Book picks similar to
Stone by Jack Buchanan


The Contract Man

A.P. Bateman - 2015
    But how do you silence the most dangerous man imaginable? Send him into hell on earth... While Alex King is sent into Northern Iraq to tidy the loose ends of a botched mission, the archipelago of Indonesia is under communist threat from within its own military. A consortium of worried businessmen call for desperate measures and seek the services of an assassin. But what if MI6 could be duped into taking care of their problems for them? With secret links to China the communist contingent threatens Britain's trade initiatives with the largest mineral producing country on the planet. In the dark world of intelligence it seems that everybody has their price.

Desert Fire

David Hagberg - 1993
    Known as Saddam Hussein's "Jackal," his bloody hit list includes the 1972 Israeli Olympic athletes, the South Yemen cabinet, and the 20,000 slaughtered citizens of Hamma, Syria.             Now Assad-Sheriff has been called upon for his most vicious task, acquiring and transporting nuclear technologies for Iraq.  When this psychopath takes the life of Sharazad Razmarah, an American citizen working with the German Secret Service, Federal investigator Walter Roemer is set on his trail. Roemer soon discovers that the clandestine operations of the nuclear industry hold many well-guarded secrets, which cannot ever see the light of day. Roemer finds himself battling not only the crazed Assad-Sherif but the German Secret Service, and the clock is ticking: on Assad-Sherif's orders, Iraqi terrorists are heading for Germany's largest nuclear facility . . . with suicidal detonation plans.

The Chimera Sequence

Elliott Garber - 2015
    Buried deep within its hold is one container of urgent significance for its buyer in the Persian Gulf.And back in Washington, D.C., the owner of a Lebanese restaurant a stone's throw from the White House finds a cryptic message in the Drafts folder of his e-mail inbox.It's one week before Independence Day, and an unpopular president is preparing to host America's biggest celebration in years. There's just one small problem: he's not the only one with plans for the holiday.With the woman he loves sick and close to death, Cole puts his own life on the line in a race against time to discover the truth behind the outbreak's origin--a truth that will link it to one of humanity's most ancient plagues and threaten the very heart of America.This is how it happened.

Hell's Gate

Ernest Dempsey - 2020
    IAA agents have recovered billions’ worth of missing antiquities, have wiped out entire networks of smugglers, and have even solved a murder at the Vatican. Their successes have made headlines from Tokyo to Turin to Tulsa. But some mysteries require deeper investigation—enigmas so puzzling that they’ve defied the explanations of history, science, and faith for millennia. Enter the IAA’s top two researchers, Alex Simms and Tara Watson, among the brightest, most dogged investigators ever to unearth a secret. This husband-and-wife duo has played a key role in every major success at the agency, but they’ve never been tested like this before. Their first assignment? To track down and stop a resurgent order of neo-Nazis who believe a cache of ancient stones holds the key to a new, eternal German Reich. Alex and Tara—whose “weapons” normally include computers, lab equipment, and reference books—are about to face an entirely new brand of war: in the real world, against real criminals…with real guns. They’ll need every bit of skill, luck, and maybe a miracle to stop these madmen who are hell-bent on opening Hell’s Gate. USA Today best-selling author Ernest Dempsey, creator of the popular Sean Wyatt series, unlocks a new realm of danger in this, his first in a new collection of thrillers. Archaeology has gone paranormal. Ernest Dempsey has written and published archaeological thrillers since 2010 and his catalog continues to grow every year. Discover a world of some of the best action adventure fiction Kindle Unlimited has to offer and find yourself stealing a glance at the clock as you burn through the pages late into the night, telling yourself "just one more."

The Prometheus Deception / The Sigma Protocol

Robert Ludlum - 2002
    After fifteen years as a brilliant master spy, Nick Bryson has disappeared into anonymity as a professor at an exclusive college in western Pennsylvania-- until he's suddenly lured back into the game.The ultimate threat. Recruited by the CIA, he's been commissioned to track the moves of the Directorate. Once, the ultra-secret intelligence agency was Bryson's training ground. Now it's a multinational terrorist conspiracy bent on global domination.The ultimate deception. But to eliminate the core of corruption means plunging into his own past, investigating the motives of a beautiful stranger who may be his greatest downfall, and infiltrating a secret nexus of power called Prometheus that holds the terrifying clues to his past-- and the even more terrifying possibilities of the future...The Sigma Protocol In Zurich, Switzerland, American investment banker Ben Hartman has arrived on holiday when he chances upon old friend Jimmy Cavanaugh-- a madman who's armed and programmed to assassinate. In a matter of minutes, six innocent bystanders-- and Cavanaugh-- are dead. But when his body vanishes, and his weapon mysteriously appears in Hartman's luggage, Hartman is plunged into an unfathomable nightmare, and suddenly finds himself on the run. Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., Anna Navarro, field agent for the Department of justice, has been asked to investigate the sudden-- seemingly unrelated-- deaths of eleven men throughout the world. The only thing that connects them is a secret file, over a half-century old, linked to the CIA, and marked with the same puzzling codename: Sigma.But as Anna follows the connecting thread, she finds herself in the shadows of a relentless killer who is one step ahead of her, victim by victim. Together she and Hartman must uncover the diabolical secrets long held behind the codename, Sigma. It will threaten everything they think they know about themselves and confirm their very worst fears...

The Seventh Commandment

Tom Fox - 2017
    Not every prophecy is true. Not every fraud is what it seems.The Eternal City is about to become a hotbed of chaos...The River Tiber will run red with blood.The hills of Rome will be cloaked in darkness.A deathly fog will stalk the streets.And that is just the beginning.Seven predictions the world is calling prophecies, and the clock is ticking.But can any of it be real?As the world watches on, it is up to Akkadian specialist Angelina Calla and Vatican expert Ben Verdyx to find out. In a race where every secret conceals a lie and the strange verses of an ancient stone seem to hold the answers, the real question is, can the terrifying truth be unraveled before their time runs out?

Hard Tide: A Sea Adventure (Florida Coast Adventures Book 1)

Johnny Asa - 2017
    Now, after two decades away, Billy has come back to Pleasantville, Florida, a town whose surf is only rivaled by its share of sun.Only Pleasantville isn't how he remembers it. A local gang has taken over the small fishing village and has scared the locals into submission, and worse, they just may have killed his dad for trying to stop them.Now, if Billy wants to bring them to justice, he'll have to do something he hasn't done since his mother died. Step back on a boat.That's okay though because after six tours in Iraq, Billy is really good at rooting out evil. And Pleasantville has a whole lot of evil. Book 2: Tidal Wave (ASIN: B072W8J7RL) is now available for only $2.99!(Author's Note:If you're looking for a lazy slice of life Florida book don't buy this. If you want guns, guts, and action in the vein of Clive Cussler that takes place along the Florida Coast, buy this book.)

Atlantis Gold

Rick Chesler - 2017
     A RUTHLESS UNDERGROUND CONSORTIUM... One man's quest to find the ultimate treasure and give it back to the world.... ATLANTIS GOLD Egypt, 1938 A leading archaeologist vanishes while exploring a newly discovered chamber inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Mediterranean Sea, Present Day Ex-U.S. Navy specialists Carter Hunt and Jayden Takada are working one of their first jobs in civilian life--repairing a subsea data cable for an international telecom company-- when their mini-sub is attacked by persons unknown wishing to stem the flow of information in and out of Egypt. They survive the encounter only to receive a call from Hunt’s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Madison Chambers, an archaeologist currently on an excavation at the Great Pyramid of Giza. She has a most unusual request—she needs someone to scuba dive inside the pyramid. Hunt agrees to help, but soon finds out that the same people behind his close call on the data cable are also interested in what has been found in the pyramid. Before long, Hunt and Takada find themselves on the run from a shadowy criminal enterprise that will stop at nothing to obtain artifacts that appear to lead to nothing less than the lost city of Atlantis. A trail of clues looks like it will lead the accidental explorers to legendary riches of unfathomable worth, but will they be able to safeguard them from those who would do anything to control ancient secrets? PRAISE FOR ATLANTIS GOLD "Ancient mysteries, global conspiracies, and nonstop thrills! Books like these are the reason I love action-adventure! Fans of Clive Cussler and James Rollins will find treasure within the pages of ATLANTIS GOLD!" ~David Wood, author of the Dane Maddock Adventures PRAISE FOR RICK CHESLER "The perfect combination of great research and impossible to put down writing." ~Jeremy Robinson, international bestselling author of Apocalypse Machine and Project Nemesis "Chesler melds science and adventure with the brilliant command of the late Crichton." ~Douglas Corleone, author of Robert Ludlum's THE JANSON EQUATION

Java Spider

Geoffrey Archer - 1996
    His kidnapping does not fall under British jurisdiction and the authorities in Jakarta claim that he has been seized by a guerrilla movement. But their investigation makes no progress as horrific satellite pictures of him are released on national television. The government sends one man to rescue him - Nick Randall has served in the Far East before. He knows that nothing is as it seems in the land of masks. Greater forces are in play than even he suspects. Together with a lone woman TV reporter he penetrates a remote island, where a powder keg of armed local rebellion is threatening to explode under the repressive regime.

Stony Man Doctrine

Don Pendleton - 1983
    Mack Bolan blasts into action with his paramilitary strike squads, Phoenix Force and Able Team, to scorch the ultimate horror. This is the big one. . . .

Ultimate Power: A Thriller

Stephen W. Frey - 2018
    is the youngest hedge-fund manager to make partner at a powerful investment bank on Wall Street. His career is soaring, and his financial future is secured. But with fortune comes a high price.Just as Falcon thought life couldn’t get better, his niece Claire is kidnapped—yet her abductors have no interest in money. They want information. In exchange for Claire’s safe return, Falcon must dig deep into his firm’s affairs, uncovering secrets worse than he could ever imagine.He discovers a conspiracy tied to the US government—a rogue faction is manipulating the American people to establish a new order. Now facing impossible odds and a plot that goes all the way up to the nation’s leaders, Falcon must find a way to save not only his family but also his country.

Mission Critical

Jamie Fredric - 2010
    Commander Grant Stevens, intelligence officer and Navy SEAL, is assigned to the black ops division of the Naval Investigative Service. His present mission: prevent the USS Bronson, the newest, most sophisticated destroyer in America's arsenal from being hijacked. Stevens and his friend, Senior Chief Joe Adler, will take on Russian commandos and an old KGB nemesis, as they hunt for and try to flush out a Russian mole, who could be buried deep in the heart of the U.S. Navy itself.


J.D. Dudycha - 2017
    The relic: a flintlock pistol. One of two linked to the notorious captain of Scavenger, a pirate ship that sank off the Bahamian coast in 1717.Scavenger went down with all hands, including chests full of gold in the sum of millions, which remained lost . . . until now.Gage, along with his daughter, Niki, and his best friend, Duke Yates, look to reclaim what has been lost for centuries. But a legendary diver, whom Gage trusts implicitly, offers phony advice to preserve a family secret, and a disgruntled and ruthless former sea captain will stop at nothing to find the treasure first.

Dark Homecoming

Eric Van Lustbader - 1996
    When his niece takes an overdose and needs a kidney transplant, Croaker has to make a terrifying decision - can he kill a friend to save his own flesh and blood?

Black Friday

William W. Johnstone - 2016
    . .  DAY OF RECKONING   Black Friday. The American Way Mall is packed with holiday shoppers and bargain seekers.  Machine-gun fire rings out, and within minutes hundreds are dead and dying. Others are taken hostage by an army of fanatical Middle Eastern terrorists ready to blast the American Way Mall into a pile of rubble. But one man—Iraq War vet Tobey Lanning—refuses to go down without a fight. Separated from his soon-to-be fiancée, Lanning finds himself on the frontlines of a new war against terror. The FBI and the local police are helpless. The battle is going to be lost or won inside the mall. With thousands of innocent lives at stake, Lanning assembles a makeshift platoon of Black Friday shoppers. A teenage security guard. A retired Chicago cop. A school teacher who’s never fired a gun. A young ex-con who has. A soccer mom. A priest. A wheelchair-bound WWII vet . . .   These brave everyday Americans will stand up and meet the enemy face to face. Defend their land, their values, their honor—and if necessary pay the ultimate price for freedom . . .