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Theirs by Eve Vaughn


The Donor

Alexis Gold - 2016
     She knew her options were limited but that finding a sperm donor was one of them. When a friend of a friend suggested someone suitable to be a donor, it seemed like all of Felicia's dreams would finally be able to come true. However, what Felicia did not count on was that the anonymous sperm donor would end up playing a significant role in her life. In more ways than one.... This is a love and pregnancy romance full of drama, intrigue and sweet scenes that culminates in the happiest of happy ever afters. Be prepared to shed a tear, download and get reading now!


Travena Terry - 2020
    As the CEO of Wright Liquors, Charmain is no stranger to hard work and staying ahead of the latest acquisition. She has her eye on one of the most exclusive bars in town. Even though she is successful in everything financial, Charmain finds that her efficient way of dealing with the opposite sex is becoming more troublesome than it’s worth. Wanting to avoid the inefficiency of falling in love, Charmain finds that it may not be as troublesome with someone who knows exactly how to “negotiate.”As the owner of one of the most exclusive cigar bars in Chicago, J is no stranger to balancing his personal life with business.As the years have gone by, J is noticing that he no longer yearns for the exciting dichotomy of straddling the fence between being legitimate and walking the more dangerous side of the shadows. As the nephew of one of the most notorious Italian crime families in Chicago, he finds himself burnt out and looking for peace. Yet, the last thing he expected was for “his future” to come straight to him.Matches are lit and flames are stoked as J and Charmain meet one another head on. Can they trust one another as partners and as lovers? Can they move forward into uncharted waters to experience a love that exceeds their expectations? Or will the safety of their routines be too appealing?

Perfect For Me: Road To Whatever

Blue Saffire - 2015
    That is until her. This is the band’s last chance. If they don’t make it now, everything is going to change. They just need one more key ingredient. The problem is what the band needs most is what Nolan wants most, and it doesn't look like he will ever get to have his perfect note and performance too. Kelly “Kitty” Nelson is a pint size force to be reckoned with on the stage but a tragedy in her life has taken the joy of music away from her, until now. The guys of True Life are just what she needs to fall in love with the stage again. Only the stage is not the only one out to take over her heart. When secrets and the past start to catch up with them will Kitty and Rage still be able to create the perfect melody? *This book is book one in the Perfect For Me series but can be read as a stand alone. **This book has strong language and sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+  ***To keep up with release dates sign up to the mailing list at ***This is a new cover with new proofs. This is the read order for the best experience. Legally Bound 1 Legally Bound 2: Against the Law Legally Bound 3: His Law Perfect For Me 1 Hush 1: Family Business Ballers 1: His Game Brothers Black 1: Wyatt the Heart Breaker Legally Bound 4: Allegations of Love Hush 2: Slow Burn Legally Bound 5.0: Sam Illegal Matters Ballers 2: His Final Play Legally Bound 5.1: Tasha Illegal Dealings Brothers Black 2: Noah the Beast coming soon …

Forever Loving You

Nia Arthurs - 2019
    I need her. I want her.GriffinForget it, Fatty. You're out of Cobie's league.I spent high school loving the one girl I could never get.Ten years later, that girl is back and working with me.Cobie doesn't recognize my face or my name, and I have no plans of enlightening her.This is my chance to make the moves I never could back then.She's always owned my heart and I won't stop until I own hers.CobieGriffin Bech is too handsome for words and too good at working my patience.He acts like he knows me, but I'm 100% sure we've never met.I should keep my distance. He's too good-looking to be a one-woman kind of guy.But the more I push, the more he pulls.The more I glare, the more he teases.The more I mouth off...Let's just say it's obvious he's got other plans for these big lips of mine.Trusting him is risky.But resisting him? Impossible.

Indebted: The Complete Series Boxset

Sadie Black - 2015
    She has spent her entire young adult life determined to do better. In a few months, the lifetime of sacrifices will finally be worth it. She will be graduating at the top of her prestigious masters program at Columbia, and finally leave her job at the diner to venture into the world of business. The only thing that could make this moment sweeter would be if her mama was still here to watch her cross that stage and clutch that diploma she's given up everything for. When Matthew Blackwell, the infamous billionaire bad-boy bachelor, shows up out of the blue in her diner asking for a date, Kendra's world is lurched sideways. With girls lined up around the block to be his "next mistake", Matthew could have almost any woman in New York City, or possibly the world. However, Kendra isn't interested in being his flavor of the week, until he hits her in her soft spot... her ambition. Despite her best attempts to keep her distance, Matthew's stunning good-looks and mischievous flare keep pulling her toward him. Will she unlock the heart of the unbreakable bad-boy or will Kendra become another victim of Matthew Blackwell's reputation? Want to be the first to know about releases and freebies? Sign up for Sadie Black's newletter at:

Filthy Lies

Kenya Wright - 2018
     Mia became my obsession the first night I met her. So irresistibly sweet. So damn sexy. So sinfully tempting. For three months, I’ve watched her, knowing she was my best friend Tyson’s girlfriend. Completely off limits. It would be wrong and inappropriate. But then Mia finds one of Tyson’s notebooks and shows it to me. Everything changes. There are dirty secrets on each page, dark fantasies. Wicked confessions. Tyson is not the person we thought he was. Now, there’s no need for me to be the good guy and play it loyal. Now, I know the truth. Some people are meant to be together forever, no matter what. And you must go after that possibility for matter what. And then there’s some people who are just living nasty, filthy lies. ****Warning**** You should wear a condom while reading this, because this gets filthy. It’s dirtier than I usually write. This stand-alone is only suitable for ages 18+. NO CHEATING: Hero and heroine are not involved in any cheating. HEA guaranteed.

Ava's Thor(n)

R.J. Fletcher - 2017
    If only she wasn't also horribly single and alone. Spending most of her nights with her head buried in a good romance, Ava didn't know what to think when she first met the tall, handsome tattoo artist named after a Norse God. She was too busy looking for things to hit him with. But a chance encounter like no other breeds a passion that she has never experienced before. Will Ava be brave enough to look past what she thinks is best for her? Will she realize the man of her dreams is the same man that destroyed her perfect pair of Manolo Blahniks and irritates her to no end with his stunning perfection? Find out if these two flawed individuals can be perfect together in Ava's Thor(n)!

Substitute Daddy

Dahlia Rose - 2013
    From the time he was twenty, he turned his father’s failing business into a multi billion-dollar enterprise. Computers, software, finances, and corporate takeovers, he could handle them all. But nothing said home to him like leaving the city behind and heading to his ranch in Nevada. His father’s love of horses was his, and he had the best horseflesh and cattle in the state. But when tragedy strikes, and his best friend was killed in an accident on the ranch just before Christmas, Matthew was left wondering what life was about. In town he found a pregnant fiancée that Lance never spoke about, and he wondered what other secrets was kept from him. Matthew found himself wanting to protect the beauty and her unborn child. He’d made a fortune and still something was missing. Maybe she and her baby were the people to fill that void. Grace Reid was an ebony beauty who carried herself with poise. She was heading back to Georgia the day Lance was killed. He was a cheating, lying bastard, and she was better off raising the baby alone. She had fully intended to be at her mama’s for Christmas, but her doctor had already given her the bad news that she was too far along to travel, and now she was stuck in Roman, Nevada. With her money dwindling and no prospects, Matthew Ryder came knocking on her door. It seemed that Lance had kept secrets from them both. She went from living in Lance's dingy apartment to waiting to have her baby in a mansion on a ranch. With the attraction between her and Matthew, she wondered if she was making another stupid mistake. Did he see her as another thing he could buy with his money, or did he really care? She had her baby to think about. Being tossed aside when he got bored wasn’t an option. Would love or money win when the day was done?

Where the Heart Is

Cristina Grenier - 2014
    They grew up together and were inseparable from the time they were in diapers until it was time to leave for college. Simon moved to the city, hoping to realize his dream of being a successful doctor, while Jamie stayed in their little no-name town, going to community college and taking care of her sick mother. And though they had promised to keep in touch so nothing would chance between them, their last night together is the last night they see each other for a long time. It's been seven years since then, and neither of them can honestly say that they are completely happy with they way their lives have turned out. But when Simon comes back home for his first visit in seven years, Jamie's feelings for him come back with a vengeance, despite how angry she is at him for essentially cutting her out of his life. She knows that it's not going to go anywhere, not when he's got money and new friends and a fancy life a couple hundred miles away, but for two weeks, she wants to pretend like they have a chance. When a drunken accident results in more than either of them were bargaining for, they will be forced to examine their relationship and see what's there to salvage.

Paris and the Prince

Mia Caldwell - 2016
     Crown Prince Alexander Lennox is tired. Tired of his diplomatic duties, tired of the paparazzi chasing him, and tired of being on display. When he slips away from his bodyguards so that he can experience a few days of anonymity and freedom, he ends up finding something even more unexpected... An American Girl in Trouble... Medical student Paris Martell is on the trip of a lifetime before having to go back to the States and resume her studies. When she gets separated from her tour group and finds herself in a dire predicament, a handsome stranger comes to her rescue... An Unexpected Whirlwind Romance... Enchanted by the lovely tourist, Alex can't help sweeping her off her feet and wanting to hide away with her a bit longer. So what if the press, his family, and... his unwanted fiancee are all on his trail? But what will happen when the truth finally catches up with him? And most importantly... What Will Happen When Paris Learns the Secret Alex has Been Hiding? This BWWM Billionaire Prince Romance is a standalone story of 50k words with steamy adult scenes, lots of laughter, and a happy ending.

The Promise: A Bittersweet Romance

Sienna Mynx - 2015
    The first Persian Muslim American promoted to Captain of the police force he enforces and dictates the rules that keep his men and women alive. As the first-born son to his father his life was supposed to be what his family wanted, what his faith dictated. However, the love of his wife, friend, and lover made him regret nothing about choosing a different course. And even more determined to have her, his way. She is the only woman he could say he loved before they ever met. Life should be perfect for him. Right? It is, until one day he wakes to discover his wife needs from him the one thing in their marriage he swore never to give to another. How does he convince her that what they share should be enough? To give in would force him to revisit the dark pain of his past and could destroy the bedrock that he built his happiness and marriage upon.

The Brute & The Blogger

Olivia Gaines - 2015
    Just as he was trying to figure out how to turn the tables, fate dumped her in his lap. Seizing the opportunity, he made her an offer she couldn't refuse; come work by his side for a month. A month can be a lifetime, or just enough time to make a man want to change his brutish ways. Previously published in "Call Me Valentino." This is the prequel to Menu for Loving

Dirty: Loving Him Against All Odds

Christine Gray - 2016
    Now, determined to restart her life, she relocates back to Atlanta. While there, she began making money buying and selling real estate...and then came Brayden.Trish was shocked to find the awkward boy she recalled from her youth had grown into the handsome, rich man with the Barry White voice. His eyes spoke a promise of fulfilling her every sexual desire but there was one problem. He was white, which was new to her. And, even if she decided to try something new, what she doesn't know is that Brayden has a secret that he doesn't want her to find out about.From the day Trish walked into the gym with her three children, Brayden had set his sights on making her his. All he had to do was wait for the right opportunity to put his plan into motion. With every meeting, every date, every touch, he found himself wanting Trish more and more, although she resisted. Will he be able to hold on to her and the love he's found after she finds out the truth about him? Will she walk away? Or will she love Brayden against all odds?'

The Gamble

Xavier Neal - 2016
    2 players. 1 bet. When Luca Larson makes an expensive wager, guaranteeing the bedding of his only real female friend, he's expecting the situation to go as smoothly as sleeping with any other woman would. It doesn't take long before he realizes his usual plays won't work. She knows them too well. She knows HIM too well. If Luca wants to win, he'll have to do things he's never done before. Friendships will be challenged. Hearts will be broken. Lives will be inevitably changed. But one question will remain. Was it all worth the gamble?

Cover Model

Marie Rochelle - 2008
    Dark brown hair with natural highlights brushed the collar of his white-t-shirt, compelling gray eyes held hers as she tried to keep her composure as his deep rich voice apologized for being late. Never being involved with a case that he couldn't handle FBI agent Forbes Huntington takes risks for a living. In the fifteen years he has been an agent there hasn't been a job that he hadn't used his strength, charm or good looks to get solved. So, he wasn't worried about this new case that his boss assigned him to. How hard could it be posing as a cover model for a romance novel to catch a banker robber? Forbes thought he had everything under control until he walked late into the modeling auditions and spotted the woman of his dreams, his soul mate. Now how could he pretend to be something he wasn't and arrest her only living family member? When all he wanted to do was risk everything he had for a taste of her perfect mouth?