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Splinter of Hope by Jody Kaye


The Good Billionaire

Deborah Garland - 2022
    The twist? I am his wife…That’s my husband, Dr. Sebastian (Break My) Hart. Celebrity surgeon who forgot he had a wife.So I left him.Then his sister asked me to be her maid of honor. Which meant he never told his family we split up.Seriously?Now they’re all coming into town for the wedding.And I have to pretend we’re still together.By sleeping in a hotel bed with him.I can do this.I can resist him.Until we get behind closed doors.He’s good at removing my defenses and my panties. Not to mention leaving me a sore aching mess when he’s done with me.It’s just forty-eight hours. And I missed him. Missed the man I fell in love with. The man who took my virginity in medical school ten years ago. When I try to leave this time, will he prove I’m more important than fame? The Good Billionaire is the 24K prequel to The Billionaire Hart Series, featuring Sebastian Hart, cousin and best friend to the Hart Brothers, billionaire owners of The Sterling hotel in New York City.No cheating. No cliffhanger. HEA guaranteed.Series Complete!The Good BillionaireDaring the BillionaireBossy BillionaireRebel Billionaire

The Tycoon's Twin Trouble (Southern Beaus)

Layla Valentine - 2021


Jade C. Jamison - 2017
      One thing leads to another and she experiences her first “happy ending” massage.  She’s horrified and embarrassed, and her only salvation is that he’s not her usual masseuse.  She decides she won’t go back to the spa until her regular guy returns.  Except the next day at work, Rachel’s last appointment of the morning is a new client, Sergio Romano…a guy whose career name happens to be Spike Steel.   And the temperature has only just begun to rise…

Dotted Line

Elise Faber - 2020
    That I was tough and powerful and a take-no-prisoners woman at the top of my industry.And I was. At work.I always sealed the deal, nabbed the contract, and I never failed to get someone to sign on the dotted line. At work, I was the best.My personal life, however, was a wreck. A giant, lonely wreck.Until, Cole.Cole was about as far away from my city girl polish as one could get. A retired hockey player, he wore jeans to my power suits, cowboy boots to my heels, ate simple food to my gourmet. Hell, he even lived on a ranch half the year.And yet . . . he also challenged my mind. Never gave me an inch. Not to mention, he was gorgeous, kind, incredibly insightful and always, always, called me on my B.S. He’d done it when I’d been his agent, and continued to do it every time we talked.He was everything I’d dreamed of . . . and also, everything I was terrified to have.

As He Bids

Olivia Rigal - 2014
    Applying for a summer internship at an upscale auction house just because she has a mad crush on one of the bosses, may be Career Fail 101 for Hannah Cohen.Certainly, she is heading that way when she spends her first week focusing more on the way Bruce Nelson’s mouth shapes his words than their actual meaning.Novelette

My Mafia Boss: Pulse

Tasha Fawkes - 2020
    Her pulse skyrockets every time she's near the devastatingly sexy Irish mafia boss, Marcus Ryan. And working as his security consultant, getting close happens often. Not that she mind. Bad boys are in Allie's DNA and Marcus Ryan is the ultimate bad boy. As things heat up, Allie discovers a secret about Marcus that could destroy everything. Can Allie and Marcus survive the coming storm? Find out in Pulse, the first book in Tasha Fawkes new steamy romance series, My Mafia Boss.

When the Stars Align

Isabel Jolie - 2019
    I can’t stand the place. But when an offer to move to NYC includes a fast track to partner at a well-respected law firm, there’s no way I can decline. My move to the city goes exactly according to plan, everything falling perfectly into place…until the elevator door in my new apartment building opens, and I come face to face with my past. Four years ago we parted ways, neither of us willing to change our future career plans. We were too stubborn, too ambitious, and refused to make sacrifices. To add salt to the wound, she ended the year dating my roommate. But right now, staring at her beautiful face after all this time, I can still feel it. The attraction, the desire—it’s palpable. Four years ago, I wanted forever with Anna. Now, I’m a different man. A relationship isn’t in the cards. She threw that chance away. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun…right?

Forbidden Love

Ainsley St. Claire - 2018
    Then I met Dillon. I feel the pull, but I can’t let myself get distracted. Not now.He has eyes of the hunter, and when he looks at me, I know I'm the prey.He's dangerous and all wrong for me. I thought I could stay strong and resist him.I was wrong.Dillon:Women have always been simple for me. Seduce her, bed her. Repeat. Until I met Emerson. She was off limits. No problem, I had plenty of discipline. I could handle mind over matter.When I recognized the brains inside the seductive package, she became my personal black hole.With her I was losing the battle. I don’t know if it was hormones, or pheromones, or black magic.No matter what the rules said, I couldn’t pull away.Damn the rules.Forbidden Love is the first standalone book in the Venture Capitalist series of steamy romantic suspense. If you like heartthrob bosses, sexy-and-smart heroines, twist-filled plots, then you’ll love Ainsley St Claire’s too-hot-to-handle tale.Buy Forbidden Love to slip into a scandalous romance today!

Lockdown with My Billionaire Boss : Second Chance Office Romance

Sloane Peterson - 2020
    But when I end up in lockdown with my insanely hot billionaire boss, I start to think maybe I can make the best of a bad situation... Heartbreak is never easy. Even breaking up with someone you were never really meant to be with can be painful.I thought Dennis and I would end up married one day.But instead he dumps me at a sushi restaurant.I try to stay positive, and appreciate the ups of being newly single. But then this whole stupid pandemic comes along, and more than anything I hate spending so much time on my own.I'm getting restless, when one day I strike up an interesting conversation with my boss.He's a hot tech industry billionaire, who I find out is recently single as well since the start of the pandemic. After a few days texting back and forth, the two of us come up with a tantalizing arrangement to help us survive through lockdown... Soon my wildest dreams have all come true. I'm making love with my boss in the lap of his luxurious penthouse, and living a life of grandeur unlike anything I've ever imagined for myself. Only I'm about to find, emotions can get in the way of even the sweetest affairs.And now I'm wondering whether these new feelings I'm experiencing can possibly survive through the end of the pandemic...

Made for Him

Alexis Ashlie - 2020
    It will give you the HEA that you crave with OTT everything. You don’t want to miss this one.

The Christmas Truce: A Novella (Rosalind Brewery Series)

Palmer Jones - 2020

Cupid's Quest

Natalie Ann - 2020
    She considers herself a successful realtor now and loves that she is doing her part to put people in their forever home. Commitment issues often remind her she may never find what she always wanted as a little girl even if she secretly dreams of love and romance, happy ever after and prince charming...that forever home of her own. Josh Turner lived through the horrific murder of his parents while he hid in the closet as a young child. He’s an investigator now sworn to protect, but those he loved...he couldn’t bear the thought of life without them. He’d lay his life on the line and make sure they never felt as scared and lonely as he had that one night. When Ruby ends up as his realtor, he realizes that she is the one he never wants to lose, if only she’d let him in.

Falling for Gravity

Isabella Cassazza - 2020
    Yet the moment he saw Wioletta Dabrowski, he knew he’d found the one. But is two days enough to convince her to take a chance on him and give up her old life? Falling for Gravity is a standalone novella in the Ice Tigers Hockey Romance series. Pick up Falling for Gravity and discover this exciting new series today!

Standing Toe to Toe

Weston Parker - 2020
    In those ten years I’ve seen her for what she is: a cut-throat, take no prisoners, have no mercy business woman whose goal is to take what is rightfully mine. We’re both vying to make Partner at our agency but only one of us will come out on top.After being forced to work together on an ad campaign, I’m appalled to learn that Kathryn doesn’t do Christmas, whatever that means. She’s never partaken in any of the holiday festivities the beautiful city of Vancouver has to offer. So I strike up a plan. If I can give her a bit of holiday spirit I might just be able to soften her edge and make her a less threatening adversary.All is fair in love and war... and business. Right?I never expected that she would be the reason my Christmas season felt so special this year. The mistletoe, snow, and Christmas carols pull us together while logic and common sense keep us apart—until it doesn’t.The catch is we’re still competitors, and we still want the same job regardless of how we feel about each other. Do I be nice and give her the win and bow out? Or, do I be naughty, dig in my heels, and fight to the bitter end no matter the cost?If there are such a thing as Christmas miracles now would be the time to pull one out of my hat.

Charm School Christmas Karma

Lynn Garcia Carmer - 2019
    One bad decision, years ago, and fate has made her pay ever since.Sebastian Jacobs never believed in destiny--until he met Ai.She's talented and guarded, with a soft streak a mile wide. He plans to wear down her defenses using wicked words and a little holiday magic.If she agrees to a date, his plans go beyond one night--his plans last a lifetime.