Holly Hook - 2013
    With her foster mom and sister, she's tried in vain to recover her memories. Her falling nightmare returns each night, and she always wakes from it at 2:20 a.m.--the same time she appeared on the porch of her foster home.Then the dance goes terribly wrong and Julia learns she's somehow in the wrong time and that her falling nightmare is a glimpse into her real, and dangerous, past. Worse, she's being tracked by a group of immortals called the Timeless, who want to send her back into danger to keep the flow of history in order. Julia must avoid the trip at all costs and learn where she's truly from, because if the Timeless catch her, she will die. Things only grow more complicated when attractive but brooding Simon shows up at her school. There's something hauntingly familiar about him--so familiar, in fact, that he may have everything to do with the truth that Julia seeks. Julia finds herself growing closer and closer to him as she works to unravel her true past. But Simon has some secrets of his own, and learning the truth may be her end.

As I Close My Eyes

Sarah DiCello - 2012
    And when she looks into his eyes, she knows she has seen them before ... Danielle Grayson is a beautiful, intelligent young woman in present-day Georgia, but when she closes her eyes, she becomes someone else in a different time, one hundred years earlier in fact. Danielle's other life is as entrancing and romantic as her current one, and the contrast between the lifestyles is intriguing and enlightening, but what starts out as being dreamlike soon becomes real and strangely familiar. Worse, whatever happens to her as Danielle seems to change the past, if it is a true past. And when she finds she is not alone in being able to flip between the two worlds, life, love and death become increasingly disturbing.

Highland Magic: The Complete Highland Historical Series

Kerrigan Byrne - 2017
    and that's a Berserker who's found one. The MacLachlan clan is cursed with an ancient bloodline, strong as ten men and violent as a leigon. Here are 9 stories of men who battle the beast within, and the woman who are strong enough to tame them.

The Medium

Bonnie Dee - 2018
    When he’s called upon to release a distressed soul from a haunted house, a child’s angry spirit draws him into a dark mystery. Equally intriguing is the skeptical homeowner, Albert, a man who has buried his sexuality deeper than the grave. Albert Henderson humors his mother’s wishes by inviting the medium for a visit. While he doubts Justin’s gifts, he can’t deny one truth: the man stirs desire in him that Albert has spent a lifetime denying. Slowly, the walls of his proper life crumble. And when Justin proposes some emotion-free experimentation, neither imagines it might lead to love…and danger. After learning the terrifying truth about the deceased child’s persecutor, the two men pursue a perpetrator of great evil. When they coax a confession from their quarry, the vengeful spirit unleashes power nearly beyond control. To free the earthbound ghost from the past that holds it shackled, Justin must risk his own soul. And Albert must find the courage to break free of the chains of doubt that will deny him and Justin the future of which they once only dreamed. Warning: Contains mention of child sexual abuse.


Erin Grady - 2004
    Tess Carson's sister has disappeared after being implicated in the suspicious murder of her boss. The victim's son, Grant Weston, appears to want to help, but Tess is wary of his true intentions. But when Tess begins having visions of another time and place, she starts to suspect that she may hold the key to finding her sister.

Under Zenith

Shannen Crane Camp - 2014
    Dying in a car accident only hours later wasn't part of that plan. Yet there she was, standing over her own lifeless body and panicking about ruining the truck her parents had bought as a graduation present. Talk about a bad way to repay them. If coming to terms with the hereafter wasn't enough to deal with, Isla suddenly finds herself stuck with Hayden, a gorgeous Brit with a bad attitude and a penchant for throwing her off cliffs to keep her in line. Worst of all, Hayden is her Guide, and until she completes six impossible and totally random tasks to reach her mysterious Destination, she's stuck with him. Isla's major problem, though, is that she doesn't know what reaching her Destination actually entails, and soon the mystery surrounding her new afterlife seems more ominous than any purgatory she could possibly imagine. Now Isla must decide if she'll trust her dark and brooding Guide despite his "bad boy" act, or if she'll risk failing her tasks and facing the unknown alone.

The Stargazer

Michele Jaffe - 1999
    Each suspects the other of killing a well-known courtesan; when they're forced to team up to prove their innocence, sparks fly. Jaffe is a Renaissance scholar, so she knows the era—and she knows the romance as well: this is timeless historical fiction, with the kind of luminous heat that shines from the romance shelves.

Sigrun's Secret

Marie-Louise Jensen - 2010
    'I'll wait for you', I called to him. The wind whipped my words away and he was lost to sight. Exiled to a strange new land, Sigrun must face the dangers surrounding her as past secrets are uncovered. Can she protect those she loves - and will she ever return to them?

The Merriweather Sisters Books 1-3

Cynthia Luhrs - 2016
    Check. Haunting castle ruins. Check.Proper English lord for a boyfriend.Well, almost check. Be careful what you wish for…Lucy Merriweather’s supposedly perfect boyfriend attempted to murder her during a visit to Blackford Castle. Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she lands in a tangled heap at the feet of a tarnished grumpy knight with secrets of his own and no time to spare for a crazy damsel in distress.Book 2: Knight MovesLose yourself in time…A missing sister and totally fishy story.Check.A haunting castle in England.Check.Finding out news that rocks your world.Check. And double check.Be careful when you go searching for answers…Melinda Merriweather’s sister vanished on a trip to England. When someone tries to kill Melinda Merriweather, she knows there’s more to the story of her missing sister. Determined to find out what happened, Melinda lands in England, only to get more than she bargained for.A picture she can’t explain. A wrong turn leading to Falconburgh Castle and a whopper of a storm. Falling through time to 1300s medieval England, she finds herself staring at the pointy end of a wicked-looking sword. A weary knight swoops in and rescues Melinda, only to find out she’s no swooning damsel in distress. Now Melinda’s greatest fear is falling in love and never finding out what happened to her sister.Book 3: Lonely Is the KnightTravel through time... Both sisters lost to the mists of time.Check.Attempted murder.Check.Actually traveling through time to medieval England?Triple check.Beware ghosts trying to help…Charlotte Merriweather didn’t plan to steal the gorgeous low-slung sports car. But in her defense it was just sitting there running, with the door open, beckoning her. A terrible accident sends her traveling through time to 1330 England. Surely the handsome knight of the castle will aid her in the search to find her missing sisters?Henry Thornton has sworn never to marry. Even if he is enchanted by the odd woman he finds washed up on the shore. He'll aid her and send the lady on her way.Or not. As the castle falls under siege trapping Charlotte and Henry within the stone walls, will they risk everything for a chance at a love meant to last forever? The series picks up with the Thornton Brothers in Darkest Knight with four books in that series and more to come!Book 1: A Knight to RememberBook 2: Knight MovesBook 3: Lonely Is the KnightBook 4: Darkest KnightBook 5: Forever KnightBook 6: First Knight Book 7: Last KnightBook 8: coming soon

Lions in the Garden

Chelsea Luna - 2016
    But with the choice between braving the bandits and wolves of Bohemia's uneasy roads or being married off to a disgusting old baron, she's taken what she can carry and fled. Escape won't be easy. Even Mila has heard the rumors of a rebellion coming against the court. The peasants are hungry. The king hasn't been seen in months. Mila's father, the High Chancellor, is well known and well hated. But Mila can't sit behind a stone wall and let fear force her into a life of silk gowns and certain misery. Her mother's death has taught her that much. She has one ally: Marc, the son of the blacksmith. A commoner, a Protestant--and perhaps a traitor, too. But the farther she gets from the castle, the more lies she uncovers, unraveling everything she thought she knew. And the harder it is to tell friend from enemy--and wrong from right . . .

The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy

Regina Jeffers - 2013
    The joy of his recent wedding has been cut short by the news of the sudden death of his father’s beloved cousin, Samuel Darcy. Elizabeth and Darcy travel to Dorset, a popular Regency resort area, to pay their respects to the well-traveled and eccentric Samuel. But this is no summer holiday. Danger bubbles beneath Dorset’s peaceful surface as strange and foreboding events begin to occur. Several of Samuel’s ancient treasures go missing, and then his body itself disappears. As Darcy and Elizabeth investigate this mystery and unravel its tangled ties to the haunting legends of Dark Dorset, the legendary couple’s love is put to the test when sinister forces strike close to home. Some secrets should remain secrets, but Darcy will do all he can to find answers—even if it means meeting his own end in the damp depths of a newly dug grave.With malicious villains, dramatic revelations and heroic gestures, The Mysterious Death of Mr. Darcy will keep Austen fans turning the pages right up until its dramatic conclusion.

The Sibylline Oracle

Delia J. Colvin - 2012
    But Alex knows the terrifying truth...time is running out! And unless they can discover the source of an ancient curse, fate will take her life...again. Greek Mythology and modern romance intertwine in this addictive trilogy.THE SIBYLLINE TRILOGY - a love more enduring than life...than death...than destiny.


Linda Lael Miller - 1995
    Originally published in the anthology Everlasting Love.The “First Lady of the West,” #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller touches your heart in this passionate short story set on the Western frontier.In Resurrection, the writer whose “talent knows no bounds” (Rendezvous) travels back to 1880s Montana, where an abandoned bride searches for a love she thought forever lost in a story that makes it easy to see that “the sweetest kind of magic comes from the pen of Linda Lael Miller!” (The Literary Times).

Highland Steam

Eliza Knight - 2012
    His only choice is to trust in magic and travel to the sacred circle of stones…where he must passionately lay claim to the woman Fate brings him. Briana is lost and alone when magic lights up the night. She meets the man of her dreams, a man who rocks her to her very core with orgasm after orgasm and somehow manages to steal her heart. The problem? The man of her dreams lives eight hundred years in the past.

She Who is Hidden

Suza Kates - 2012
    She is hidden in the words of her lover. This is the first in a string of ancient riddles that will lead archaeologist Erica Conner on the most dangerous expedition of her life. After agreeing to help an esteemed colleague and a no-nonsense FBI agent, she finds herself in a race against a mysterious cult. A faction that was founded in Egypt over two thousand years ago. Erica joins forces with Agent Matt Pierce. The two exasperate each other at every turn, while they battle the intense desire growing between them. He is the one man who knows the evil group's secrets, and she is the one person who can outwit them. As the riddles lead Erica and Matt around the world, the true horror unfolds. They must fight for their own lives and defeat the cultists before an unspeakable plan is unleashed on the world.