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Detachment by Shae Banks


Not All Heroes Wear Capes (Just Dresses)

Katie May - 2019
     Obviously. I'm the Badass Extraordinaire. Purple Goddess. Purple Badass Extraordinaire (and yes, I'm working with the state on changing my hero name). The Fierce Four are the most dangerous criminals to have ever lived. With the powers of strength, ice, heat, and mind manipulation, they're a force to be reckoned with. As the Purple Goddess Badass Extraordinaire (still hate the name), it is my job to stop them. But why do super villains have to be so freaking sexy? This is a SHORT comedic reverse harem story with a main character who has no idea what she's doing and four bad men she's determined to capture. This does contain MM themes. And curse words. And a horrible excuse for a hero as the main character.

Wolves of the West

Crystal Ash - 2019
    I lost everything six years ago. My family. My home. And my mates. My parents raised me to take their place as alpha, only to have it all thrown away in an instant. Now, as a lone wolf, I rescue kidnapped and endangered shifters because no one deserves to suffer like I did.I have friends. I have community. But it kills me to not have what every alpha needs--a pack to lead with a fated mate at my side. A night with a sexy, masked incubus only deepens my longing for a pack of my own. It was supposed to be casual, but I can’t keep myself from going back for more.If that wasn’t enough, two of my former mates show up out of the blue with news about my third.He’s still alive. Wolves of the West is the first in a reverse harem trilogy with a tough-as-nails heroine, heart-pacing action, and kindle-melting steam, including the M/M variety. This trilogy takes place in the same world as Crystal Ash's other series, Unholy Trinity and the Shifted Mates Trilogy, and will feature many of the same characters.

Forbidden Hybrid

T.J. Spade - 2018
    She is horrified to discover twin punctures on her neck and claw marks on her hip, because such a combination is not just impossible – it is forbidden. When she realises she is not alone, but surrounded by three first-responders; Bishop, a surly werewolf homicide detective; Gabriel, a gorgeous human paramedic; and Lucian, a charismatic vampire fireman, Maeve isn’t sure if she has been kidnapped or is living out her wildest fantasies. Unfortunately, the reality of becoming the first hybrid in existence is fraught with danger, and Maeve must work with the three best friends in order to track down the serial killers who changed her life forever. As the four work side by side to expose a dark conspiracy, the immediate attraction between Maeve and her three saviours becomes a staggering connection. Long-denied desires surface and new foundations are laid, as an unshakeable bond forms, forging the four together for eternity.

Lost & Lucky

Serena Nova - 2019
    They take it with both hands...and mouths.They just go with it, because when life becomes too good to be true,you make sure to enjoy every single moment.There is just one thing standing in their way...Their past; and it wants them dead - though they don’t know why.This is a double RH, two ladies who get lucky. A pantie wetting story, involving M/M and some F/F. A big pile of love, sweaty and steamy moments. That may even tickle your imaginary ---

Mafias Kiss

Darcy Ray - 2019
    How it changes depends on you.My life was full of one-night stands and dirty alleyways, but the moment I witnessed Dominik Romanov, Washington's most powerful crime lord, commit murder, my life as I knew it was over.After being tossed head first into a world of blood, drugs, and sex, I climbed the ranks until I proved my worth. I became the prodigy. I proved that I could handle the mafia life.But then, three drool worthy hellions walk into my life. They are my boss’ nephews and to me, everything about them is perfect; their loud music, fierce loyalty, and cold-blooded lifestyles… But when is perfect ever a good thing?The hierarchy of the Mafia is put to the test when a traitor exposes the underground to the light of day. Overnight a war is started and our hold on the throne is shaken.With all the bedlam and bloodshed, will I be able to survive until the end? Or will the people gunning to take over territory win?War is brutal, but the mafia is deadly.---------------------------------------------This story is a #whychoose, which means there will be mfmmm & mfm.Please be warned, there are possibly multiple triggers and this series is intended for mature audiences due to its sexual content and graphic language.

The Challenge Series Box Set

Lily Harlem - 2018
    Five men. A deserted paradise island. What would you do? From award-winning author Lily Harlem, the complete box set of the hugely popular contemporary reverse harem series THE CHALLENGE. (For mature readers only!) CASTAWAYS - Book #1 Olivia Bailey is up for The Challenge. Why the heck wouldn't she be? With mariner qualifications piled high, engineering experience to rival someone twice her age, she's ready to take on the mighty Pacific Ocean and win. But what about her fellow crew? Five guys, four nationalities. A billionaire's heir who likes to take charge in every aspect of life, an outback expert with a heart-stopping smile, a Spanish chef with mouthwatering moves and sexy twins who reveal themselves slowly, until it matters, then they act fast. An adventure was what Olivia wanted, it's certainly what she gets. Because things at sea happen in a heartbeat, friendships grow, tempers heat and desire flares. But what about when it all upends? When the unexpected happens? Will they pull together, or will fear drag the crew of Temptress apart? WITHIN THIS BOXED SET... #1 Castaways #2 Tearaways #3 Runaways #4 Stowaways #5 Breakaways *This boxed set is cheaper than purchasing THE CHALLENGE novels alone*

The Fifth Horseman

Freida Kilmari - 2020
    No past. One giant future.The only thing worse than suddenly waking up in a magical house with the insanely gorgeous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Being the Fifth.With no memory of who I am, where I came from, or what I’m doing here, I’m thrust into a new life with four people who I might want more from than just friendship. But with no past, how can I possibly plan for a future?The only clue as to who I am? Four different species' magic resides within me—Vampire, Fae, Shifter, and Witch—and between them, I might be the most powerful creature on the planet.For fuck's sake.Look out world, Horseman of Magic coming through!

Finding Hope

J. Grace - 2020
    Her only saving graces, her brother Carson and her best and only friend Sierra, are both gone.  Life without them is just one horrible day set on repeat, but she’s determined to hold on even if it’s by the skin of her teeth, waiting for the day that she can escape her mother's hold.  On the one year anniversary of Sierra’s death, she is rocked to her core by cruelty that not even she expected from her mother. In her most desperate hour, Marjorie makes a decision that she can’t take back.  When she wakes up in the hospital after being found by her estranged brother, her life takes an even more confusing and tumultuous turn when she's sent to Brighton House for Troubled Youth.    There she meets a doctor who not only wants the best for her but gives her the motherly love and warmth she's wanted her whole life.And four people, who, like her, are struggling with demons of their own. Avery, a lesbian who was sent away from home by her ultra conservative parents. Malcolm, recent amputee and former All-American Texas football star struggling to find his new identity. Bodie, an alcoholic who uses jokes to deflect from his lack of confidence. And Zachery, who witnessed the murder-suicide of his parents after a tragic accident. With the help of these unexpected allies, she comes to terms with the demons that have plagued her her whole life, while dealing with the newly found and never experienced  love and desire brought on by her budding relationships forged through trials, tribulations, and trust. But just when she thinks she's getting a grasp on life, her world is upended, and she is forced to grapple with the repercussions of the familial bombshells that have been dropped on her.  Through it all, she and her chosen heartmates find their way to being who they were truly meant to be as they grow together and find love in a hopeless place. Finding Hope is a medium burn Reverse Harem/Why Choose novel with maturbatory and FF scenes. Finding Hope is not a dark or bully book but does deal with darker subjects that some may find triggering.

Love's Little Surprises

Brandy Slaven - 2020
    When a planned trip for the three of them goes awry, never in a million years did she think that it would end with her in the arms of five sexy strangers. Men who are more than willing to prove that she’s more than her own opinion of herself. A week alone in a remote cabin in the mountains puts more at risk than they all realize. Will they be able to keep their hands, and more importantly, hearts to themselves? Especially as the New Year brings them a surprise none of them are expecting.

Into the Seas Embrace

Avery Thorn - 2018
    Before I get to send another letter and tell you about what happened to me. It all started when my family and I came to the quiet town of Argos, Washington to start a new life. Again. However, the more I learned about this run-down seaside town, the more mysterious it became. Sea monsters in the bay, weird and extremely secretive townsfolk, and too handsome men. Oh, the men. Every corner I turn, I'm meeting another one that’s making me slip up and forget the real reasons my father, sister, and I have to hop from place to place. Even though our very lives are at stake, I can't seem to stay away from them. But I have to be careful, as they’re involved with whatever is going on in this town. They might even be at the center of it. My bet is on some sort of cult, and the sea monster is a weird fish they worship. I'll find out what is wrong with this town one way or another, hopefully before I have to leave again. Signed, The Girl With No Name. Into The Sea’s Embrace is a slow burn, ‘why choose’ romance with some M/M and M/F/M themes. While the sea may hold more secrets than she has, would being lost be frightening or would it be liberating? It all depends on who's embrace you’re caught in. Warning. This book contains adult language, sexual content, graphic violence, and deals with sensitive issues such as suicide, depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. Reader discretion is advised.

Echoes of the Past

Regina J. Robinson - 2020
    Each one a constant reminder of the sadistic monster who hunts me and fuels my nightmares.It seems that when the gods are involved my life will never be easy, especially when I’m entangled with secrets that span across centuries and realms.After yet another painful death, I regenerate again. But this time I find allies in the sarcastic stallion Shadowbolt and handsome farmer Killian.When my past catches up with me and I am once again confronted by the monster who wants me dead, will I be able to protect those I have grown to love? Or will he destroy us all?Truths will be revealed and love may be found...but can it thrive when the monster has me in his sights?******Echoes of the Past is Book One in The Phoenix Reborn Trilogy.It is a slow burn Reverse Harem Fantasy novel, suitable for readers over 18 due to graphic scenes and sexual situations, including m/m.**Authors Note**Revised version that has been re-edited and includes new scenes.This book was previously published under the pen name Regina J. Robinson, and the series name The Alina Chronicles.

Kings of Silverlake Prep

Debbie Long - 2020
    They want her to obey the rules with falling in line, or falling at their feet, but she isn’t easily beaten.Then add Kellan into the mix, her yummy English teacher. But of course, he’s off limits.They try to break her at every turn, but will they succeed? They want something from her, but will she give it?Everly Wilson will not fall easily, so game on a-holes.This is a dark romance reverse harem.Contains triggers, such as suicide, self-harm and darker themes such as sex trafficking. This is a fictional story, purely from my warped imagination.This novel is intended for 18+ readers. It contains strong language and adult scenes, such as M/M, but there are warnings at the beginning of the chapter or break in the story and you won’t miss any major story plot scene.

Broken Dreams

Charlotte Brice - 2019
    That is until four handsome strangers come to her rescue and invited her into their home and their lives.But all is not as it seems, these men have secrets they would rather keep hidden, but their something about Heather than stops them keeping their secrets, or their hands, to themselves.When the sexual longing hits the roof, it seems Heather had a secret or two of her own, secrets she couldn't tell even if she wanted to.Can Heather fix these broken men and give them a reason to live once more, or will her dreams become shattered like her saviours?Dare to find out?

Daughter Dearest: A Reverse Harem Romance

Nikki Bopp - 2020
    Interviewing for a multi-million dollar company, she’s surprised to find out that the position is for an assistant to three handsome executives that make her want to drool. Being a mother is hard, but trying to juggle three dominant men? That’s a job in itself. For the first time in years, Jenny experiences happiness and the family she has always yearned for but when her past reappears, she will have to make a decision that could change their lives forever. Will love conquer? Or will Jenny be forced to let go of those that mean the most to her?

Valkyrie's Journey

Elizabeth Jax - 2020
    Her lifelong dream of protecting our dimension and proving her worth as a fighter are about to come true.Sometimes the gods give more than you are bargaining for.Valkyrie's Journey is a reverse harem with a female lead who likes to kick a little ass.