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Secretly Yours / Pinky Promise

Valerie Comer - 2016
    In Pinky Promise, how can two single parents fall in love for real with a pair of mini-matchmakers pushing from both sides — pinky promises or not? Secretly Yours: a Winter Romance Novella Chef Lindsey Solberg agrees to cater the church’s Valentine’s Day fundraising banquet as a favor to her teen sister, but she’s shocked to discover the bad boy from her high school days is now Riverbend’s youth pastor. Seriously? How could he have changed that much? Nick Harrison has prayed for years for an opportunity to make amends. Now Lindsey’s back in Riverbend and won’t give him the time of day. What’s a guy to do except leave a trail of gifts from a secret admirer? Lindsey’s heart takes a beating when she realizes the boy who was never good enough is now a far better man than she deserves. Pinky Promise: a Spring Romance Novella Kelly Bryant’s young daughter wants a daddy and sets her sights on her new best friend’s single father. The man may be charming, sweet, and a believer, but Kelly is embarrassed. She extracts a pinky promise from her six-year-old to stop proposing to men on her behalf. Ian Tomlinson isn’t looking for a wife but does need care for his daughter during spring break the week after his move to Riverbend. He hates to ask Kelly — and plant ideas in the girls’ minds — but he’s rather low on options. How can two single parents fall in love for real with a pair of mini-matchmakers pushing from both sides — pinky promises or not? Welcome to Riverbend! 1. Secretly Yours (winter) 2. Pinky Promise (spring) 3. Sweet Serenade (summer) 4. Team Bride (autumn) 5. Merry Kisses (Christmas) Riverbend, BC, is the quaint Canadian town you wish you were from, where everyone knows everyone, seasons are celebrated, and love is in the air. The Riverbend Romance Novellas are a series of contemporary Christian romance stories set in Canada. These inspirational romance novellas are heart-warming shorter reads with true-to-life (but fictional) characters who face challenges in finding their one true love. What Readers Say about Secretly Yours "Overflowing with faith and romance..." ~ JoAnn Durgin, author of the Lewis Legacy Series "What an amazing and beautiful love story!" ~ Joyful "An adorable Valentine romance with realistic characters. " ~ Lollipops What Readers Say about Pinky Promise "Lovable parental figures with impish daughters create a delightful story of love, family, and 2nd chances." ~ Joelle "The plot is cute and the little girls are adorable." ~ Mommynificent "I loved this novella and the antics of two six-year-old girls that decide they want their parents to marry." ~ Linda Scroll up and snag this two-for-one today!

Secretly In Love

Jackie Castle - 2016
    Nothing but friends. Yet, when Nikolai returned from the mission trip last year, Sage’s feelings for him exploded and her pact gets harder to keep. Then on April fool’s day, she receives a letter from a secret admirer. A joke from her twin siblings. Nikolai’s life changed after the mission trip. One thing he has to face is his feelings for Sage. Pact or no pact, he needs to let her know how he feels. Overhearing Sage and Moi talk about how they wished they received real love letters, Nikolai comes up with the perfect solution. He sends her an anonymous love letter, but instead of love, he reaps the wild, whirlwind of Sage who is already angry about being made a fool of once and won’t stand for being the fool twice. Secretly In Love was formerly titled, Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice and was part of the April Fools Love novella collection.

Christmas Blessings

Leah Atwood - 2016
    As the holidays approach, those insecurities reappear. Luke Tatum realizes he doesn’t know Kate as well as he thought when he sees her with her guard down. As he discovers who Kate really is, his admiration and attraction to her grows. When faced with the possibility of losing someone she loves, Kate's faith wavers. This Christmas, will she accept support from Luke or will she push him away? When You Believe- Belle Calhoune Maggie Kilcannon lives in Breeze Point, Cape Cod after leaving her native Ireland. After tragically losing her parents, Maggie’s weary about loving and losing anyone. When she meets Alec Donahue, a soldier on Christmas leave, she falls madly in love with him. Can she live with the uncertainty of loving a soldier on active duty? Alec Donahue always wanted to serve his country, but his life changes when he meets the beautiful, spirited Maggie. He wants forever with Maggie, who’s reluctant to give her heart to someone who might leave her. Can Alec make Maggie believe in happily ever after? Perchance to Dream- JoAnn Durgin Ellie Franklin and Ryan Sullivan are the hometown sweethearts of Cade’s Corner, Ohio. As their Christmas wedding approaches, Ryan is expected back from his second deployment to Afghanistan. When an unforeseen event occurs, will Ellie’s plans be postponed or come to a screeching halt? With faith, family, and the support of an entire town behind her, will this bride’s prayers for a holiday miracle be answered? Nowhere for Christmas- Heather Gray Avery’s a journalist and mom to teenager Eli. Gavin’s an enigmatic photographer. A botched schedule lands them all in a rental car for Christmas. With everything that goes wrong, it’ll take a miracle to get them anywhere. But miracles come in surprising packages. Like a bait shop owner and a family that can’t agree on how to remove a skunk's stink. Join the trio as they learn reaching the destination doesn't mean the journey’s over. God has so much more in store for them. After all—anything can happen on the road to Nowhere. Christmas Lost and Found- Angel Moore When Serena comes home determined to save her mother’s shop, the manager blames her for her mother’s troubles. But he’s the only person she can rely on for help. Has Michael wasted the years he spent trying to keep All Things Christmas open? Serena’s resolve to correct things financially threatens the heart of the store. It’s about Christmas. Not just sales. Has Serena become so calculating that she doesn’t celebrate her faith anymore? One Enchanted Christmas- Melissa Tagg Last December, author Maren Grant went on a magical date with her book’s cover model—Colin Renwycke. Fast forward one year. With a looming deadline, Maren is desperate to recapture her creative spark. Then she remembers Colin’s invitation to visit his family’s Iowa farm… Drew Renwycke never planned to move home and take over the farm. But he’s spent too many years watching his siblings unravel—including Colin. When Maren lands on his doorstep, he realizes she may be the key to coaxing his brother home.

God Bless the Broken Road

Jennifer Graeser Dornbush - 2017
    She feels robbed and is angry at God, and she doesn’t know how to help her nine-year-old daughter Bree through her grief. Where, Amber wonders, are the Sunday dinners, the picnics, the bike rides, the time together they should be enjoying as a family? Instead, Amber is left with a folded flag and an empty heart. Cody Jackson has a death wish. Or at least that is what his manager thinks, as Cody pushes his race car and his luck in every race. Is he hiding something, or just daring God and other racers to end the path of destruction he finds himself on as he rounds the last turn? When Cody encourages Bree to join in a Derby car race for local youth, she finds a way to channel her grief into something good—and she likes that her mom and Cody are starting to become friends—or maybe something more. Cody invites Amber and Bree to see him race, but as they watch Cody narrowly escape a devastating crash, she realizes she can’t lose another person in her life. It’s better to be alone than feel that type of grief again. But when Amber hits rock-bottom, she cries out to God and asks for help. With her faith, her life, her family, and her heart hanging in the balance, Amber is forced to decide between the broken road she knows so well and trusting that God will provide a new path.

Always a Will and a Way

Barbara Gee - 2014
    Their comfortable routine is interrupted when her late husband’s parents contact her out of the blue, after nine years of total silence. Promising to explain everything, they request that Kelly bring James to visit them at their Texas ranch. It’s the last thing Kelly wants to do, yet she feels an unexplainable prompting to go. With the fervent hope that the visit will be good for James, she books the plane tickets and prepares herself for a very uncomfortable week. Heading into “enemy territory", the last thing Kelly expects is to meet a man who leaves her breathless, the first man to turn her head since she lost her husband. A relationship with Will Connor seems totally out of reach, but the handsome young cowboy refuses to let Kelly’s fears keep them from exploring what God might have in store for them. As they overcome obstacles and start to see a future together, one final snag causes Kelly to question their happy ending. Is Will actually better off without her? Is she strong enough to give him up?

Picnics & Promises: Six Delicious Summer Romances

Jan Elder - 2017
     MOOSED OPPORTUNITIES—JAN ELDER Rev. Samantha Evans loves Moose Creek, Maine, the land of moose and men, particularly her fiancé Eric Palmer. Forest ranger, Eric, strives to plan their wedding, but Samantha’s busy schedule, his interfering ex-wife, missing college students, and a pregnant moose, all conspire against him. Will their lives continue to be a series of Moosed Opportunities? ZARA’S FOLLY—CLARE REVELL British equestrian, Zara Michaels, heads south to convince TJ Greggson to sell his property to her developer father. Any way she can. TJ co-owns the stables, catering to disabled children—his life’s purpose. His brother wants to sell. TJ doesn’t. Can TJ help untangle Zara from her past follies, or will their secrets destroy them both? A POCKETFUL OF WISHES—MARY MANNERS As childhood neighbors, Jenna Palmer and Carter Stevens discover first love. When a cross-country job transfer separates them, they promise to one day find each other. Years go by and they lose touch until an accident causes their paths to once again cross. Can their promise stand the test of time, or will time crush their promise…and their love? SWEET DELIGHTS—CECELIA DOWDY Patty-Lynn is stunned when she runs into her wealthy ex-boyfriend, Sam. She’s still haunted by their painful breakup seven years ago. Recently widowed, Sam now wants to fix their broken relationship. Seeing Patty-Lynn, happy in her bakery, gives him hope. Can her prize-winning pie recipe sweeten his new business venture and heal their broken hearts? IMPERFECTLY PROVERBS 31—AUTUMN MACARTHUR The last thing geeky Samantha Rose planned for was the homemaking blog only her sister was ever supposed to see going viral. After a disastrous picnic, Daniel Novak, the cynical reporter dispatched to interview her, insists he must reveal the truth. But that could ruin everything, including their budding love. A COURTSHIP FOR CLOVER—MARION UECKERMANN Clover Blume’s chance of getting to know the groomsman escorting her to her sister’s wedding is threatened when he’s delayed. Jonathan Spalding’s money hasn’t managed to buy him one thing: a woman to love. Is the auburn-haired beauty partnering with him at his best friend’s wedding finding a way into his heart? What will it cost Jonathan to realize it profits him nothing to gain the world, yet lose his soul? And the girl.

Holding On

Lisa Mills - 2011
    Despite the best medical efforts, chemotherapy fails and doctors inform her a marrow transplant is his only hope. But the search for a donor presents a new set of challenges. Because finding a match among blood relatives is his best hope, Danielle must return to her hometown and confront painful childhood secrets and people who left deep scars on her heart. Can she face her demons to save the son she loves so dearly? A portion of the proceeds from each book sold are donated to organizations helping children fight cancer.

Whisper If You Have To

Staci Stallings - 2014
    Alison Prescott has collected a boatload of them in her short lifetime. Moving to a new school in a new town was supposed to fix everything; however, when she meets a new set of friends, keeping those secrets might just ruin everything. Chad Dourozette has the world by the tail as his crazy T-shirts proclaim every day, but Chad has deeply held secrets of his own. When Chad meets Alison whose life looks absolutely perfect from the outside, will he have the courage to try to win her heart, or will the secrets they both carry keep them apart forever? A new adventure from #1 Best Selling Christian Romance Author, Staci Stallings begins now... "Staci's books are Christian romance at its very best!"

The Billionaire's Destined Bride

Mandi Blake - 2020
    He’s running from a public breakup. To get what they both want, they’ll have to make a deal.Sophia Hansen’s work is her life, putting her dreams of having a family on the back burner. But when her father declares his plans to step down as CEO of the family company, she must find a way to beat her scheming brother for the top spot, but it’ll come at a cost in the form of an alliance with a charming billionaire.Cole Bradford is the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the Pacific Northwest. After a public breakup with an A-list actress, he’s tired of hiding from the media. When his business partner, Sophia, expresses her concerns about the future of her company, he comes up with a plan to save both of their jobs… a proposal. When their marriage of convenience turns into something more, will their love prevail, or will the ones who conspire against them succeed?The Billionaire's Destined Bride is a clean, Christian romance. It's the eighth book in the Blushing Bride series, but each book can be read on its own.

A Sweethaven Romance

Courtney Walsh - 2017
    Her only hope of uncovering the truth lies with local firefighter (and long-time Waverly rival) Jason Holloway. With his piercing eyes and troubled past, it's clear from the start it's not only her way of life that's on the line, it's her heart. This novella originally appeared in the novella collection "Right Where We Belong".

Return to Chocolate

Erynn Mangum - 2014
    In the midst of dealing with her dad's stubbornness and poor health, her mom's stress, the new competition in town and a cute stranger, will Jane's constant prayers of complaints turn into something else? Or has God brought her home to drive her completely insane?


Kimberly Rae Jordan - 2017
     Kimberly Rae Jordan Elizabeth Maddrey Autumn Macarthur Lesley Ann McDaniel Lynnette Bonner Heather Gray Jan Thompson The Tenderness of His Love by USA Today Bestselling Author Kimberly Rae Jordan When Tennyson Page gives a struggling single mom and her daughters a helping hand, he never imagines the impact they’ll have on his life. But having been hurt twice before by women he’d helped, Tennyson isn’t sure he’s able to interpret Olivia Duncan’s motives correctly. Is it just gratitude on Olivia’s part? Or is it something more? A Heart Reclaimed by Bestselling Author Elizabeth Maddrey Two landscape architects and former college rivals work together to restore the grounds at Peacock Hill. Will the garden they plant blossom into love? His Father’s Son by USA Today Bestselling Author Autumn Macarthur Can a small-town single mother regain her lost faith and forgive the past, when her disabled child’s father returns, determined to help the son he unwillingly left behind – and the woman he’s never stopped loving? Sink or Swim by USA Today Bestselling Author Lesley Ann McDaniel Still reeling from the dangerous relationship she fled a year ago, Jen Bloom is finally getting her head above water. Her job as a housekeeper at the Inn at Crescent Cove has been a lifesaver, and the inn’s chef—Luke Strong—has become her best friend. But what she really wants now is to manage the inn. Then another woman arrives in town to interview for the management job. Realizing that the woman has her eye on more than just the job, Jen questions her own motives for staying in Crescent Cove. Is it the town…or the promise of love? Angel Kisses and Riversong by Bestselling Author Lynnette Bonner After a career ending injury, Jett Hudson escapes to a B&B in the mountains of Washington. But when he arrives and has to wake owner Salem Finn, who is sound asleep at her desk, he starts having second thoughts about his choice of lodging—even if her messy bun reminds him of a halo, and her soft gaze has a way of making him forget to breathe. Sometimes the river of life takes unexpected turns. And sometimes those turns lead to angel kisses…and Riversong. Skye by Bestselling Author Heather Gray When Skye reaches her limit, she packs a bag and runs away from it all…without realizing what she’s running toward. Sam is the only wrinkle in her plan. What happens when a woman chased by guilt and fear runs headlong into a battle-hardened Marine who isn’t used to backing down? Ask You Later by USA Today Bestselling Author Jan Thompson He lives and breathes expressive art.

A Bird Died

Chautona Havig - 2013
    Sprinklers sprayed lawns; the hum of leaf blowers and weed trimmers filled the air, racing against daylight to finish their Saturday evening chores. On the street, kids played or clustered in groups around streetlights as if waiting for them to glow in the coming twilight. The amber lamps flickered on, glowing steady. Moths appeared almost as if breathed from the night air. Fireflies waltzed across lawns in weak but whimsical imitation of the nightlights of Fairbury. The lights flickered. Dimmed. Blackness shrouded the neighborhood as screams pierced the night air. One little boy. One terrified family. One loving community. Life changes–sometimes in an instant. For the Cox family, that change comes on a lazy June evening. A raven flies into a power line and falls to its death as a transformer blows. Three-year-old Nathan Cox points to the ground and says, “Look, Daddy!” Fire consumes a fence and Jon Cox leads his son to safety–or so he thinks. Impending twilight hides a live power line that lies in the shadows of the alley. Screams rip through the night air and the hearts of Jon and Kelly Cox as Nathan writhes in pain. Jon jerks his son to safety, but not before the damage is done. The paramedics agree. “He should be dead.” The doctors work through torturous therapies to heal him–therapies little Nathan doesn’t understand. His words rip through the hearts of his parents–his family. “Don’t hurt me, Daddy.” But through the pain, the fear, the loss of the carefree innocence of a life before trauma, bright moments appear and grow. Strangers from all over the world band together, united in prayer for the healing of one pain-riddled little boy. Strangers all across the country offer help in the way of fundraisers. And through it all, one community shows the power of uniting together in one purpose. Car washes, bake sales, business donations and discounts, donation cans, and a recycling drive appear one after the other in an effort to help offset the staggering financial burden of nearly a month in a hospital–without insurance. In one great leap of faith and show of love, a group of musicians gather to present a benefit concert. Businesses offer free fliers, matching donation funds, and volunteer time. People appear from all corners of the town to do their part to ensure that the concert is a rousing success. One theme runs through the course of each event and surmounts every obstacle. “God’s got this.” And little Nathan? He’s the inspiration that ties it all together. His heart wrenching cries and screams as he tries to walk again unites a community. His goofy smile and loopy comments add hope amid the pain of suffering. Ask him–just ask him what happened. He’ll tell you. “A bird died.”

A Place to Call Home

Merrillee Whren - 2013
    But his first priority is securing a restoration job to pay a private investigator to find the real killer and a lawyer to get his kids back. Hiring a convicted wife-killer isn't what kind-hearted Molly Finnerty bargains for as part of the prison ministry she supports. However, she begins to believe Kurt's claim of innocence and gradually finds a great deal to like about him-perhaps more to like than she should. Can they overcome the past and find forgiveness and love?

Serenity Landing Second Chances Compilation: Discovering Home, Glimpsing Hope, & Reclaiming Hearts

Carol Moncado - 2018
    It’s not his first choice, but it seems to be what God has for him, at least for now. Until a chance encounter with a familiar face changes his outlook.MacKenzie Davidson has been a single mom since before her daughter was born. Just once, she’d love not to worry about losing her job or what will happen if her fledgling yarn dyeing business doesn’t take off. A stormy night and flooded road bring the straws that finally break the back of her independent streak.Her knight-in-shining-SUV comes in the form of American royalty. She’s read enough of the tabloids to know that’s how Jonathan’s family is seen and knows she can’t begin to measure up.But when he puts everything aside to help her, her daughter, and her now-floundering business, she begins to wonder. Jonathan quickly comes to believe he’s found everything he’s looking for. Will they find their way to each other or will they be ripped apart before discovering home?Glimpsing HopeChristopher Bayfield enjoys his single life. Unencumbered by relationships, he works and travels whenever he wants. He can even drop everything to do something he's been dreaming of for a while - return to acting in a Happily Ever After TV Network movie. But before he can leave a knock on the door changes his life.Julia Quisenberry never planned to have one child out of wedlock, much less be pregnant with number two, but this was what her life had become. Unemployed and barely making ends meet with her knitting patterns and teaching, she's almost desperate enough to take a handout from her best friend.A phone call from Christopher changes Julia's plans. He offers her a job and a lifeline, in more ways than one. So when the paparazzi threaten all he holds dear, she'll do anything to help him out - even marry him. Can they overcome the obstacles in their path to find a glimpse of hope for their own happily ever after?Reclaiming HeartsAll of the next generation of royals from the Commonwealth of Belles Montagnes have found love.Except one.Crown Prince William of Mevendia has done an exceptional job of keeping his private life out of the public eye. It’s been half a decade since he was last romantically linked with anyone, and even then, no one actually knew who she was.Margaretha Delatreaux had once fancied herself in love with a prince. Maybe she still did. Promises broken still cause her heart to ache, and she longs to repair the damage the last words they’d flung at each other had done.After a chance encounter, a life or death situation, a foreign country, and unflattering press, just maybe they’ll have a second chance at reclaiming hearts.