Extended Mathematics for Cambridge IGCSE

David Rayner - 2011
    Updated for the most recent syllabus it provides complete content coverage with thousands of practice questions in an attractive and engaging format for both native and non-native speakers of English. The book is easy-to-use with an accessible format of worked examples and practice questions. Each book is accompanied by a free CD which provides a wealth of support for students, such as hundreds of additional homework questions, self-assessment checklists, revision and examination tips, and examiner comments. An accompanying Teacher's Guide and Revision Guide are also available. Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men: Understand His Mind And Capture His Heart

Sabrina Alexis - 2015
     For as far back as humanity goes, women have struggled to understand why men behave the way they do. Does he like me? Why won’t he commit? Why doesn’t he text back? Does he mean what he says? Why is he withdrawing? How does he really feel? These are just a few examples of questions that women all over the world are desperate to know the answers to… and now they can, once and for all. This book takes a look at the most common relationship scenarios—the ones that cause the most confusion—and explains everything. It provides a breakdown of the male psyche, as well as honest confessions from the authors and men who were brave enough to share their stories. 10 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Men will free you from all your doubts and confusion and give you the gift of clarity. You will never again feel the need to try to figure him out… instead you can bask in the joy of just understanding exactly why he does what he does.

Rosie Goodwin Omnibus: The Bad Apple, No One's Girl, Dancing Till Midnight

Rosie Goodwin - 2014
    One cold December night in 1959 she can take no more. She and her son Davey escape to her mother. But Paul is in trouble with dangerous men. Unable to pay his debts, he blackmails Louise and those who love her, keeping a shadowy presence in their lives. Even the arrival of Charlie Fox, a stranger who becomes a true friend, cannot guarantee that the future will be safe...No One's GirlJane Reynolds seems a devoted daughter, but her father's cruelty has left her afraid to love. After his sudden death she becomes a virtual recluse, leaving her small farm only to go to market. But everything changes when she finds a young runaway hiding near her cottage. Alice, too, is unloved and in pain, and as the pair become friends, Jane begins to wonder whether she could offer the girl the loving home she's never had. But dark secrets in both their pasts threaten everything Jane hopes for...Dancing Till MidnightGrace Collins, orphaned as a child, was raised by her severely religious aunt. Starved of love, she falls for the first man who shows her affection, Barry Swan. Then Grace falls pregnant. They marry and, for a while, Grace knows happiness. Barry adores her and is a wonderful father, but something is missing. When Barry takes her dancing, the gap seems to be filled - until she meets Philip Golding. He sweeps Grace off her feet but as he draws her into a web of deceit, she discovers that all that glitters is not gold...

economic development

Feliciano R Fajardo - 1985

Diary of a Spider Chicken, Book 1: An Unofficial Minecraft Diary

Dr. Block - 2016
     A spider chicken should not exist. I mean, just saying the words "spider chicken" sounds wrong. But, because of a mad scientist villager, he does exist. Read this first book in the Diary of a Spider Chicken series to find out how the spider chicken came to be and what he plans to do about it. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

Maggie’s Heart : Western Romance Novel

Kelsey Graves - 2019
    She was married to her job, but that changed when her friend invited her for a vacation on a Wyoming Dude Ranch. Little did Maggie know that she would fall in love, but with the wrong man. Could she move past her mistake and find the love she didn’t know she was looking for? The Carter family owned the ranch that Maggie and Candie had chosen. Steve, the oldest son, was responsible for the daily running of the ranch when the California girls came to find adventure. He rescued Maggie from the man who meant her harm but happened to develop feelings for the woman, something he had not bargained for. Twists of fate prevented him from pursuing those feelings. Was he destined to continue his life without love? Note: This is a standalone romance novel sweet and clean with a HEA!

The Secret

Elizabeth Gill - 2006
    A devastating discovery. From the bestselling author of Miss Appleby's Academy comes a gritty and emotional family saga. London, 1944. A young man is killed in an air-raid, leaving a wife and two children - and a secret. After the tragedy, Ailsa, Margaret and Luke are persuaded by to return to the north east. Despite their grief and bitterness, they find a new life there. But it isn't long before the past catches up with them, and they must confront the secret the family left behind.

Edge of Eternity: by Ken Follett (The Century Trilogy Book 3) Snapshot Summary Companion Book

Snapshot Books - 2015
    The guide should be used with the novel, not instead of it, so please pick up a copy before buying this book if you haven’t already done so. Snapshot Books is meant to enhance the experience of fans as a refresher, and for use by book clubs. Inside you will discover: A book summary and analysis with commentary Character list A look at symbols, themes and motifs Commentary on the book as well as details on plot, settings and final thoughts Great for book club questions and discussion topics Snapshot Books introduces a companion to Edge of Eternity, by Ken Follett for fans and book clubs to enhance your reading experience.


Regulus Draak - 2015
    “Miles and miles across most of ancient Alexandria. There are an incredible number of tunnels and dwellings, many still to explore. Some Egyptian believe Alexander the Great lays buried down there.” “Ok, that sounds interesting!” Katarina said. “Alexandria once was a city of the World; superior to Rome or Jerusalem. Alexandria’s library, the most complete ever built was the center of worldwide data with thousands of manuscripts from all over the Globe. Huge in size and greater with Knowledge. Sadly set on fire during the Roman invasion, some say by mistake. Nevertheless, most of the precious literature turned to ashes and the remaining scrolls divided throughout the several empires of Earth.Some of them are in the Vatican archive… that you should know Theodor!” A lingering smile played on her eyes. She was beautiful. “You are correct, dear Katarina. I have studied some of it. Primordial Greek philosophical works, several African texts by unknown authors, even Chinese scrolls dating from 2600 BC during the Yellow Emperor ruling period.Many more are still to open. Often I think about all that invaluable information and beautiful tales of the past that no matter with short or long years I may live, I’ll never read.” “You know Theodor!? There are additional things in live besides reading.” “Everyone with its own pleasures, Peter.” We all laughed, it was a good idea keeping up moral high before our swift incursion into Egypt. We discussed a few other details and mentally warmed up for the mission. As we arrived at Alexandria’s Borg El Arab airport.

The Beggar Sisters

Rosie Darling - 2018
    When she lost the printing business that was their livelihood soon after they had lost both their mother and father, they also lost the home in which they had both been born. Relegated to a life in a grey tenement, and long hours of Ada working in the Bow match factory and little Emma selling wares on the cold, unaccommodating streets of east London, the sisters had nothing but each other. What they shared now was a life without warmth, a life of disadvantage, a life where roast lamb and gravy was no more than a shared illusion, where Christmas was not a day apart from any other. And then Ada was forced to enter into a contract with a monster. Would he sell her to the highest bidder just as he had done to so many women before? What would become of little Emma if she were taken from her? Everett Floyd was known to be heartless. How was it that two young, vulnerable and innocent girls could melt his icy heart without even trying? In an age of misery where money distinguished people - and separated lives - could two very different worlds come together to heal the pain of the past and bring a new reality?

Dillard Double #1: An Innocent Client & In Good Faith

Scott Pratt - 2015
    We hope you enjoy the first two installments in the Joe Dillard Series, and thank you for reading!An Innocent ClientA preacher is found brutally murdered in a Tennessee motel room.A beautiful, mysterious young girl is accused.In this bestselling debut, criminal defense lawyer Joe Dillard has become jaded over the years as he's tried to balance his career against his conscience. Savvy but cynical, Dillard wants to quit doing criminal defense, but he can't resist the chance to represent someone who might actually be innocent. His drug-addicted sister has just been released from prison and his mother is succumbing to Alzheimer's, but Dillard's commitment to the case never wavers despite the personal troubles and professional demands that threaten to destroy him."Pratt's richly developed characters are vivid and believable, especially the strong Southern women who fight their male-dominated culture from behind a facade of vulnerability in this brilliantly executed debut." -- Publisher's Weekly"It's Scott Turow and Grisham... The opening chapter is maybe the most compelling I've read in a decade." - Ken BruenSmart and sophisticated, with a plot twist that will leave you shaking your head in wonder, "An Innocent Client" -- the first in the acclaimed Joe Dillard series -- will also leave you begging for more.In Good FaithA family of four is slaughtered in rural Tennessee.Two weeks later, a retired high school principal and his wife are brutally slain.Two Satan-worshipping teens stand accused.In the second of the bestselling Joe Dillard series, it's up to prosecutor Dillard to convict them. A former defense attorney who spent way too much time defending people he knew were guilty, Joe is determined to win this case to atone for his past. But an evil young woman named Natasha is responsible for the slayings and Joe knows it. Natasha is walking around free because the two boys who have been arrested are too terrified to implicate her. Now Joe must risk everything -- including his family's safety and his own life -- to bring an evil murderer to justice."This book was so intense it was scary." -- M. Cottrill, Dallas, Tex."The book ends up moving along like a thriller should; at breakneck speed." -- N. Bilmes, Vernon, Conn."This author is a must read if you love attorney and courtroom thrillers." -- Kenneth J. George, Detroit, Mich."Better than the old Grisham." -- Tompat, Melbourne, Fla.

Healing the Sick in Five Minutes: How Anyone Can Heal Any Sickness

Francis Jonah - 2016
     I taught others the four thought changes I made before praying and they began to heal others too. It shouldn't take you so many days to start healing people or receiving healing. People get healed by me every other day. through physical meetings, on the phone and sometimes by my handkerchief. With so many documented healing testimonies, I believe it is your time to walk in that realm too. I share quickly how you can heal the sick in less than 5 minutes. These thought changes and way of prayer should not be secrets. Our dying world needs healing and this is a tool you can use to heal cancers, ulcers, athritis and any other disease. With even no training in healing, you will get adequate training in less than an hour to heal your first person.

Dream Catcher: Potter's 2

Iris Gower - 1998
    Joe , born of an unlikely alliance between a native American squaw and a wealthy British businessman, is always perceived by the Swansea elite as a foreigner and an outsider. When Llinos's father dies after a long illness, she is devastated, but her grief turns to fear when Joe is accused of his father-in-law's murder by the local doctor and is incarcerated inside the walls of the castle along with thieves and debtors. There among the filth and dirt, Joe makes friends with an old Jewish man, and this brief friendship, formed in the most ill-fated circumstances, proves to be the catalyst to a series of events which unexpectedly threaten to destroy the marriage and the very lives of Joe and Llinos. Iris Gower has created a wonderful background of the romantic china clay industry of South Wales for her new and dramatic novel sequence.

Dead Eyed Dad (Breaking Away Series)

Heather Atkinson - 2012
    They suspect he knows who is behind the copycat murders but he will only talk to his daughter. Anna is horrified at the prospect of confronting the man who tried to make her his last victim because she is the only one who faced the dead eyed monster inside him and survived.Anna finds herself dragged into a cat and mouse game with her manipulative father who has a hidden agenda, one that revolves around his beloved daughter. Her efforts to help the police take Anna straight back into the hell she never thought she'd have to face again, one that will prove once and for all whether her dad is just plain evil or if there is something rotten in the blood.

A Simple Act of Kindness

Carol Drinkwater - 2015
    Yet she is haunted by the knowledge that Paul, her husband, has tracked her down before and will do his best to do it again… Afraid to share her fears with her new neighbours, Carole nonetheless finds herself drawn to a local farmer, who helps her start to create a new and independent life. But then she learns that Paul is on her trail and closing fast… A Simple Act of Kindness is a story of obsessive love and the damage it can do. A powerful tale from the bestselling author of The Olive Farm and The Girl in Room Fourteen. Anglo-Irish actress Carol Drinkwater is still well-known for her award-winning portrayal of Helen Herriot in the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small. A popular and acclaimed author and film-maker as well, Carol has published twenty books for both the adult and young adult markets. She is currently at work on her twenty-first title. When she purchased a rundown property overlooking the Bay of Cannes in France, she discovered almost seventy 400-year-old olive trees. Along with her French husband, Michel, Carol reclaimed the land and began producing top-quality olive oil. Her series of memoirs recounting their experiences on the farm (The Olive Farm, The Olive Season, The Olive Harvest and Return to the Olive Farm) have become international bestsellers, and the related travel books,The Olive Route and The Olive Tree, inspired the five-part documentary film series, The Olive Route. Carol's first two Kindle Singles, The Girl in Room Fourteen and Hotel Paradise, both reached the number-one position in the Singles charts in both the United States and the UK.