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Alexx Andria - 2017
    Don’t go catching feelings because I will tear you apart. GAGEMari Jones is an itch under my skin that I can’t satisfy. The sassy, long-legged cocktail waitress is everything I shouldn’t want. Smart-mouthed, take-no-shit, sexy-as-hell, and the worst thing I could throw into my life but I want her.The thing is…I’ve always wanted her.She doesn’t remember me but I’ve never forgotten her.And now I’m going to put her into my bed.Don’t get me wrong — I’m not about forever — I see what I want and I find a way to get it but it’s always a temporary fix.No amount of money in the world can fix what’s broken inside me — and I should know, I’m fucking loaded — so don’t even try.I’m damaged. Broken to the core.If she catches feelings, I’m going to ruin her.Even though I know I should walk, I can’t.She’s everything I ever wanted…everything I will never deserve to have.Right or wrong…she’s mine. Publisher's Note: This is a full-length novel at 40,000 words. It's everything you've come to expect in an Alexx Andria read — hot sex, witty banter, and dark angst — if that sounds like your thing, feel free to one-click this bad boy billionaire and settle in for a deliciously wicked and entertaining time. Oh, and fans of Alexx's Buchanan might just recognize a character or two. Enjoy! Excerpt: “I want you, Mari,” Gage stated, leaning back, kicking his leg out casually beneath the scratched and ruined table. “Name your price.” “N-name my price?” I stuttered, incredulous. “What does that mean? And what makes you think I even have a price that I would offer? I’m not a vendor at a flea market, ready to haggle over an item…especially when that item is me.” His smirk did crazy things to my belly even as his answer pissed me off fresh. “Everyone has a price. Even you. I'm willing to bet your price is a lot lower than you think it would be.” Oh, hell no, what? “Did you just insult me?” “Not at all. Just sharing a bit of what I know about human nature.” “Well, you don’t know shit about me,” I said, rising. “I’m done with this ridiculous game. I don’t care how rich you are, you can’t buy me.” Screw Manny and his greed. He could find someone else to pander to the rich jerk, I was out. “You’re broke. You’ll be homeless by the end of the month because you can’t pay your rent and something tells me you aren’t going to make enough in tips to get what you need by month’s end.” His calm voice at my back froze my feet. I turned slowly. “How the hell do you know my personal business?” He waved away my question as if I were naive. “Nothing is private, sweetheart. I can get everything I need to know about you with the push of a button. Financial records are the easiest.” He paused only to punctuate his point. “Is my intel wrong? Do you have a secret stash of cash in your mattress that you’re holding onto for a rainy day?” No, he wasn't wrong — Gage knew how precarious my situation w

Royal Mess (a novella duet)

Jenna Sutton - 2018
     Prince Leo’s icy demeanor has earned him an amusing nickname—the Polar Prince. Unfortunately, the king doesn’t see the humor. If Leo wants to secure the throne of Alsania, he must improve his image. Participating in an organ donation campaign seems like a good start. He expects to donate his organs on his deathbed, so he’s surprised to be matched with a complete stranger who needs his help now. Tessa Lulach hates to admit it, but she’s a damsel in distress. When a handsome prince offers to save her with a hunk of his liver, she joyfully accepts. She can’t wait to feel like herself again and return to her beloved flower shop. Instead, her identity is revealed, and the quiet life she loves is turned upside down. As Leo and Tessa deal with the nosy public and ruthless paparazzi, she realizes the Polar Prince is much warmer than he seems—scorching hot, in fact. He willingly gave her a part of his liver, but can he give her his whole heart? ***** Everyone loves Prince Marco of Alsania, despite his reckless antics … or maybe because of them. So why does sexy schoolteacher Cassie Lulach prefer a boring investment banker over him? Wounded by her indifference, he has an erotic encounter with a masked woman at a royal ball who reminds him of the one he really wants. After another failed relationship, Cassie is frustrated with immature, inconsiderate guys. Wanting to escape reality, she attends a masquerade ball and finds herself alone with a masked stranger. For the first time in her life, she acts on impulse, only to end up pregnant and absolutely clueless about the identity of her baby’s father. When Marco learns of Cassie’s pregnancy and her plans to raise the baby alone, he promises to be there for her, hoping she’ll finally see him as more than just a playboy prince. But then he discovers she’s the woman from the masquerade ball and panics. Will the truth destroy his chance to win over Cassie, or will he convince her that they can have their own happily ever after? ***** About 55,000 words

Brother's Best Friend's Package

Cassandra Bloom - 2017
    But if I follow my lust… Will she steal my heart? I’m not just king of Wall Street. I’m the most notorious bad boy on Broadway. Wealth. Power. Success. I’ve got it all. Women crumble for my wit, charm and my rock hard…abs. I change women faster than I change my underwear. Now my business partners sisters in town. Smart. Gorgeous. And mind-bendingly sexy. I can’t resist. What I didn’t count on? I think I’ve just met my match. She chews guys up and spits them out. A shark just like me --we’re two of a kind. Her brother says she’s off limits. But that just makes her a whole lot sexier. And tonight she wants me to take her all the way. Tonight it’s my turn. I want to claim the girl who can’t be tamed for myself. One night of wild sex later -- could this be a New York dream come true, or the greatest disaster ever?

Love, Again

Shrruti Patole Clarence - 2015
    When her estranged husband suddenly commits suicide she realizes that things wouldn’t be the same again…Shrikanth thought that he was a confirmed bachelor but when his mother refused to get herself treated for cancer unless he got married, he had to get a bride in a hurry.She needed a husband in name, to save her career while he needed to marry to please his mother. Will they find love second time around? Will they lower their shields and succumb to a mutual passion?


Terri E. Laine - 2018
    Laine comes part two of a sweet but sexy single dad story that began with Honey. Just when Honey and Jake think they got everything figured out, a blast from the past rolls in determined to tear everything apart. From Honey to Ford, secrets can make or break any relationship between Jake and the woman he loves. Trust will be the key to mending hearts and forging a path to the future. But it won’t come easy and at what cost until it’s all too much. Sugar is part two of Honey and cannot be read as a standalone.


Thayer King - 2016
     When Kayla Lawrence wakes up in her best friend’s arms after a night of hot sex, she wants to pretend that it never happened. He’s not just her best friend. He’s also her partner. But as much as she loves Joshua Tanner, he’s not the type to commit. She’s not sure where their relationship is going after their night together. Joshua has wanted Kayla since the moment they met. He’s loved her almost as long. Waking up in her bed was his dream come true. Now he just has to convince Kayla that he’s relationship material.

Not Just Another Billionaire (When a Billionaire Loves a Woman Book 1)

Emma Kingsley - 2018
    Now she's focused on her career and her efforts have finally paid off. A trip to Aspen with her best friend seems like a perfect way to celebrate her big promotion at Marshall Resorts. But meeting the most gorgeous man she has ever seen under awkward circumstances is definitely not a part of her plan. If that’s unexpected, discovering two weeks later that the breathtaking stranger is her new CEO is outright unimaginable. Logan Marshall distanced himself from the drama of his dysfunctional family years ago. But when he’s called back to save the Marshall Resorts after a traitor sold their secrets to a competitor, he can’t let his great-grandfather’s legacy go down in flames. As if taking charge of the family firm in the middle of a scandal wasn’t enough to process, he’s faced with the fact that one of his new employees is the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since their embarrassing first encounter in Aspen. The atmosphere is tense, the environment is hostile, but when two people are so perfect for each other as Emily and Logan are, can anything stop them? Clean, inspirational romance novella.

Fall Into Romance: A Boxed Set of 10 Heartwarming, Sweet Novellas

Melanie D. SnitkerLiwen Y. Ho - 2017
     Each story takes you inside the heart of a small town—its people—and features adorable animal friends in need of a forever home. Take a trip to Romance, Oregon, where falling in love has never been easier and happily-ever-after is guaranteed! Finding Forever in Romance by Melanie D. Snitker Brent's hands are so full he doesn't realize his heart is empty. But how can he convince Nicole to trust him and give them all a chance at the forever family they deserve? Lost in Romance by Stacy Claflin Work is Alisyn’s life. Everything is perfect until the day her boss’s son comes to town and takes her breath away. Will she risk it all for love? At Second Glance by Raine English Can an ornery French bulldog help a mismatched couple find love? Blown Into Romance by Shanna Hatfield Free spirit Brooke Roberts blows into Romance like an autumn storm, unprepared to fall for the handsome rancher who gives her a reason to stay. Wired for Romance by Franky A. Brown Electrician Josh Chadwick can rewire his new client’s house, but he can’t do a thing about the electricity sparking between them. Restoring Romance by Tamie Dearen She’s a big city chef who likes cats. He’s a small town mayor who restores antiques. But even with feline allergies at play, true love is nothing to sneeze at. Finding Dori by J.J. DiBenedetto She’s a loud, pushy New Yorker who drives him crazy. He almost ran her over with his truck. Of course they’re perfect for each other… Katie’s Chance for Romance by Jessica L. Elliott Five years ago she pushed him out of her life, but she couldn't force him from her heart. Chasing Romance by Liwen Y. Ho When pop sensation Chase Lockhart wants more than a room at Izzy Sutton’s Bed and Breakfast, she must decide whether it’s worth opening up her heart to him, especially when he’s eleven years her junior. Lessons in Romance by Kit Morgan A rooster, a tortoise and love, oh my! Now if the humans could just figure out the love part, they might all live happily ever after.

Author Seeking Mountain Man

Marley Michaels - 2020
    And fast.Lucky for Aster, a mountain-man-in-warm-plaid comes to her rescue and inspires her more than any time writing alone ever could.Lucky for Gray Cooper, this gorgeous wordsmith who blurts out whatever she’s thinking, and intrigues him to no end, might be exactly the kind of woman he’s always wanted.Sometimes reality can be so much better than fiction, all you’ve got to do is open your eyes and believe.***Author seeking Mountain Man is book 1 of a new 4 book sweet, flirty, instalove series about four big, gruff and tough brothers living their lives on Moose Mountain. The mountain has always provided for these men, and now it’s sending them feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.


Lucy Wild - 2017
    It sounds like the start of a fairy tale. But this is no fairy tale and Ash Carson is no knight in shining armour.He brought me to his tumbledown cabin deep in the forest and now he won't let me leave. refusing point blank to open the door until the blizzard dies down.He might be the most handsome man I've ever met and my only hope of survival but he's also infuriatingly stubborn and what's worse, he won't stop staring at me with hunger in his eyes. I know what that look means and I'm so scared, I can hardly move.I don't know what to do. He's just given me two options, leave or stay. If I leave, I'll freeze to death. If I stay? Well, he's warned me what will happen if I stay. He won't listen to reason, he won't argue. He wants my innocence and he's going to take it. The most shocking thing about all of this? I want to let him.

Temp Girl

Haley Oliver - 2019
     When she answered the intra-office memo on behalf of the snooty blonde down the hall, she only meant to spare her new boss a cruel rejection. He wasn't supposed to reply. And she shouldn’t have replied to his reply… …again…and again…and again. While Amanda has fallen head over heels for her billionaire boss, Owen Ridgemont, to him she's just the girl from the temp agency who sits at the front desk and files paperwork. What will happen when Owen learns that, rather than corresponding with the gorgeous blonde, he's been exchanging memos with his secretary? Amanda has a good idea where her well-meaning charade will leave her…. …unemployed and seriously heartbroken! Temp Girl is a 30K word story, the first in the Billionaire Secretarial Pool series. It is a sweet, clean, contemporary billionaire romance with inspirational and Christian themes of family, faith, and love. As always, it is clean and wholesome with a guaranteed happily ever after ending. This story may appeal to fans of authors such as Bree Livingston, Elana Johnson, Anne-Marie Meyer, Michelle Pennington, and Lorana Hoopes.

Grumpy Cooper

Fel Fern - 2021
    Especially not the cute nerdy guy who just moved into 3B. His new next door neighbor pushes all his wrong buttons. Sam is annoying and obnoxiously loud. When Cooper discovers Sam and he have plenty in common, Cooper decides to give Sam a second chance. Maybe it’s finally time for Cooper to make room in his heart for someone new.Computer programmer Sam Green overturned his entire world for his ex. He quit his job and moved into a new town only to have his heart broken. To make matters worse, his sexy and inked neighbor seems to hate him on sight. When an accidental kiss changes everything between them, Sam wonders if Cooper can be more than a rebound fling.Grumpy Cooper is a low-angst, neighbours to lovers, contemporary standalone MM romance featuring a die-hard nerd and his grumpy hot neighbor.

Her Secret Baby (Forbidden Fantasies #4)

S.E. Law - 2020
    The recently-divorced CEO has five kids and needed household help fast. But Mr. Blythe gets under my skin. He’s such a gorgeous a$$hole with those fierce blue eyes and knowing smirk. So why do I want to kiss that hard, demanding mouth?Ryan: When the agency sent a nanny over, I expected someone homely and plain. I never expected to open the door to the sassy, curvy, and utterly beautiful Regina Frank. But one thing leads to another and soon, she’s not just my nanny … she’s getting a surprise and her belly will be big by the time we’re done.This is a secret baby second chance romance where our hero already has five kids, so he’s not exactly looking for more. But after he knocks up the gorgeous nanny on his doorstep, will he reconsider? Get your fire extinguisher out because you’ll need it to cool off after reading this taboo romance. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and always a HEA for my readers.

Magnolia: A Perfect Love

Asia Monique - 2020
    They’ve endured tragedy and heartbreak together, with Magnolia protecting them no matter the cost. Her heart was made of solid gold and under lock and key. Shielding the part of her that had been broken by the one man who should have guarded it with his life is a top priority for Magnolia. No one has ever been able to penetrate the barrier until a smooth-talking, college English professor by the name of Lennox Clarke steps in to take a shot. Does Lennox have what it takes to secure the key to Magnolia’s heart or will his efforts be all for nothing? *Please note, this is book one of a five part interconnected series. Though each book can be read as a standalone, some parts of the storyline are ongoing.

Switched at Marriage Episodes 1 & 2

Gina Robinson - 2018
    That's some new kind of low.And certainly not by Justin Green, Seattle's youngest billionaire. Jus had a crush on me in college, but someone has to be pranking me.I’m ready to play along with the joke until I walk into a meeting with Justin and his supposed divorce lawyer. Justin is all grown up. And much hotter than I remember. Scroll up and grab your copy today!