Real Housewives of Section 8

Markita Hall - 2014
    With households to maintain, families to take care of, and men to seduce it’s a wonder how these ladies find time to piece together a scheme of all schemes to put them in a position of power. But when the real mastermind flips the script on the ladies, it will risk their lives and test their friendship…THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SECTION 8

Tell Yo Bitch 2

Niyah Moore - 2013
    Mai’s betrayal lands her in a life threatening situation at the hands of Cipher, whom seems to think Rocko is responsible for his cousin’s death. While Heather and Troi are forced to work out their differences for their own safety, Brandon isn’t really who he says he is. Heather has to decide if her relationship with Brandon will be able to outlast what he’s been hiding. Rocko comes back in contact with an old fling, Dominique. Will he be able to deal with her surprise?


Deja King - 2013
    Their mutual determination to escape their poverty stricken existence fueled a friendship that was unbreakable. But as they grew from to boys to men, the trappings of the streets introduced them to a life of crime and endless money. Those same streets may end up being their ultimate downfall. Can two men share all that power or can there only be one?

From Mistress to Wifey

Erica Hilton - 2011
    Jasmine was always overlooked for her brains and praised for her beauty until she met Nico, the educated hoodlum with a sexier, smarter, and even prettier wifey on his arm. His main chick, Mia, is a force to be reckoned with a quiet storm who will ride or die for the love of her life.Frustrated and caught between a fledgling video-vixen career and dysfunctional friends, Jasmine wants to be upgraded from Nico's mistress to his wifey. But Jasmine soon finds out that the glitz and glamour of huge diamonds and fancy cars come with an even heavier ransom drug deals and murder.Meanwhile, Mia's not willing to let go of her man so easily. She digs up dirt on Jasmine that can destroy her, but Mia can't even imagine what lengths Jasmine will go to, to keep her secret under wraps.


Tony Steele - 2013
    And when her soon-to-be husband, Trevan "TC" Clayton, is shot to death right in front of her on the night he proposes to her, her life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. TC's mother gives all her son's worldly possessions away—including he and Nisey's Florissant suburban home—to a two-bit con-artist/ex-pimp turned reverend. Nisey is left with no other choice but to move back to the drug-infested Section 8 apartments of St. Louis' JVL.Stripped of the ghetto fabulous lifestyle, Nisey and her girlfriends pick up the scale and baggies to turn their misfortunes into a fortune. Quickly, she and her clique of "Trap-A-Rellas" become the talk of the Lou, and just as fast as she reaches the top, schemes are set in place to knock her back down.

Twisted Seduction

N'tyse - 2012
    While seemingly having it all, Denise still feels incomplete. Her nine years of marriage to Jeff have been nothing more for her than a marriage of convenience to raise Deandra in a stable two-parent home. She pretends to be happily married, but allows her husband and best friend to carry on an affair, giving Denise time to get better acquainted with her multimillionaire client, Greg Adams. But when Denise’s husband discovers he isn’t Deandra’s father after all, her carefully built lies come tumbling down. Twisted Seduction lures readers into an orchestrated web of raw emotion, deceit, infidelity, and sex that makes for an exhilarating read.

Side Chic

La'Tonya West - 2012
    She's always played by the rules but can she continue to stay in her lane after falling in love and becoming pregnant by her young boy-toy? Or will her feelings for him and the fact that she is pregnant cause her to want to change the game and become more than just his side chic?

Real Wifeys: On the Grind

Meesha Mink - 2011
    . . . In the hood every day is about struggle and survival, and no one understands that more than twenty-two-year-old Kaeyla “Goldie” Dennis. So when the affair she’s been having with a wealthy married man comes crashing to an end, Goldie doesn’t waste any time getting back on her grind. Her new hustle? Running a strip club where she also happens to be the main attraction. Pretty soon she’s knee-deep in the skin game with more money than she ever imagined. Enough to bring more girls on and even hire a security detail. But as the saying goes, More money, more problems. When one of her dancers becomes the victim of a vicious assault, Goldie must decide whether to remain silent and continue her lucrative business or tell the truth and lose everything she’s worked for. Her decision will test her devotion to the motto she seems to live by: Get Rich or Die Trying . . .Real Wifeys is the first installment of a fierce and gritty new series by the coauthor of one of the classics of street fiction, Desperate Hoodwives.

Kings of the Underworld: Alpha & Omega

Annitia L. Jackson - 2018
    The first two months were perfect until her past came back to haunt her. On top of that, dead bodies of drained human men are popping up around the city and has Syren wondering if she has turned into a killer. Alpha and Omega Duvall thought they had found the woman, that they would share their lives with until another man claimed to be her mate. Now, they are left wondering should they fight for their mate? Or move on? Dark forces are working hard to keep this triad from happiness, and to destroy the Demon Realm along with the Underworld. Can Syren, Alpha, and Omega come out whole? Find out in this D-City Underworld Spin-Off Saga.

My Ratchet Secret 2

Midnite Love - 2013
    And I’m still snatching wigs on these hoes left and right. Me and my boo Adrian are finally building our life together. And guess what? We bout to have us a lil crumb snatcher!The only problem is these birds out here can’t stand to see another sister on the come up. Well they asses can fall back and have a stadium full of seats if they think a bitch like me will back down.I got my man, my new home, and bout to have a new baby. That should let you know I won’t let nothing stand in the way of our happiness. Yeah… I got a few issues I need to deal with but in the words of Kevin Hart “They gon learn today!” Pebbles is NOT to be fucked with!ATTENTION: This is a short story 19,860 words

The Wife Of A Kingpin 2: Malik & Micah's Story

Twyla T. - 2017
    The collaboration between authors Twyla T. and Patrice Balark in this series is off the chain as the magic between the pages leaps off in bounds. Unlimited pandemonium, uncovered secrets, and revealing truths are exposed as the drama continues in the second book of this series. After losing not only his mom, but his high school sweetheart, life became different for Malik Jefferson. He began to show everyone in the streets who the real boss was. Along with his best friend and right hand man, Rico “Goo” Grady, Malik is that Kingpin that people know not to mess with. However, it seems like someone didn’t get that message and decided to take the reign from the duo. Malik and Goo are being challenged again, and blood will be shed. Will the culprits ever learn their lessons? Or, will Malik lose his position as Kingpin. Micah Sanders’ life was good, with the exception of her brother’s death. While attending college and making boss moves on the sides, her silent, but efficient transport still caught the attention of the boss. Malik and Micah had undeniable chemistry and found themselves in a relationship that was good for both business and pleasure. Even though things were changing for Micah’s life, she still had one goal and one goal only…to find her brother’s killer. When the road leads to the man that she has totally fallen in love with Malik Jefferson, Micah’s world is instantly thrown into a world wind. Just when Malik and Micah think that everything is on an even kilt…BAM! Life comes right on it and knocks everything right off of its axis. Nothing will remain the same. No one will be left unaffected. Find out how all the chaos unfold in this installment of The Wife of A Kingpin 2. Warning: This book contains a cliffhanger.

The Wife Of A Kingpin

Twyla T - 2017
    and Patrice Balark teamed up to bring you book one of this new and exciting drama filled series, The Wife of a Kingpin: Malik & Micah’s Story. Of course, romance, sex, deceit, backbiting, and illegal dealings will be served up like a five course meal. After losing his mom at the age of 18 during his senior year of high school, Malik Jefferson took comfort in the only thing that made sense to him at the time... the streets. Malik along with his best friend and right hand man, Rico “Goo” Grady, were taken under the wings and learned everything street by the connect who happened to be dating Goo's mom. They started out as corner boys and were making smooth waves along the way. After the connects demise, Malik and Goo went from the corner to the top. After being challenged for the top position over and over, the duo answered the call of being as ruthless as they wanted to be, thus informing Chicago and the world a new Kingpin had arrived. Eighteen year old Micah Sanders is all about her business. Not only is she a full-time student at the University of Illinois, but she also works part-time while being an unknown boss on the side. Coming from a life of privilege, Micah doesn't rebel against her upbringing, but she prefers to rely on herself to make her own way in the world. Despite having it all, she is only missing one thing, her now deceased brother. While everyone else may have forgotten about his untimely death, it stays at the forefront of Micah’s mind along with seeking revenge on whomever committed this heinous crime. Will she get the answer to the question that has been nagging her for so long? The first encounter was at random. The second encounter was accidental. But, the third encounter and every one afterwards were by design. After crossing paths with the beautiful mystery woman, Malik had to have her. It had been a while since the last time a woman captivated and held his interest that much. However, it was something more to the lady than meets the eye. He was on a mission to claim and to make Micah his woman. Malik and Micah are on the verge of starting something great. But, what happens when two bosses collide? Who will rule in the end? I don't know, but find out in book one of this new series. Warning: This book contains a cliffhanger.

Baby Momma

Ni'chelle Genovese - 2010
    Caught up in a game of fast money, faster women, and a hustler's dream, Rasheed's secrets and lies threaten to completely sever his alliance with his baby's mother Michelle. Trapped in an emotional whirlwind of sex, love, and mistrust, Michelle attempts to hold the threads of their lives together. With the passing of each day their bond unravels further forcing Michelle closer to confronting the reality which is her life or suffering in silence. A cautionary tale for all "Baby Mommas" filled with tragedy,irony,violence and betrayal.

Turned Out By A Savage 3

Shameka Jones - 2018
    Part two proved that the girls were just as savage, so guess what happens in part three? Anything goes! With Tracy and Sleep in their possession, it’s time for Stanger and Spazz to do what they do best, but nothing is ever as easy as it seems, right? Just as they’re about to move out and handle business, a single call brings everything to a screeching halt and threatens to destroy everything these brothers love. While their list of enemies grows in the background, Stranger and Spazz decide to put more focus on their family life. Stranger is ready to secure his position as Danger’s husband and show her a love like no other. On the other hand, Spazz and Free still can’t seem to get things right. Though they fight like bitter enemies, they have an undeniable hood love that can never be replaced. Just as the guys get comfortable living the life of family men, the police pull up and shut their happily ever after down like only the law can. With law enforcement eyes all over them, Stranger and Spazz need to cut the dead weight— but at what cost? With a new plan in place and ready to make their next move their best, the brothers face yet another setback when they lose an important piece on their chess board. Out of options, there is only one move left to make: bring the savage back into the game. A true king knows that eventually, he will have to sacrifice a few pawns to keep his throne. He also knows that his queen will protect him better than any other piece on the board. In this banger finale, Stranger and Spazz do whatever it takes to protect their thrones, and Danger and Free are right there to block anything that threatens their kingdom in the least. Unfortunately, even their best efforts will see the snakes come slithering in, but once you enter the kingdom, there is no way out.

Saved by A Billionaire

Miss J. - 2021