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My 'w' Sound Box by Jane Belk Moncure


Squid Kid the Magnificent

Lynne Berry - 2015
    While Oliver performs various feats of magic-like vanishing in ink, or making dozens of squids suddenly appear-Stella sees right through each illusion, and is far from impressed. But the show must go on and Oliver has saved his best trick for his pesky sister.

Peppa Pig and the Library Visit

Candlewick Press - 2017
    The only book they haven't read is Daddy's library book, The Wonderful World of Concrete . . . what a snooze! It's overdue anyway, so the family sets out for Peppa's very first visit to a library. With so many books to choose from, how will Peppa ever decide which ones to borrow? Bedtime will never be boring again!

Winston & George

John Miller - 2014
    These animals exist in a symbiotic relationship. Crocodile birds pick leeches and lice from the crocodile's skin and cry out whenever they see danger. In this story, Winston is a patient crocodile, George is a prankster, and their story is both sweet and dramatic.John Miller spent much of his youth tramping about the woods and swamps of Morris County, New Jersey. Later, these adventures inspired his children's books and articles.Giuliano Cucco was an artist and illustrator. He and his wife were killed in a traffic accident in Rome in 2006. He is survived by a son and two grandchildren.

Back to Bed, Ed

Sebastien Braun - 2009
    But while Ed loves going to bed, he doesn't like staying there.At bedtime, Ed plays silly games with Dad. He has a drink and brushes his teeth. He takes a bath and cuddles with Mom for a bedtime story. Then Ed is off to bed with hugs and kisses. But night after night he tiptoes down the hall and climbs into Mom and Dad's big bed. Mom and Dad aren't getting much sleep, so they come up with a plan to keep Ed in his bed. Ed doesn't think much of Mom and Dad's plan―so he comes up with one on his own!Parents transitioning their little ones from cribs to toddler beds will immediately relate to Sebastien Braun's charming spin on the perennial challenge of getting young children to stay in bed. Bright, uncluttered illustrations complement the simplicity of the story.Awards: Best Children's Books of the Year --Bank Street College of EducationCCBC Choices (Picture Books for Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers) --Cooperative Children's Book Center

Peg + Cat: The Pizza Problem

Jennifer Oxley - 2016
    How can Peg and Cat make half a pie when they don’t know what half is? Luckily, Ramone and Mac are there to help, with a slice up the middle of the pizza. As more customers come in, things get entertaining, with Peg singing a jazzy song and Cat doing a dance. But soon there’s another problem: four orders, but only two and a half pizzas left. Peg is totally freaking out — until Cat reminds her that when it comes to halves and wholes, it’s all in how you slice it.


Kate Banks - 1998
    The rain, the clouds, the days all come and go as the little fox, guided by his wise and loving parents, learns to hunt on his own and bury his food, cover his trail and run like the wind. Now he is ready to go out on his own.As depicted by an award-winning pair, the gentle story of the rearing of a baby fox, together with sensuous illustrations, takes readers on a journey deep into the woods to tell a tale that all will recognize that of growing up and moving out."

Super Guinea Pig to the Rescue

Udo Weigelt - 2006
    Every day he tunes in to watch Super Guinea Pig save the world from evil and terrible disasters. And every day he ignores his friends--an old hound dog, a yellow bird, and a plump goldfish--to watch his hero. When they start making fun of little guinea pig and asking why his new best friend never visits him, he dresses up as Super Guinea Pig to teach his friends a lesson. Leaping and acting like his hero, little guinea pig gets himself into a bit of trouble and calls upon Super Guinea Pig for help. Will Super Guinea Pig rescue him or will his real friends save the day?

Little Chicken's Big Day

Jerry Davis - 2011
    But Little Chicken can be distractable . . . and when he wanders off and gets lost, the day becomes anything but typical. With subtlety and humor, this sweet little story sweeps through a wide range emotions using the simplest of language. From husband and wife team Katie and Jerry Davis, this is a little book with a huge heart. The perfectly minimal illustrations and spare text belie the enormous message at its core: that with family, help is always just a cluck away.

A Balloon for Isabel

Deborah Underwood - 2009
    Everyone will get one on Graduation Day—everyone except the porcupines, because Porcupines + Balloons = TroubleBut Isabel isn't going to settle for another boring bookmark. She has a plan. . . .

Fortunately, Unfortunately

Michael Foreman - 2010
    Along the way, Milo encounters pirates, dinosaurs and aliens as he is swept into a rather unexpected and truly amazing adventure...

Bean Thirteen

Matthew McElligott - 2007
    Everyone knows it's unlucky! Now that they're stuck with it, how can they make it disappear? If they each eat half the beans, there's still one left over. And if they invite a friend over, they each eat four beans, but there's still one left over! And four friends could each eat three beans, but there's still one left over! HOW WILL THEY ESCAPE THE CURSE OF BEAN THIRTEEN?!A funny story about beans, that may secretly be about . . . math! Sometimes you can divide, but you just can't conquer (the bean thirteen, that is).

My Mom is a Ninja! (Kids "Ninja Mom" Adventure Books, for children age Book 1)

Scout Walker - 2013
    I'd like to tell you about some strange adventures and happenings which have been going on at my house recently. I'd heard rumours of parents being trained as Ninjas in order to torment their kids when they were only going about their normal day. You know, doing stuff that kids like to do when their parents backs are turned.. Little did I know that when my Mom caught me out using her secret Ninja training, the rumours became a reality!If you think your Mom is normal,That she couldn't possibly have any secret powers,Then think again.Read the first short story in the "Ninja Mom" Adventure Series to discover some of the secret abilities your Mom may be hiding so kids like you and me can spot them . . . This book is suitable for children age 5 and up and quite a few adults too..

Greek Mythology for Kids: Tales of Gods (Zeus, Titans, Prometheus, Olympians, Athena, Mankind, Pandora)

Charlie Keith - 2017
    Think again. Many-headed monsters, temperamental gods, landscape-changing battles, and a little bit of cannibalism thrown in for good measure: the gruesome world of Greek mythology is not for the fainthearted. From the primordial chaos to the birth of the first humans, this thrilling book retells the stories of the early gods in their full skull-splitting, baby-eating glory. Featuring thunder-wielding world-class jerk, Zeus, at the heart of the narrative, this is a hilarious, if a bit macabre, introduction to Greek mythology as you’ve never heard it before.

How to Carve a Gymnast's Ripped Back with Pull ups (Bodyweight Bodybuilding Tips Book 2)

Anthony Arvanitakis - 2016
    Elite organizations such as army special forces, SWAT teams , the marines and more, all require a minimum amount of pull-ups as a prerequisite for anyone to join their training programs.But, although pull-ups target first of all the back, you usually end up feeling them only on your arms, right? Heck, your neck feels tense every time you perform them and you wonder what you are doing wrong.The truth is that there is more to pull ups than just lifting yourself up and down from a bar. It's quite common for people to be doing a ton of reps without any impressive results. This book will first of all teach you that you have to bring your reps down while polishing your technique. "Huh? Lower my reps? Isn't that bad for building muscle?"When it comes to pull-ups, no it's not. Pull-ups are a completely different animal than most of the exercises out there. Eight good reps are better than fifteen crappy ones as you will learn.Doing your reps the wrong way can have you wondering why your back doesn't grow. Learn to do them the right way and people will go "Damn!" when they see you topless. How to Carve a Gymnast's Back with Pull Ups gives you all the tools you will ever need in order to turn this exercise into the muscle building monster it really is. There are 6 techniques in the book to help you maximize the muscle growth of your back during pull ups:1.Learn how to activate your lats. First you got to feel your lats before even starting to do a single rep. That way you make every rep count and you also release tension from your neck and shoulders.2.Switch your back muscles on before you pull. This is a middle step between hanging and pulling and many people neglect it along with the extra back activation it provides. 3.Lift yourself up without excessively using your arms. Ever felt your biceps and forearms pumped up from pull ups but not your back? By having your elbows close to your ribs as you pull, you can say hello to your new, pumped back!4.Bring your chest to the bar for maximum contraction of the lats. Ninety-nine out of a hundred people can't do this and their back growth clearly indicates it. This is the technique that takes your back from "meh, OK" to "WOW!".5.Control your body on the way down. An uncontrollable rep is a rep wasted. You damage your joints and even miss on extra back growth.6.Visualize your lats contracting. This is the cherry on top of the cake and you get to eat it too. Internal cues like visualizing have helped many people increase exercise performance and you can now do the same with your pull ups.You can start performing these techniques immediately, wherever you are and begin witnessing your back become as powerful and muscular as an Olympic Gymnast's. Don’t hesitate to pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page! P.S. Don't blame me when people start complaining that you're blocking their sun once you master these techniques.. You've been warned.

The Adventurous Creeper and the Lost Kingdom (Book 4): The Legend of Charlie the Creeper King (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Age 6-12) (Diary of An Adventurous Creeper)

Mark Mulle - 2017
    Even though he feels as if he has a place to belong now, Carl can’t stop researching the legend of Charlie the Creeper King and his lost kingdom. The legend stated that long ago, creepers had an entire kingdom to themselves. One day, they mysteriously vanished. Carl, anxious to discover if the legend is real, sets off to follow the trail. Along the way he meets a human, Chloe, who is also looking into the lost kingdom legend. The two team up to discover the mystery. But the path to the kingdom isn’t as straight and narrow as Carl is expecting. He finds himself dealing with jungles filled with carvings, monsters that are seemingly drawn to them, and skeletons that sneak up on them. Traveling from a mysterious jungle all the way to a secret water temple, Carl and Chloe are determined to discover the truth of the creeper kingdom legend. This unofficial Minecraft book is not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Microsoft Corp., Mojang AB, Notch Development AB or any other person or entity owning or controlling the rights of the Minecraft name, trademark or copyrights. All characters, names, places and other aspects of the game described herein are trademarked and owned by their respective owners. Minecraft®/ /TM & ©2009-2016 Mojang/Notch.