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Omega Hunted by Victoria Brice



Lynn Hagen - 2017
    Everyone in the town of Grizzly Ridge whispers about how either the Rising men can control the wild bears that roam the mountains, or that they are the wild bears themselves.On his way home from work one night, a stranger nearly hits Dane on the backroad. When the guy gets out of his truck, Dane is kidnapped and taken high into the mountains.Clint grew up in the mountains, his bear clan hidden from humans. Out on an errand one night, Clint decides to take a shortcut and nearly runs a man over. Pissed at the guy's carelessness, he gets out and discovers the human is his mate. His bear takes over and Clint bites him, starting the process that will enable Dane to carry his child.But Clint's life is filled with dangers, and the biggest danger of all is his father.

Bred for Him

Aspen Grey - 2019
    But now he’s back, searching for his fated mate so he can finally claim what’s his. The only problem? He’s not the only one looking for him… Owen is alone. The love of his life, his fated mate, ripped away from him when they were just ready to settle down. Now he’s working a dead end job, wondering why he hasn’t heard from Trevor in five years. Why hasn’t he written? Why hasn’t he called? Was the man he loved really a killer? Trevor breaks out of prison with one thing in mind: find Owen and make him his again. But the Cancio’s, the mafia family Trevor used to work for, are out to find the sweet omega too. They want to make Trevor pay for leaving the family, and the easiest way to do that? Hurt the one he loves. Trevor tracks his mate to Cliffside, Maine and narrowly saves him from a Cancio attack. Owen tends to his mate’s wounds and the two are finally reunited. After being away from his mate for so long, Trevor is determined to put a baby in his belly and make him his forever. But the Cancios are out there – and they won’t stop until they find them. Fate brought them together, and life split them apart. It’s time for Trevor to make things right, put his past behind him and do what has to be done to protect him and his omega. But the Cancios are out for blood, and he’s just one alpha… But he has something to fight for—love. Bred For Him is the first book in the Cliffside Wolves series, with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and all the steamy, knotty goodness that might melt your Kindles. Beware… ;) An MM Mpreg Shifter Romance.

Fake Boyfriend

Troy Hunter - 2018
    Neither could have guessed how their arrangement would end! With his strong jaw, piercing grey eyes, and impressive, muscular physique, Alex Nox is used to capturing attention whenever he walks into a room. What this alpha werewolf isn’t used to is having to prove himself. When Alex walks into the writing center with an alluring proposition for his brainy tutor, the introverted Nick must decide if it’s worth playing along with the handsome jock’s scheme. But what should have been a straightforward proposition is soon filled with unexpected twists and unforeseen complications! Chock full of sexy, funny, and seductive characters, this gay book has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the graphic content and stimulating details. Most of all, have fun! 18+ readers only please!

Alpha Dragon: Taran

Kaz Crowley - 2018
    But when his fated mate walks right in the door on day one, he realizes life is gonna get crazy. And then a rival tattoo shop opens right across the street. This alpha dragon’s got too much to handle, and if he’s not careful, he’s going to lose his passion, his friends, and his fated omega. All Nosko wanted was a tattoo to remember his grandmother by. He didn’t think he’d meet the man he’d been waiting his whole life for. Is it the right time, though? His art gallery’s sales are dropping, and he needs to focus. Just when he thinks he has it all under control, he gets mugged by someone who has a bone to pick with dragon shifters. How can he raise a family if he doesn’t feel safe in his own home? With a rogue criminal targeting dragons and a flagging business, he needs to get his head on straight. And on top of that, Taran gets him pregnant. What’s a guy to do? Alpha Dragon: Taran is the first in a steamy new mpreg romance series centered around alpha dragons who love ink and getting inked. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a bona fide HEA. Warning: this book is so hot it’ll scorch your socks off!

Precious Omega

Rowan Lane - 2017
    Because male omegas are valued so highly, finding a dignified alpha who's willing is no problem. Finding one William thinks will actually help his family's reputation, and help his own future, is where he runs into trouble. Especially with his parents. Harvey Sterling has left all his alpha responsibilities behind, in his complicated past. All he wants is a good time - none of that shifter tradition, courtship and wolfy-bonding stuff. But when he attends the formal debut of the Quincey omega, he starts to question what he really wants. For William and Harvey both, the question is: will they let the past get in the way of the future? A future... together? Precious Omega is a standalone, ~40k-word romance novella with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It involves mpreg and intimate scenes unsuitable for readers below the age of 18. Includes a prelude to the second book of the Omega Rarity series!

Laced Fates

Hawke Oakley - 2016
    He would give anything to be free from what he considers a weakness and predetermined fate. He doesn't want to mate with an alpha, and he especially doesn't want children... Or so he thought. Damian is the son of a powerful alpha, and has inherited the alpha blood himself. Problem is, he doesn't want it either. And he especially doesn't believe in the myth of "fated mates." A whirlwind of events tie Blake and Damian together, and now it's up to them to forge their own destinies... but will they be too proud to see what's right in front of them? Standalone 40k story with steamy scenes, HEA, and no cliffhangers. Includes a free bonus chapter from the next book in the series!

Hacking the Consequences

Charlie Richards - 2018
    After all, he’d had fun hacking into it. He’s done that, and now finds the almost daily meetings and constant infighting stretching his patience. Vincentius prefers the seclusion of his computer room. When he discovers someone hacking into his system, his excitement is stirred for the first time in decades. After figuring out where the hacker is located, Vincentius sends a council investigator after him. To his shock, when the investigator returns with the hacker, a small guinea fowl shifter named Cho, Vincentius realizes the man is his mate. Even with the mate-pull, Cho fears him. After all, Vincentius had ordered Cho captured and taken away from the safety of his flock and friends. Can Vincentius figure out how to win the favor of his captive, or will he lose the best thing to happen to him in over three hundred years?

A Royal Craving

Elaine White - 2016
    In search of hope, aged just thirteen, he defies the city and his parents, to visit the prophetess. After promises of a struggle between a path to death and a path to love, he's left with a token of the risk he took.Five years later, Spencer chooses a path that leads him straight into Prosper's arms. Disfigured, the vampire King sees himself as nothing but a monster to haunt Spencer's nightmares.Can a simple human bring Prosper out of the shadows and back into a world that desperately needs his guidance?

Love Before Dawn

Claire Cullen - 2017
    It means everything to him as the last Alpha Prime; true love, happiness, and the power to form a clan. If only he can find him. But his Omega, Miles, is south of the border, in a place where he’ll be conscripted to serve the needs of their military’s Alphas. If that happens, he’ll never be Jethro’s. To make matters worse, Miles is the South’s latest poster boy for Omega recruitment, painted as a true believer in the system that will bind him in virtual slavery. Jethro’s choice is clear; give up on a true bond and the happiness, love, and children that come with it, or go south to steal the Omega who should be his. But Jethro can’t just steal him away, he must win over Miles’ heart and convince him that they're meant to be, all before the authorities catch up with them and Miles is lost forever. Love Before Dawn is a 41,000-word first person romance novella and a human (non-shifter) Omegaverse story. It contains intimate scenes not suitable for readers under eighteen years of age. It contains mpreg. While there are no major cliffhangers, this book is part of a series and some plot threads may continue in later stories.

Crimson Love

B.A. Stretke - 2016
    He’s a bastard on a good day and your worst nightmare if you dare cross him. Nothing can crack the calm, steely composure of this lethal Vampire until he cuts through the kitchen of the Coven owned club, The Crimson Clover, and finds his Chosen, the love of his life, bent over a sink washing glasses. He has to formulate a plan, meet on equal terms, but he will not stop until he has his chosen. A Crimson Vampire hasn’t found their chosen in over eighty years and Cullen isn’t going to let the stunningly beautiful kitchen help get away. Ethan Turner has never had it easy. He has a bastard of a father and very little money, but he’s making due, thanks to the Crimson Clover and every little bit he saves. A friend convinces him to go to the “co-workers, owners, and special guests only” after hours party at the club. It’s not really his scene, but he will help a friend whenever he can. He is stunned by a tall, dark, and gorgeous man staring at him from across the dance floor. He wants to move, get away, but he is held to the spot by the man’s magnetic stare. Can he trust this man Cullen? He screams danger, but he always screams love and safety. Sometimes your head needs to get out of the way and let your heart take the wheel.

The Omega's Unicorn

Lorelei M. Hart - 2018
    One smexy unicorn. One invisible house. A whole lot of magical, yummy goodness. A Broken Bear Adrian comes to Three Rivers hoping to fix his inner bear. Instead, he finds a mentor and a calling. But then tragedy strikes, and now Adrian fears he’s on borrowed time in the home he’s grown to love. A Smexy Unicorn Justin’s in Three Rivers to take care of family business and finds himself immediately drawn to the bear currently squatting in his great-aunt's invisible cottage. He realizes instantly that Adrian is his omega, but Adrian does not trust easily. Magical Goodness Adrian and Justin are only beginning to learn to fit into each other’s worlds, when a magical storm blows in and they realize Justin isn’t the only new person in Three Rivers. They soon realize the others out there need protecting, including one adorable, yet terrifyingly powerful little girl. The Omega’s Unicorn is a stand-alone, sweet with knotty heat, MM Mpreg romance with a bear who likes to hide, a millionaire unicorn, and a couple of witches who soon become a part of their growing family.

An Alpha’s Heart

Noah Harris - 2018
     Growing up rough has made Eli into the man (and wolf) he’s always wanted to be. After a life on the streets in the hardest parts of the city, Eli’s road to a place of respect in the community has been a rocky one, but one that he’s proud of. Opening Wild Hearts Community Center with his best friend Hunter gave Eli a sense of purpose, and creating a space for youth growing up the same way he did has helped him carve out a slice of territory in the city and shelters the pack he calls family. But what makes it all worthwhile, is having Hunter by his side. But what Hunter doesn’t know, is that beneath years of friendship and camaraderie, Eli is hiding from something that could tear everything they’ve worked so hard to achieve to pieces. Unaware of his friend’s deeply held secrets, Hunter is trying to live his own life, not knowing that every move he makes is breaking Eli’s heart. Can Eli risk losing Hunter, and everything they’ve built together, or will he be strong enough to face his fears and reveal his heart. Either way, he’ll have to defend everything he’s built and hope that his heart won’t be trampled along with his dreams. An Alpha’s Heart is a steamy and growly m/m gay romance featuring hot shifter men working to better their community and live their own truth. This book contains adult language, sensual scenes of gay sex and is best enjoyed by readers over the age of 18.

The Alpha's Human - Part Two

D.J. Heart - 2015
    These are the facts as Kyle knows them. When Cade, Kyle's old high school crush, struts up to him in the gym - with his big muscles, cocky attitude and a bulge in his shorts that verges on the obscene - the facts as Kyle knows them just might have to be reconsidered... Cade has known that Kyle is his mate since they were in high school, back when he was in the closet and his reputation meant more to him than making his wolf happy. Now he's both older and wiser, and when he unexpectedly runs into his mate at the gym - weeks before he'd intended to make his move - his wolf takes over and demands that he finally lay claim to what is his... (This 11,500 word story is part two of a five part serial. It features a cute accountant and a dominant alpha werewolf who wants nothing more than to claim, love and cherish him forever.) *** Cade grinned, shuffling up on the bed with his tray and setting it down in front of Kyle. He’d prepared waffles, strawberries, and toast with scrambled eggs - the smell of food hitting Kyle’s nose and making him feel ravenous. He reached down and grabbed a waffle, sticky with butter and syrup, and started cramming it into his mouth like a person possessed. Kyle couldn’t stop himself. He knew that he was behaving little better than an animal, that he was humiliating himself, but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to care. He was starving, and Cade had brought him food. That thought echoed through his mind, making him feel warm and tingly to the bottom of his stomach. Cade looked inordinately pleased with Kyle’s behavior, grinning and looking proud. Kyle didn’t understand, and as Cade picked up a strawberry and took a normal sized bite, Kyle started in on the toast and eggs. He wanted bacon, but there was none to be found on the plate. “Where’s the bacon?” he demanded, looking away from his food and feeling strangely betrayed that Cade could have brought him such a feast and not included bacon. Cade looked stricken, not at all the appropriate reaction to Kyle’s rude and insane behavior. “I’m sorry, I forgot to buy it. Do you want me to run down to the store? I can get it and be back in-” “No!” Kyle interrupted, far more vehement than he’d intended. The thought of Cade leaving had his throat closing up and panic welling up inside him. “You don’t have to. This is good. Don’t go.” Cade looked torn, but he didn’t get up. Kyle resumed eating, and within minutes all the food was gone. Kyle looked at the empty plates, a feeling of horror creeping over him. What was wrong with him?

A Cowboy for Caleb

L.C. Davis - 2017
     This midwestern Alpha might be a little rough around the edges, but he lives by a few simple principles and honor is chief among them. Nonetheless, when tragedy strikes the Meadowlands Pack, Dustin feels he has no choice but to bring his twin’s mate home to take care of him. The only problem is, Caleb isn’t anything like Dustin expected of the city omega who stole his brother’s heart and divided their family. What starts out as trying to do the right thing soon becomes a blurry series of complicated decisions that lead Dustin further away from the path he’s always followed—and further into the arms of the one omega he was never supposed to want. ~ Caleb has been through the worst a mated omega could fear. He’s lost his mate and their unborn child, and now he finds himself at the mercy of an Alpha who has every reason to hate him. Despite being twins, Dustin and Caleb’s former mate, Alec, are nothing alike. Caleb wants nothing more than to please his new Alpha and secure his position in the pack, but Dustin seems to take everything he says the wrong way. As forbidden tensions mount between Alpha and omega, Caleb begins to fear that Dustin will start taking his developing interest the right way. ~ Approximately 38k words. This is the first book in the Great Plains Series, and it takes place in The Mountain Shifters universe. This steamy romance contains content for adult audiences only, including MPREG and other Alpha/omega themes. HEA, no cliffhanger.

Dragon's Fire

Jena Wade - 2018
    He never dreamed that Leo would arrive one day and ask him on a date and change his entire life. Leonidas is over two thousand years old. He’s the last of five dragons and has accepted that he’ll be alone for the rest of his life. That doesn’t stop him from wishing he could be with the cute barista. All it can ever be is a crush though, because Flint can’t know about Leo’s dragon form. When the Fates give the dragons a second chance and allow them to seek out their fated mates, Leo rushes to Flint’s side to see if Flint is his. When Flint is overcome with a heat brought on by meeting his fated dragon mate, Leo claims him. Before the two can have their happy-ever-after, an old enemy tries to keep them apart. **** This is a short, sweet romance with a HEA. It contains mpreg and is the first of the Dragons Series.