificial Bride

Wendy Soliman - 2019
    She doubts her decision the minute she sets eyes on Sir Cyril – a fat, cruel and drunken dolt who has no intention of making good on his promises to her father, but every intention of anticipating his wedding vows. Cordelia finds an unlikely ally in Sir Cyril’s cousin, Lord Angus Dryden. They join forces to discover the truth behind Sir Cyril’s latest suspicious investment scheme, and struggle to ignore the growing attraction that springs up between them. Shocked by revelations that threaten Cordelia’s life, can Angus find an honourable way to rescue her from a dangerous mésalliance before Sir Cyril attempts to cover his tracks by violent and deadly means… This title was previously published in a Regency Romantics Anthology

Her Truth, His Lies

Erika B. - 2021

Behind These Eyes

Cherish Amore - 2020
    Dating the love of his life since high school, he dreams of making her his wife. A tragic event turns that dream into a nightmare, causing Demetrice to lose Angela and everything they ever had. Will he love again? Denver has her heart rocked to the core by a man she thought was her forever. So much so, it drives her to drink. One drink too many, Denver loses it all, but with hope so small, she checks into rehab and refuses to ever look back. Five years later, Demetrice and Denver cross paths as total strangers, but that quickly changes by one encounter, and they immediately fall in love. There is one problem—their pasts. Once secrets from the past are exposed, will Demetrice and Denver be able to continue their love, living happily ever after, or will the truth bring back too much pain and ruin what was built so soon? Take a ride with Demetrice and Denver and see what’s behind their eyes.

At Your Best: A Rags to Riches Romance

Mycah Edwards - 2021

The Big Book and A Study Guide of the 12 Steps

Alcoholics Anonymous - 2013
    This is the original text with the addition of personal stories from both the 1st and 2nd editions. NEW LINKED TABLE OF CONTENTS ADDED FOR GROUP MEETING USE.Also included: A current study guide of notes from the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Love on the Brain (Sienna Terrace Book 1)

Shay Davis - 2021

The House on Seaview Road

Alison Walsh - 2016
    This promise, to look after her younger sister, is one she has always kept, even though Marie sometimes feels that the cosseted Grainne doesn't deserve it.But then the sudden appearance of intense, rebellious Con on Seaview Beach one afternoon changes everything.As her childhood comes to a sudden and shocking end, Marie must make some choices about her future.But will she find the courage to become the woman she was meant to be? The House on Seaview Road is a story about first love, growing up and about the enduring bonds of sisterhood.

Let Her Go

M. Ocean - 2015
    M. Ocean explores the depths of love deeply felt and violently lost. For those whose wounds are fresh and hearts still raw with ample emotion, Ocean portrays pain and suffering in apt and heart wrenching candour.