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Savage by Catherine Black


Dirty Tricks: Box Set

Ryan Ramsay - 2020
    And now, to my surprise, it's where I go too, thanks to surprise tuition the celebrity father I just found out I have sent me after my mother died. I thought dealing with grief was enough to nearly kill me. But now I also have to deal with the most popular and elite students who make up Brentmoor's infamous "Council" relentlessly bullying me because they don't think a poor girl like me belongs here, no matter who my father is.But three of the Council guys are hot, and I swear they have a crush on me. Scruffy but studly Sebastian is a rebel from old money, nerdy-cool Braxton didn't even need his billionaire dad to get him in because his grades were so stellar on their own, and handsome Harrison is the musical bad boy son of a rock and roll star.These three guys might look down their noses at me, but I can't help noticing that they're staring at my curves while they do it. And even though they kind of take part in the cruel jokes, it seems to be in a teasing way. Or is it that they're even trying to help me?It's hard to know what's really going on since Brentmoor and its elite lifestyle are like a whole new world to me and I'm not part of these guys' inner circle. But it starts to become abundantly clear that they want to be in my, um... inner circle... all three of them, at once, in fact.I decide to use one of them to get back at the rest of the members of the Council, especially the mercilessly catty female students. But it's hard to decide which one of the three guys to choose, and from the way they're all fawning over me together, I'm starting to wonder if I even have to. Am I doomed to live alone in the hell that is Brentmoor forever?Or can I get revenge, pleasure and maybe even love, with 3 bad boy bullies at once? This box set contains the complete Bullies of Brentmoor series: Dirty Deeds, Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies and Dirty Love. Note: These books are about three damaged alpha males and the feisty, curvy female student who stands up to them until they're all on their knees begging to please her! The set contains mature language and scenes, including high heat steam, and potential triggers related to bullying. Although there are some cliffhangers in the individual books, everything is resolved by the end of this complete series collection, for your binge-reading pleasure.

A Relentless Love Defying Destiny

Carol Colyer - 2019
    Once she arrives at the small ranching town though, she will soon find out that selling the inheritance will not be as easy as she expected. Will she be able to survive this complicated challenge and fit into a new lifestyle? Is happiness even a probability when she is so far away from home and while having her own parents taking advantage of her for their own benefit?John Hill is very different from anyone else she has ever met. Although he grew up in an orphanage, completely penniless, he is determined to work hard and prove himself. When John recognizes how confused she is, he is the only one to help her. Would he ever find the power to overcome his reticence and admit that he had fallen in love? Will his lack of manners and social graces become an obstacle to a life of happiness?Sarah has found a sense of freedom that she never knew that existed, and a man that she could finally admire. Soon, a bond is formed between them, which will make them stand together against forces that are crooked and frightening. Could it be possible that a man, brought up in the hard world of an orphanage, and a girl, from the very top of society, have the same aims in life? Conspiracies against them will make everything more challenging, but the path of true love never runs smoothly anyway..."A Relentless Love Defying Destiny" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Ace (The Jacksons Book 1)

Brenda Barrett - 2020
    Ace Jackson Jr. resembled the Wileys and not his father, Ace Jackson Sr. His mother, Celia Jackson, told him to ignore the whispers and the innuendos, he was Ace Sr.’s son and not the son of their former gardener, Micky Wiley. For thirty-six years Ace Jr. managed to do just that. He ignored the speculation because he didn’t want to upset the status quo. However, a part of him was curious as to what was the truth of the situation, but he would honor his mother’s wishes. And then he met and developed feelings for Kiya Brady, the rumored love child of Micky Wiley, and then he realized that maybe he shouldn’t be honoring his mother’s wishes after all…

Beautiful Lies

Dominique Thomas - 2018
    Somewhere down the line, he’d become a beautiful liar. Detroit socialites Mercy and Mack lived what many would call a beautiful life. They were connected to all of the right people and carried a certain air to them thanks to their last name. All that was asked of them was to stay away from a particular family. Mack was easy to comply, but Mercy found it hard to stay away from the man that she felt a deep attraction to. Quincy refused to let her go, and the more he pulled her into a world where only they existed, the more Mercy began to question everything she thought she knew about her family. For Mack life was simple. She cut hair and spent her downtime with her girlfriend Charity. KD the hottest DJ in Detroit showed Mack what it was like to be with a man and soon she found herself lost in him. Only KD isn’t as open with Mack about his life as she thought he was and soon his secrets become too big for her to ignore. For Ivy and Quinn, they have one thing in common and its Hayward. They both are in love with him and while Quinn is his woman Ivy undoubtedly has a huge place in his life as well. Soon they get entangled in his web of deceit, and it makes them both question if it’s worth it to love a man that clearly only loves himself or if it’s time to move on? This is a re-release, same story, same title, new cover. This is a full novel.

Jimmy's Game (Ruthless Series Book Book 1)

Karen Clow - 2019
    Little did she know money had changed hands for her and the man she was going to work for was the sadistic self-appointed crime boss, Nick Orphanides. Worse still, was when Maria realised the very people she loved and trusted had known the nightmare she was entering? After living with, deprivation and sadism at Nick’s hands for three years; she believed her prayers have finally been answered when Jimmy Dixon wins her in a poker game. Despite Jimmy being one of Nick’s crew, it soon becomes apparent that Nick wants her back and a feud soon develops between the two men. She knows too much, including Nick’s secret links with the Russian Mafia. If Nick can’t buy her back he’ll silence her permanently, along with Jimmy and anyone who stands in his way. Maria finds herself falling for the charms of bad boy Jimmy. However, it isn't long before she realises that he too has a darker side. A deep rooted sadistic uncontrollable anger connected to his childhood Jimmy's Game is the first book in the RUTHLESS Series 1.

Sweet Billionaire Romance Box Set: Books 1-8

Emilia Hattington - 2019
    And don’t look back.My best friend told me to run, and I listened.My name is no longer Emily.I changed it to Emma and ran as fast I could.I found paradise with a little dash of family.I began rebuilding my life from the ashes.Then Liam walked into my new life.He was kind, smart and downright sexy, but trust wouldn’t come easy to me anymore.He said we could just be friends, but I know he wanted more.I wanted so much to lose myself in him.I wanted so much to forget.But some things can’t be forgotten.Some people can’t be banished.All I could hope is that by the time my past caught up with me, those I loved would be safe and sound.I had the worst luck in love.Women only saw my bank account when they dated me.I had a long sad history with gold diggers, and I was done.But then I saw Emma laugh.Her beauty struck deep within my tired soul and I knew I had to possess her.But I could tell she had a secret.I just never knew how dangerous that secret was.Now it is up to me to save her.If she will let me….When pain and misery litter the pages of our past, can we afford the price of love?Book 2: Lucky EncounterFive years ago, he broke my heart.I was a struggling waitress, down on her luck.He was rich, successful, hot, and charming. How could I keep saying no?But I was a fool to think he cared.When I got pregnant with his child, and he abandoned his responsibilities with a callous note, I vowed to remake myself and never be stupid enough to trust somebody like Noah Pryce again.Now our daughter is four, and I’ve worked my through grad school to build us a better life.When I get a job working at a high end security company for more money than I’ve ever seen, I think Bella and I have it made.But they didn’t tell me it’s Noah’s company.They didn’t tell me the man who abandoned us would be my boss.Somehow I’ve got to keep things professional and work for the bastard who almost ruined my life.Noah’s still gorgeous, still charming, and sometimes I think he might have changed.But for my daughter, I’ve got to keep my head on straight.Noah Pryce may have may have fooled me once, but I’m a different woman now.Book 3: Unexpected AdventureDeep in the Amazon Rainforest is the answer to all of her questions...Megan James has hated wealthy bad boy Andy Saxon ever since an accident that happened years ago.But, when Megan’s sister goes missing in the Amazon, Andy is the key to getting her back.Together, the unlikely duo concoct a plan to save the day.A fake wedding, a private jet, and a hidden heart of gold...Will Megan be able to overcome the past and learn to trust Andy?Will Andy ever find someone who loves him for more than his money?Can they rescue Megan’s sister from the jungle in time?What happens in the Amazon, certainly doesn’t stay in the Amazon...Book 4: Baking for the BillionaireA baking competition show isn’t exactly my thing. But when I find myself strapped for cash, that grand prize proves too hard to resist.Derek is charming, rich, and for some reason, interested in me.I know I should keep my distance, a contestant dating the show’s producer could be the ultimate scandal. Too bad I find the guy irresistible.As the competition heats up, so does our relationship, and I find myself falling head over heels for the man. But he’s got baggage in the form of a selfish ex-wife and I’m facing sabotage on the set.Can we move past our obstacles and find the recipe for love?Book 5: Keeping Her SafeI have a knack for finding trouble.This time, it’s landed me in the witness protection program.Now, I have a new name and a new life in Biloxi, Mississippi.I’ve barely settled in when a hurricane comes along to stir things up.I find myself stranded in the storm, desperate for shelter.Enter Ethan Kincaid.Sexy, rich, kind. He’s the total package.Suddenly, being stuck in the path of a tropical storm while hiding from a deranged killer doesn’t seem so bad.But I can’t forget about the danger that brought me here in the first place.And I can’t tell Ethan who I really am.Between the rain, the secrets, and the ever-lurking danger, I have a lot on my plate.Can I make room for love as well?It looks like I’ll have to, because I lost my heart to a billionaire while the storm raged.Book 6: My Perfect MatchMy trust in men had been destroyed by my previous employer.I wanted never to be a nanny again.But the story of a broken little girl caught at my heart.I accepted the job and made one unbreakable rule for myself -don’t ever let the boss get too close.Too bad this boss lived to break rules.I didn't want him. I didn't trust him.But he really didn't care.Loving him would mean risking the child who needed me.But how could I hate him when he made me feel so special?How could I resist the passion he was offering?If I throw caution to the wind, can we all come out the other side happier than we’ve ever been? Or will the flames burn everything to the ground? Book 7: Loving PursuitMy Hawaiian vacation turned into the perfect getaway when I met Marie.It only took one hot night for her to get under my skin.But I woke up alone the next morning.All I know is her name and the town she’s from.It’s enough to track her down, but should I bother?I can’t seem to help myself.I want her in my bed again. And again. And again.Before I know it, I’ve developed real feelings for her.But we come from different worlds.I’m a Beverly Hills billionaire. She’s a small-town princess.My father would never approve.Then, we get a shocking surprise that could change everything.Will we embrace change and come stronger on the other side?Is love enough to conquer all?Book 8: Return to MeOlivia Jacobs is the one that got away.It’s been ten years since life pulled us in different directions.In that time, I’ve become a billionaire with women falling at my feet.But none of them measure up.When an accident lands me in the hospital, I’m shocked to see Olivia there in scrubs.Sparks fly between us, but is it enough to reignite an old flame?Between my crazy ex and an opportunity that threatens to tear us apart again, there’s plenty to get in the way of happiness.Can we push through the obstacles and find a love that was always meant to be?

A Blast from the Past (A Second Chance Romance)

Sharon Cummin - 2015
    His name was Zander. We spent four amazing years together. Then he left me. It had been sixteen years since I'd heard his voice or seen his face. I'd spent the last two of those years helping his mom care for his sick father. Not for one second did I think he'd come back. I was wrong. When he walked back into my life as if nothing happened, I didn't know what to do. A few days. He was only going to be there a few days. What could it hurt? When secrets were revealed, I realized something. Maybe he hadn't left me. Maybe he was the there the whole time. I just had to figure out what that meant.

Longing For A Liberating Love

Bridget Barton - 2019
    She has resigned herself to a life in his shadow, but suddenly tragedy strikes and harsh reality forces her to now live as a repentant widow. When her husband’s lawyer approaches her and appears more than willing to offer her the protection she needs, she will find herself in total despair, unable to make a choice. Will she lay aside her doubts for a chance at love? Or will she deny herself this opportunity, fearing that society will frown down on her?Theodore has worked his entire life for a chance to prove himself and rise to a place of respect as a barrister. However, when he becomes the one to deliver the tragic news of one of his clients’ fate to his beautiful wife, he will start changing the way he has been facing things in life so far. His heart was aching watching this woman suffering all along, but now it is his time to finally intervene and show her his affection: everything she has ever longed for. Will he risk everything to touch the heart of a woman that once belonged to another?Just when Alina and Theodore start admitting to themselves the feelings and tenderness they have developed for each other, some dreadful news are about to reach the town. How far are they willing to get in order to claim their chance at happiness?

Secret Desires

Ashlee Price - 2019
    The Hot Doctor?2. The Hot Boss?3. The Hot Daddy?4. The Best Friend's Ex?5. The Mysterious Surprise Bidder?6. All Of The Above??No matter which man is your favorite, these steamy romance stories are guaranteed to keep you entertained all night long.Book 1 - A Beautiful MistakeSurprise...I went in for surgery and woke up married to my doctor!Maybe I can use this mistake to my advantage.My perfect plan starts to fall apart when her controlling, desperate ex threatens her.Screw that. In this world, I protect what's mine.Book 2 - Boss Me DaddyMy billionaire boss is my worst enemy.Will falling in love with my enemy lead to a second chance?Or, with everything stacked against us, will we be driven apart forever.Book 3 - Hot DaddyI've been dumped once before.This billionaire fling is never going to work.We've got rules that we need to stick to.But his son is in danger.And I'm pregnant.Would now be the best time to break those rules?Book 4 - Best Friend's Ex With BenefitsI'm in love with my best friend's ex-girlfriend.And, now she's pregnant.It was supposed to be pretend but faked turn to real.Especially now that she's carrying a baby.A baby that could be mine.Will Natalie tell me the truth about who the father is?Book 5 - Surprise BidderI'm desperate for money and hope.Luckily, Gavin can give me both.But we both have secrets.Secrets that I'm discovering could destroy me.And I'm carrying another big surprise of my own.What happens when I tell him that he's the father?***Secret Desires is a collection of 5 stand-alone romance novels featuring dominant alpha males, over the top billionaires, hot daddies and couples overcoming more drama then you'll able to count.***No cheating, no cliffhangers and of course, a very satisfying HEA for each story.

Claimed by Her Wolf - Collection Shifter Romance: A Paranormal Wolf Shifter Romance (Shifter Alphas Furever Book 1)

Sedona Venez - 2018
     With easy fun and hot, sexy nights entwining Dawson’s sleek, muscled body with Jade’s sensuous, inviting warmth, the two loners, in control of their separate worlds, are pulled together by one shared spark—the baby was given life by them both. Sometimes you have to let go to hold on. Sometimes love is a risk worth taking. Happily Ever Alpha Arya has lost everything… her parents, her home, her identity—all gone in the blink of an eye. Forced into the country with her only living relative, she struggles to rebuild your life and put the pieces of her heart back together. Arya finds herself swept up in a mysterious maze that will take her on an adventure of a lifetime and into the arms of two mysterious men. Loving one means security and acceptance in a world where shifters and humans collide. Loving the other means war. Broken Moon When Harley awakens to find himself locked in a cell, he wonders what his captors could possibly want with him. After all, he is hardly the kind of man to give up secrets, especially ones about the Order of Protection, the agency he has been loyal to, for most of his life. Besides, he's a shifter, and shifters never break. Things go from bad to worse, when a new prisoner is thrown into the cell next to him, begging for her life. Harley knows he has to find a way out of this hell hole quickly, and make sure she is returned home safely, before it's too late. Wild Things Senna, the curvy Princess, refuses to be given away in marriage to the Ottway, an evil bastard of a man, who just so happens to be aligned with her father. The marriage arranged against her wishes, Senna is torn between what she must do for her family, and what her heart truly wants. Gabriel isn't just Senna's guard, but a powerful wolf-shifter, who wants her as his own. It would be treason to go against the wishes of the King, but what these men don't seem to know, is that when it comes to love, rules are meant to be broken. Will Gabriel be successful in his attempt to rescue Senna from danger? Wolf Bite On the run from an enemy wolf pack, Grayson and Cadence fight for their lives while denying the scorching hot attraction that threatens to consume them both…


Jessica Phoenix - 2019
    That is until she decided to take matters into her own hands, fight back and run from her dark and tortured past. Gia He’s not the kind of guy I usually go out with. Not that I dated all that much anyway before my ex. But I make it a point to steer clear of men like him. Nathan took my breath away the moment I laid eyes on him. And even if he just may be the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen, I won’t cave to his advances. I’ve felt the worst kind of pain from people that look like him. It may be wrong to generalize, but I wouldn’t go there. I can’t go there. Ever…Can I? Nathan She’s sexy. I like that. She’s feisty. I like that even more. She shoots me down every time I ask her out. Not really a fan of that, but I’m nothing if not persistent. Gia has to be the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I want her. Problem is she’s not buying what I’m selling. Her piercing eyes tell a tale of scars unseen. Immediately I want to be the one to chase away what plagues her. First have to convince her that I’m the just one to help heal her. Standalone Romance A story of hope, healing, love and music. Adult content 18++ ***This book contains sensitive/emotional subject matters that may be too intense for some readers.


Zaria Diamond - 2019
    I knew what it meant, and was ready for what I’d be expected to do. But nothing could have prepared me for him. He is as powerful as the stallions locked in his stables. His heart is as distant as a falcon flying over the horizon, searching for prey. He lives in a palace and wears royal robes, but make no mistake. This man is not a desert prince, but a beast. That’s fine. I am not the innocent beauty I appear to be. I am a hunter. He owns the sand I walk on and the water I drink, but he will never own me. He may claim my body, but I will tame his heart.

The Philistine Heart Saga

Jean Evergreen - 2018
    But he has a secret... Bridget Delaney has had a year of failures. With a defunct business and a five-year relationship gone stale, the last thing she expected was for another man to catch her eye. Especially someone like Jason. He’s arrogant, insanely handsome, and he’s her new boss. Despite her greatest efforts, she can’t stop thinking about him. What’s worse, she doesn’t want to. When she’s with him, she feels alive in ways she never thought possible. But after she finds out about his troubled past, she realizes that looks can be deceiving and the heart can tell the greatest lie of all. When the chips are down, will she be able to look beyond the sins of his past or will it be her undoing? The Dilemma - Book 2 Lies, betrayal and an obsession gone too far. When it comes to love, anything goes. Jason’s back, and this time he's not taking no for an answer. With Blake in the picture, Bridget is more confused than ever. Both are prepared to give her everything her heart desires. But with her head and heart at odds, will she wind up making a decision she'll regret for the rest of her life? Please be advised: This series is intended for mature audiences. It contains violence, graphic scenes and explicit language. If you enjoy dark romances, you'll love The Philistine Heart saga.

Glacier Leopards Boxset, Volume 1

Zoe Chant - 2017
    Loss. Freedom. Family. These snow leopards range through the wilderness alone...until they meet their mates. In the small communities nestled among the Rocky Mountains, shapeshifters run openly through the trees. And at Glacier National Park, a community slowly grows among the rangers there. But it doesn't come without hardship. Can the Glacier Park snow leopards overcome old wounds, weather new dangers, and rise to the most difficult challenge of all...building a family? Combining searing passion with wild adventure and heartwarming family ties, the Glacier Leopards series is a must-read for fans of T.S. Joyce, Terry Bolryder, and Harmony Raines. With 300+ five star reviews, 25,000 copies sold, and 10 million Kindle Unlimited pages read, these spellbinding books have captivated paranormal romance readers worldwide. Now you can save 30% on the first three books with this convenient box set. Contains strong curvy heroines, dangerous snowstorms, cute babies, fated mates learning what love means, and absolutely no cliffhangers! One-click now for three gorgeous tales of sizzling passion, hope, and family!

I'm Low Key Feeling You: Complete Series: A Thug Love Story

Cole Hart - 2019
    And now it’s available here as a complete collection edition. In this two-book series, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with the national bestselling author Cole Hart that brought you The Sunday School Teacher, Rich Thugs, Hood Romance themed novels and several Thug Love stories. His writing is very clever, gripping, and this story is unputdownable. **Warning** This is not your typical Urban romance, dope boy, thug love, or kingpin savage book. Heart pounding. Nail-biting. Gritty. Street Literature. Hood love. Aaliyah Pride has her hands full with pursuing her career and trying to figure out, what led to the sudden change in her man, Chris’ behavior. The last thing she needed was for the temptation to step in-leading her to question everything she thought she knew about life and love but that’s exactly what she got when she met Montae Wilson. Montae “Baby Boy” Wilson was blessed from birth with handsome looks, irresistible charm and a passion for hard work. He’s a man that can adjust to his surroundings and go from classic to hood in zero to sixty seconds without blinking an eye. From the moment he saw Aaliyah he knew there was something special about her. Something that went far beyond her almond-shaped eyes, pouty lips, feisty attitude and inviting curves. Briana Henson's world was flipped upside down, when her father, one of Atlanta’s biggest Kingpins, was sentenced to a thirty-year sentence in federal prison. A product of her environment, the only thing Briana knew was partying in the A-Town nightlife and spending money. Now that 'broke' is her lifestyle, she’s desperate to find a come up and eager to use her assets to seal the deal. When she meets Montae, money is the last thing on her mind and she quickly finds herself caught up in her emotions and feeling him on an unfamiliar level. Before long, Briana is left asking herself if a woman of her stature could really love a man that's working a nine to five at Walmart. As the lives of these three collide, hearts will be broken, bonds will be damaged and an unknown enemy will submerge. Discover what can happen when chance run-ins and nights of passion lead to intimate deceptions and see just how far some admirers will go when they’re low key feeling you.