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Saving Dr. Warren by Jeffery McKenna


Flashman At The Charge ;Flashman In The Great Game

George MacDonald Fraser - 1983

Emmy's Journey (Two Feather's Legacy Book 2)

Lila M Beckham - 2015
    Determined to do exactly what she sets her mind to, she explores the mountains and valleys around her home with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a keen eye that misses nothing. When her mother dies, Emmaline, Emmy for short, is thrust into the mystical, spiritual world of her mother’s native peoples, the Tsalagi, better known as the Cherokee. Given the power of observation and shape shifting by her immortal g-great-grandfather Two Feathers, who is the keeper of the Sacred Fire’s Ashes, Emmy is told that she must carry on her mother’s duties and is charged with the task of becoming the family “Ka no he ha Ka no Ge sdi,” the Storyteller. She is supposed to remember and pass down her family’s history and tell about their ancestors. As Emmy grows older and matures, her explorations become more advanced. She discovers a hidden path that takes her beyond an ancient willow tree to a layer of the world that at first seems much like her own, but she soon discovers that it is quite different… When she stays longer than allowed a mortal, she discovers that her grandfather can travel between space and time and communicate with all peoples between the layers of her world. Emmy’s Journey is a voyage through time and into the mysterious spiritual and mystical realms of the Cherokees and a world that most never knows exists.

Dances with Wolves

John Barry - 1991
    Comes complete with a color photo section of scenes from the movie and a bio of the renowned film score composer John Barry.

The Roman Mysteries Complete Collection

Caroline Lawrence - 2012
    A bumper eBook collection of all 17 Roman Mysteries adventures including The Thieves of Ostia, The Secrets of Vesuvius, The Pirates of Pompeii, The Assassins of Rome, The Dolphins of Laurentum, The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina, The Enemies of Jupiter, The Gladiators From Capua, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Fugitive From Corinth, The Sirens of Surrentum, The Charioteer of Delphi, The Slave-Girl From Jerusalem, The Beggar of Volubilis, The Scribes From Alexandria, The Prophet From Ephesus and The Man From Pomegranate Street.

The Wonderland Series Box Set

Irina Shapiro - 2016
    In 2013, while visiting Everly Manor as part of her job as a location scout for a film production company, Neve Ashley stumbles onto a secret passage that leads her into the seventeenth century and straight into the path of the ill-fated lord. Neve is able to return safely to her own time, but she can’t forget the man she met or the fate that’s about to befall him. Against her better judgment, Neve decides to go back and warn Hugo of impending danger, not realizing that she’s walking into danger herself, for history is never straightforward, and people’s motives not always what they appear to be. Taken hostage by the very man she was trying to save, Neve is trapped in the seventeenth century, her fate now intertwined with that of her captor, and the future something that neither one of them could have envisioned. Wonderland (Book 2) Forced to return to London to try to help save Max from the gallows, Hugo and Neve are well aware of the danger of their situation and try to anticipate every eventuality. But, betrayal comes from an unexpected quarter, putting Neve and Hugo in mortal danger, and forcing them to reevaluate whom they can trust. Unexpected reunions, simmering old hatreds, and shocking betrayals abound as Neve and Hugo race against time to help Max, and flee England before it’s too late. Sins of Omission (Book 3) When Hugo and Neve settle in Paris, they assume that they will enjoy a few peaceful years away from the turmoil of British politics, but they are not nearly as safe as they believe themselves to be, especially since everyone has something to hide. Meanwhile, Max must learn to adapt to life on a sugar plantation in Barbados, and decide whether to accept help from an unexpected and dangerous source; a decision which may cost him his life. The Queen’s Gambit (Book 4) Home at last after years of exile, Neve and Hugo Everly just want to pick up the pieces of their life and enjoy time with their growing family, but destiny has its own plan. A tragic loss nearly tears the family apart, and an unexpected guest brings a warning of dire events still to come. Hugo and Neve find themselves in danger once again; for outstanding debts must be paid, and old enemies will no longer wait to settle scores. Comes the Dawn (Book 5) When Hugo is imprisoned on a charge of treason and Neve is accused of witchcraft by a spiteful rival the Everlys must put their scruples aside in order to save their family and make a bid for freedom. However, their decision will alter not only their own future, but change the lives of everyone they hold dear. Can they escape in time, and will those left behind pay the ultimate price for their loyalty? The Wonderland Series comes to an end in this gripping last installment.

The Year of the Sawdust Man

A. LaFaye - 1999
    Living in the small town of Harper, Louisiana with a mama as free-spirited as hers has led to lots of gossipy small talk and mean rumors. But now Mama is gone, and all the townsfolk can talk about is who she might have run off with.Nissa's memories of the Sundays her mama would come home smelling of sawdust lead her to suspect some of the rumors could be true. Did her Mama go away with The Sawdust Man? And if so, does it mean she's never coming back?

Haalim Part 2

Nemrah Ahmed - 2019
    It’s a long novel with episodes and each episode will have a separate title.Its the most different and unique thing I have ever written, or has ever been written in Khawateen Digest."Nemrah Ahmed


M.E. Hubbs - 2013
    . . Thirteen year old Ephraim Wright suffers the depredations of war along with the white family who reared him. Raised with the family since he was two years old, he is never once required to call Jonathan Wright, his benevolent owner, "master." His speech, manners and outlook on life are more akin to his white "siblings than the other slaves in the community who chide him for being a "pet" and "talkin' like white folk." He is stranded between two worlds; that of free whites, and of enslaved blacks. His life is irreversibly changed when Confederate conscript officers take the family's oldest son at gun point and a bushwhacker gang guns down Jonathan Wright. The law forbids a slave to touch a firearm, because a “negro with a gun is a nervous thing to white folks.” But where his family is concerned, Ep is never one to care about what the slave laws say. By seeking to send men to hell, will Ephraim send himself there as well?Advance Praise for The Secret of Wattensaw BayouWhile reading the book my feelings of anger and resentment toward the institution of slavery and those who fought to protect such rights were sometimes overwhelming and required me to take a deep breath. Nevertheless, the story from a historical perspective, although it was a work of fiction, was masterly woven and I found myself with the urge to continue reading. . . The book is well written and the author provides a fascinating glimpse into the everyday existence of many Southern families during the Civil War. Commander Harold Barnes (US Navy, retired)

Terror Crane (Dawn of Mammals Book 2)

Lou Cadle - 2016
    A team of teen scientists... A desperate fight to survive.... In book 2 of Dawn of Mammals, Hannah and the kids are swept back to the Paleocene, where giant avian dinosaurs still reign as the apex predators. In a jungle world of sweltering heat, the time travelers must learn new skills to survive the swamp creatures and the dreaded Terror Crane, a half-ton bird that could snatch any one of them up with its deadly beak.

Striking Out

Will Weaver - 1900
    Never been to a movie. Never played baseball with a real team. Never got over feeling guilty for the loss of his brother. But change is in the air. Billy discovers he has a natural talent for baseball, especially as a pitcher. Maybe, just maybe, there's more in store for him than life on the farm. But can Billy convince his father of that? Or is he destined to spend the rest of his life pitching nothing but hay?Teenager Billy Baggs is desperately needed on his family's struggling dairy farm, but he's also an extraordinarily gifted natural baseball player. How he struggles to reconcile his father's desire to keep him on the farm with his coach's interest in getting him on the field is at the heart of this ‘meaty story.… The complex characters grow and change in profoundly real ways.''K. ‘[With] flashes of humor, a wealth of lovingly recounted details evokes the difficult daily life on a small dairy farm.''Publishers Weekly. 1994 Best Books for Young Adults (ALA)1994 Books for the Teen Age (NY Public Library)1993 "Pick of the Lists" (ABA)

The Witch of Blackbird Pond and Related Readings

Elizabeth George Speare
    The Witch of Blackbird Pond with related readings.

Looking For Love

Rosie Harris - 2003
    The youngest of three, she longs to be loved by her mother, but Ellen spends all her time with her eldest son, while Abbie and her brother, Sam, take refuge with their neighbours, Sandra Lewis and Peter Ryan. Although vibrant and attractive, Abbie pushes people away with her constant need for reassurance. Infatuated with Peter, she longs for the day when he tells her that he loves her. And Sam is courting Sandra. But Peter and Sandra have a secret - one that could destroy the friends' relationship should it become known. Will Abbie finally find the security and affection she has been searching for all her life, or will she always be looking for love...?

New York 1609

Harald Johnson - 2018
    Enthralled at first by these strangers, he begins to discover their dark and dangerous side, touching off a decades-long struggle against determined explorers, aggressive traders, land-hungry settlers, and ruthless officials. If his own people are to survive, the boy-turned-man must use his wits, build alliances, and draw on unique skills to block the rising tide of the white "salt people."Ambition and fear, love and loathing, mutual respect and open contempt bring Europeans and "savages" together in the untold story of the founding of New York City and the fabled island at its heart: Manhattan.If you have a passion for the historical fiction of Ken Follett, James Michener, or Edward Rutherfurd, you'll savor this rich and meticulously researched novel.A novel based on true events.(This Omnibus Edition includes updated and revised versions of the four short ebooks in The Manhattan Series plus new added content.)

The Keeper's Quest (The Keeper's Saga, #2)

Kelly Nelson - 2013
    A fatal trap. A daring quest."I woke to the flash of counter coordinates and a rush of adrenalin. Suddenly, it hit me. I was a pawn in someone’s game of chess, and I’d just been moved. Master Archidus required my services. I was a Keeper—the Protector, to be specific. I hadn’t wanted this, but I wouldn’t shun my duties, either. The other Keeper’s life wasn’t the only one at stake." —Chase HarperAfter a turbulent start to his senior year, Chase expects his life to returnto normal now that Ellie Williams is back. But when a Sniffer’s trap leads him on a journey spanning two worlds, he soon realizes things aren’t always what they seem. Will his calling as Keeper require a sacrifice he isn’t willing to make?

The Pathfinders: Prologue

Peggy L. Henderson - 2019
    For those willing to risk everything on a daily basis – including their lives – there is promise of adventure, fortune, escape, and freedom that can only be experienced in the vast frontier. When a group of young men is brought together under a common lure of trapping for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, they quickly form a bond with each other as they learn the law of the land. Responsibility, Truth, Gratitude, Love and Remorse… each man’s heart holds a secret of why they have made this journey, and it is what drives them to perfect their unique skills as they blaze their own path into the future… The Pathfinders is the Prologue to the Wild Mountain Hearts Series The Wild Mountain Hearts Series is a spin-off series to the Teton Romance Series, the Yellowstone Romance Series, and the Wilderness Brides Series