Night Vision

Maggie Shayne - 2019
    She sees a beautiful man, and hears a woman's voice, say, "Break the curse. Save his life." A gift given... She's had visions since childhood, but her father called her a liar and her mother said they came from the devil. They both tried to punish her sins away. No one believed her when she said her father would drive drunk one too many times. And when he died, just as she'd said he would, she was blamed. And not just by others. She blamed herself. She knew it would happen, but she couldn't stop it. She had failed. A gift withdrawn... The visions were muted after that. Oh, she'd know who was calling, or where to find a parking spot, but nothing important came anymore. Her deepest wish was that one day, she'd have a vision she could use to do something good. Something important. Something big. The dream, though, that never faded. That lived on. Back with a vengeance... Now her gift has returned with a terrifying vengeance. And when she gets pulled over for speeding by a cop who looks just like the man in her recurring dream, she knows it's all connected. He's Sam Sheridan, the man she's supposed to save. She's being given another chance to do something important with her gift. Another chance to save a life. But it's only going to work if she can convince Sam to believe her. Break the curse. Save his life. She intends to do both those things, and maybe fulfill her destiny. But she never imagined that she might be saving Sam's life at the cost of her own. Includes an extended excerpt of Maggie's new thriller Girl Blue.

The House On Gable Street: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2018
    The House On Gable Street is a fast-paced supernatural story about 30,000 words long, almost a novella. Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an ebook and Sunday Times bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan “Spider’ Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels.

The Dawn Of Grace

Randy Mixter
    A time for joy. A time for tears. A time for reflection. A time for hope.And a time for miracles.This Christmas season Dave and Karen Brenner have welcomed a stranger into their lives. A stranger who may change their lives forever.

The Oddest Little Mistletoe Shop

Beth Good - 2017
     Rose Mistletoe runs her family's flower shop on Christmas Parade, and loves every minute of her job. So when the Parade comes under acquisition by a redevelopment company, Rose forms a protest group against the bid. But business tycoon Nick Grimsby is determined to make her sell up. His company is planning to knock down the parade of traditional shops and build a block of exclusive apartments instead. And it seems the sexy billionaire will go to any lengths to get her shop. As Christmas approaches and Nick dangles the proverbial mistletoe, can Rose resist his powerful allure? Given how gorgeous he looks in a tuxedo, the answer is probably no. But she's not going to make it easy for him! Because Rose has secret plans of her own ... Warning! This romcom novella contains jokes, oodles of romance, festive wreaths, mistletoe, holly, and a sprinkling of paper hats. Another quirky romcom in the popular 'Oddest Little Shop' series from Beth Good. Titles can be read in any order.

Mob Boss' Ever After: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance (Broken Throne Book 5)

Lisa Lovell - 2021

Frostbite: Dimitri's Point of View

Gigi256 - 2014

Kate (Curvy Girls Can, #8)

Sadie King - 2020
    When he gets an offer to attend the Crossley Music School for Gifted Children, I’ll do whatever it takes to get him there.
Then I meet Lance. He’s a client, and I’m the hired help. But it’s been so long since I’ve even looked at a man that I’m powerless to resist him.
But will one night of passion ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for?

I didn’t know anything was missing from my life until Kate turned up at my door. She’s curvy, determined, and passionate.
I’m determined to keep her and her son in my life, if only she’ll let me help her.Kate is book Eight in the Curvy Girls Can series. Short, sweet and steamy insta-love stories about women with big curves, big attitudes, and big dreams and the alpha men who are man enough to love them.High heat, oh so sweet, and always with a happily ever after. Each book in the series is a standalone. No cliffhangers.

Nathaniel's Gift

Tara Sue Me - 2020
    Abby may not admit to needing some alone time with her husband and Dominant, but Nathaniel knows better. He sees the desires and needs she too often brushes aside in order to care for their family, and the sacrifices she makes to mentor the members of their BDSM club.Though she denies it, Nathaniel’s certain taking her away for a week is what they both need. He doesn’t even mind when she continues to argue about it with him. After all, he knows exactly how to handle a naughty submissive...

Vampire’s Consort

I.T. Lucas - 2019
    When Gabriel's company is ready to start beta testing, he invites his old crush to inspect its medical safety protocol.Curious about the revolutionary technology of the Perfect Match Virtual Fantasy-Fulfillment studios, Brenna agrees.Neither expects to end up partnering for its first fully immersive test run.Warning: This virtual fantasy contains a hot, dominating demon/vampire, steamy love scenes painted with light shades of gray, and a HEA in the real world.Perfect Match is a series of quick, stand-alone reads with a touch of sci-fi and a lot of sizzle.

Say You're Mine

Alexis Winter - 2020
    Get pregnant by your brand new boyfriend.#2. Don’t tell said boyfriend you’re pregnant.#3. Oh, and don’t tell him you’re the reason his brother is rotting in prison.Getting pregnant by Ben is only the start to this drama,And now I’m neck-deep, hiding secrets of my own.Someone lock me up and throw away the key,I’m about to serve a life sentence for f*ck up of the century.EACH BOOK IN THIS SERIES IS A STAND-ALONE FULL OF PASSION, HEAT AND HUMOR. GET READY FOR DRAMA, SUSPENSE AND OF COURSE AN HEA!

The Vampire's Secret Baby (Bound by Fate Book 2)

Jasmine Wylder - 2017
    From vampires and anti-vampire extremists alike. What’s more? She just might have found herself pregnant in the midst of the chaos. As if her life couldn’t get any more complicated, the father of her child happens to be one of the most stubborn, pig-headed, muscle-bound vampires on the planet. If she can stay one step of everybody, she just might be able to disappear off the grid and raise her baby in peace. Aksel Sorenson has plenty of excitement in his life to keep him busy for the next two centuries. The terrorist organization New Dawn is hunting vampires down across the globe and killing them at will. His past has resurfaced and brought with it, a promise to marry a stranger that has huge consequences if not kept. But Aksel? All he can think about is finding the woman he spent one amazing night with all those weeks ago and setting her straight for thinking she can run from him. But the world’s on fire and being with Melody can bring everything he holds dear crumbling down. Can he set her free or is he BOUND BY HONOR to make Melody his own? AUTHOR´S NOTE: This is a +15,000-word stand-alone story with HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story includes BBW, alpha male, pregnancy, and vampire topics The story contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only. +++ This book includes bonus stories +++


Mike Bennett - 2013
    But when you're a member of the Flinch family, normal has never been easy.For hundreds of years, the eldest male Flinch has been servant and guardian to the vampire, Lord Underwood. While the Flinches have changed through the generations, Underwood has remained eternal. David had hoped to be spared the horror of serving his family's lord and master, but when he is summoned to the Flinch home in Spain by his dying older brother, he knows his luck has run out. After fifty years of slumber, Underwood is to be resurrected from the grave in a ritual of human sacrifice, and David, by right of succession, is to be his resurrector. But there is another Flinch, one who craves the role of guardian to the vampire: David’s sister, Lydia. It’s a job she means to have, even if it means making David’s the first blood shed in this new age of Underwood and Flinch.Winner of the Polidori Award for Best Vampire Novel 2010 and 2011.Finalist in the 2010 Parsec Awards and Winner in 2012.

Fighting Love for the Cowboy

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2018
    Despite less than supportive parents, he's decided that becoming a lawyer just isn't for him. He's a rancher — through and through. When he discovers that his grandfather's ranch is getting audited, he'll do just about anything to keep it safe. Even if it means fighting the growing attraction he has for the auditor. Christine Jordan is moments away from getting fired as an IRS auditor. Her boss told her to either succeed at this field audit or don't bother coming back at all. So when she shows up at Sean Petty's ranch and he's as stubborn as a mule, she knows she can't let his rugged good looks or surprisingly caring manner distract her. With a little meddling help from Emma and Austin, they soon discover just how similar they really are. But when facts come to light and Christine's boss interferes, they must decide if the moments they've had can triumph over the truth. Fighting Love for the Cowboy is a novella based in the fictional town of Moose Falls, Montana. It's a spin-off story from Marrying a Cowboy.

Grave Decisions

Stephen R. King - 2016
    Follow the terror and drama in five short stories that will bring you gravely close to your fears. The winds are howling, can you hear the screams? WARNING: Not the famous Stephen King from Maine.

After: Taras and Theron / Beyond Jerusalem

David McAfee - 2011
    Tired, weak, and nearly broken under the weight of his guilt, he wanders the streets waiting for death to catch up to him. But when he is beset by bandits, he gains a new perspective. Maybe he doesn't have to feel guilty about feeding, after all.Theron - Theron travels by ship to his long ago home of Athens, Greece. He soon discovers the Council of Thirteen has put a price on his head so large every Bachiyr in the city will try to collect it, which leads to a very tense reunion with an old lover.The Ugliest Thing, by Daniel Arenson - Just what is it about the image in the telescope that makes people lose their sanity? Is it worth the risk to see for yourself?Also included is a preview of 61 A.D., the thrilling sequel to David's 2010 horror bestseller, 33 A.D.