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The Court of the Flowering Peach by Janet Louise Roberts


His Sugar Baby

Sarah Roberts - 2011
    A desperate mother. A man with money. She has nothing left to sell, except her body. He finds his perfect sugar baby.It’s a business arrangement—in exchange for her companionship, he will pay her a monthly stipend. It’s only about sex—they will never share details of their personal lives.Cathy’s life is one long panic attack. Losing herself to mindless passion in Michael’s arms becomes her opiate. She’s swiftly addicted to him and what he can make her forget.Michael is satisfied with the sexual arrangement—until he becomes curious about the woman who shares his bed and he breaks his own no-details privacy rule.Cathy can’t think about her changing feelings when her daughter’s health is so precarious. Michael’s own scarred past presents a secret that threatens to destroy their evolving relationship.The torrid affair turns into something much more.Note: This book contains dubious consent.Genre: ContemporaryLength: 87,934 words

Easy Connections

Liz Berry - 1984
    No more boring holiday work. Just two blissful weeks painting in the country - then, art college at last. Just paint, paint, paint!'Cathy Harlow is a gifted painter. She is seventeen and three glorious years at art college stretch blissfully ahead of her.But when she meets Paul Devlin, lead guitarist of the rock group Easy Connection and a millionaire superstar her dreams are shattered. Dev is beautiful, brilliant, and explosively violent. Cathy is attracted and repelled in equal measure, but Dev is determined to have her, and Dev usually gets what he wants... Easy Connections is a powerful and compelling novel, a love story with a difference, set against a vivid background of art school and the larger-than-life world of successful rock stars.'

Sunny's Heart

Shayne McClendon - 2013
    Working the ranch and caring for her father, she doesn’t have much time to dwell on the hole he left.Twelve years later, Mack returns to claim her and is quickly reminded why bullies ran from his best friend when she was seven. It isn’t going to be easy to get back in her good graces. He’s willing to do the work…if he can just keep her from shooting him.Another hot, emotional read from Always the Good Girl, Shayne McClendon.Read the complete "The Great Outdoors" collection:Sunny's HeartPermission to Come AboardPermission to LandSpecial DeliveryEmbrace the Wild

Sweet Piracy

Jennifer Blake - 1978
    As she sails away from France, toward the Delecroix plantation in Louisiana, she has no idea how far the journey will take her. When pirates intent on plunder attack the ship, she unwittingly becomes part of the plunder herself. For a brief, dizzying moment she finds herself at the mercy of the swashbuckling captain of the privateer Black Eagle. Although Caroline arrives in Louisiana safe and sound, she realizes that the captain has stolen more than just gold and jewels...he also has her heart! Will she ever be able to drive the image of the man out of her head? Will she ever see him again?

Paint The Wind

Cathy Cash Spellman - 1989
    1864. A plantation is ravaged by border raiders. Ten-year-old Fancy Deverell is saved by a wise old slave named Atticus, who sets her on an extraordinary journey that will lead her headlong into the rough-and-tumble days of the Old West. The novel sweeps along with the relentless rhythm of those turbulent times...from a westering circus train to the gold and silver fields of Colorado, from the cutthroat world of the New York stage and the arcane shadows of magic and mysticism to the last legendary and tragic struggles of Geronimo and the Apache Nation. To survive, Fancy must learn what it takes for a woman to climb from poverty to fame and fortune in a universe that belongs to the ruthless and the male. Before she's through, there isn't much that Fancy won't have done, or bargained, or sold for her dreams...and the price of her deliverance. For Paint The Wind is first and last the story of feisty, tempestuous, and vulnerable Fancy Deverell. Far too beautiful for her own good, she wants it all - love, power, money, security - and she'll get it, too, if she can keep her heart out of the way of the three men who so desperately want her: CHANCE McALLISTER - his gambler's luck is legendary, like his prowess in bed, and Chance is precisely the kind of rogue Fancy wants. HART McALLISTER - a giant of a man with a soul and talent to match, Chance's brother is an artist whose paintings of the dying Apache Nation will hang in the Louvre...but it won't mean a damn to him if he can't have Fancy. JASON MADIGAN - a wizard at making deals and breaking lesser men, is someone who kills for sport. And Fancy is the only woman he has ever needed to own, whatever the cost. Fancy's journey is a tale of self-discovery and of spiritual growth that takes as many strange turns as life itself. The men and women who bring their dreams and drives to it are as colorful and various as the thousands who journeyed west: the stalwart, honorable madam and the gunfighter who loves her...the brilliant dwarf with the secret past...the cunning Chinese wise man who knows the cure for opium addiction...the old prospector who would sacrifice everything but integrity for the Mother Lode...the thespian who yearns for one last great role to play...the mysterious Gypsy who mastered the forbidden arts and now must win back her soul. Against this huge, vividly rendered, multi-charactered canvas, three resolute men do battle for the woman called Fancy in a novel that for its scope and grandeur belongs on the shelf with the classic epics of our time.

Shadow of a Lady

Jane Aiken Hodge - 1973
    Helen, intelligent, witty, rebellious, had sworn never to marry. But when she found herself with child after a brutal encounter with a stranger, she agreed to marry the wealthy and dissolute Lord Henry Merritt. Helen, neglected by her husband, felt very much alone-until she met Emma, the celebrated Lady Hamilton. No two women were less alike. Emma was uneducated, sensual, and by sheer will and unsurpassed beauty had catapulted herself into a brilliant marriage and into a scandalous affair with the famous Lord Nelson. But fate joined these two unforgettable women in a drama of intrigue and war and Helen's destiny was newly shaped by a great and exotic moment in history.

This Loving Land

Dorothy Garlock - 1981
    They arrive to find that Sam has been killed, but his son Slater will honour his father's promise.

The Bargain

Veronica Sattler - 1987
    ASHLEIGH SINCLAIRAn orphaned kitchen maid in an English brothel, she was tricked into taking the post as a "governess" to the duke's grandson... LORD BRETT WESTMONTHandsome and heartless, Brett had known every kind of woman but one, and now his grandfather had seen to it that his collection was complete... All were caught in a deception that could cost a young woman her virtue, and a notorious rake his heart...

Jade: A Novel of China

Pat Barr - 1982
    Amid it all are the signs of an ancient and regal civilization crumbling around the edges, soon to be swept away forever by the tides of history.An epic story teeming with unforgettable characters and vivid locales, set against one of the most thrilling periods of history, JADE ranks with the great panoramic sagas of recent years, from THE FAR PAVILIONS to NOBLE HOUSE, DYNASTY, and SPRING MOON. Invariably exciting, and moving as only the best fiction can be, JADE is a novel to read and remember, a story whose power and charm will linger with its readers long after its last page is turned.

The Chatelaine

Claire Lorrimer - 1981
    Only her father, Willoughby Tetford, a self-made millionaire, was shrewd enough to have any misgivings when his lovely daughter left America. Willow herself, innocent, and deeply in love with her new husband, had complete trust and confidence in the future as she arrived at Victorian England. Willow happiness seemed complete when Lady Clotilde Rochford, the matriarchal French grandmother, handed her the keys of the house and told she was the new Chatelaine, Willow believed she held the keys not only to the multitude of rooms of which she was now the mistress but also to love and happiness. And when On her arrival, she is greeted warmly by her four brothers-in-law: Tony, quiet and studious; Pelham, teasing and flirtatious; the spoilt Francis; and the sensitive Rupert.Gradually disillusion set in as Rowell proved to be cruel, unfaithful and greedy. Willow didn't know her dowry had saved the Rockford family from destitution or that the estate was ruled by the ruthless Grandmere who would stop at nothing to protect the family's reputation. Old Lady Rochford obsessed with past events, of which Willow is ignorant, wreaks fearful havoc on Willow's life. Although bitterly disappointed with her life, Willow maintained her beauty and dignity as the years passed. The only thing she did know was that over the years, another man was touching her heart, a man who represented everything that her husband was not, stiring her sould, and arousing passions she could not deny....

The Wind and the Sea

Marsha Canham - 1986
    The time is 1804 and the U.S. Navy is attacking and destroying pirate strongholds on North Africa's infamous Barbary Coast. Courtney Farrow, daughter of one of the most feared and successful corsairs, is captured by Lt. Adrian Ballantine, proud, handsome, and determined to tame her spirit. Constantly battling their attraction, they must become reluctant allies in order to discover who is selling secrets to the corsairs, and who has sold out the Farrow stronghold. Says Publishers Weekly: "Packed with well-drawn characters, fiery sea battles... this book is a good read."Best Swashbuckler of the Year, Romantic TimesMultiple award-winning USA Today bestselling author

The Windflower

Laura London - 1984
    No one has a good time on a pirate ship. No one, that is, but the pirates. Yet there she was, Merry Wilding - kidnapped in error, taken from a ship bound from New York to England, spirited away in a barrel and swept aboard the infamous Black Joke....There she was, trembling with pleasure in the arms of her achingly handsome, sensationally sensual, golden-haired captor - Devon. From the storm-tossed Atlantic to the languid waters of the Gulf Stream, from a smuggler's den to a gilded mansion, Merry struggled to escape the prison of her own reckless passions, the bondage of sweet, bold desire...

A Forbidden Love

Alexandra Benedict - 2005
    But he is not a man who runs from danger, and when he chances upon an enchanting gypsy maiden in the woods hounded by bandits, he leaps to her defense. Now, surely, there is but one place for the injured and unconscious lovely to properly recuperate: in his bed. Sabrina is shocked when she awakens in an opulent bedchamber, nursed in every way by a dashing gentleman. She knows she must leave the haven of Anthony's home at once, even though her life is still in grave danger—though a different kind of peril awaits her in the viscount's arms. If Sabrina surrenders to this handsome rogue, she will be an outcast. Yet does she dare ignore the future that's written on his palm—the promise of a shared lifetime of love and ecstasy?

سيد الرعاة

Margaret Rome - 1976
    It was a move that was to take her to far-off Chile, to a husband she had never met - and to what else?

The Northern Lady

Anna Jacobs - 2010
    Brought up in the Northern town of Bardsley, she wants nothing to do with polite society.But Cassandra forms a close relationship with her gentle cousin Susannah, a victim of her mother's pushy, ambitious nature. Susannah, petrified of marrying the charming, wealthy Simeon Giffard, enlists Cassie's help. It is, after all, Cassie for whom Simeon holds a torch, and he appears set on winning the heart of this strong-willed Northern lady… From bestseller Anna Jacobs, this emotional historical saga is perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.