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Free Fall by Emily Goodwin


Down We'll Come, Baby

Carrie Aarons - 2019
     When I married Theo Walsh, the rough, bearded townie who worked construction on my family’s summer house, I’d found my happily ever after. That was before the fighting.
 Before the jealousy.
 Before the infertility. We’ll be divorced long before death does us part. But to secure my place in the family dynasty, there is just one more hoop I have to jump through. And I need him to do it. Faking the marriage we once thrived in will gut me.
 Especially with the secret I’m carrying. Theo I would have sacrificed for her until the end of time. My job. My home.
 My happiness. I’d given it all up to marry her. That’s how much I loved Imogen Weston, the daughter to one of the world’s richest families. From the day we met, I’d done nothing but try to live up to the man she expected to be with. And now, I was done. Sure, I’d complete this one final ask of hers, even if it destroyed me. But I’ve made her promise the one thing that might save me. She swore that after she got everything she ever wanted, she wouldn’t look back. I made my wife vow to leave me forever.

All for Me

Deborah Garland - 2018
    Not anymore.Greg Mallory is done being called the jilted groom of Darling Cove. Five years ago, his fiancé, his childhood sweetheart, the only woman he’s ever loved took off days before their wedding. She abandoned him and the small town they'd both grown up in and fled to the Middle East to further her career. But Greg never believed a job tore her away from him. Not with their chemistry, their crazy dirty nights, and the way he loved and protected her.He can’t forget her. But in order to move on, he needs to forgive her.When Faith shows up in town under a cloud of mystery, Greg is determined to get some answers.Not a kiss. Though, when she offers him her cherry lips, he can’t resist. The undeniable connection between them still burns hot.He’ll give her his body, but he’s keeping his heart at a safe distance.All Faith wants is forgiveness, for that she’ll need to confess to Greg why she really left him. She never expected to get his love again. But the more time they spend together, the last five years disappear.Now the only man she’s ever loved is promising forever all over again. All she has to say is…yes.But Greg needs to know the truth first. Only, when he finds out what made her run off, it may ruin the second chance she never thought she’d get.The best ending in a romance I’ve read in a long time!Previously published as Must Have Faith♥ ♥ ♥ ♥All for Me is a full-length steamy romance. If you love small towns, second chances, good cops, runaway brides, slow-burning sexiness, and heart-pounding endings All for Me is the second chance romance for you.No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA Guaranteed.All for Me is part of the North Fork Heroes series.Want more heroes?Live for Me- A Small Town Single Dad Fireman Romance (previously published as Must Be Crazy)His Christmas Surprise- A Small Town Holiday Baby Romance (previously published as A Must for Christmas)All North Fork Heroes books are exactly the same, just better titles and covers to tug at your heart.Scroll up and one-click to start reading All for Me (Greg and Faith) immediately*Follow Deborah for more updates*

Beautifully Tainted

A.M. Guilliams - 2014
    Perfectly boring. Which is how I preferred it to be. Trust didn't come easy and for good reason.When I ran into the new detective in town, I knew the second our eyes locked, he'd be my downfall. He had too many questions. Pressed too hard for me to let him in. And they were both the dangerous combination neither of us could afford.

Hope Over Fear

J.A. DeRouen - 2014
    I don’t deserve pity or sympathy. I’ve made my bed. I left Mason and ripped his heart to pieces as I ran away. The guilt and sorrow consume me, threatening to choke me everyday.But today is a new beginning. Today is the day I will wake up with a renewed resolve and determination to do better … to be better … to be worthy. My name is Sara Preston, and this is my story about what happens after.

The Exception to the Rule

Beth Rinyu - 2012
    Following a bitter breakup with her unfaithful boyfriend, she decides to throw herself into her work without any distractions from a man. That’s until she encounters Dr. Julian Kiron, a handsome, career driven pediatric oncologist. Even though she tries to fight it, Kat finds herself falling deeply for him; until she painfully realizes that they both want totally different things from life. Not willing to compromise for the other, they sadly say goodbye, cutting all ties.Five years later, Kat’s happy world is turned upside down when she is given devastating news. She must now confront her past and the secret she’s harbored for years. But will saving the one she loves most also rekindle the love she let slip away?


Elle Harper - 2014
    Overwhelming tragedy has turned her world into a dark and lonely place. Facing the pain and the ghosts is impossible. Hiding her secret behind a mask of confidence and living a lie is the only thing she knows how to do. She's alive...but not living.Counsellor Ben Hardy is certain he can help Grace heal. Maybe it's a way to rid himself of the demons haunting him from that one horrific night when his life shattered.When they meet, everything changes, and their pasts offer them a remedy to save each other...until Ben's traumatic history threatens to destroy the trust they've built.Will the truth tear them apart? Or will it force them to understand the healing power of forgiveness and love?

Finding Parker

Scott Hildreth - 2014
    From a mother, father, friend or maybe a complete stranger. “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." But what if it wasn’t? Parker Bale finds himself in this exact predicament. A gentlemen with a very unique past, Parker completed college and is on the hunt for a job. Almost immediately he is offered the career of a lifetime. His new assignment? Find a woman to love. His boss? Kenton Ward - a self-made millionaire with a strange desire to witness a love he never had an opportunity to experience. One small catch...Parker must sign a contract with Kenton, binding him to conditions of the search for a woman. Eagerly, he signs the document without reading the legal language. Victoria Fisker doesn’t trust people, has no faith in the male species and lives a quiet life keeping to herself and caring for her narcotic addicted mother. Can they look beyond their sordid pasts? Can Parker fall in love under the scrutiny of an employment contract? Can Victoria learn to trust? The love depicted in Finding Parker is not simply read, it is experienced. After reading this novel, you will without a doubt view love differently…and question the life you have been living. “I wanted to resist, allowing the night to go on forever. As we walked along the beach, I pressed my feet into the sand firmly, leaving an impression deep enough to last a lifetime. And I did not look back...”


M. Piper - 2017
    First sibling of three, and the other two couldn’t be any more opposite of me. Single father extraordinaire to the coolest kid on the face of the earth, and I have parents that think the world of my son. I’m a family guy. At twenty-two, I’ve embraced my fate as a lifetime member of the uncool single dad club. It’s the Lincoln and Carter show…until I meet Wren. That’s when everything changes. And I mean everything. More laundry in the machine, a third toothbrush at the bathroom sink, Cosmopolitan magazine next to the bed. More importantly, a home that feels full. Complete. Wren’s the beauty in my ugly days. She’s full of life, and talent, and she’s the exact mother figure my son needs. It’s surprising because she’s the daughter of two very shitty people. Pardon my French. Two people who taught her to hate herself because she didn’t follow their plan for her. Two people that drop a hell of a bomb on us. Right when we think the world’s stopped pitting against us, her family proves us wrong. Now we’re out to prove that even though unplanned, our unconventional life is absolutely perfect.

Unexpected Chance

Joanne Schwehm - 2013
    Just when she thinks all hope is lost, she meets Alex Logan. He’s beyond handsome, well dressed, and is known to be a player—perfect for the role.The unexpected happens and Alex becomes more than just an inspiration to Aubrey, but a misunderstanding leaves her heartbroken. Before an opportunity arises to straighten things out, tragedy strikes, and Aubrey’s world is turned upside down.While Aubrey is trying to cope with her new life, a new chance at love arises. Can she find it in her to trust again? Will Alex be able to win her back? Or will she take this new unexpected chance at love?

For Lila, Forever

Winter Renshaw - 2019
    But it didn’t matter what it said. I didn’t have the heart to open it. We couldn’t be together. Not after everything ... Leaving Rose Crossing, Maine was one of the most painful moments of my life—or at least it was until the day I came face-to-face with Thayer Ainsworth again. After a decade of searching, he’s found me, and he wants to know why I quit my housemaid job and left his family’s island estate without so much as a goodbye. But I’m bound by a devastating secret much bigger than the two of us, and telling him the truth has consequences. Looking into the eyes of the only man I’ve ever loved, I tell him the only thing I’m allowed to: never contact me again. And when he’s gone, I sit down and finally open his letter. Only it isn’t a letter at all. And it changes everything.

The Jerk Next Door

Komal Kant - 2016
    Not half naked. Not metaphorically naked. Literally stark, bare-butt naked. Single, lacking cooking skills, and too awkward to function, Isla Matthews is content to spend her nights alone, curled up on the couch with her cat. When she’s not knee-deep in the personal lives of her embarrassingly zany friends, she can be found struggling to keep afloat the cute, little flower shop her parents left her after their deaths. Having thrown aside her dreams of being an artist, Isla’s almost convinced herself she’s happy with her safe, comfortable routine. That is until a super-hot, Australian man shows up naked in her front yard—her new neighbor, Leo Wayland. As far as Isla’s concerned, Leo is the stuff that neighbor nightmares are made of. An irritating, free spirit with no boundaries, he eats her food, uses her hot water, and, worst of all, saunters around shirtless, causing her to have all kinds of inappropriate thoughts about him. But as much as Leo rubs her the wrong way, Isla can’t deny that he is filling up her lonely nights with his annoying smirks, making her laugh again, and daring her to change, one day at a time. Maybe, just maybe, Leo Wayland is exactly the smoldering intervention Isla needs to get her life back on track…

Don't Let Go

Sharla Lovelace - 2014
    The two had their future all planned out—until one unspeakable decision tore them apart.Twenty-six years later, Jules is living her life by someone else’s plan. She’s running her mother’s store, living in her mother’s house, following her mother’s rules, and keeping the secrets her mother made her bury.Then Noah comes home, and any sense of order and structure flies out the window. Noah’s return does more than just stir up old memories—it also forces Jules to see her life in a whole new way and uncover secrets even she didn’t know were hidden. But can the power of first love triumph over years of pain and lies? Revised edition: This edition of Don't Let Go includes editorial revisions.

On the Rocks

Isabel Lucero - 2019
    taken. She's in a relationship with a guy that I'm pretty sure doesn't deserve her. Respecting that is the only thing stopping me from figuring out the things I really want to know. Things like, what her body feels like against mine, or how she tastes on my tongue. But one evening, everything changes. London comes in and tells me that they broke up. One drink leads to two, and she finally confesses that this attraction isn't one sided. Our slow burn is about to get blazing hot.I wasn't just looking for a one-night stand, not with a girl like her. But next thing you know, the ex is back. He's in my bar, sitting next to her. We try to act like there isn’t a connection between us. Like our bodies weren’t made for each other and we didn’t set each other aflame with a single kiss.   Every time I look at her, I see the flash in her eyes that tell me she’s remembering it too. Re-living every delicious second of our time spent together on top of this very bar.   The problem is now that I know what she tastes like, I want more.On the rocks. It’s how London prefers her drinks, and the current state of her relationship. And I'm about to shake things up, because I’ll be damned if I let her get away.

The Deal

Z. Elizabeth - 2014
    But six years ago they fell in love... They just never told each other.Motivated by their grandparents' money, they agree to a simple deal: Stay married for a year and unravel the secrets and lies surrounding their fathers. Bound together, they must figure out why the two former best friends have spent the last thirty years ignoring one another and prohibited any contact between Nicole and Craig.Craig is more than happy to uncover their fathers' past if it means he gets Nicole for real.Nicole wants to keep the past exactly where it is and she will fight Craig every step of the way.With only limited time together, delving into their family history could be the mistake that will break both their hearts.What happens when secrets and lies are revealed? Can Nicole and Craig live their Happily Ever After after waiting six long years to be together? Or will one secret be enough to break them apart, just like their fathers? 'I'm doing this for us, Nic' *THE DEAL is suitable for 17+ due to graphic sex scenes and language**This is a STANDALONE novel. Book two is a companion novel.

Coming to Hale

Marie James - 2015
    Since then, Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life. Ian Hale, sexy as sin business mogul, has never had more than a passing interest in any particular woman, until a chance encounter with Lorali, leaves a lasting mark on him. Their fast paced romance is one for the record books, but what will happen when Ian’s secrets come to light? Especially when those secrets will cost her everything she spent years trying to rebuild. This is a standalone contemporary novel. The next book in the Hale series is Alexa and Garrett’s story: Begging for Hale. Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.