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Threshold by Vivien Dean


Amun Sa and the Girl from the Desert

Christopher Buecheler - 2012
    to buy the entire novel.---The elder vampire Ashayt was once a simple peasant girl living in Egypt, on the outskirts of the great city of Memphis. Her life changes first when she meets a man -- Amun Sa -- with whom she falls in love, and second when she meets a deadly creature in the reeds, who bestows upon her both the gift and curse of immortality.This two-chapter story is a spoiler-free excerpt from The Children of the Sun, the upcoming conclusion to the II AM Trilogy by Christopher Buecheler.


Kate Rudolph - 2016
     The first chills her blood, his psychotic psychic scent sending shivers down her spine and spurring her on a desperate hunt to destroy him before he can wreak havoc on her town. But Adam Luther is a danger that Gold has never encountered. His sensual glances and devastating good looks are almost enough to make her forget the centuries-long battle between vampires and huntresses. In his arms, she feels whole, but his kiss is as deadly as his bite. Luther claims to be reformed, but how can she trust that a vampire could ever change? While a blood maddened vampire stalks their city, they must work together to save an innocent life. And as the connection between them grows ever stronger, both their hearts and lives will be at stake. This is a complete story is full of angst, forbidden love, and steamy romance between a vampire huntress and the sexy vampire she can't resist. No cliffhanger!

Diamond in the Shade 1

D.J. Manly - 2009
    An abandoned baby left to die, he was raised in a monastery and trained to kill. When his trainer pays him an unexpected visit in his native Hungary, Diamond is surprised to learn that he is needed in North America, where a curious and seemingly unstoppable force is at work.Sebastian Shade also fights vampires, but with a difference. He is one. Reformed by love experienced and lost some years before, Sebastian was urged out of his self-imposed hibernation and secretly recruited to help the Order of Destroyers fight evil. Now in present-day New York, he continues his work, along with his team of mortals.Diamond arrives in New York and goes straight to work, not knowing that Sebastian Shade is hunting the same villain as he. When they meet, it’s fireworks, and in more ways than one, when they finally come to the realization that if they are going to defeat this evil, they’ll have to do it together.

My Shining Star

Amber Kell - 2009
    Even though he’d gone on to get married and have children, his bittersweet memories followed him late into life.Basilio left his love for reasons of his own. He didn’t want to drag his beloved into his new life as a vampire. Over the years he watched Augustus’ joy and devastation never going too far away.When Augustus is attacked and transformed into a vampire he brings with him an entirely new outlook to vampire kind. Will he be able to adapt to his new life and forgive his old love or will outside forces tear them apart?

The Vampire and the P.I.

J.P. Bowie - 2015
    Leaving the force with commendations and a healthy disability agreement he opened up his own private investigative business, and for a while enjoyed success until a jealous and homophobic ex-colleague spread a story about Sean assaulting an underage boy, the son of an influential congressman. Overnight, Sean’s business tanked, leaving him broke and with zero clients. That is until Master Vampire, Rafael Barrantes, hires him to find the murderer of Julian Hunter, a young male escort. Sean isn’t crazy about working for a vampire—but all that changes when he meets Arturo Menendez, Rafael’s private secretary. The stunning and uninhibited Arturo wastes no time in showing his admiration for the handsome PI. He immediately tries, and succeeds in seducing Sean. In between bouts of the most amazing sex Sean has ever had, he discovers that the facts surrounding Julian’s murder have been swept under the carpet. Perhaps by pressure from his wealthy ‘clients’ whose veneer of respectability might be irreparably damaged if it were disclosed they had used Julian’s services. With Arturo’s help, Sean wades through a web of deceit, lies and treachery trying not only to find Julian’s killer, but also to vindicate himself of the false rape charge that ruined his career. In the process he is beaten, kidnapped by a bad cop, and bitten by a rogue vampire. With the odds stacked against him, can he possibly ever solve the mystery of Julian’s murder, and can Arturo, even with his vampire powers, save Sean from a grisly death?

His Vampire Harem Book Two

Lily Harlem - 2019
    I get that now. But will my vampires be able to protect me from the dangers that lurk around every corner of my strange new world?Having gorgeous, over-protective vampires doting on me is pretty cool. Not least when they've pledged to keep me safe and satisfied until the end of time.But what about the newest member of my harem? A sexy British soldier-turned vampire whose lust for my blood is stratospheric. He's strong, wild, desperate, and I'm as fascinated by him as he is with me. Trouble is, being within biting distance could be disastrous, for all of us.Throw in a pack of shifters who want to rid the planet of vampires, a frozen version of Hell, and a dusty cave in Mongolia, and one thing is certain: life is never going to be dull with my bloodsucking companions at my side. Not that I'm complaining. I've never felt so alive, so in love, or so high with pleasure.* From popular reverse harem author Lily Harlem this is the sequel to HIS VAMPIRE HAREM, also on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. M/MMMMM

A Promise of Passion

Felicity Heaton - 2008
    When Kassian, a tall and seductively handsome vampire walks into her life and vows to protect her, she doesn't know what to think or feel. His eyes make promises that his searing touch backs up, but she can't get past the fact that he's a vampire and the fact that he thinks she's someone else.Kassian is certain from the moment he sets eyes on Alicia that she's the reincarnation of his lost love and sire, and he'll stop at nothing to convince her and make her his again. A taste of her blood makes him realise his mistake but doesn't change his feelings or his resolve to have her.Their mutual attraction is impossible to resist but a moment of passion places Alicia in the path of danger when Seth, the vampire responsible for murdering Kassian's sire, sets his sights on her. When Alicia is dragged into a game of human sport, how far will Kassian go to protect his love? Can he save her or will history repeat itself?

Slave to a Vampire

Amber Hartman - 2012
    Waiting to embark on her adventure, she finds herself alone in a park with a bush calling her name. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say, and Anya gets kidnapped and traded to a mysterious man with a secret. Dacio, a charming but dangerous vampire, suddenly finds himself the new owner of the irresistible girl but soon faces a dilemma: should he allow himself to love the feisty young woman, or forcibly keep her at arm s length for her own good? With a whirlwind of broken bones, tears and quick witted humor, the two realize their magnetic but hazardous love cannot be ignored, and with the past behind them they try to fight what they are in hopes of what they can become. With danger awaiting them around every corner, will they answer life s biggest question: Can love truly conquer all, or are they doomed to end in tragedy? With Anya, a slave to a vampire, and Dacio, a slave to his own love, who shall emerge unscathed?

Masterful Surrender

Noah Harris - 2016
    While running away from the law, they find themselves a hotel. When Mark decides to steal from them, the hotel reveals itself to be a pack full of werewolves. Now that he's one of them, he has to work at a BDSM dungeon, as well as focus on two lovers who don't know about his fear of being bound. But is the person who attacked him still out there? And worse, will he strike again?

Little Daddy (Littles of the Night Book 1)

A. Little - 2021
    Companionship these days is easier to get, thanks to the internet. Hookups, too, thanks to the mini-computers everyone carries around in their pockets to talk to each other. Want a quickie? Just open your chosen app and slide right. What’s harder is getting someone you can genuinely connect to, not only through a screen but in person.Step one: Create a profile online that generates trust. Step two: Convince them to meet you and charm the pants off of them. And I mean that literally. That’s not proven to be too hard, given I own a large condo complex in the ritzy part of downtown.Step three: Shower them with gifts, so the good times keep on rolling.Step four: Once a few weeks have passed, make them mine. I have the fangs and supernatural mojo to do that just fine.Now, if I can only get them to want to remain as my companion and not move on. My complex is full of vamps who started off as conquests and now are mated to another while remaining part of my coven. Maybe my luck’s about to change, though. There’s a human in the building opposite, and he’s been watching me with my latest hookup. He doesn’t know it yet, but my preternatural vision shows me the yearning in his eyes quite clearly. Oh, come to Daddy, baby. An eternity of delights awaits you…Little Daddy is a paranormal Daddy/Little age play romance. All characters are over the age of 18 and are consenting adults.

Release Me

Jayda Marx - 2020
    We were victorious over those who stood against us, and King Felipe took his rightful spot on the throne. He appointed a Coven Master for each region to watch over, guide, and protect our people. He named me Coven Master of my hometown of Beckenridge, Scotland because of my strength, instincts, and fairness.Our village is made up of stone cottages we built ourselves, and is nestled between scenic heathered hills. It holds many businesses where my coven members work and thrive. We’re happy and safe here, and for over a century, we’ve lived at peace.That all changed two days ago when my coven held a Highland Games exhibition to celebrate Prince Dante’s visit and the bonding of two of my security guards, Flynn and Fletcher. Crowds gathered from all around to watch the events, adding excitement, energy, and unfortunately, danger into the mix. A gunman fired a shot at Ben, the prince’s consort, but his bodyguard Sam pushed him to safety and took the bullet.In the chaos of the moment, I was caught off guard by something I’d waited half a millennium for; the faint, sweet scent of my mate. Somewhere in the screaming, rushing crowd was the man whom Fate granted to me to love, cherish and protect for all of eternity. Unfortunately, I couldn’t search for him; my friends’ lives were hanging in the balance and I had to get them to safety.Luckily, everyone survived the ordeal, but all traces of my mate vanished in the wind. I hate the gunman for everything he took from me, and it’s for that reason I’ve put off interrogating him; I’m afraid I can’t be fair and unbiased when I hear his side of the story. But I know I can’t put it off any longer; I need to get answers for Dante and Sam.When I finally step into the shooter’s prison cell, I’m met with the sight of a small man cowering in the corner...and the overwhelming scent of my mate.*This book is the first in a spinoff series following “The Javier Coven”, and I strongly recommend reading those books before beginning this story. This M/M paranormal romance is for readers 18 and up! It contains no cliffhangers or cheating, and has a very happy HEA. It features steamy scenes between a sexy vampire and his fated mate, loads of teeth tingling sweetness, and just a touch of gore.

Aiden's Betrayal

C.T. Nicholson - 2013
    One night, he meets Elle, and it is lust at first sight. Elle is the first woman to get his attention after the loss of his mate. Opposites attract…Elle is a human who runs a bed and breakfast and leads a pretty simple life. On a fateful night, she ends up being dragged to a club by her friend. When she meets Aiden, he draws her to him like no other man ever has, but everything changes when she realizes he's a vampire. Just like the one who’d butchered her family and nearly killed her. Good things don’t come easy…As fate intervenes, Aiden brings Elle into his world to protect her from a rogue who is out to destroy them, and both woman and vampire must adjust. To give their budding relationship a fighting chance, Aiden has to get over his fear of losing another mate and Elle has to get over her fear of vampires.

Resurrected: Nova

Kim Faulks - 2016
     The Holland brothers are dead and now I'm a vampire. But a newborn immortal isn't supposed to crave the blood of their own… Don't tell anyone, Kol tells me. Not Rurik. Not Angelique. He's scared. I'm hungry. And this is only the beginning. Bonus material. Get a free dragon shifter story at the end of this book!

Never Have A Vampire's Baby

Jade White - 2016
    Luckily for him, the gorgeous Kimberly Moody was looking for the same. A night of no-strings attached fun was just the thing Kimberly needed after a stressful week at work. Luke's status as a vampire was just an unexpected bonus for her. However, that single night of fun was soon to become the complete opposite as Kimberly found she was somehow pregnant with the Vampire's baby. Now sheer HELL is about to break loose for her and her lover in more ways than one.... GET THIS TODAY AND GET A NEVER BEFORE RELEASED FREE BONUS: THE VAMPIRE'S UNWANTED WIFE “He didn't want her but now he has to protect her” Rita's past as a vampire hunter made her the type of woman that handsome vampire Asher would never go for despite how much he was attracted to her. However, when his shapeshifter enemies make the mistake of thinking that Rita is his wife, they go after her. And they want her dead. Now Asher feels he has no choice but to save his apparently unwanted “wife” and the two of them soon find themselves fighting much more than their feelings for each other in the process... This EXCLUSIVELY FREE bonus is included in your download if you get it today, so scroll up and start reading now!

Escape: Flora

A.K. Michaels - 2017
    “I think you’ll do nicely for my time here. Remember, Flora, you are mine for the duration of my visit. All mine. After I leave you will get paid and can go on with your life however you see fit.” Welcome to the world of Blood Courtesans. Where Vampires are real and blood is a commodity that can give me my means of escape. Money. Freedom. Escape. That’s my only reason for selling myself, body and blood, to Maxwell Steele, this cold and lethal being before me. I’ll go to any lengths to escape being a prisoner within a Wolf Pack, including offering myself as a Blood Courtesan to a powerful and deadly Vampire. First I have to escape the Pack, and my Alpha father. Will Maxwell be strong enough to protect me? I hope so: he’s my last hope for freedom and to live life as I want. I pray I’ll survive, and I pray I’ll keep my soul intact. My name is Flora and this is my story.