Bold from It: Hellions Motorcycle Club (Hellions Ride On Book 5)

Chelsea Camaron - 2020
    Raised by Nathan “Boomer” Vaughn, I finally knew what it was to have a real family. I found my place wearing this cut and taking this ride with him. I am Colton “Kick” Vaughn. I live for family, f*cking, and fun. Diem Life is good. Life is easy. I am Diem Reigns. I live a life of comfort and privilege. When everything crashes around me, I find my only comfort with him. The biker who is reckless, careless, and everything my mother told me to stay away from suddenly becomes the only person I can trust. She’s in danger with no where to turn. He’s determined to give her the ride of her life.

Eating Asphalt (Sacred Hearts MC Pacific Northwest Book 5)

A.J. Downey - 2021

Phoebe's Independence (Satan's Anarchy MC, #6)

Erin Osborne - 2021
    That's all I've ever wanted. The freedom to date who I want and live how I want to. However, my brothers, Renegade and Psycho, followed in our father's foot steps and joined Satan's Anarchy MC. Instead of staying away from the club, I find myself drawn back for one reason; Ink.Brad “Ink” WhiteSecrets. I've never kept anything from my club except for my past. Secrets can cost trust to crumble with every member of the club and we can't have that. Now, all I seem to do is keep secrets from my family. All for one person; Phoebe.Will secrets tear the club apart?

JUSTICE (Aces MC #7)

Aimee-Louise Foster - 2018
    The sombre mood has given all club members time to evaluate their own lives and forcing them to quickly realise that life is too short but their mourning is made difficult with the arrival of three members of the London Chapter. With the heat firmly on Duke and the trouble the Essex Chapter has been attracting, Justice takes this opportunity to slip under the radar and tries to reach out to forge relationships with all of his children. He hasn't been the best father due to numerous mistakes and situations but he now understands that in order to grieve the loss of his club brother, he needs to make contact with all of his children to right the many wrongs, something that Hound had wanted him to do for many years. Most children are easy to find but it's the path of destruction and hurt he has left over the years with his ex partners that makes this process difficult. Justice makes a promise that nothing will stand in his way until at least his voice is heard so he can express his love to all of his children and hopefully one day they will forgive him for being an absent father. Justice finds support from Rebecca, an unlikely source because of the drama in her own life but this only highlights the qualities she has. Rebecca is a strong, hard working and soon to be mother, these factors only draw Justice closer but will this independant woman welcome his advances? Many hurdles add pressure to the simple life Justice tries to lead but when a secret that has been hidden for many years comes to light, Justice needs to be strong for his extended family even though the betrayal is soul destroying. Will the pressure of getting closer to finding out the reason Paige took her life and who is behind the chaos that is tearing the ACES apart, have a detrimental effect in Justice finding happiness that he rightly deserves. Warning: This is a fast pace MC romance with colourful language, violence and hot love scenes. Note to readers: This book includes violence and sexual content, if you think these topics will offend you please do not purchase. This is not your normal MC series. The Aces are an MC with alpha males but the members do not shy away from the fact that they are husbands, fathers and lovers with feelings. If you don’t like a 'biker' who cares and respects the women in his life, then this isn't a book for you. I want to take the time to mention that I’m from the United Kingdom and use UK spellings. This book is a standalone story however, to receive the full experience of the ACES MC Series it is recommended to read the stories in the following order: Diesel – Book 1 Duke - Book 2 Paige and Chloe - Book 2.5 Spike - Book 3 Amy - Book 3.5 Locke - Book 4 Jayden - Book 4.5 Woods - Book 5 Cade - Book 5.5 CJ - Book 6 Justice - Book 7

Blaydes Betrayal (Savage Saints MC Book 2)

J. Lynn Lombard - 2019
    A name feared by most. I'm the VP with no regret. A knife is my weapon of choice, but little does anyone realize I live in my own tormented hell. Unanswered questions from one mistake in my past plagues me at every curve. Betrayal runs deep in my blood. Vengeance strums through my soul. One woman takes me to my knees. She overrides everything I've ever believed in and she carries secrets of her own. Siren My soul is damaged. My hands are stained with blood. My secrets are haunting and terrifying. Every time I trust someone with the truth they use it against me. Now I've fallen for a sexy biker. The VP of Savage Saints MC who offers no mercy or forgiveness. Terrified of the damage I've caused and the secrets I've carried, I shove him away at every turn. He possesses the ability to break me. To tear me in half and expose the impostor I truly am. Will Blayde's thirst for vengeance be quenched? Will Siren's lies and secrets be too much for his tormented soul? Can they look beyond the lies, secrets and betrayal and become whole together?

Pyro's Final Flame : Twisted Iron MC

Liberty Parker - 2020

Broken Mind (Broken Rebel Brotherhood Next Generation, #3)

Andi Rhodes - 2021
    I certainly never thought my military career would be cut short. But the very people who were supposed to train me, help mold me into the soldier I was meant to be, took everything from me. I lost my mind and forgot who I was for a while. I ran as fast and as far as I could, trying to find something, anything, that would make me whole again. I still haven’t found it. Liam…I know who I am and what I want. My position as the Vice President of the Broken Rebel Brotherhood is the culmination of my entire life and what I was meant for from the moment I was born. It’s everything. Or it used to be. A series of repeated one night stands with the new bartender have awakened something in me that I didn’t know was there. But she’s built walls that I have no idea how to break through.When a threat emerges and she’s forced to reveal her secrets, I realize there’s nothing that can stop me from doing whatever it takes to be the one thing she needs: a hero.


Ethan Egorov - 2019
    She walked into my life when I was supposed to stay out of trouble. All I had to do was join the club and mind my own business. Now her gorgeous curves are all I can think about. The plan was to have one taste of her, and then let her go. But I’ve been left wanting so much more. The problem, though?She’s the MC President’s daughter. The one woman who is completely off-limits. This is the kind of trouble that my brother warned me about. He won’t bail me out this time. The stakes are too high. But the risk is worth the reward. Besides, it’s my heart on the line. They say I’m a rule breaker… And I’m about to show them just how far I could go to take what’s mine.

Sandman's Awakening: Twisted Iron MC

Kayce Kyle - 2019
    It’s in my blood. I was born and bred MC. My father was the club’s original enforcer. When I was grown and man enough, I followed in his footsteps. What none of the brothers realize, is that my father wasn’t the same man at home as he was in the clubhouse. Having big boots to fill, I’ve always strived to be not only a better man than him in general, but a more lethal enforcer. The day I met Aria Stevens, she was my salvation, my light, the one person who made my miserable existence worth fighting for. The day I lost her was far worse than anything my twisted mind could fathom. From that moment on, Hawke ceased to exist, and Sandman was born.


The day I first laid eyes on Hawke Morgan is one I could never forget. I was new to our high school and when some ill-intended boys attempted to corner me, he was my only hope. After that, we were inseparable. He spent most evenings with me and my family. He never fully opened up to me about what was happening to him behind closed doors, but I knew it wasn’t good. After his father's passing, he began to bring me around the clubhouse and the people he called family. He seemed to be happier and our relationship grew and flourished rapidly. That was, of course, until the day I was taken. Even during my darkest nights, I never gave up hope that he would find me—and he did. Things will never be the same after this for either of us. And even though he’s fully embodied the road name Sandman, I know somewhere underneath it all is Hawke. My only problem now is convincing him of that. How can I assure him that he has been, and always will be, my savior? Or is it too late for us and the life we once dreamed of sharing?

Sweet Baby Boy

Carol Dawn - 2021
    With the help of Hawk's twin and his wife, their wish is about to come true. Jump in and read this short story as Hawk and Slim take this amazing, beautiful, journey into parenthood with the love of family.**No drama. Only happiness in this book.*****PART OF A SERIES! BEST READ IN ORDER FROM BOOK 1***

Vindicator (Death Row Shooters MC #3)

Crimson Syn - 2020
    The Death Row Shooters took me in and offered solace. In return, I offer protection and counsel as the club’s Chaplain. I thought I’d left my past and its demons behind me, But then she had to barge into my life, Ginger Wright. Young, beautiful, and carrying some dangerous baggage. She’s begged me for protection, and I can’t deny her anything, Even if it means putting my life in her hands. I’m willing to give her all that she wants, But first, I need to get rid of the shadows that lie in the dark. The ones threatening to hurt the woman I’ve claimed as my own. GINGER Jayce Williams is not the man I expected. When I’m near him I’m weak and my heart recognizes his. I belong to him, there is no doubting that, But this stubborn, gorgeous, alpha fights me at every turn. I need more than his protection. I need him. But my past haunts me, And there’s only one way to escape it. I refuse to give in, But I cannot allow for my Vindicator to get hurt. He means everything to me, and he holds my future in his hands.

Chance's Hell

Elizabeth N. Harris - 2020
    Yeah, life was ugly, he learnt that at an early age. His club went downhill and away from the values his father had instilled. He battled to get clean, his hands got dirty more than once and he put down anyone in his way. He didn't let that bitterness stop him, he got beauty and peace for his brothers.He saw his cousin and Rage MC get what they deserved, the stunning women who handled the Rage brothers like professional wranglers. Now he wanted his turn, his brothers their turn, he was going to get it. She'd been watching, she didn't know he'd been looking right back at her. He had her in his sights and she was going down.A good girl, with a love of bikes and beautiful cars, she spied on Hellfire MC for a long time, dreaming. Then he made a move and laid claim to her heart, she wasn't ready for a man like him, who was? He took care of her and treated her like she wanted, like a precious thing. Only precious things can break, can't they?Did he have it in him to handle her with care, did she have it in her to lay her trust in his hands along with her heart? Hell was coming, and Hellfire is aptly named.

Razor's Wildcat

Ciara St. James - 2021
    Different was the spice of life. Even when the beautiful dog trainer caught his eye, he did everything he could to stay away and to not respond to her smiles and conversation.Talia had never wanted a man like she wanted Razor, but at every turn, he ignored her or rejected her. She had to face it. He wasn’t interested. One night, he showed her something that made her think it was time to move on.When Talia disappears, Razor knows he’ll do anything to get her back and to show her how he really feels. Only when he does, can he keep from hurting her again? An angry act leaves her doubting him and what they have. Will she stay? Will she go and leave him a husk of a man? Only time will tell what the ultimate story is with Razor’s Wildcat.WARNING: This book is intended for adult readers. It contains coarse language, adult situations, discusses events such as stalkers, assault, torture and murder that may trigger some readers. Sexual situations are graphic. There is no cheating, no cliffhanger and it has a HEA.

Immense Tension (Southern Chaotic's MC Book 3)

Dana Arden - 2017
    My father, the loved Southern Chaotic’s President, dropped me like a bad habit when I was thirteen. My mother went off her rocker when I was fourteen. I had my first of many abortions when I was fifteen. Life for me was a whirlwind of angst and torment, but through all of that the pain took the fear away and replaced it with yearning. I thirst for gratification that I’m not a replication of my legacy. I hunger for the day when my anxiety is replaced with reassurance.SpookI live my life for the Southern Chaotic’s. I have loved and lost to this club, but the brotherhood and acceptance have outlived the regret. I had a good woman or so I thought. She left me for a rival club. I long for what some of my brothers have. I yearn for a woman to desire all that is me and I crave to have a woman that I can depend on through thick, thin and the sh*t in between. I just need to find her so I can quench my thirst.This is a standalone book, but to better understand some of the situations you should read Minor Glitches and Major Conflict. This book is meant for an audience 18 and older. There are some scenes that may not be suitable for some readers.

Most Rikki-Tik

MariaLisa deMora - 2019
     Kirby Westbrook had served his country proudly, coming home to find his life greatly changed. Struggling to recover from his injuries, he embarked on a new mission, to rebuild his grandfather's Texas-based motorcycle club, bringing together men just like him. Those who longed for the brotherhood a club can provide, but who weren't quite ready to reenter the civilian world. Everything's on schedule, the entire operation silk smooth, until a childhood friend strolls out of a thunderstorm and into the picture. Dana Currier throws a monkey wrench into everything, seeming to go out of her way to disrupt his plans right and left, and it's only after a crisis he realizes...he wouldn't have it any other way.