Packing Leather

Kim Dare - 2011
     Neither of them has any intention of chasing after girls—or even chasing after any guys other than each other. After months of subtle flirtation, Darren and Jamie are finally ready to do a hell of a lot more than stare longingly across the office. They both know they’re going to get laid, have a laugh and maybe even fall in lust. But neither realises the weekend has other surprises in store for them—perhaps lust won’t be the only thing they fall in. Especially when one of them realises that the other man doesn’t just have swimming trunks in his weekend bag—he’s packing leather.

Dirty Kisses

Sean Michael - 2012
    At least that's what he has always believed, until one evening after he gets dumped by his latest boyfriend, he notices Quint, the hot bartender. Quint is the complete opposite of a twink. In fact, he's even taller than Bussy and definitely well-built. Could the shy bartender be exactly what Bussy's been looking for all along?

Bound to Fall

Jaime Samms - 2015
    With so many fences between them and happily ever after, two men wonder if it’s worth opening the gate. Ten years ago, Eddie Crane, an actor on the rise, loved his costar and dreamed of the day they could be together. But his love, with his submissive nature, couldn’t handle fame, and before Eddie could help him, he died in a car accident—with Eddie at the wheel. Now, scarred and guilt-ridden, Eddie buries himself in bad decisions and prays that a stunt—on or off camera—will go wrong. Teenaged fantasies about the actor on his wall distracted Arthur Pike from real life—his dead father, runaway mother, gruff grandparents, and his unrequited love for his cousin’s straight husband. Now grown and off the farm, Pike is a horse stuntman hired to teach a reluctant Eddie to ride. Pike is drawn to Eddie’s dominant nature despite the sadness clinging to the actor. Eddie let one lover down, but in Pike’s submissiveness, he sees the possibility for redemption.

The Man He Needs

M.A. Innes - 2019
    There were just some things he didn’t think the strait-laced Blake would understand. It was better to keep it quiet and appreciate the relationship he had with the sexy, albeit vanilla man. Right? Blake didn’t see himself as vanilla—at least not until his boyfriend fessed up to his interest in BDSM after a little too much alcohol. It was clear Keith thought Blake wouldn’t get it, but it really wasn’t that difficult to grasp. All his sweet, overworked boyfriend wanted was a way to relax and let everything go. Right? When one boyfriend has a secret, and the other is the definition of vanilla, can dipping their toes into kink really work?

Songs You Know by Heart

Eleanor Kos - 2008
    He liked it rough and he still does, but he tries to be safer about his choice of partners and locations these days. He didn’t expect an attempted mugging to be the cause of his relapse. The guy shoves him up against a tree and puts a knife to his throat, and something in his voice makes David want to offer him anything – so he does. It was a stupid idea – David’s had a million of them – but he got it out of his system. When his mugger shows up at his door in the rain like a lost puppy, it’s hard to say who is more surprised when David invites him to come inside. Previously published under another pen name - Songs You Know by Heart, by Dr. Noh. Contains explicit scenes.

The Portrait of His Sublimity

Cay McKat - 2012
    Getting it done gives me more satisfaction than sex, or the stuff I have been getting lately anyway. I am not sure if it is the fact that I am a masochist, or the hunk of a tattoo artist I have been going to for the last year. Either way, I may be covered head to toe by the end. The tattoo Guy is an artist with a capital A. Dark, brooding, moody, and oh so hot. He is definitely an Alpha male too. But there is no way I am a submissive, or am I? Could I maybe find what I need another way?Photo Description: A shirtless man in jeans, his torso and arms covered in tattoos.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love is Always Write" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Read the story online or find it in Love Is Always Write: Volume 7.

A Daddy for the Cowboy

Jacki James - 2019
    He longs for a forever Daddy who would be willing to take a more firm hand when it's called for. As a professional bull rider, most men expect him to be the one in control. He doesn't think he has much of a chance of finding what he desires. However, when he is sidelined by an injury, and his best friend's big brother offers him a place to stay and recuperate, he may find exactly what he is looking for. Sterling has been waiting for a chance to make the hot cowboy his, and he isn't above using Dean's injury to get close to him. It's the perfect chance to show him he is the perfect Daddy for his cowboy. ***This is a short story that was previously released for free on Prolific Works. ***

A Master's Love

Marty Rayne - 2007
    What more does a Dominant need? That's what he always thought until Kyle Turner knocked on his door. In a slump since his last break up, Kyle Turner decides to try something different. Angel's Heart. A House of Dominants. Kyle has no idea what to expect, but he definitely gets more than he bargained for when he puts himself at Nate's mercy?literally. Irresistible attraction draws Kyle deeper and deeper into Nate's world of domination and submission. But in order to find love, the Master will have to surrender and allow his submissive's love to dominate him. [Publisher's Notes: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: homoerotic sex, BDSM.]

Taking Care: A Mother's Day Special

Gianni Holmes - 2019
     Declan is dragging his feet about returning home, wanting to spend a few more days in the City of Lights, and Owen thinks he knows why. Mother's Day is coming up, and Declan wants the distraction to forget the mother he lost. Can Owen be the sexy distraction that Declan needs, and how will he help Declan to confront his anxieties? This is a steamy short story special of Declan and Owen from the Taking Care series. This is not intended to be read as a standalone. However, it can be read to sample the characters before getting into the series or for the sake of titillation.


Silvia Violet - 2018
    But after a series of failed relationships, he’s not sure he has any hope left. Then Elliot, the much younger food truck owner Max has been crushing on, makes a flirtatious comment, which suggests his interests line up perfectly with Max’s, and Max summons the courage to ask him out. Elliot offers to cook for Max, and when he puts Max to work assisting in the kitchen, things heat up fast. Both men begin to wonder if they've found exactly what they've been looking for? This story can be read as a stand-alone or as part of the Love and Care series.

Bloom Box

Cate Ashwood - 2015
    When Will is left carrying responsibility for the flower shop he’d leased for his cheating ex-boyfriend, he is sure it will lead him into financial ruin.Just when he’s about to abandon all hope, in walks Milo Hart—young, overflowing with energy, and perhaps best of all, a genius when it comes to flowers. Will hires him on the spot and they begin a working partnership that might be Will’s only saving grace. The more time they spend together, the more Will’s feelings for Milo evolve and Will must choose between keeping things strictly business, or taking a chance to let love bloom.

Sunset Ridge

Carol Lynne - 2011
    Since riding a horse for the first time, Gray has known running the ranch would be his destiny. Years spent watching his father negotiate and build the ranch into a highly respected operation prepared him well.In need of a manager to oversee the hired hands, Gray hires Jack “Ram” Ramsdale, a sexy temptation that could spell nothing but trouble. For years, Gray managed to keep his sexual preferences away from the ranch, but the introduction of Ram into his life changes everything.Ram fell in love with Sunset Ridge Stables the first time he stepped foot on the ranch with its rolling green hills and views to take a person’s breath away. The handsome ranch owner is definitely a bonus, but more than anything Ram is searching for a place to belong.With temptation at his fingertips, Gray gives in to his feelings and begins an intense affair with his new manager. For a few blissful months he believes he can have it all, the ranch and a man he loves at his side. When local gossip threatens the reputation of the Sunset Ridge, Gray and Ram are forced to make an important decision. Give up their relationship or lose everything they’ve worked for.

Mastering Stefan

J.M. Snyder - 2009
    Someone who drives him to the edge but won-t let him fall. Someone he can trust completely, body and soul, someone he can lose himself in. When a local gay bar called the Code hosts a fetish night, Stefan goes looking to be conquered. There Stefan meets the man of his dreams, known only as -Master.- But when put to the test, can he prove himself worthy of such a man? NOTE: This story won second place in 2006 -Please the Baroness- contest, and appears in the anthology Best Gay Bondage Erotica.

Rhys Has a Crush

Melanie Tushmore - 2013
    It's not like there's anything else to do in their boring home town.Then Seb's older brother appears; a gorgeous vision in tight, black clothing, and long dark hair. Rhys is instantly attracted, though his attempts to flirt with the mysterious Damien don't go all that well. So Rhys resorts to a fail safe plan: steal Damien's phone number, and send him anonymous love-texts.

Dave and the Bear Across the Hall

Rob Colton - 2010
    Approx. word count: 24,453