When You Need Healing

Adam Houge - 2014
    He cares about everything you go through and wants to hold you through it all. He sees your heart aches and cherishes every prayer. And God will answer your prayers. He has a plan in your suffering, and will use this season to strengthen you, and your relationship with Him. While there may be nothing good about the pain you may be in, He has the power to make your life good again. His love for you will compel Him to bless you and heal you.In these pages you’ll find the comfort you need. You’ll learn why God allows bad things to happen and how he intends them for good. You will understand His plan so that you can find peace again.

The Positive You!

Anita Papas - 2009
    The Positive You! is about your individuality, attitude, strengths, fears, worries, disappointments and your relationship with yourself.

It's Not A Diet: the no cravings, no willpower way to get lean and happy for good

Davinia Taylor - 2021


Samie Sands - 2018
    What you see isn't always the only thing you receive. Come for the popcorn, the show, and the animals. Stay for the Horror. We insist. Panis Et Poenam by Alex Winck Make My Escape by C.L. Williams SOLD by Katie Jaarsveld Diamonique by Samie Sands Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel by Andrew Darlington Stuff of Dreams by Rick Eddy WONDERLAND by Samie Sands The Freak by Kevin Hall Clown in the Mirror by Katie Jaarsveld Carnival Carnage by Samie Sands

Beginning Your Love Revolution

Matt Kahn - 2016
    Sharing some of the foundational teachings from his life-changing book, Whatever Arises, Love That, Kahn explores: • Why all beings at all times are worthy of love • How to acknowledge and honor your true innocent nature—your connection to the wholeness and perfection of the universe • Learning to lean into self-acceptance one “I love you” at a time • Healing mantras for inviting love into your heart “This will be an adventure that leads you directly into the depths of your being to the support you’ve always deserved,” teaches Matt Kahn. Join him to discover a spiritual paradigm that is nothing short of revolutionary. Continue your love revolution with Matt Kahn’s book, Whatever Arises, Love That.

Kids Want To Know About Mysterious Places

J.W. Patterson - 2014
    Did you know that actors making the movie "Gettysburg" in 2003 had an incredible ghostly experience? Did you know that the Bigelow Ranch in Utah has been the scene of reported crop circles, UFO landings and ghosts?Kids will learn what is known and not known about many mysterious places. Are these places really where strange happenings occur? Kids can make their own minds up about them. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover In This Book Did you know that 5 military planes and 14 men were lost in the Bermuda Triangle in one flight exercise in 1945? Did you know that a search plane looking for the 5 missing planes also disappeared? How were statues weighing 82 tons moved miles on Easter Island 1,000 years ago? Did you know that Union troops swore that the ghost of George Washington appeared on the Gettysburg battlefield? Were the amazing Nazca lines created by aliens as a giant UFO landing area 1,500 years ago? 8,000 people every year search for the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains! Is it cursed? and much, much more

Tragedies of Cañon Blanco: A Story of the Texas Panhandle (1919)

Robert Goldthwaite Carter - 1919
    Carter would participate in a number of expeditions against the Comanche and other tribes in the Texas-area. It was during one of these campaigns that he was brevetted first lieutenant and awarded the Medal of Honor for his "most distinguished gallantry" against the Comanche in Blanco Canyon on a tributary of the Brazos River on October 10, 1871. He became a successful author in his later years writing several books based on his military career, including On the Border with Mackenzie (1935), as well as a series of booklets detailing his years as an Indian fighter on the Texas frontier. Carter writes: "IT IS nearly fifty years since these tragedies occurred. There are few survivors. The writer is, perhaps, the only one. This is written in the vague hope that this chronicle of the events of that period may possibly prove of some lasting and, perhaps, historical value to posterity. "The country all about the scene of these tragical events—the Texas Panhandle—was then wild, unsettled, covered with sage brush, scrub oak and chaparral, and its only inhabitants were Indians, buffalo, lobo wolves, coyotes, jack-rabbits, prairie-dogs and rattlesnakes, with here and there a few scattered herds of antelope. The railroad, that great civilizing agency, the telegraph, the telephone, and the many other marvelous inventions of man, have wrought such a wonderful transformation in our great western country that the American Indian will, if he has not already, become a race of the past, and history alone will record the remarkable deeds and strange career of an almost extinct people. With these miraculous changes has come the total extermination of the buffalo—the Indians' migratory companion and source of living—and pretty much all of the wild game that in almost countless numbers freely roamed those vast prairies. Where now the railroads girdle that country the nomadic redman lived his free and careless life and the bison thrived and roamed undisturbed at that period— where are now the appliances of modern civilization, and prosperous communities, then nothing but desolation reigned for many miles around. "In the expansion and peopling of this vast country, our little Army was most closely identified. In fact, it was the pioneer of civilization. The life was full of danger, hardships, privations, and sacrifices, little known or appreciated by the present generation. "Where populous towns, ranches and well-tilled farms, grain fields, orchards, and oil "gushers" are now located, with railroads either running through or near them, we were making trails, upon which the main roads now run, in search of hostile savages, for the purpose of punishing them or compelling them to go into the Indian reservations, and to permit the settlers, then held back by the murderous acts of these redskins, to advance and spread the civilization of the white man throughout the western tiers of counties in that far-off western panhandle of Texas."

I Still Deserve It: Affirmations for women who refuse to give up on love

Derrick Jaxn - 2017
     Well, look no further. This book contains the affirmations necessary to retrain your mind and redirect your energy in the direction of your destiny. Read to understand and meditate on these passages regularly, and watch everything about your life improve starting with your perspective.

So Big the Land

Sue Grocke - 2019
    With little prelude she is thrown into the deep end of a gritty farming life in a man's world. A life of hard work on untamed lands, a two year odyssey through the outback, and months spent in a remote Aboriginal community, reveal to Sue the very character of the Australian landscape. This is the story of one woman's metamorphosis, from timid, imaginative child to resilient, worldly woman - a profound journey of self discovery through tragedy, unfettered and often life-threatening adventure, and overwhelming joy.

So You've Retired: A Practical Guide For Your Happy Retirement

Olivia Greenwell - 2016
     Approaching or beginning retirement is a milestone event. For most of our lives retirement feels like it’s on the distant horizon, something to think about tomorrow rather than today. When the day finally does arrive, for many it can feel a little daunting and overwhelming – how should one spend all this new found free time? Olivia Greenwell has the answers, with friendly advice on: How to navigate your way through the questions you may have New opportunities that could present themselves in retirement How to find further information on the exciting opportunities presented As you experience the wonderful peace and contentment of retirement, this book will help you discover what makes you happy, and how to enjoy your life to the fullest. What are you waiting for? Start living the retirement you always dreamt of, by uncovering all the tools you need today!

OFF THE MAP: 25 True Stories to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Chelsea Fagan - 2014
    But it’s never too late to write your next story, and to go on your next adventure. In partnership with Cayman Jack, Thought Catalog presents a collection of 25 travel stories to inspire you to leave behind the predictable and take to the open road in search of the unforgettable. Your next great memory is waiting for you, whether you realize it or not. And these exceptional stories will help you find it.

How to Work From Home and Make Money in 2017: 13 Proven Home-Based Businesses You Can Start Today (Work from Home Series: Book 1)

Sam Kerns - 2016
    I have purchased 3 of his books so far and I have not been disappointed." Lene CAre you tired of struggling just to get by with a paycheck that doesn’t quite stretch far enough? Or are you one of the millions of people who are out of work in an economy gone bad? Maybe you long to be your own boss so you can set your own schedule and choose the path your life will take.Whatever it is that brought you to this page, you’re obviously looking for answers. The good news is you’ve come to the right place.I've spent the past 20 years working for myself, and I would never dream of punching another clock or trudging to someone else’s office every day to collect a meager paycheck. That’s because I’ve discovered the secret: when you work for yourself, you’re happier, more productive, and you have unlimited earning potential.After all, why would you want to work so hard to fund someone else’s dreams?Working for myself has allowed me to live a lifestyle that many people can only dream about. I have the flexibility to create the life I want, take days off when I need to, and I decide how much money I make by choosing the hours I workBut don’t be fooled. Working from home at a home-based business isn’t easy. It takes hard work and dedication to build a successful business that makes money.In my book, I’m pleased to offer you 13 proven, realistic ways to work from home and earn a great income. And I won’t just offer you a brief explanation of each method like some other books do.In each chapter, I provide you with the information and facts you need to determine if that business is right for you.But I don’t stop there. I’ll also give you important links and resources, so if you decide you want to pursue one of the home-based business ideas listed in this book, you’ll have everything you need to begin.So, the choice is yours. Will you wake up tomorrow morning and spend your day funding someone else’s dreams, or will you finally take the steps needed to claim your own success?Why not start right now by buying How to Work From Home and Make Money? It’s one of the most important things you’ll do to begin the process of achieving your own dreams.tags: work from home, home based business, make money, make money from home, online business, small business, start a business, startup, startups, make money online

The Growth Quotient: How to achieve sustainable professional growth and development (Growth Engineering Master Series, #1)

Subbarao Mukkavilli - 2020
    Most of the skillsets we use today will be irrelevant very soon. Several jobs that exist today will be extinct. AI-powered apps and robots will replace all of them. Corona Pandemic has fast-tracked most of these developments. COVID is rewriting the rules of the game, and AI is automating them. Acute talent deficiency is another pandemic all of us will face very soon. Ok. Let us park the pandemics for some time and talk about our eyesight. The average human eyesight is around 20 by 20. People with 20/30 vision don’t get a driving license in most countries. Anything around 20/1000 is considered blindness. What about our mindsight? Is it 20/20? Much lesser. This book teaches you how to improve your mind-sight. This book introduces four different lenses. These lenses improve the mind-sight significantly. Let's talk about hunger now. Whenever we are hungry, our tummy sends multiple signals to the whole body. Immediately, our eyes start the search operation, and our tongue joins the mission with the taste sensors. The nose filters out the smells, and the mouth begins to secrete the saliva. The whole body works in tandem until we finish a plate or two—most of the time, over-cooperation results in super binging.What about our brains? Is it endowed with all these facilities? How do you know when the brain is hungry? How do you sense if someone feeds it toxic food?All successful leaders in the world have a Mind Position System™ fitted to their brains. The mid positioning system helps them to navigate through any tough and uncomfortable situation. You can also get this if you want. This book teaches you how to install one. Three aspects define your personality:What you haveWhat you dropWhat you pickThe foundational qualities you need to have:High AmbitionA strong Belief systemClarity on goals and ambitionsUndeterred DisciplineABCDs™ in short.The thoughts you need to drop:Unrealistic ExpectationsUnfounded FearGreedHatredEFGH in short.You need to pick four quotients (or lenses):1. Consciousness Quotient 2. Environmental Quotient 3. Digital Quotient4. Number QuotientThat's not all. You will learn to apply the following time tested methods at your workplace:GRIT method to achieve your goalsOPEN method for better communication SIMPLE method to for effective communication and presentation PATH method to get customer delightHEAL method to heal the wounded clients and team membersSUIT method to resolve team conflictsCALM method to overcome fear★★★★★ Jose Cornelio for Readers' FavoriteThe author has the gift of communicating complex ideas in a clear and accessible manner. In a world filled with distractions, Suram teaches leaders how to thrive and successfully accomplish work that matters. This is a book that anyone who wants to be an effective leader should read.

What To Do When You Are Stuck and Nothing Seems to Work?

Richard Dotts - 2014
    He ran out of ideas - moneymaking ideas, business ideas, problem-solving ideas, book ideas, marketing ideas, product ideas. Nothing he came up with seemed to work for himself or his clients. For the next two years, he would read one creativity or idea-generation book after another, trying to "get unstuck". But nothing worked. Whether you are an entrepreneur, author, coach, consultant or even an employee, your livelihood depends on you generating good ideas that other people will pay for. Your employers pay you for the ideas you generate, so do your clients. You get promoted or hired based on them. But what happens if you suddenly find yourself unmotivated, procrastinating and unable to come up with any good, profitable ideas? Looking back at those two darkest years, Richard Dotts realized that what he needed back then wasn't "more ideas" or "more creativity". That's why all of the books he read in those days did not work for him those are already for people with lots of creative juices flowing! But what about a person whose creative juices have stopped flowing completely, and nothing seems to even remotely work? In his latest work What To Do When You Are STUCK?, bestselling spiritual author and teacher Richard Dotts adopts a practical approach to ideas and solutions generation in life. Whether you are stuck in business, your career, or just life in general, unable to find the motivation and strength to move on after a setback, this book contains 6 quick jabs that will jolt and shock you into action in no time even before you finish reading! These are the very same techniques that Dotts has used for himself to build 4 successful and separate careers from scratch, in 4 distinct fields. Discover: ■ How to generate a stream of creative ideas and solutions when you have run out of steam and nothing seems to work. ■ How to jolt yourself back into action after suffering a setback or negative event. ■ How to deal with chronic procrastination or laziness, or that feeling of apathy in life. And more... This is not a theoretical book filled with theories and ideas. This is an ACTION book specially designed and written to JOLT you into positive action, even before you finish reading the book and set it down!

The Marigold Story: Indira Gandhi & Others

Kumkum Chadha - 2019
    Prime Minister Indira Gandhi hated the marigold flower, although in death it was strewn all over her body; her son Sanjay Gandhi was dictatorial, but also uncommonly empathetic; Smita Patil, who was synonymous with strong, women-centric films, was deeply insecure in her personal life; Ekta Kapoor, the television czarina believes that her unabashed faith in God helped her scale heights and earn her first big bucks; and Abhinav Bindra, who won India the first Olympic gold medal in an individual event confessed how he was a laidback child with no goals in sight. Embellished with interesting nuggets, this book is a collection of fascinating profiles including, L.K. Advani, Smriti Irani, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Rajiv Gandhi, Amitabh Bachchan and Arun Jaitley. Uncommon access, being privy to confidences and, above all, a willingness to tell the story, bring alive the people behind the headlines. The Marigold Story: Indira Gandhi & Others is not a gushing account of newsmakers; if anything it captures their weaknesses; goes beyond their achievements and examines what makes these individuals distinctive and unforgettable at the same time.