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Stefano's Peach by ChaShiree M.



Nikolai Andrew - 2021
    Instead, she followed her heart, even though it meant she would get zero financial, or moral, support from her upper crust parents.When she’s assigned a welfare check on the local recluse, the sparks that fly would light up the Fourth of July sky. But what Melanie doesn’t know, is the man she’s sent to check on, has been checking her out since the day she arrived in town.This reclusive stalker never believed he could catch the eye of the curvy, golden haired beauty, and yet, she’s dropped like manna from heaven straight into his world and now, he’s never letting her go.Only, if she finds out his secret, will she understand or run screaming into the woods?Vincent Weber has never quite fit in, and he’s given up trying. He’s satisfied living alone in the woods, until the day he sets his eyes on his own personal Goldilocks. She’s too soft, he’s too hard, but when they get together, they are oh so just right. This Daddy bear has found his little one, and he’s never letting her go. Safe, no cheating with a few swats on the behind and boom… it’s way over the top insta-love and a happy ending that feels like a fairy tale.

Claiming His Babygirl

Cameron Hart - 2021
    She’s my old college friend’s daughter. She’s bratty and beautiful. Sassy and smart. Temptation personified. And totally off-limits.One look and I knew. One dance and she was mine. She needs something from me. Something she doesn’t understand. Something I don’t even understand, but I want to give it to her. I want to give her everything.I want her to be my babygirl.Arabella:Cristiano is everything I’m not. He’s commanding, experienced, and always in control. He’s traveled the world while I’m still at home, taking a gap year after high school.One look and I knew. One dance and I was his. It’s not just his body I want, it’s his care. His...discipline. Sometimes I feel like I might disappear if I don’t make a scene, but Cristiano sees me. He sees me and demands better of me.He says I’m his babygirl. Does that make him my Daddy?Claiming His Babygirl is everything you’ve come to expect from a Cameron Hart book: Lots of heat, plenty of sweet, and just enough drama to keep things interesting. No cheating, safe, guaranteed HEA!

Possessing Liberty

Nichole Rose - 2020
    I don't date. I don't have time for either.But Liberty Connor has me rethinking everything.One kiss from those sweet lips, and I'm hers.How do you convince an angel to fall for the devil?You possess her.LibertyKillian Thorne is my worst nightmare.Bossy, scarred…and hot as Hades.He offered me a fortune to help him save vulnerable soldiers.There's just one problem.Who's going to save me from him when I fall hard for him and his rough ways?WarningThis gruff older man isn't afraid to play dirty when it comes to his younger curvy woman. To convince her to fall, he'll teach her every wicked trick in the book. If instalove, heat, and over-the-top men make you sweat, get ready to fall for Killian and Liberty in this sweet, steamy romance from Nichole Rose. As always, a sticky sweet and guaranteed HEA are coming your way.

His Forever Love

Lucy Darling - 2021
    Until I met her. Willow is just the distraction I don’t need when I’m trying to restart my career from NFL player to the college coach.What’s worse? She’s a freshman.
I may be the youngest NCAA head coach in history, but I’m still too old for her. Too big too, I played in the league as an offensive lineman. She’s tiny compared to me. Innocent, naïve, and completely off-limits—Willow tempts me even when she isn’t trying to.
I should walk away from her. But I can’t. She calls me her bear, and I’ve never wanted anyone the way I do her. If I have to fight off half my team to keep her to myself, I will. For her, I’ll risk my career and my reputation. Because winning her is the only game I can’t afford to lose.

Sun, Sand, and Seduction

Olivia T. Turner - 2019
    Those dark eyes. Mmmmmm....And his shredded tattooed body is pure perfection.Every twist on his surfboard shows off a new ab muscle that I didn't even know existed.I thought I was too large for him, but one look at me and this rich billionaire surfer becomes obsessed.Who knew that Bodhi Slater likes his girls with curves?He's a possessive alpha who owns the island and gets whatever he wants.But what happens when all he wants is me?Who's ready for the beach? Grab your bathing suit and a cold drink because you're about to spend some time in the sand with a hot Over The Top surfer with a possessive attitude and a big board!

Falling Hard

C.M. Steele - 2020
    I wanted her from the second I saw her, and I’d do anything to make it happen. Erica— I only signed up for a free trial so I could meet a complete stranger that caught my attention as he walked into the gym. It was crazy and wild, but every day my obsession grew. My free trial was almost done when we finally met. Adrian Greco owned the gym and me and made sure I knew it. This is a steamy-sweet read. The couple made a brief appearance in Falling for the Boss.


Fiona Davenport - 2019
    She spends her days doing singing telegrams for extra cash, but she never expected to be sent out to perform for the world’s most famous composer. And definitely not in a skimpy Greek goddess outfit. How is she supposed to keep it together when every part of her is screaming for him to take her? Theo Hayes is a recluse. He just wants to be left alone to work on his next big movie score. He’s even grumpier than usual because he’s in a bit of a rut. But when his brother sends him a singing telegram for inspiration, he finds his muse and plans to never let her go. Keeping her for his very own is the only option.Warning: We’ve teamed up with Fiona Davenport to give you an epic symphony for your lady business. What’s better than two authors working you over? How about four? If you want insta-love with all the safety and security of a happily ever after, then jump in bed with us. There’s room for more!

Giving Her My Baby

Alexa Riley - 2018
    But when his mom shows up after a weekend in Vegas married to someone he’s never met, he decides to do some digging. Turns out she’s hitched herself to a con artist with a trail of bad debts and abandoned women along the way. When Brooks finds out his new stepdad has a daughter, he decides to look into her, too. Only when he finds his new stepsister, he’s ready to give her exactly what she wants. Eleanor works as a live-in baby nurse for new mothers. But her need to have a baby of her own has led her to take matters into her own hands. It’s not the ideal situation, but she can’t wait on Mr. Perfect any longer. But one phone call about a final job may change all she carefully made plans. Warning: This book is filthy, gooey goodness, with baby-making galore! They might be stepbrother and sister, but hey, who are we to stop love? Turn the lights down low, because we’ve got some claiming to do!

Nashville Days

Julie Capulet - 2020
    Life as a superstar is good. The only problem is, he gets swarmed wherever he goes. So he decides to buy himself a secret country getaway to work on his next record and clear his head.Ruby Hayes is on a mission. Nothing is going to stop her from fulfilling her dream of making it as a singer and songwriter. She’ll spend the summer writing songs on the grand piano in the abandoned farmhouse next door. Then she's on her way to Nashville.When Travis sees Ruby, singing like an angel at his piano, she ignites a wild obsession and an all-consuming lust that will make this summer the hottest on record.But will Ruby’s ambition, a jealous best friend and the demands of Travis’s high-profile life come between them? Or is this a match made in country music heaven?Nashville Days is a super-sexy standalone romance starring a hot alpha rock star and the sweet, sassy songbird who steals his heart.Book 1 in the Music City Lovers series

The Dancer

Jordan Silver - 2018
    After losing his dream to play professional ball three years in, he finds himself the proud owner of four night clubs he won one lucky night at the tables. He lives his life fast and loose, and that's the way he likes it. The son of a single mother who grew up in the Bronx, he's made a lifelong pledge never to break a woman's heart the way his old man did. So to keep that promise, he steers clear of anything even resembling a serious relationship. Enter Annabelle Bridgewater. A new transplant from Ohio, she's had to kill her dream of attending Juilliard after her father left the family for a much younger woman, taking his money and his love with him. The two clash in a head on collision when the seemingly brash young woman walk into his club looking for a job, dancing on his stage. Max doesn't know why one look at the mouthy baggage conjures memories of his childhood and the mother he'd watched struggle all his life, but he knows there's no way in hell she's dancing on his stage or anyone else's for that matter. Not if he can help it.

Jealous (A Possessive Man Book 1)

Lena Little - 2021
    Always. And that starts now.I’ve found the sweetest girl in the world and now it’s my duty to protect her from harm. She is mine to guard, to keep, to marry.I’m a king and I’ve found my queen. When you know you know and a real man doesn’t waste time claiming her for the entire world to see, to know she’s off-limits to everyone but him. Forever.I’m possessive, territorial, and jealous.Her presence at my side isn’t optional. No. F'ing. Way. She’s going to be a permanent fixture in my life and me in hers.She’s my life now and I’m bringing her home.This is a short, steamy romance with some daddy talk. No OW drama and no cliffhangers. Always a sweet HEA.

Carried Away

Tory Baker - 2019
    He has everything he could possibly want, except one thing. Kendall Jackson is a flight attendant on Declan's private jet. He’s been watching her, wanting her, and waiting for her to give him the all clear for far too long. Kendall is innocent, it shines in everything she does, but they’ve been playing cat and mouse and Declan is tired of waiting. He’s ready to make her his, forever. There’s no better place to make his move than when they’re thirty thousand feet in the air. Kendall is about to get carried away in all of the things Declan has been dying to do to her. But most of all, this over-the-top Alpha won’t rest until he makes sure he has what he wants most. Kendall’s love. Tory Baker is back with a love story that sure to make your heart soar at least a mile high (wink, wink.) So put your seats in the upright position, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff into Happily Ever After.

Claiming his Baby

Arabella Rae - 2016
    He’s a Marine officer serving in the Middle East. He’s the embodiment of her fairy tale dreams: tall, dashing, heroic, a modern-day knight, the man she’s been waiting for all her life. Her one and only true love.Finally, she will have her own happy ending!ZAKWhen Major Zak Underwood’s twin brother, Daniel, is killed in action, a part of him dies, too. All he wants is to go back to the war zone and spill more enemy blood. But his brother has left him a letter asking him to do one important thing: to deliver the sad news to Daniel’s fiancee in person.The truth is, he doesn’t care about his brother’s very young girlfriend. He always thought Daniel was nuts for falling in love with a woman he hadn’t even seen in person. But he can’t say no to a dead man’s last wish.So here he is now, face to face with Daniel’s fiancee. Her face lights up in the most breathtaking smile he’s ever seen in his life. When she throws herself into his arms and shyly plants a sweet kiss on his lips, he forgets what he’s come here for. And when she calls him ‘Danny’ in this breathy voice, her eyes awash with emotion and so much love… he doesn’t correct her.God forgive him, but he wants to take his brother’s place.——————————-----This is a STAND-ALONE novel with a very alpha hero and an innocent but feisty heroine. When they meet, it’s INSTA-LOVE with a twist. Lots of hot action between the sheets and a baby, to boot! Did I say hot action? Yeah, like exploding-kindle kinda hot. If you’re allergic to cream, cheese and cherries, steer clear of this one. But if you want to have some sugar rush and high-blood-pressure hotness all the way to a bangin’ HEA, dive in!Due to strong language and explicit scenes, this material is recommended for readers 18 YO and above.

An Innocent Obsession

Jessa Kane - 2019
    Abandoned in an orphanage at a young age, the energy mogul she read about in all the glossy magazines would someday come rescue her. Her own, personal knight in shining armor. But waiting for the fantasy to become real got harder. So when a chance to get much closer to the man of her dreams presents itself, how can she resist? Clarke can’t explain the feeling that the woman of his dreams is just outside of his reach. A mysterious scent lingers in his bed sheets, her irresistible voice whispers in his hallways. When he finally lays eyes on Emery, his life is complete. And if his angel thinks she’s obsessed, she hasn’t seen anything yet.

Russian's Obsession

Flora Ferrari - 2018
     His eyes lock on me the first time he sees me, and when he hears some rude Russians speaking about me in their native tongue, he goes primal, showing me a possessive, jealous rage like none I’ve ever seen. His intense obsession with me and the violence he carries out is frightening, sending me running… and surprising me when I think of what my first time would be like with this inked alpha male. Will I ever see this obsessed Russian again, or will this younger woman only have the memory of her possessive Russian protector? And even if this older man in Moscow was so obsessed that he did track me down, what would I do, and what would my family back home think? Only a completely obsessed man who knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it would keep looking for me... as I'm about to find out. *Russian's Obsession is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.