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Falling for Bentley by Shawnte Borris


Gaming for Love

Crystal Perkins - 2014
    A man struggling with a devastating betrayal. Love is a game they’re determined to win… Yasmin just wants to keep her family’s Las Vegas bookstore afloat. She doesn’t have time for anything other than trying to figure out how to pay the bills. When an incredibly hot guy with tattoos and piercings walks into her store, she’s relieved to discover what a jerk he is once he opens his mouth. His bad behavior makes it easier to try and ignore the way her body responds to him. Trying is all she can do once he sets his sights on her, determined to win her over. Computer genius Scott Griffin thought he was in love once, until he found out that it was all a lie. The crazy, pen loving bookworm he encounters sets him on fire like no one else ever has. When she stands up to him, he realizes that it’s more than just her body that he’s intrigued by. But, he can’t have her, can’t have anyone after what happened in Chicago. Or, can he? When she challenges him to woo her, he pulls out all the stops. They embark on a romance filled with sweet gestures and steamy nights. Until a shocking revelation causes Scott to feel the sting of betrayal again while Yasmin loses everything, including the man she loves. A loving family and a loyal group of friends will try to help them find a way back to each other, but will it be too late to save them both?

Unspoken Words

H.P. Davenport - 2016
    Every important memory includes the other. From learning to play catch and first kisses, high school dances and college acceptances, they’ve always been there for one another. Without realizing it, the love they’ve always felt for one another evolves into something more. But when Camryn moves across country, they leave the words that could risk their lifelong friendship unspoken.Life goes on, and years go by before work brings Camryn back home. Opportunity smiles on them and both realize this may be their only chance. A chance for two friends to make new memories, and risk what they’ve always had to discover a love beyond their imaginations. To have everything their heart desires. But when the unthinkable happens, it threatens to shatter the delicate new connections Jamie and Camryn have made.When two lifelong friends are put to the test, can they come out on the other side as lifelong partners … or will those words forever remain unspoken?***Content Warning***This book contains a dark scene with graphic violence which may be a trigger. Reader discretion is advised.Editorial Reviews"Beautifully written, emotional and so realistic. I loved it." ~ Katy Evans, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author“H.P. Davenport delivers a beautiful, heart-warming, friends to lovers story in her debut novel, Unspoken Words, with a touch of suspense that causes you to tear through the pages.” ~ Michelle Lynn, USA Today bestselling author"Camryn and Jamieson's story will take up a part of my heart forever. H.P. Davenport weaves her words into gallant emotion that literally pours off every page and straight into your soul. I laughed out loud, winced and cried and grew to love not only these two characters, but the whole cast, within moments of opening this book. This love story will raise the bar for every one you read after it. Stunning." ~ Michelle Kemper Brownlow, Author“This is the debut book of H.P. Davenport. And I have to say she really knows how to pull out the emotional roller coaster for her first book! This book has it all. Swoon worthy moments, hot mess moments, and moments where you cannot put the book down because you need to know what is going to happen next.” ~ Karrie, Panty Dropping Book Blog  “H.P. Davenport has taken my heart on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.” ~ Tami, The Book Enthusiast

Game Changer

Amelia Whitmore - 2016
    Hunky seatmate Aiden, who is heading to a buddy’s nuptials, is a sweet distraction from her fear of flying, but she expects her flirtation with the pro football player to end with the flight. In the airport, they discover that Emily’s sister is marrying Aiden’s friend. As the two wedding attendants spend time together in the days leading up to the nuptials, Emily finds herself falling for Aiden—until a pregnant woman crashes the wedding and claims that Aiden is her fiancé and the father of her baby. Emily rushes home to Houston, where she tries to become a hermit, if only her friends and brother would let her. How could she know how much her life would be transformed before her next trip to Cancún?

Holding On

Allie Everhart - 2017
    I'd just finished my junior year, been named one of the best college football players in the country, and had a smokin' hot girl on my lap in the back of my buddy's SUV on our way to a party at the cabin. Now I'm living in my own personal hell, reliving that night, my busted-up leg a constant reminder of what I'm trying to forget. Everyone in this damn town is holding their breath to see if I'll play again, as if that even matters anymore. My future in the pros? The money? The media attention? I don't give a shit about any of it anymore.All I want is to be left alone so I'm pissed when my mom goes and hires some damn cleaning lady for the house I've been renting. I'm expecting some old lady and that's who I get until one day she doesn't show up. Instead I get a girl with a beautiful face, soulful eyes, and a body I can't stop looking at.Her name is Becca and she's hot as hell but the girl asks a lot of damn questions. Questions I don't want to answer. But when she's gone, I miss her like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes I'll make the house extra messy just so she'll stay longer. It's pathetic, I know, but this is what I've become.I'm Ethan Baxter. And I'm barely holding on. -----(Full-length standalone with an HEA)

The Fighting Series Box Set

Nikki Ash - 2019
    I would give anything to hold on to Cooper, but we made a decision. After thirty hours of falling in lust, we are parting ways. I’m starting college and I can’t be distracted. Besides he has his own life to get back to. Cooper The moment I saw her I knew she was the one, but what my heart wants it doesn’t get. I know how life works. I’ve been fighting most of my life. My dad was a fighter and so was his dad. I watched my mom cheat on him and in return he destroyed her. I will never do that to a woman. I get thirty hours with Liz and then we’re both walking away. At the end of the day, all we will have are the memories we have created here in Miami. *** Five years later, Liz runs into Cooper, only he has no idea that memories weren’t the only thing they created in Miami. He broke her heart once the day he left and now she’s guarded. Will he succeed in winning her heart back a second time? The only thing he knows for sure is that he is fighting for a second chance and this time he won’t let her go that easily. Fighting with Faith Bentley Growing up, my parents were the embodiment of love. The perfect example of soulmates, and with that ideal I couldn't wait to find my true love. What I didn't realize was just because you love someone, it doesn't mean they’re capable of loving you back. The day I met her my entire world shifted on its axis and I knew she was the one. The problem was, how do you convince someone they’re your soulmate when they don't even believe in love? There was a time I believed that love truly conquered all, but now I'm losing Faith. Kayla My mom once said, "Love isn't concrete. It's an emotion and emotions are abstract. They change. You don't make decisions based on something abstract because if you do, you are setting yourself up for failure." I didn't understand her words at the time. I was young and in love and if you had asked me to define what I was feeling it would have consisted of words such as affection, warmth, happiness, butterflies, happily ever after. Now after experiencing heartbreak firsthand my definition of love is a bit different. It consists of words like messy, heartbreak, waste of time, unrealistic, fake. Until I met him. He reminded me of all the words love felt like before my heart was broken. He wanted to show me the beauty in the abstract, but all I could see was the concrete. Fighting For your Touch Caleb As a teenager I learned firsthand how untrustworthy and cruel a woman could be. She destroyed me from the inside out and took everything from me. The first chance I got, I ran and have been running from my past ever since. Until I met Hayley. She's a complete game changer. She's everything I never thought a woman could be. She's honest and sincere and completely selfless, and by some miracle she's fighting for me. I'm learning if I want to keep her, I'm going to need to find the courage to fight for us instead of finding the strength to run. Fighting for your Love Kaden I fell in love once and it was amazing. Until it wasn't. I swore to protect her. Until I didn't. I swore to love her forever. Until forever came too soon. After I lost her, I swore I would never fall in love again. Until I met Ashley. Ashley I depended on a man once. Until he walked out. I gave him my everything. Until he left me and our son with nothing. From then on, I knew the only person I could depend on was myself. Until I met Kaden. I'm not sure when or how it happened, but Kaden has embedded himself into my life, stealing my heart. Sounds like a good thing, right? Wrong! Because while Kaden has my heart locked and secure, his heart was given to a woman who can't give it back. Plus Fighting 'Round the Christmas Tree!

Regret Me Not

Danielle Sibarium - 2014
    She regrets letting her grades slip while her sister was in rehab, ensuring she’ll never break away from the rumor-run, small town she lives in. She regrets breaking up with her future All American football playing boyfriend, Brayden Turner out of fear of getting hurt. Most of all she regrets every decision she made leading up to the night that changed her life forever. It’s only after Brayden cuts her off completely that Mackenzie realizes how much she wants him in her life. Can Mackenzie find the courage to learn from her mistakes and move forward or will she spend her days consumed with regrets? Is it too late to convince Brayden she wants him in her life and that she’s in it for the long haul? Most of all, can she accept that sometimes bad things happen no matter how hard you try to protect yourself from them? Can she put it all behind her or will she live an unfulfilled life full of regrets?


Nikki Wild - 2016
    Dominant... Irresistible... This is my city, and I'm the f&%king undefeated ruler. I have fame, money, and thousands of women screaming my name... I didn't think there was anything left in the world to desire... Until I heard Sarah cry for help... Until I saved her life. Until I looked into her sparkling eyes and told her everything is going to be okay... I'm done. Knocked out with one look. She didn't even have to throw a punch. She owes me everything... And now... I won't stop until she's mine. KNOCKOUT is a full-length steamy action-packed romance with a HEA and absolutely no cliffhanger! For a limited time, the Kindle edition of this book comes with special bonus content form Nikki Wild.

Fake Marriage to a Baller: A Wilder Brothers Romance

Aria Scott - 2016
     Chase Football’s biggest bad-boy. That’s what they called me. And I was more than willing to live up to the name. But when my wild ways threatened the thing I loved most – football – my agent convinced me there was only one way to save my football career: get married. To a girl more virtuous than Mother Teresa. Where in the world would I find a chick like that? Aubrey How did a small-town girl like me get caught up in a fake marriage to a football star? Marrying for money? Stupid. Marrying an absolute ‘manwhore’ who spent all his considerable charm and energy trying to get into my pants, despite our ‘no sex’ marriage contract? Reckless. Falling in love with such bad boy? Complete insanity.

Twisted Desire

M. Mabie - 2018
    Begin this intense story, spanning years of lust, friendship, love, and heartache. I wasn’t looking for Nora Koehl, and she sure as hell wasn’t looking for me. We were two people speeding in opposite directions. Our relationship was born out of lust, curiosity, and compromises neither of us intended to keep. Being with one person wasn’t Nora’s style, and I refused to share her. Then everything changed, and together we bent every rule we’d ever made… until they broke. Our need for each other led us to the lies we told. Mistakes we made. We’re tangled and twisted—bound by our desire—but anything less than all of Nora will never be enough. Now this knot in my stomach only gets tighter, wondering if I can accept and love her for who she is. Will it even be enough for her to love me back?TWISTED DESIRE is the first book in the Knot Duet. TETHERED LOVE, the conclusion to Reagan and Nora's story, releases in a few short weeks.

Broken - The Complete Series

Annie Jocoby - 2014
     The three novels in this omnibus are Broken, Saving Scotty and Ever After. Broken: Book One of a three book trilogy. Nick O'Hara is a veritable womanizer. The only qualifications that he looks for in a romantic connection is that the person is hot and breathing. Mainly hot. He has no desire for an emotional connection with another person, and that's the way he lives his life. He has his fabulous wealth and his reputation as a premiere architect, and that's enough for him. Until Scotty James. Scotty is a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City. She's broken from traumatic experiences from her years in foster care and homelessness. She has a vulnerability that is intoxicating to Nick, because, deep down, he knows that he is as broken as she. When Nick pursues Scotty, it seems that she is the only woman who doesn't want to be with him. At first she's a challenge, but Nick soon finds himself falling in love for the first time in his life. With a woman who wants nothing to do with him. Can Scotty overcome her trust issues and fear to let Nick in? Or will she prove to be too broken to trust? This is a full-length, 95,000 word, New Adult novel with mature themes. Saving Scotty: Scotty is sure that she was betrayed by Nick, so she wants nothing more to do with him. Unfortunately, her life is endangered by Mr. Lucas, as she is abducted by him and spirited away to an island far away from New York City. Nick begins a desperate search for Scotty, knowing that every minute that Scotty is in the hands of Mr. Lucas is another minute that she is horribly suffering. But can he find her before too much damage is done? And can he convince her, once and for all, that he did not betray her? And, in the end, can he finally convince her to truly trust him? Or is she still just too broken? Ever After: Scotty is determined that she is going to bring down the evil Mr. Lucas. But that proves to be easier said than done. Prosecuting a wealthy man is never an easy task, as the increasingly disillusioned Scotty soon finds out first-hand. However, Nick has a back-up plan that comes into play, as the situation increasingly gets out of control. This plan is risky and dangerous. And Nick is just the man to pull it off. But is it too late? Will Scotty finally get the justice and closure that she deserves? Or will she continue her life feeling broken? ALWAYS 23 years in the future, Nick and Scotty's "perfect" life is shattered when they discover that their 15-year-old daughter, Addison, is critically ill with cancer. Is this the end to their fairytale?


Evelyn Montgomery - 2020
    One touch. One sound of her beautiful voice, and I’m hooked.Like a dream I never want to wake up from, she pulls me in and wraps me around her. Consumed. Driven with need. Fueled by an unrelenting desire to make her mine.One night, I take more than she has ever given before, which only leaves me wanting more. Needing more. Craving more. She’s the one I’ve waited for my whole life.I’ll be damned if I let anyone, including our families, stand in our way.She trusts me. Hungers for me, just like I want only to covet her. Forever.But, there is one twist neither of us see coming. A curveball, no one could ever have ever expected.Still, I hold on tight to her light.She’s my Angel. Something about her, us, makes me feel like I found heaven on earth.She’s my best Catch, and I’m not letting her go. Ever!


Catharina Maura - 2020
    Hell, I'm pretty sure it was hate at first sight.I can't even remember how our feud started, but that has never stopped me from pulling some crazy pranks on Carter — and it certainly never stopped him from retaliating.Lately Carter has upped the stakes, though. He's playing an entirely different game now. One where he infuriates me with his annoyingly hot body and the way he looks at me.Is it all just a new way of messing with me? I'm tempted to find out, but he and I can never cross that line. After all... he's my best friend's brother.Author's Note: The Mayhem Series follows Emilia and Carter's epic love story. Book I is set in high school, Book II is set in college, and book III, the final book in the series, follows them through adulthood.

Fight for Her

Kelly Favor - 2013
    She’s the youngest female executive in the UFF, an organization that’s poised to take over Las Vegas with the most exciting fights the world has ever seen.But Krista has one problem, and his name is Noah Summers. Noah is the biggest star in the UFF, and he’s disappeared, walked away from the sport at his peak. Krista is tasked with getting him back to Las Vegas to take on the biggest fight of his career.With her job on the line, Krista tracks Noah down to a small town in Western Massachusetts, and an isolated cabin high up in the mountains, away from the crowds that have haunted him since his rise to fame.Unfortunately, the world’s most dangerous man isn't very happy to see Krista, and he doesn't want to hear anything about Vegas. That’s when Krista is forced to try any means necessary to get him back for one last fight—even if it means falling in love.In the end, Krista and Noah will need to decide between their love for each other and their own self-interest. And they’ll both end up in the fight of their lives.

Another New Life

Sydney Aaliyah Michelle
    Talented, smart and beautiful on the outside and insecure, haunted and damaged on the inside. Despite these contradictions, she’s ready to start Another New Life. When her talent wins her a piano performance scholarship to the University of Texas, Miranda arrives on campus determined to experience everything college has to offer and to keep her secrets in the past where they belong. An easy task, until the first guy who catches her eye happens to be someone, she’s known all her life. Eight years have passed since the last time Miranda and Troy saw each other. He reminds her of the best and worst times of her life, but she can’t think about one without dwelling on the other. As they grow closer, every day their attraction reminds them they are no longer kids. The epic romantic love story that is Miranda and Troy seems to be destined for a happy ending, but Miranda knows it's only a matter of time before her secret is discovered. A secret that will not only destroy their relationship, it will destroy Troy, too. Can Miranda focus on her future with Troy while preventing her past from tearing them apart all over again?**This book contains adult subject matter. Not intended for young readers.**

A Brit on the Side

Brenda St. John Brown - 2016
    I probably should have declined my bestie’s invitation to spend the summer in England working at her family’s castle-turned-hotel. But, dammit, it was either that or teach summer school math. Two doors down from my ex.Obvious choice, right?Except now I’m living within kissing distance of Jasper for the entire summer, and he’s just as sweet and sexy as I remember. Unfortunately, I also remember he gave me the best orgasm of my life in short-term parking. And on the desk chair. Then the kitchen counter. Judging by the way he kisses me, he remembers too.Clearly, the best solution is:a)Avoid him at all costs.b) Sneak into Jasper’s room and bring a little Atlanta heat to the UK.c) Fall for him. Hard.I’m not going to choose C. Almost definitely. The Castle Calder series is a series of sexy rom coms that can be read in any order. You’ll see your favorite characters across the whole series, so read one or read them all!