The Disneyland Quest

Matt Ainsworth - 2012
    To make the introduction go smoothly, Steve offers to pay for Dizzy and his family to meet in Disneyland; Dizzy's favorite place in the world.When they arrive at the theme park, they learn about a once in a lifetime treasure hunt called The Disneyland Quest. Clues are hidden throughout Disneyland, leading the quest participants to the combination of a vault set up on Main Street and the $250,000 prize inside.Dizzy, Ana, and Travis must work together in a race against the clock, thousands of opponents, and the mysterious man in red who follows them throughout the quest. Friendship, perseverance, and trust are all put to the test in The Disneyland Quest.

Ghost Town Treasure

Clyde Robert Bulla - 1957
    Ty doesn't want to move. He doesn't want to leave behind his beloved gray pony, or his big wooden desk. Just before his family packs up for good, though, his friends Nora and Paul come to visit. Their grandfather used to prospect for gold in the town, and they've brought his ancient diary with its tantalizing clues to hidden treasure. If Ty and his friends can find the treasure in time, it may help to save the town.

Baby-sitters' Haunted House

Ann M. Martin - 1995
    Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Dawn are off to Maine to help take care of Karen and Andrew and the four Menders kids, whose parents stand to inherit the huge seaside house where the whole group will be staying.

Mystery of the Black Diamonds

Phyllis A. Whitney - 1954
    But when they persuade their parents to visit the ghost town of Blossom, one clue after another comes to light.Strange howlings waken them at night, strange eyes watch them as they walk the deserted streets. It becomes evident that more than one person is hunting for the treasure, and there are those who want to hinder Angie and Mark in their search.Angie meets Jinx Kobler, a girl her own age, living with her grandparents in the crumbling town. Jinx loves the old town and resents outsiders. She is oddly secretive about her mother and father, adding one more question to those which puzzle Angie.Who or what is Abednego? What are the black diamonds and where are they hidden? Why did the old prospecter make no use of the treasure himself? What queer animal haunts these empty streets at night and steals from the newcomers?

Trixie Belden 3-Book Set

Julie Campbell - 1951
    . . or stay away from mysteries And now Trixie's first three adventures are available in a boxed set of the retro books with Julie Campbell's text from the 1940s editions and Mary Stevens's original line drawings. After all, who can resist tomboy Trixie; her rich best friend, Honey; and their adventures with a runaway kid in a miser's mansion, a stolen red trailer, and a lost diamond in an rickety old gatehouse?

The Chameleon Wore Chartreuse

Bruce Hale - 2000
    Almost more than he loves his fee--stinkbug pie. So when fellow fourth grader Shirley Chameleon asks him to find her missing brother, Billy, Chet expects the case to be as easy as pie. But Billy's disappearance is part of a larger plot, one that involves the Rat Sisters, a riddling junkyard dog, and a vicious Gila monster named Herman. If Chet doesn't solve the case fast, the entire school could be humiliated. Worst of all, Chet might not get his fee. And Chet's hungry. . . . •The first book in a zany new series that combines mystery with humor •A hip, character-based story and amusing illustrations in a fun format for middle grade readers

Hocus Pocus Hotel

Michael Dahl - 2012
    Ghosts wandering the halls, a magician who vanishes into thin air – Ty can’t figure these things out on his own. But Charlie Hitchcock, with his photographic memory, might just be the partner the school bully needs. Together, they’ll solve magical mysteries beyond your wildest imagination.

The Rockingdown Mystery

Enid Blyton - 1949
    After all, their cousin Snubby is staying with them, they make a new friend called Barney 'and' there's an abandoned big house to explore nearby. But when Barney disappears the children begin to worry about the strange behaviour of their new tutor…

The Mystery on the Ice

Gertrude Chandler Warner - 1993
    Once again, the Boxcar Children find themselves investigating a mystery.

Key to the Treasure

Peggy Parish - 1966
    The sketches are clues to a hidden treasure, and no one has been able to figure them out for a century. There is a missing first clue, but when the children stumble upon the second clue, they're on their way. Could it be that on this visit they will solve the secret that has eluded so many for more than a hundred years?.

Mystic and the Midnight Ride

Stacy Gregg - 2007
    So when the unthinkable happens, Issie is devastated.Then her instructor asks her to care for Blaze, an abandoned pony, and Issie’s riding skills are really put to the test. Will she tame the spirited new horse Blaze? And can Mystic somehow return to help her…Find out in the first Pony Club Secrets mystery adventure from the bestselling author of ‘The Princess and the Foal’.

The Kidnappers: A Mystery

Willo Davis Roberts - 1998
    Joey Bishop soon finds himself face-to-face with the kidnappers himself (as well as his archenemy) in this fast-paced, urban story that will leave you panting for your next breath.

The Midnight Tunnel

Angie Frazier - 2011
    Can Suzanna solve the crime? It is 1905 and young Suzanna works at her family's inn in Loch Harbor, New Brunswick, where she is trained to be a well-mannered hostess and a charming lady. Suzanna has other ideas for her future--she wants to be a detective. When a young guest goes missing on a stormy summer night, Suzanna's famous uncle, Detective Bruce Snow, comes to solve the case. But Suzanna learns that not everything is as it seems. With a little help from her friends, can she solve the mystery of the missing girl before her uncle closes the case?

The Lost Treasure of Tuckernuck

Emily Fairlie - 2012
    A classic mystery filled with humor and heart.

The Case of the Claymore Diamond

Daniel Kenney - 2014
    He read The Math Inspectors in one sitting and is excited for the next one in the series to come out. - My daughter and I stumbled upon this book and we're hoping this is one of many new detective books for kids 9-12 - Loved the funny dialogue between the friends but loved how Math is shown in such a positive light with Gertie and Charlotte, the two girl characters. My daughter is super excited to read more of these Math inspectors mystery books for kids. BOOK DESCRIPTION: When the Claymore Diamond is stolen from Ravensburg’s finest jewelry store, Stanley Carusoe gets the bright idea that he and his friends should start a detective agency. Armed with curiosity and their love for math, Stanley, Charlotte, Gertie and Felix race around town in an attempt to solve the mystery. Along the way, they butt heads with an ambitious police chief, uncover dark secrets, and drink lots of milkshakes at Mabel's Diner. But when their backs are against the wall, Stanley and his friends rely on the one thing they know best: numbers. Because numbers, they never lie. Join Stanley and his friends in this smart and funny first mystery in The Math Inspector series, perfect for kids ages 9-12.