Sweet Requiem

Bailey Ardisone - 2014
    Barely escaping one evil by the skin of their teeth, running head first into the next was the last thing they were expecting. With Nari's best friend Zaylie held hostage by the leader of the Black Eagles, Nari's number one priority is getting Zaylie, along with everyone else she cares about, out of Nikolai's clutches safe and sound. Only, the worst thing that could possibly happen has happened- Death. Before Nari can even comprehend her worst nightmare coming true, she is pulled back into the very place she had thought she escaped. But the nightmare doesn't end there. Just as she sees a silver-lining to her otherwise gloomy cloud, she discovers heart-wrenching news and has to yet again escape an untimely death. With the hope of undoing what would normally be permanent, Nari, with the help of the two brothers she loves most in the world, sets her mind on a mission that will ultimately mean her downfall. Is the end result worth the sacrifice? ~ Naminé is left in the Earthly realm to tend to an injured Ender and Fëa. She must learn to cope with the new human elements thrown her way, but in the process, discovers something may be terribly wrong with her family back home - the one place she can no longer get to. Continue the journey that started it all. Mycah, Rydan, Nari, and Naminé are determined to take back the throne. Except, that which starts sweet, ends bitter...


Dani Hart - 2013
    She lived a simple life with her mom, next door to her best friend, River, in a rural area just outside of Los Angeles. She had everything she could ever want until it was suddenly ripped away from her. Her mother’s mysterious death plunged Arie into darkness and into the care of River’s parents. As hard as they tried to help her, Arie couldn’t find the light. After years of emotional numbness, a mysterious stranger, Ashe, entered her life, giving her a renewed hope. What she didn’t expect was for the veils of reality to be lifted and fairy tales to come alive. On her quest for the truth of her mother's death, she finds so much more: her father, her first love, and her destiny.

Clouded by Envy

Candace Robinson - 2019
    Everything always came naturally to Bray, even after crossing through a portal from their fae world, while Brenik spent his time in her shadow. So, when Brenik discovers a way to get what he has always desired—to become human—he takes it. However, the gift turns out to be a curse that alters him in ways he never saw coming.Bray can’t help but be concerned for her brother, more so when he vanishes. While waiting for Brenik to return, she meets two brothers who realize she is not the least bit human. Her dark bat-like wings are proof of that. But somehow, an aching bond forms between Bray and the older brother, Wes.When Bray reunites with Brenik, she finds an overpowering need for blood stirring deep within him. If Bray doesn’t help Brenik put an end to his curse, it will not only damage those who get close to him, but it could also destroy whatever is blooming between her and Wes.Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Mass.

Bright Wicked

Everly Frost - 2020
    or die.When Aura Lucidia becomes the fae Queen’s Champion, her only goal is to destroy the dark Fell who killed her parents and stole her memories.Giving up everything to be the strongest and most feared is a small price to pay to protect her people from the Fell who live in darkness beyond Bright’s borders.But when a Fell more powerful than any she’s ever met challenges her, she isn’t prepared for his fierce strength and skill.Or the dangerous desire in his eyes when he looks at her.With a single forbidden touch, Aura’s beliefs begin to unravel.When one mistake invokes an ancient and unbreakable law, her fate is tied to his. Now, she has three days before she must fight him to the death.But how can she kill the only man she’s destined to love?Aura has three days left to live. The first day has begun.Bright Wicked is a full length, 73,000 word fae fantasy romance, the first in the Bright Wicked series, a trilogy told over three consecutive days. A fast-paced tale of forbidden love, sworn enemies, and wicked beauty.Recommended reading age is 16+ for heat level.

The Dark Prince

Emma V. Leech - 2013
    or is it your nightmares he visits?Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a heart that despises the human race. When he is sent back through the forbidden gates between realms to retrieve an ancient fae artifact, he returns home with far more than he bargained for. Océane DeBeauvoir is an artist and bookbinder who has always relied on her lively imagination to get her through an unhappy and uneventful life. A jewelled dagger put on display at a nearby museum hits the headlines with speculation of another race, the fae. But the discovery also inspires Océane to create an extraordinary piece of art. Océane's lonely and romantic heart has created the story of The Dark Prince, but it soon becomes apparent that her story cannot be confined to the pages of a book.And it seems that her hero is far from the troubled, romantic figure she had painted, but something far more sinister.

The Shadow Fae

A.K. Koonce - 2020
    All because a seer says a true heir to the crown exists: A lost child. A girl. Just like me.That makes me a target. A threat. A dead woman walking.Unluckily for me, the asshole iron fae prince is more than happy to risk my fragile soul it seems. He plays a deadly game with my life and all he gives in return is a heartbreaking smile and a touch that blazes sparks right to my core.His games can’t be played forever. It’ll all come crashing down eventually.Because soon he’ll see I’m either just a college girl lost in this royal mess of a kingdom…Or I’m the rightful Mortal Queen.


Katerina Martinez - 2021
    I’m not rich or pretty enough to wear them, but I love what I do, working out of my family’s shop on Carnaby Street in London—until the fae show up.It’s a straight-up kidnapping, and before I know it, I’m brought to this wintry place of cold hearts and beautiful nightmares, but that’s not the worst part.The worst part is, they think I’m fae, and I’m supposed to participate in some competition against a host of other women who have been training their whole lives for this. The prize? The winner is to marry the Prince.On the surface that sounds almost like a fairytale, only this competition is brutal and bloody, and the Prince is the jerk that kidnapped me. I can’t get too close to him or he’ll know I’m not fae, and then I’m dead. But I want to get close to him. His body burns with the fire of a cold star, and I’m drawn to him.I need to fight the pull and survive long enough to find a way out of here, but these winter fae won’t make that easy.

Bound to the Dark Prince

Aria Lovely - 2020
    One Unseelie prince that yearns for peace.The first time I see him the world tilts off its axis. His eyes flash like quicksilver as they travel up my body. His lips, sensuous and wicked, tick up into a small smile that says I see you looking at me. I should have listened to my instincts: no one that attractive could be human.When I wake up in another realm, I very quickly learn three things about Cassiel: he's stupid hot, he's a Dark fae prince, and he's terrifying.So, like any sensible girl, I run away, looking for a way back home. But the surprises keep on coming as I try to stay alive in a world that's as beautiful as it is lethal.It turns out I’m not as mortal as I thought I was. There are secrets about my past I can't escape.And the Dark prince?He's my blood enemy.Aria Lovely’s debut novel is a sweeping, sumptuous fantasy romp with a dash of sizzling romance. If you enjoy a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers saga, the Fae Wars trilogy is for you!

Life After: The Complete Series

Julie Hall - 2019
    That’s over 1,250 pages of action-packed, high-stakes, swoon-worthy fantasy adventure—as well as a never before seen exclusive bonus scene! Save money on this Amazon bestselling series by purchasing this special bundle deal! Death was only the beginning. 

I have a lot to learn after waking up in the afterlife. Never mind that my memories have been erased, but being assigned as a demon hunter, um . . . yeah, I don’t think so. Physical activity and I aren’t on speaking terms.

 Making my supernatural headache worse is my infuriating trainer, Logan. Sparks fly between us immediately—the kind created by our swords and personalities as we clash in and out of the training center.

 Just when I think my life—or rather, afterlife—is all punch, stab, rinse and repeat, I find myself the wielder of the most powerful sword in existence. Sure, it might be cool to ash demons with a single swipe of my weapon, but now Satan is gunning for me. 
 Logan is the only one I can turn to for help. But the guy has secrets. So until I figure out what they are, I might just be on my own. My name is Audrey Lyons, and my afterlife is shaping up to be a hot mess and a half. 
With over 1,100 five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, why are you waiting to start the series readers have called "captivating", "stunning", and "refreshingly beautiful"? 
 Fans of The Mortal Instruments, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Supernatural won't want to miss out on all the twists and turns in this YA Fantasy journey. What others are saying about the series: "The romance is sweet, mysterious, frustrating, and perfect." - Jaymin Eve, USA Today Bestselling author of the Supernatural Academy series ★★★★★ "Packed with heart pounding adventure, plot twists that leave you reeling! You will not be disappointed." 
- Leia Stone, USA Today Bestselling author of the Fallen Academy series ★★★★★ "You will be holding your breath and falling in love." - Kelly Oram, Bestselling Author ★★★★★ "Gripping, emotional, filled with hope and unconditional love. Dominion is the perfect ending to a beautiful story." 
- Cameo Renae, USA Today Bestselling author of the Hidden Wings series ★★★★★ "Julie Hall is destined to be one of the great fiction writers of our time." - Rebecca Hagelin, Bestselling author and columnist with The Washington Times ★★★★★ "Julie Hall is an evil mastermind! This is an emotional rollercoaster ride you will never forget!" - N. Hite, Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ What are you waiting for? Scroll up and click Buy Now to step into your next adventure!

A Dance With Fire

Aleera Anaya Ceres - 2020
    Taken by the emperor’s soldiers, Shula is forced into the hands of a mysterious Brotherhood, a group of humans hell-bent on eradicating her race completely.The Fae Resistance needs her. Their healer hates her. And the Emperor of Illyk will stop at nothing to possess her. The secrets of the empire run deeper than she knows, and Shula will have to rely on the magic she’s suppressed for years to save herself from the emperor’s malicious plans.Because Shula is an Elemental.And her fire might be the only thing that can make or break their world.Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black will love the first installment in this new, action packed, adult fantasy series!This is a High Fantasy Fae series intended for readers 18 and over as it contains adult M/F romance, sexually explicit scenes, cursing, and dark themes.


Kat Kinney - 2018
    In the unforgiving forests of the north, shape-shifting wolves have enslaved the sole human city for hundreds of miles, driving survivors up into the mountains. When Lea tracks a shifter and finds him caught in a trap, she’s convinced he’s the white wolf from her dreams. Not that it matters. He’s one of them. And they’re at war.But as Lea pulls back the bowstring, Henrik shifts to human and begs her not to shoot. By name. But how could he possibly know her? In twenty years, the wolves have never crossed the river over to their side. Injured and unable to walk, Henrik needs Lea’s help to get back home. If he could be turned against the pack, it could change the course of the war. But first there’s the small problem of returning him to the wolves—without getting caught.


Rachel Morgan - 2017
    Raven agrees, but only if she can choose the guard. Flint's life couldn't be more different from that of his employers. He doesn't agree with their extravagant ways, but he's admired their daughter Raven since he first met her. When asked to guard her more closely after her life is threatened, Flint is happy to take on the assignment. Despite the gulf between their stations in life, Raven and Flint can't help growing close to one another. As the pressure of Raven's final fashion show builds, along with the threat of her parents discovering her relationship with a guard, Raven and Flint must decide whether their differences will push them apart or bring them closer together.Raven is a companion story to the bestselling YA fantasy Creepy Hollow series. While it is best enjoyed in conjunction with the rest of the series, it is a standalone story that can be read on its own.

Fae Academy: Primal

A.S. Green - 2019
    No matter how fancy this Academy might seem. No matter how delicious my jailer-- Raine O’Keefe, the dean of students--might be. As soon as my strength comes back, I’m outta here. It’s California or bust, baby. Raine It’s no picnic overseeing hundreds of up and coming fae hopefuls at Hawthorn Academy. Particularly since my job depends on no one discovering the secrets of my past. I keep everyone at a distance and that’s the way I like it. But then my irresponsible brother drops an unconscious mermaid off at the Academy and the walls of my carefully constructed life come crashing down. Primal impulses I’ve spent a lifetime suppressing roar to the surface. This gorgeous, enticing woman is mine and I’ll do anything to keep her safe. But when Aoife goes head to head with an ancient evil, she discovers a secret that may bury us both.

Into Elurien

Kate Sparkes - 2016
    Endless Adventures.https://skeletonkeybookseries.comWhen Hazel Walsh discovers a strange key in the attic of the Old Brook Inn, she doesn’t imagine the door it unlocks will lead anywhere special. Though superstitious, she’s never bought into the local stories of fairies, ghosts, and demons. But when she opens the door, she discovers just how wrong she was.Hazel is dropped into a world in the midst of a revoloution, where monsters have overthrown the humans who once enslaved them. All of the humans, that is, except for Verelle, the cruel sorceress who vanished at the moment of Hazel’s arrival. If Hazel wants any chance of surviving and making it back to her own world, she’ll have to join forces with the amalgus Zinian—horned, winged, and monstrously attractive—to unravel the mystery of Verelle’s disappearance. If they can’t, the fates of two worlds will be at stake.(New Adult Fantasy Romance)

The Dusk Gate Chronicles Boxed Set, Books 1-4

Breeana Puttroff - 2013
    Discover The Dusk Gate Chronicles and fall in love with the adventure.What would you sacrifice to find true love and save a kingdom?Quinn Robbins never planned on sacrificing anything.Her life was perfect - everything she thought a teenager's should be.But all of that is about to change.What starts out as curiosity over the strange behavior of the reclusive William Rose quickly leads her to an adventure she never could have imagined - to the discovery of an alternate universe where time works differently than it does in Quinn's world.With secrets unraveling around her at every turn, Quinn finds herself facing impossible decisions with consequences that will change her life forever.Along the way, she's going to lose her heart - to a family she never knew existed, to a world where even simple electricity is advanced technology, and to an unlikely boy who will become her best friend, her soul mate, and her partner in becoming the person she was destined to be.Together, they're going to discover that some chances are worth taking, some battles are worth fighting, and that some people are worth holding onto for as long as you can.This special, boxed-set edition contains the fourmain books in the series, in complete, newly edited and formatted versions. You get Seeds of Discovery, Roots of Insight, Thorns of Decision, and Blooms of Consequence.