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Otho's Regret by L.J. Trafford


Stranger from Another Land (erilaR, #1)

Hector Miller - 2019
    The Great Khan, Attila, overlord of the Scythian and Germani hordes is no more.The lands of Rome lie in ruin, razed by the Scourge of God.From the ashes of civilization a new power is destined to emerge. Warriors whose fearsome reputation would remain for more than a thousand years.On the plains of Pannonia a boy is born. A boy destined to shape history.Meet Ragnaris, the son of no man.

Watchmen Of Rome

Alex Gough - 2014
    Life has moved on in the time he’s been at the front, and he finds himself friendless and homeless.But when he comes across Rufa, a childhood friend he swore an oath to protect, he must fight to rescue her from an evil priestess, liberate her from slavery and save Rome from total annihilation. Luckily, the Watchmen of Rome have his back... but will they be able to save their city and the Republic itself? Watchmen of Rome is a thrilling historical adventure, perfect for fans of Ben Kane, Gordon Doherty and Simon Scarrow. Carbo of Rome Watchmen of Rome Bandits of Rome

Bismarck: 24 Hours to Doom

Iain Ballantyne - 2016
    After a bloody chase lasting more than 1,700 miles, Britain’s Home Fleet is finally closing in on the world’s most powerful battleship. There will be a fight to the finish, between more than 5,000 men of the Royal Navy and 2,600 servicemen of Hitler’s Kriegsmarine. Thousands will die... Published here for the first time, alongside a compelling narrative of the final 24 hours of the mission to sink the Nazi ship, are eyewitness accounts of Royal Navy sailors who saw the combat up close. Seventy-five years on from the epic mission to destroy the flagship of Hitler’s navy, these testimonies are the product of a unique project by Iain Ballantyne. Over a period of several years he interviewed a select group of surviving veterans in the UK and one in Canada, with transcripts of those remarkable on-camera interviews forming the basis of the exciting first-person stories that unfold here. It all combines to provide fresh insight into one of World War Two’s most dramatic events. Awards In 2007, Iain's work in the maritime arena was saluted with a Special Recognition Award from the British Maritime Charitable Foundation (BMCF), for making 'a consistent and unwavering contribution to raising maritime awareness over the years'. "Highly recommended for anyone interested on WW2 naval history." - Manchester Military History Society "This short book is a fascinating, quick read." - Terri, NetGalley Reviewer

The Last Open Road

Burt S. Levy - 1994
    Surrounded by a Dickensian cast of characters exuberant with life, Buddy is caught up in a series of adventures that rival those of Augie March -- as he learns what it means to be a man in an America that seems almost unrecognizable today.Fast-paced, funny, and utterly absorbing, Buddy Palumbo's story will enchant readers with a vision of being young in America's last age of innocence.

The Groovy Greeks And The Rotten Romans (Two Horrible Books In One)

Terry Deary - 2003
    The Rotten Romans follows life for folk in Roman times, from Nasty Nero and other evil emperors to brave Brit Boudicca and the poor old peasants, who tried to send the Romans right back where they came from. Read on for curious quizzes, rotten recipes, gruesome games and terrible tests ...for your teacher| History has never been so horrible|

Goodbye, Enorma

John Locke - 2013
    Enorma, coveted by every man within 100 miles of Dodge City -- and every Indian Tribe -- is a handful in every sense of the word.

V for Victor

Mark Childress - 1988
    The war is everywhere, but Victor--a sixteen-year old boy sent by his father to care for his dying grandmother on a lonely island in Mobile Bay--can only dream of it. Then he wakes one amazing night to a thunderous roar from the Bay, and watches as a thug burns his boat. He also discovers a decomposing corpse, witnesses a near-seduction . . . and sees the ominous shadow of an enemy submarine surfacing at night.Suddenly Victor is playing unforeseen roles--now hostage, now pursuer--in the perilous war at home. . . .

Eagles in the Wilderness SHORT story (Eagles of Rome series): A Tullus 'long' short story

Ben Kane - 2019
     ABOUT THE SHORT STORY’S PRICE: Hello, you lovely people. Odd to talk about money straight up, but I know that some of you might be thinking, £1.99 is a lot for a short story. Let me explain how it works. A rate of 20% VAT (Value Added Tax) applies to eBooks in the UK. This doesn’t apply to ‘real’ paper books. That means 33p of the £1.99 goes straight to the British government. Amazon takes around 2p to deliver the story to your Kindle, then takes another 48p as its cut. The remainder, £1.16, goes to me. That's not a great deal, I hope you agree. In these times of falling sales, and authors losing their contracts, and only one in seven traditionally published authors being able to write fulltime, stories like this are a vital way of YOU supporting the authors whose books you enjoy. So THANK YOU for your support! Think of it in terms of a pint of beer or a cup of coffee: they cost £2-4, depending on where you live. This story will give you more enjoyment (I think!) than either of those things, and last for a longer time, and cost you less money. This is only the second time I have self-published a short story. (Massive thanks here to Pete Simpson, who designed the cover for me!) It’s been an exciting project since the day I did the poll on Facebook, asking you lovely people which of my characters you wanted me to write about. Centurion Tullus won out, narrowly, and this is the result. The one hundred and something people who backed the Kickstarter campaign got to read this story almost 7 months ago, but now you can too. Enjoy the story, and please email me if you have any questions about it or anything else – Ben

She Moved Through the Fair (The Savernake Novels Book 2)

Susanna M. Newstead - 2017
    Two young people. Murder has claimed them both. The date is 1204. The 16 year old Matilda de Neville is to marry the young noble Guy de Saye but a week before the marriage, Sir Aumary Belvoir, warden of the forest of Savernake, under constable of Marlborough castle, hears their murder in a room in the keep, above his head. No one went in. No one came out. They were forty feet in the air, behind seven feet of solid stone and surrounded by water. Drawing on the skills he first honed in Belvoir’s Promise, Aumary sets out to unearth the awful truth about that locked tower room. Is there a connection to the decayed body recently found in his forest? Does the fair, newly granted to the town by King John have any bearing upon the deaths? Massive, menacing and malevolent, the castle keep seems to take on a life of its own. Have you ever wondered what might be the story behind some of our most beloved ancient folk songs? This, the first in a series, offers a chilling explanation of one such song, She Moved Through the Fair.


Monisha Mukundan - 2015
    In this lively collection, learn how an ordinary young man, Mahesh Das, became the beloved Raja Birbal we all know today, and how he uses his famous wit, time and again, to build a ‘celestial palace’ for Emperor Akbar, order a census of crows, trap a thief using a magic bamboo, and much more.Replete with wisdom and wit, and brought to life by Tapas Guha’s beautiful illustrations, this clever collection of stories also offers valuable life lessons hidden beneath its humour.

The Girl in the Ragged Shawl

Cathy Sharp - 2018
    At eleven years-old, she has survived sickness, near starvation and harsh beatings.Master Simpkins and his cruel daughter rule the workhouse with a rod of iron, but when Romany boy, Joe, arrives at the workhouse, his spirit and courage give Eliza hope that another life is waiting for her outside.When she is sold into service, Eliza is relieved to be out of the workhouse and hopes her fortunes are changing for the better, but cruelty and unkindness are everywhere and her salvation could become her ruin…

Catalina la Grande: El poder de la lujuria

Silvia Miguens - 2006
    Clever, witty, and deeply devoted to her adopted country, Catherine would work to turn Russia toward the West by focusing on European life, customs, culture, and the arts. After being married to the weak, demented Grand Duke Peter, she suffered from constant abuse and intrigue at his hands, but she never let him destroy her courageous spirit and determination. She was well known for her love and sex life and the extravagances of the Russian court.

The First Diana: Almost a Princess: The Tragic Story of the First Lady Diana Spencer

Sarah J. Freeman - 2017
    Yet her life was haunted by tragedy and she died too young – read the intriguing story of The First Lady Diana Spencer On SALE for just 1.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited. Now a No 1# bestseller. 1710-1735 Born in 1710 Lady Diana Spencer was tall, beautiful, and had the backing of family and money. A caring person she suffered early tragedy and yet she loved to help others. In this intriguing book look into her life and read about the plot to marry her to the Prince of Wales. Will she become a princess? Despite the vast wealth of her grandmother, Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough and one of the most powerful women in England, Diana’s life was not easy. Follow her as the Duchess falls out with Queen Anne and is estranged from the Royal Court. See into her life as offers of marriage abound, and yet each one is turned down as not good enough. The Duchess has a plan, audacious and ambitious she will see her Little Di a princess. Find out what happened to the intended marriage and follow Diana through the tragedy that became her life. This is a personal and moving portrayal of an amazing and almost unheard of woman who died too soon and yet left the world a better place.

A Cry From Egypt (Promised Land, #1)

Hope Auer - 2012
    Adventure, excitement, love, and faith come together when Jarah and her family, Israelite slaves in ancient Egypt, find themselves at the culmination of four hundred years of history.


Simon Turney - 2018
    Father: believed poisoned by the Emperor Tiberius over the imperial succession. Mother and two brothers arrested and starved to death by Tiberius. One sister married off to an abusive husband. Only two are left: Caligula, in line for the imperial throne, and his youngest sister, Livilla, who tells us this story.The ascent of their family into the imperial dynasty forces Caligula to change from the fun-loving boy Livilla knew into a shrewd, wary and calculating young man. Tiberius's sudden death allows Caligula to manhandle his way to power. With the bloodthirsty tyrant dead, it should be a golden age in Rome and, for a while, it is. But Caligula suffers emotional blow after emotional blow as political allies, friends, and finally family betray him and attempt to overthrow him, by poison, by the knife, by any means possible.Little by little, Caligula becomes a bitter, resentful and vengeful Emperor, every shred of the boy he used to be eroded. As Caligula loses touch with reality, there is only one thing to be done before Rome is changed irrevocably. . .