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Solastra by Daniel Ekine


Holding Our Own

Carter Woods - 2021
    For Russell, the only thing worse than failing to reach sanctuary is the failure to protect his family in this dangerous post-EMP world.PowerlessThe thin thread holding the civilized world together has been severed. Millions of citizens have been thrust into the unknown, breeding fear into the minds and souls of those seeking to survive.After an EMP devastates the US power grid, two scientists are forced to protect their families while struggling to understand the event. As forces gather amid an almost total information blackout, the pair must race against time to save their loved ones.

Aura Balancing: 13 Ways to Balance your Aura & Live Satisfying Lives

Anama Miller - 2013
    We are imprisoned within our materialist maze, believing in and reckoning only with what we see or touch and whatever is beyond that, does not really exist. This disconnection is the cause of much suffering, misery, and even sickness. When we change that perception and realize that there are many things beyond what we see and feel, and that there is a whole energetic world, to which we are connected, only then our lives begin to change. This book was conceived in order to broaden our perception This book will teach you about the aura, the energetic body, and all about our energetic parts. It will teach you simple skills, with which you will be able to balance yourself and live a healthier, happier, more serene and fulfilled life.

A Rift in Time (Time Loop Book 3)

Clark Graham - 2019
    No sooner had she asked than a light from the outside of the house illuminated the bedroom. Dalton stood up and grabbed his pistol from the drawer. “It’s bad news. It’s the time machine.” Senator James has sent the time machine back to rescue Adalwolf Dalton, only, he doesn't want to be rescued. Now, he must figure out how to stop them from building the time machine in the future so they won’t irreparably damage the timeline and destroy all their lives. “It doesn’t work. Without Hitler, the communists come to power. The United States is attacked on all sides. The timeline is a nightmare. No, Hitler must stay alive.” “What about stopping the holocaust?” Dalton shook his head. “Far worse things happen to the Jews under the communists.” “I don’t believe that. Listen, come back with me and you can explain everything to them.” Dalton felt Mary come up behind him. He swallowed hard. Senator James had the time machine, he had to stop him, one way or another. “No, this ends here. I can’t let you go back.” He pointed the gun at Phillip.

Running Behind Time

Jan Turk Petrie - 2021
    It may only be in a fringe theatre in Shepherd’s Bush, but it’s the start she’s always dreamed of. It’s the Summer of 2020, amid the global pandemic, and Tom Brookes is furloughed. Unable to face lockdown in a tiny city flat, he moves back to his mother’s cottage in the sleepy Cotswold village of Stoatsfield-under-Ridge.Neither of them expects an everyday train journey to throw their normal lives so spectacularly off-course. This is the story of an extraordinary encounter between two people who should never have met. A must for fans of Kate Atkinson, Audrey Niffenegger & Diana Gabaldon

Stars Dark: Marooned

Joshua James - 2021
    If you're interested in hard science fiction look elsewhere. But if you're looking for action-packed adventures on strange worlds with even stranger aliens, this series is for you!

The Hummingbird and the Sea

Jenny Bond - 2021
    Loyalties are tested and families are divided as individuals battle to deliver themselves from hardship, prejudice and injustice.Based on a true story of Puritans and pirates, The Hummingbird and the Sea is a powerful tale of love, faith, hidden passions and the eternal search for freedom.

The Valiant

J.J. Green - 2020
    One of them is Taylan Ellis.Driven from her home in the West Britannic Isles by an invasion and severed from her children, Taylan enlists with the Britannic Alliance, hoping she can help regain her homeland and find her kids.But decades of internal conflict and terrestrial and space warfare have left the BA on the edge of collapse.Then its battleship, the Valiant, picks up a distress signal. The rescuers break into a sealed chamber and find the apparently mummified remains of an Iron Age chieftain. Disappointed, they're about to leave when they discover the ‘mummy’ has a pulse.Taylan suspects she knows who the mystery man is and what he’s capable of. If she’s right, can she convince her superiors and save the BA, her country, and her children?The Valiant is book one in J.J. Green’s new space fantasy series, Star Legend.

Any Means Necessary / Oath of Office

Jack Mars - 2016
     In ANY MEANS NECESSARY, nuclear waste is stolen by jihadists in the middle of the night from an unguarded New York City hospital. The police, in a frantic race against time, call in the FBI. Luke Stone, head of an elite, secretive, department within the FBI, is the only man they can turn to. Luke realizes right away that the terrorists’ aim is to create a dirty bomb, that they seek a high-value target, and that they will hit it within 48 hours. A cat and mouse chase follows, pitting the world’s most savvy government agents versus its most sophisticated terrorists. As Agent Stone peels back layer after layer, he soon realizes he is up against a vast conspiracy, and that the target is even more high value than he could have imagined—leading all the way to the President of the United States. In OATH OF OFFICE, a biological agent is stolen from a biocontainment lab. Weaponized, it could kill millions, and a desperate national hunt ensues to catch the terrorists before it is too late. Luke Stone, head of an elite FBI department, with his own family still in jeopardy, has vowed to walk away—but when the new President, barely sworn in, calls him, he can’t turn his back on her. Political thrillers with non-stop action, dramatic international settings, unexpected twists and heart-pounding suspense, the Luke Stone series is an explosive new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night. Book #3 in the series, SITUATION ROOM, is also now available.

Root and Branch

Preston Fleming - 2020
    A shrewdly written tale with a robust cast of characters and a frightening intifada in the U.S." KIRKUS REVIEWS (Starred Review)"Thriller fans with a taste for politics will devour this exciting investigation into dangerous government overreach and the mangling of civil liberties in a time of crisis." BOOKLIFE by PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (Editor’s Pick)"Preston Fleming has crafted a brilliant novel…that delves into the question of human rights in the face of governments overstepping their bounds." PACIFIC BOOK REVIEW (Starred Review)"ROOT AND BRANCH is a powerful book evoking memories of post 9/11… A book to be read and deeply pondered." SAN FRANCISCO BOOK REVIEW (Star Rating 5/5)"A relentlessly entertaining, sophisticated and intelligent political thriller that is a must-read for fans of Ken Follett, Robert Harris and Daniel Silva." BESTTHRILLERS.COM ROOT AND BRANCH is a realistic thriller set in a near-future America where an Islamist-inspired intifada triggers emergency security measures that go terribly wrong. Roger Zorn, owner of a French private security company, is delighted at having won a lucrative contract with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of the government’s new program of emergency security measures. The measures are launched when the U.S. military response to sneak attacks by Iran and Pakistan on America’s electrical grid provokes a wave of Jihadist-inspired violence across the U.S.A. Zorn’s work for DHS requires him to apply his company’s Triage risk assessment technology to evaluate terrorist suspects captured in the U.S. and sort out the jihadists from nonviolent Muslim residents. But when Zorn’s inquiries lead him to discover that DHS and its lead contractor have been manipulating Triage scores to deport massive numbers of Muslims and is ‘disappearing’ the most violent ones, Zorn faces a choice. Will he say nothing and sell his company to DHS’s prime contractor before scandal breaks, or will Zorn step up to expose the abuses and risk bringing the full wrath of America’s national security establishment down on his head?

Starfighter Rising: An Epic SciFi Adventure (Starfighter Rising Series Book 1)

Daniel Seegmiller - 2020
    The galaxy needed him.Sixty years ago the Nolvarics nearly conquered Earth. They were defeated by starfighters.Konran dreamed of becoming a starfighter, but he blew his one shot five years ago. Now his life is stuck in neutral as a glorified rock hauler.He didn’t expect to find Nolvarics lurking in deep space. They didn’t expect him to survive the confrontation.Now all eyes are on Konran as he is plunged into a whirlwind of space battles, peril, and conspiracy. The Nolvarics will stop at nothing to catch him, dead or alive.Destiny hangs in the balance. Can Konran rise and claim it?“Starfighter Rising accomplishes what many fiction novels don’t. It guides you swiftly into a believable universe of fantastic space battles where the laws of physics are described in ways I’ve never read before. You suddenly feel as if you are experiencing the story yourself.”- Ryan G.“I picked it up on a Friday night thinking I would read a few chapters. By Sunday morning, I had finished the entire book.”- Brad S.

The Twilight Swimmer

A.C. Kavich - 2013
    As she mourns on the rocky beach where her sister's lifeless body washed ashore, she is unaware that a pair of haunting gray eyes is watching her from beneath rolling ocean waves.When Brandi attends a party that goes horribly awry, the mysterious owner of the gray eyes emerges from the ocean depths and comes to her rescue. She only sees him for a few brief moments, but that's all it takes to turn Brandi's world upside down. What were the strange markings on his neck that seemed to flutter with every breath? How did he possess such inhuman strength and grace? And why did he look at Brandi with such longing?Brandi's fascination with the Swimmer grows. She makes it her mission to find him again and learn who - and what - he is. Meanwhile, the Swimmer’s fascination with Brandi compels him to leave the safety of the ocean behind, to be with her at all costs. They are from two different worlds, but neither of the star-crossed romantics can resist the pull of the other.Ultimately, when her feelings for the Swimmer swell beyond her control, Brandi comes to realize that the strange young man from the sea can unlock the secret of her sister's final swim.

The Echoes of Sol: Books 1-3

Charissa Dufour - 2017
    Jack Macleef is the captain of the ship in a world where space travel has only recently become the norm and space piracy abounds. Painful memories of prior abuse surface for Bit as she finds herself on a freighter full of rowdy, ungentlemanly merchant marines. Jack works to find a safe place for frightened Bit amongst the ungentlemanly crew, but good looks and innocent ways continually charm the men. With tension and danger running high, each begins to wonder: will they survive the pirates... and each other?Broken and Hunted Mars: a beacon of safety and refuge, unless you’re transporting the disputed embryos of genetically modified animals intended for auction to the Martian elite. Jack Macleef and his small crew of interstellar merchant marines—including “Bit,” an unexpected indentured servant—think they're on a simple cargo drop when things suddenly go awry. Dodging paint-hurling protestors and mercenaries bent on terrorizing the crew’s families, Jack and Bit have their hands full as they try to keep the crew from falling apart while still delivering the cargo on time.Profit and PerilAfter the delivery from hell, the crew of the Lenore is ready for a well-deserved rest. But just as they reach their ship, they receive an offer they can’t refuse. Desperately needing money to repair the limping Lenore, Jack Macleef takes the job, even though it toes the line of legality.To his astonishment, the crew agrees to the illegal job.Just when Bit thinks she has her male crewmates under control, a fresh wave of romantic inclinations wash through them, and Bit is forced to deal with it the only way she knows how—with a swift fist to the eye.With half the crew tripping over itself to get to Bit, Jack flies the Lenore to Nye space station with the intention of secretly installing a nuclear reactor, freeing the station from the planetary government’s control. If he can succeed, he will have the money to repair the Lenore. If he fails, more than one life will be ruined.

Herbs That Heal. Shocking Health Benfits of 30 Spices & Herbs! Specific Remedies For Ailments Included

Mabel Roark - 2013
    Liquorice has long been consumed as a candy in many parts of the world but did you know it is one of the most effective herbs against coughs and flu? Do you also know that Bay Leafs have very high anti microbial and anti-fungal properties? This book contains specific herbal remedies for:- Menstrual cramps...- Insomnia...- Sprains and pains...- And Many Many More!

Eye Bleach

Paul E. Creasy - 2018
    Sylvia Marstens, is making a fresh start. The move from NYU to Silicon Valley is just the ticket to break out of her rut. With a huge boost in salary, beautiful California weather, and complete autonomy at work, her new job is a dream come true. The world’s largest online video sharing service, UVid, has a problem. The Content Moderators hired to review questionable materials are quitting en masse. Some videos are just too disturbing and disgusting to forget. Dr. Marstens, with her unorthodox method of isolating and suppressing traumatic memories, has the perfect solution to solve UVid’s expensive turnover troubles. Her controversial technique, long denounced in the halls of academia, is more than welcome in the land of algorithms and code. It is a match made in heaven. She soon discovers some traumas cut too deep. Sometimes the past comes back. Some horrors will not stay buried. In this terrifying thriller, Dr. Marstens finds even she cannot escape her own dark history, because some things seen, can never be unseen.

Demon's Daughter (The Sensitives Book 4)

Rick Wood - 2018
     She has the soft, rosy cheeks. She even has that adorable smile. DO NOT BE FOOLED. Underneath is something else. Something evil. Something that does not belong in this world. And Oscar has no idea...