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Tidal Wave by E.M. Lindsey


Captive Hearts

A.E. Ryecart - 2018
    Protector. Lover.Dashiell acts first and thinks second when he uses his fists to stop a vicious assault. The victim’s young, blond and beautiful — and the bratty kept boy of a gangland thug. Dashiell’s not offered thanks. Instead, he’s offered a job as the boy's bodyguard. Out of work and short of cash, it’s tempting to say yes. But there are strings attached, and Dashiell’s not sure he wants to get entangled.Billy knows his place. He’s the property of a violent criminal, and just one wrong word means a beating, or worse. He yearns for a man who will love and protect him, keep him safe, and catch him when he falls. Dashiell could be that man — but only if Billy has the courage to follow his heart. Their love is forbidden, and danger stalks their every move. Escape is the only option but as the walls close in, is time running out for Dashiell and Billy?Captive Hearts is the first in the Deviant Hearts MM Romantic Suspense series. Expect a hard fought for HEA. No cliff hangers.Note: this book was previously published under the name of A E Ryecart. The cover and description may (or may not) have changed, but the book title and contents remain the same as before.

Bankers' Hours

Wade Kelly - 2016
    After years of horrific first dates, he’s convinced he’s saving himself for true love. Surely he has bad taste in men because it couldn’t possibly be his persnickety nature that’s sent them packing.Tristan Carr has been in a holding pattern since his daughter was born fifteen years ago, which suits his workaholic lifestyle just fine. This ex-Navy turned auto mechanic never wanted anyone interfering with being a weekend dad. For Tristan to rearrange his perfectly orchestrated life, a guy will need to be special. Or in the case of the newest employee at his bank, the guy will need to be adorable, shy, and open to the prospect of forever when it shows up at his window.

Old Town New

B.A. Tortuga - 2006
    He's had a tough time of it, but Danny figures he's managed to become respectable, or at least less than notorious. The last person he expects to ever see back in town is Harlan Quinn, his old best friend and consummate bad boy. And when he finds out Quinn is the new Sheriff it's even more of a shock. Quinn knows there's more to his old hometown than meets the eye. There's trouble brewing, big enough trouble that he's willing to go undercover to figure out who's behind it. Quinn knows there's more to Danny than old memories and quiet living, too. There was a lot of passion in his old friend once upon a time, and he's willing to bet it's still there if he scratches the surface. He sets out to stir things up in more ways than one, pushing Danny to admit that there's more to life than he has, and that their old town just might manage to be new again.

The Bride's Brother

J.P. Oliver - 2018
    into me? Is he into me? He'd be the first for quite some time. I have to admit, seeing all these weddings come and go can be a bit much when you go home all by yourself. But is it ethical to date a client's brother? Hunter He's such a snob, but I guess he's no worse than my sister. I'm always the one shoved around by everyone--but even him? At least he understands when it's a case of mistaken identity. I certainly never said I was marrying my sister. That would be one screwed up situation and besides, I'm not much for women anyway. Still, I've never met quite anyone like him. He's seen so much love, but he doesn't have any for himself. I wouldn't mind changing that. This mistaken identity book is steaming hot and ready for your eager fingers. Please, no one under legal age of their origin country.

A Dance Too Far

H.L. Day - 2019
    Not that anyone can get close. Bypass the entourage and there's still Valentin's sharp tongue and acerbic wit to deal with. He may give his body freely, but his emotions are kept tightly locked away. Max Farley's life is a simple one. All he's interested in is work, drinking, and picking up the latest in a long line of one-night stands. The way he chooses to live may not be to everyone's taste but it suits him down to the ground. He's never met anyone who's made him want to confront the demons from his past. Until now. A show in London brings the two together. Lust brings them closer still. But if rumors of Bratva connections turn out to be true, then dangerous men wait in the wings. One dangerous man in particular, who's used to people following his orders without question. Difficult choices need to be made on both sides. Valentin and Max need to stop playing with fire and let each other go, or face the consequences. But letting go isn't that easy where love is concerned. And some things are worth the risk. Warning: This book contains a snarky ballet dancer with an aversion to clothes, a little too much wall sex and an overabundance of Russian heavies.

Random Acts

Mia Kerick - 2014
    After struggling for nearly a decade, he has yet to complete his college degree. Working as a school custodian, living in blue-collar Landsbury, MA, his love life is as empty as the rest of his existence. But on his way home after another disastrous date, his truck breaks down in upscale Oceanside. When he thinks life can't get any worse, a man who is the epitome of Boston elite and everything Bradley finds attractive and intimidating helps him move his truck to the side of the road. Ashamed of his lot in life, Bradley almost lets the opportunity slip away, but he comes to his senses in time and tracks Caleb down.From a random act of kindness, romance begins to grow, filling all the dark corners of Bradley's empty life—until a random act of violence threatens to take it all away. Bradley must step up and be the man Caleb believes him to be. Caleb rescued him from a life without hope. Can Bradley rescue him in return?


Aria Grace - 2020
    ***Liam suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was only twelve years old. Although the doctors have hope he’ll make a full recovery some day, almost eight years later, he hasn’t spoken a word and is completely disengaged from the world around him.Wyatt accepts a job as a companion and daytime caretaker for Liam as a way to make some money and get back on his feet. It’s a short-term assignment, but with room and board included, Wyatt is happy to have a break from living with his mom.While a true friendship between Liam and Wyatt develops, Wyatt finds out the real reason he was hired. To teach Liam the things his parents and sister can’t help him with.It’s awkward and uncomfortable at first, but as Liam opens up to Wyatt, they both make tremendous strides in their physical and mental conditions.And it turns out the old adage that love is the best medicine might actually be true.For mature readers.

Melting The Ice Prince

Amylea Lyn - 2013
    Untrusting, he protects his heart with an icy and cool demeanor, earning him the nickname Ice Prince at work. It’s a description David’s proud of, until the day his boss’s son walks through the door.Nick Masterson takes one look at the cool beauty with fire in his eyes and has to have him. But after being brutally rejected, he makes a bet that he’ll be able to melt David’s shell and win his heart without managing to give away his own in the process. But Nick didn’t count on the man beneath the icy mask being everything he’d ever wanted in a partner.Can a relationship based on lies last once the truth finally comes out?

Wild by Nature

Lynn Van Dorn - 2020
    Needing some space, Hayden storms out of their rented cabin and gets not only lost it in the dense woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but injured as well. Being rescued is a miracle, but being rescued by a man who looks like a Norse god wearing plaid—that's a dream come true. All Kurt Jorgenson wants is to go hunting and bag a sizable deer, but instead he finds Hayden Blake, a city boy lost in Kurt’s forest. He takes Hayden home to care for his injuries, but Kurt finds himself drawn in ways he hadn’t dreamed existed to the young man he’s rescued and installed in his spare bedroom. Kurt yearns to be everything Hayden needs but he doesn't know where to start. Hayden desires Kurt and longs for a home, but he's not sure he has anything worthwhile to offer in return. However, with the help of a nosy librarian, a trip to Walmart, a pig named Wilbur, and cops bribed with cheese, Kurt and Hayden may find their way to a well-deserved happy ending. Wild By Nature is a 36k romance novella with a displaced twink, a confirmed bachelor, improper library behavior, pasties, shirtless wood chopping, fuzzy cows, and gas station pizza. It contains men falling in love, falling into bed, and just falling. Not necessarily in that order. Note: This version has been expanded by 5K to include a new epilogue.

I Can See For Miles

Lisa Worrall - 2013
    In short order, his boyfriend leaves him behind, making it clear he’s not inclined to deal with special needs. Reeling from the blow, Josh flounders. In an attempt to help, Josh’s friends take him to a camp for the blind, where he falls for the camp organizer, Charlie Cooper. Charlie seems to feel the attraction too, but when a horse named Dottie pushes them into a hot first kiss, Charlie resists. He believes he’s damaged goods, not boyfriend material. Since the accident, Josh has faced tough obstacles, but the most challenging hurdle of all may be getting Charlie to open up and take a chance on love.

Shared Custody

Peter Styles - 2018
    What were they thinking to have me share custody with Patton? He’s impulsive, laidback, and an actor, of all things. We have nothing in common, and I don’t see how this arrangement is going to work. Living with him and raising two children? It’s crazy—so why does it seem to make more and more sense the longer our arrangement lasts? I’m falling for a guy who doesn’t do responsible or committed, and I can’t seem to stop. I’m not usually so reckless with my heart, but Patton makes me open up and let him in. Patton Lenny has me all wrong. Okay, I am impulsive and definitely laidback, but I’m also responsible, and I have a killer work ethic. He might not appreciate acting is more than a hobby, but it’s my life—until my best friend and his wife are killed, and they leave me half-custody of two little kids. Suddenly, I’m trading makeup sessions for princess tea parties and find it satisfying, but I still have dreams and goals. Even though I’m falling for Lenny, and I’m content with our newly forming family, I don’t want to let go of those when I have the chance of a lifetime. Lenny considers it unimportant, making me feel like I have to choose between my new life and my old when there doesn’t seem to be a way to compromise. A Friends To Lover Romance.

Not a Word

Dawn Sister - 2015
    He doesn’t speak to anyone. Avoiding conversation is easier than the pity and impatience he senses from everyone the moment he opens his mouth and nothing comes out. Since he split up with his partner years before, he hasn’t had much to do with anyone and that has suited him just fine. He has his dog, Zen, for company. Zen doesn’t care that Niall can’t get through an entire sentence without stuttering. Zen is all Niall needs. And that’s how it would have stayed until the day a new neighbour moves in next door.Zak is Niall’s exact opposite—twenty-three years Niall’s junior, bubbly, gregarious and never shuts up. His arrival fills Niall’s quiet life with constant noise and constant company. Zen appears to have defected, and Zak doesn’t seem to even notice that Niall rarely speaks. Gradually, Zak’s endless patience brings Niall out of his shell. To Niall’s surprise, he suddenly has a friend, a confidante and perhaps something more.And he didn’t even have to say a word.This story was originally written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love is an Open Road" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.A new, extended version is now available with Beaten Track Publishing.

Motorcycles and Macarons

Ashton Cade - 2019
    I’ve mastered the quickie, the one-night stand, and I’m not into changing things up. Why mess with perfection? When I roll into Snow Lake to take over my uncle’s mechanic shop, the last thing I want to do is settle down. Until I lay eyes on Grayson, who is not the kind of man suited for a one-night stand. He’s domestic as all hell, running his bakery and doing cute sh!t with his son all damn day. Not. My. Type. But I can’t take my eyes off of him. Every time I see him, my heart pounds; I go weak in the knees. I dream about holding up a ring, and making him mine forever. I never wanted this life—I always thought it was a trap. But Grayson, gorgeous and kind, is giving me a sweet tooth for his baked goods and all his other delights.   I just might want to make a home on this road where I’ve landed. If Gray is with me, I might fall in love with Snow Lake after all. Grayson: My partner left the minute Harry came into our lives. Ever since then, it’s been me and my boy, all on our own. I didn’t want to be a single dad, but Harry makes it all worthwhile. Sure, I’m not going on any dates, but romance can wait. I’m done with the heartbreak of losing my man, and I’m not pulling Harry into any relationship that won’t last forever. That’s why Layton comes as a surprise. He’s everything I never wanted—a bad boy with bedroom eyes, and thighs muscled from gripping his motorcycle. He keeps showing up in my nighttime fantasies—and at my bakery every morning, looking like he wants to take a bite out of me. When I slip up and let him get a taste, I know he’s all wrong. I can’t keep a man like Layton happy, and I need him out of my life for good. It’s too bad because I was a little bit in love. I never imagined it would hurt so much to leave Layton behind—or that my sweet boy would want to have Layton around. Layton keeps telling me he’s for real, that he’s in this for keeps. I’ve never been the kind of guy to take a chance, but maybe this is the time to give it a try.

Love Me Back To Life

M.L. Rhodes - 2013
    It was fate, after all, since they were the same age and shared the same birthday. It hadn’t mattered that Noah lived in a sunny world where he spent his days wandering the Colorado mountains with his doting, artist father, while Phoenix hailed from the outskirts of town, where he lived with a dad who drank more than he worked and who ruled their house with a brutal temper. When the two boys were together, life was perfect, and neither of them could imagine being parted. But the spring before their sixteenth birthday, tragedy struck, robbing Noah of the father he’d adored. Shortly afterward, Phoenix began to withdraw, holding Noah at arm’s length, missing school…and then one day he just disappeared. Devastated by those events, Noah’s further shaken when, without warning, his emotionally detached mother moves them across the country, cutting Noah’s final tie to everything he’d once loved. Twelve years later, Noah returns to La Paz, Colorado. He’s tired, emotionally battered, and looking for a fresh start, or maybe a restart of the life that had so long ago been derailed. But with painful memories haunting every corner, he begins to doubt his decision. Without his father, and especially without Phoenix, whom he can now admit was so much more to him than just a friend, his childhood town feels barren, absent of the connections that had once made it home. But then, when he least expects it, Noah discovers something that shakes his world. He finds that truths aren’t always what they seem, quaint small towns can hide the darkest of secrets, and some heartaches run so deep only the strongest, most steadfast of loves can heal them.

Set Ablaze

K.C. Burn - 2018
    He has room in his home and his life for someone special, but no one has stood out among his hookups. And while he’s out at work, admitting he’s gay is very different from showing up at social functions with a man. He’s afraid that’ll be too much for his less-than-accepting “friends.”Broadway dancer Jez Bouchet hasn’t been mistaken for straight since he was gay-bashed at seventeen. After getting a lucrative job offer in Hollywood, he uproots his life in New York and drives to Los Angeles. His brother, who is Hayden’s best friend, arranges for him to crash at Hayden’s place.The attraction between Hayden and Jez is unexpected but fiery, and they succumb before they’re even sure they like each other. But Jez hates Hayden’s homophobic friends, and Hayden knows Jez is too flamboyant for him to fly under the radar. Then there’s the complication of Jez’s brother.Despite those hurdles, they fling themselves into a relationship. But Jez has secrets: a tiny spoiled dog and a determined stalker. If he doesn’t come clean, he might torch their burgeoning relationship before it has a chance to bloom.Cover Artist: Jennifer Vance