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H.B. Heinzer - 2013
    Newly divorced, Julia returns to the small hometown she swore she?d left forever. She plans on enjoying the cheap rental a friend offers and staying there just long enough to figure out her next steps in life. But before long, Julia realizes she's made a big mistake. A decade ago, Micah Anderson promised Julia forever but broke her heart right before she left for college. Now, Julia's back in town, and he's going to have to tell her the truth about why he left her ? it's impossible to hide a twelve-year-old child when you live in such a small town. Can Julia forgive Micah and start anew? Should she try to make a relationship work if Micah's past becomes a threat to her safety? Should she follow her dreams if it means giving up on a second chance with her first love?

Being Julia

Sandi Lynn - 2013
    I may look like Daddy’s little princess, but I’m far from it. My life consists of lying to my parents and sneaking out of the penthouse. My CEO millionaire father seems to think that at the tender age of sixteen, I’m too young to date boys. My mother, the artist, tries to stay neutral and doesn’t say too much. My best friend London and I hang out almost every day. We love to shop, and we try to pick up all the bad boys that our parents wouldn’t approve of. We occasionally get into trouble, but I can usually talk my way out of it, except for the time my father caught me and Brody Sullivan having sex in my bedroom.This is the story of my journey through life, in which I try to figure out who I am, from the time of my sixteenth birthday until the day I marry the man of my dreams, Jake Jensen. My aspirations, dreams, hard work, defiance, and smart mouth are all woven into one thing – me, being Julia!

Road to Royalty

Autumn Jones Lake - 2015
    PLUS NEVER BEFORE SEEN CONTENT. ROAD TO ROYALTY (LOST KINGS MC SERIES BOX SET) INCLUDES: SLOW BURN (LOST KINGS MC #1) CORRUPTING CINDERELLA (LOST KINGS MC #2) STRENGTH FROM LOYALTY (LOST KINGS MC #3) BONUS CONTENT: Glossary, Character Interviews, Two BRAND NEW, NEVER RELEASED BONUS SCENES,Preview of TATTERED ON MY SLEEVE (LOST KINGS MC #4) by Autumn Jones Lake Also includes excerpts from two other HOT MC Romance authors: Bink Cummings, and Phoenyx Slaughter. SLOW BURN (Lost Kings MC, Book #1) Original publication date: October 14, 2014 Forced to represent an outlaw biker, a married attorney must come to terms with her feelings for her client while avoiding the danger he brings into her sedate life. . CORRUPTING CINDERELLA (Lost Kings MC, Book #2) Original publication date: December 2, 2014 Although attorney Hope Kendall cares deeply for President of the Lost Kings MC, Rochlan "Rock" North, the truth is they come from completely different worlds. Add to that the fact that they are also both headstrong people, and they have a very rough road ahead of them. STRENGTH FROM LOYALTY (Lost Kings MC, Book #3) Original publication date: March 17, 2015 As a dark cloud descends over Hope and Rock’s already precarious future, will a long-hidden secret push them both past the point of no return? Bonus Scenes: At the Gun Range: Rock, Hope, Wrath and Trinity. Prom Dress: Hope, Heidi, Muphy and Teller.

Can't Let Go

Michelle Brewer - 2013
    Through their grief, they are forced to confront the feelings they once had for each other and ask the question…is it finally time to let go?

Just One Kiss

Jami Wagner - 2015
    Nope. I have plans and they don’t include him.I tried to forget her.I failed.The moment I saw Kelsey again I knew I was doomed.I have one task while I’m here, and having her one breath away makes me forget how to be the responsible man I’ve worked so hard to become.

Perfectly Shattered

Emily Jane Trent - 2014
    Bradan finds his life changes when he meets the one woman he wants in his bed, and in his life. In this steamy new adult steamy, the secret Cami Joubert holds will either destroy their love, or save it. Can he rescue her in time?This sensual romance (Sexy & Dangerous Book 1) can be read as a standalone novel, but you will want to read all 4 in the series. You will be swept up in this roller-coaster relationship. Camille moved to Seattle to leave the pain of her past behind. She finds more trouble than she can handle in Bradan Reid, who seems to be with a different woman every night. Cami knows he is a bad choice, but is unable to walk away. She’s trying so hard to “not do stuff that’s bad for her,” but her attraction to Bradan is too strong.“Their eyes met and electricity went through Cami’s petite frame like a lightning bolt. His thick brown hair was etched with blond sun streaks, gleaming beneath one of the few spotlights in the room. His blue eyes captivated her. But it was his body that made her swoon. If he’d worn a blazer, it was off now. He had only a soft, pale shirt with several buttons open, and the cloth settled over his hard body. The gorgeous man was solid sculpted muscle, which couldn’t be missed even under the casual shirt. With his thighs, shapely under the dark pants he wore, and the way he leaned back with his legs apart, Cami couldn’t take her eyes off of him.”Will Cami tell him the truth?Sexy & Dangerous 4 Book Series:Four sexy & dangerous men, four unforgettable romances.Each sexy alpha male meets the woman that is perfect for him, but flawed in her own way. In each of these steamy love stories, the hero risks all to save the woman he loves in an angst-filled romance you won’t be able to put down.You’ll want to read all 4 alpha male romance novels!Perfectly Shattered (Bradan)Perfectly Ruined (Nic)Perfectly Flawed (Sean)Perfectly Broken (Tomas)(This series was previously titled: Perfect Imperfection)

Breaking Kate

D. Kelly - 2014
    In Michaels mind there is absolutely nothing that will ever be able to keep the two of them apart. The night Michael is set to propose to Katherine the evening is interrupted by an unexpected tragedy that tears the two of them apart for good. Three years have passed since that fateful night when Katherine, now known as Kate meets Daniel. After an awkward start sparks fly between them. Daniel and Kate fall hard and fast into the most passionate and intense love affair of their lives. In three years a lot can change, Michael knows he made the biggest mistake of his life when he left Katherine and he will do anything to get her back. Asking his best friend Daniel for help is his first step in righting the wrongs he made so many years ago. Unfortunately, neither of them realizes that Michaels long lost love Katherine is Daniel’s true love Kate. While attending the engagement party of a mutual friend, all of their paths collide. How is Kate supposed to choose between the two men that mean the most to her in the world? Kate has to push past her heartache and put some serious thought into what comes next. One wrong choice and not only could she lose them both but Daniel and Michael may never recover their friendship.This book is newly re-edited as of March 2017. If you have an older version please delete it and download the new version. (This book is free)


Hazel Kelly - 2014
    So when he lands a new job and the woman of his dreams agrees to marry him, he’s confident that everything is going to work out.But when sex obsessed undergrad Julianna Foster decides to seduce him to impress her friends, Kirk doesn't stand a chance. And once Julianna gets a taste for his attention, nothing will stop her from setting them on a course that will change their lives forever.**Warning: Contains Sexual Content

It's All Relative

S.C. Stephens - 2010
    Jessie couldn’t keep her eyes off of the exotic man drinking by himself across the room. Kai couldn’t keep his gaze from the buxom brunette laughing with her friends at the bar. Fate pulled them together, giving them a night that neither one would soon forget. But then, you know what they say about fate. While their one night of bliss was perfect, neither Jessie nor Kai could have imagined what would be in store for them the next time they met, when fate again crossed their paths. As they both soon discovered, sometimes life places obstacles in the way that are insurmountable...even for soul mates.


Angela Graham - 2013
    Logan will never be able to give her what she wants…love.

The Future of Our Past

Kahlen Aymes - 2012
    Each of them fight an internal battle unwilling to risk their incredible friendship but unable to quell their deep longing for the other. On the verge of his departure to medical school and to her new job on the opposite coast, Ryan and Julia are forced to face the undeniable truth of their deeper feelings.*For readers 17+ due to explicit language and sexual situations.*

Torrid Affair

Callie Anderson - 2016
    And one of them is my brother-in-law.He’s my drug. My fire. My addiction.But he’s married to my best friend. And I’m married to my husband.I’m not ashamed. I have no guilt.None.I’m not fucked. I’m a fucked up person.This is the story of how I ruined my life.And the life of the one I loved most.

Just Watch the Fireworks

Monica Alexander - 2011
    Unfortunately, Courtney just said yes when her boyfriend asked her to marry him. Call it a moment of panic, insanity, or blind fear, but she now finds herself engaged, and couldn’t be less excited. With pressure from friends, family and her new fiancé to embrace her inner bride, she starts to wonder if she made the wrong decision. Just when things can’t get any more confusing, Courtney comes face-to-face with the guy who broke her heart three years earlier. She hasn’t spoken to him since, and he couldn’t have more contempt for her. They are now living in the same city, though, so they’re bound to run into each other again and again. When he suggests being friends, she is beyond skeptical but agrees to give it a try. Then old feelings start to surface, and Courtney finds herself wondering if it’s possible to just be friends with her ex when he’s cuter than she remembered, ridiculously charming and might still be in love with her. When she realizes she’s not over him either, she knows she’s in trouble. But can she trust him enough to give him her heart when he broke it once before?

Never Forget

Emma Hart - 2013
    That is, until she reconnects with her childhood friend, Jen, and meets Alec Johnson.Alec is the kind of guy Lexy knows she needs to stay away from. He's the village flirt, ridiculously hot and very dangerous to her self control. But there's a problem – she can't seem to keep him out, even though she knows he'll break her heart.As Alec slowly strips away Lexy's defences and the two embark on a summer romance she never wanted, their feelings grow to more than either expected. But nothing lasts forever, and reality intrudes.As her world is shaken to it's core, Lexy's self made prediction comes true when she discovers she's spent six weeks surrounded by secrets. Kept out by her family and the only guy she's ever trusted, she falls apart.And when Grammy tells her that 'you might not end up where you wanted to be, but you'll always end up where you're meant to be,' she has to figure out if her meant to be is back home in London, or if it's been in Devon the whole time.


S.E. Hall - 2013
    And though change is an inevitable, scary part of life, just lying in wait around the corners and milestones you thought you had a lock on, there's no way I could've known just how much change, that would never change back, I was driving right toward. But... when the time came to shut doors on my old life, the door to my new life opened- and in strolled Dane Kendrick, awakening the wildest of dreams, delights, and desires that I never knew slept inside me. And now, it's time to let the real Laney Jo Walker emerge. ★★★★★ "A heartwarming coming of age romance full of humor and heart. A charming heartthrob and sassy softball player create passion that sizzles off the page! Don't pass up a chance to meet this Crew!"- AngelaGraham, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author ★★★★★ "S.E. Hall writes with a distinctive blend of humor, realism,and raw emotion that allows you to experience every single emotion with every single character as if right there with them!"-Hilary Storm, USA Today Bestselling author ★★★★★ "Emerge will light you on fire, have you glued to the pages, and you won't stop turning until you finish. Dane and Disney... You feel the tension, the heat, the love, the caresses. It jumps off the pages. S.E.Hall nailed every literary component with Emerge and is able to pull you in,lock you down, and take you on a ride you'll never forget."- Leigh Ann Lunsford, Author Evolve & Full Circle Series suggested reading order: *Emerge *Embrace *Entangled *Entice *Sawyer Beckett's Baby Mama Drama Guide for Dummies *Endure *Sawyer Beckett's Guide for Tools Looking to Date My Daughter *Entwined *Embody (Full Circle Series/Spinoff from Evolve Series Book One) *A Crew Christmas *Elusive (Full Circle Series/Princess Presley Duet Book One) *Exclusive (Full Circle Series/Princess Presley Duet Book Two)