Irish Love

Amanda Heartley - 2018
    After all, it’s just a bit of harmless flirting, right?And when she calls to ask for my help one night, I can’t resist having a little fun with her. She thinks I’m a player, and I can’t deny it, but I want to show her there’s more to me than that.I never thought it would happen, but flirting soon turns to burning desire. The more time I spend with her, the more I take a long, hard look at myself, and the harder I’m falling under her captivating spell. Now, I need to convince her my feelings are real.And I can’t even begin to think how I’m going to tell my best friend about us—aka, her country music superstar brother. He warned me to stay away, and he’ll kill me, I’m sure.SiobhanI had it all planned out. It should have all been so simple.Go to LA, see my brother, then get back to my quiet life in Ireland. Love and romance were not in the picture at all, until he picks me up from the airport. I can’t deny I’m attracted to him, but it’s not happening. No way could we ever work.He’s a player.He’s older than me.We live an ocean apart.And, duh… for the love of Mary, he’s my brother’s best friend.But when I find myself stranded, he’s the only one I can call. He’s more than happy to help me out—and even more happy to remind me I owe him for coming to my rescue—but I tell myself not to fall for his charms.I’m only there for a week, so the last thing I expect is to wake up in his bed.Irish Love is the second book in The Claddagh Trilogy. A contemporary short story of love, friendship and family life that can be read as a standalone, though you may want to read Irish Affair first to familiarize yourself with the characters. This book ends on a mild cliffhanger / happy-for-now, and the conclusion to Ben and Siobhan’s steamy romance will be in the third book, Irish Heart, out March 2018.

Big Love in a Small Town

Inglath Cooper - 2017
    Over 800 pages of big love in a small town for readers who love hunky Southern men and the women who make them want to settle down. Big Love in a Small Town features the following three novels: Down A Country Road The very last thing on Grier McAllister’s Someday List is going back to Timbell Creek, Virginia, the town where she grew up. Timbell Creek holds too many bad memories for her, memories finally put to rest with a successful image consultant business in New York City and a hefty therapy bill. When an opportunity to choose a “Jane Austen Girl” for a visiting duke falls in her lap, the only catch that she must be from Grier’s hometown, Grier tells herself she’ll do what she needs to do and then leave it all behind for good. But Grier doesn’t count on finding that her mother is no longer the person she used to be. She certainly doesn’t plan on falling for an old boyfriend’s really hot brother! And it isn’t long before she begins to realize Timbell Creek is not only a part of who she was, but might be a part of who she is as well. Good Guys Love Dogs Desperate father Ian McKinley moves his delinquent teenage son to the small Virginia town of Keeling Creek, a place very unlike the New York City life he has been leading. Love takes him by surprise when he falls for Colby Williams, a woman unlike anyone he has ever been drawn to, a small town vet with a heart for animals and a fierce love for a teenage daughter she is also struggling to raise. But Colby has a secret in her past, a secret she's not sure her daughter will ever forgive her for. And as for Ian McKinley, he seems too good to be true. If she had learned anything from the one time she had thrown her heart fully into love, it was that it didn't last. Truths and Roses When Will Kincaid’s professional football career comes to an abrupt end in a single night, he’s left to figure out what he’s going to do with the rest of his life. He heads home to the small Virginia town where he grew up and crosses paths with Hannah Jacobs, the only girl in high school who had ever rejected him. It’s Hannah who once made him question the choices he had made, and it’s Hannah who’s making him question them all over again. But with the weight of a secret he’s managed to hide from the world his entire adult life hanging over him, he can’t afford to question his choices. Hannah Jacobs had once made the choice to deny her feelings for Will Kincaid, at the time finding it the only possible option for a young girl intent on burying a nightmare she only wanted to forget. The life she’s made for herself as a librarian in Lake Perdue is a quiet one, and she’s hardly prepared for the day when Will rams his fancy Ferrari into her dependable old clunker. But for Hannah, Will Kincaid can only stir up memories she had long ago put away forever. And there’s nothing at all good that can come from bringing them back to life again.

Sophie Mays' Magnolia Harbor series

Sophie Mays - 2020
    Enjoy all these sweet romance books in one collection for the first time!"If you love Hallmark Movies, breezy beach reads, or heartwarming series' like Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, you will love these books!"Ready? Let's take a trip to Magnolia Harbor! The quaint seaside town on the Eastern seaboard, full of residents with real lives, big hearts, and arms wide open waiting to welcome you!These stories will have you laughing, crying, and overcoming the odds page-after-page!Included in this set are all the popular titles:• Hope's Bakery• When Hearts Collide• From New York, With Love• Unexpected Events• The Vacation Cottages

Lolita (Bad Girls #1)

Rubina Ramesh - 2018
    When the notoriety that came along with fame was too much for her to bear, she seeks refuge in the luscious green Panchgani.Advait Rana was a workaholic and a single dad. Balancing the two roles was not easy. The guilt of neglecting his ten-year-old motherless daughter made him decide to become a better father than he was. He takes a leave and heads toward Panchgani, little knowing that fate had other plans.A chance accident changes their lives forever.Born in simplicity, shunned for her ambition by her family, and shamed for her choice in men, Lolita was everything Advait wanted to avoid--for his and his daughter's sake. Little did he know that it was this attitude that made him a target of the diva of the silver screen. For Lolita was born to win over hearts.Disclaimer: This book is for the matured audience.

The One I Love (Billionaire Romance Forever series Book 1)

Nivedita Vedurla - 2019
    Ajay Khurana, Before I started on the cruise trip where I met you, I was uncertain about travelling by myself. You changed my outlook towards travelling, and towards life. Despite all the wondrous changes you made in my life, I have a complaint; I can't stand your son. He is arrogant, mannerless and a complete womanizer. Every negative adjective that I can find for him would fall short in describing who he actually is. I am not sure why and what made him like that, but I wish you could take control of his life and train him to become a better person, someone who is respectful towards women. Thanks, Advika. If you don’t believe me, you can read this book and find out why I hate him so much. However, don’t judge him by his looks, and don’t kill him. After all, he is Ajay Khurana’s son; my favourite man in the world. Stop by and grab this book real soon. Let me know if you hate him as much as I do.

Mountain Man's Fever: The Complete Series Box Set

Lauren Wood - 2018
    I didn't know what I was missing before I found Ayla. She was a stranger that made my heart race and my body hot. All I had to do was get my lips on hers and give her the temptation." Mountain Man's Proposal "Her smile was innocent, but her body was so damn hot. She got a job and I got a new outlook on life. She brought out the side of me that I didn’t even know was alive. With her, I started to think about the future." Mountain Man's Bride "He was back and everything was changing. He wanted something from me, more than I first thought. It was hard to think when he was near and now Chris was too close. His lips were so demanding and I yearned for the power that he possessed over my body." Mountain Man's Secret Baby "Just like the tall peaks of Alaska… Ethan is untamed and rough around the edges. No one knows why he’s here in Nome, But something draws me to his stormy eyes… And I lose control of everything." Mountain Man's Fever is a complete series box set. As always, lots of love and romance and a very satisfying HEA!

Evergreen Grove Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection

Lucy Penn - 2018
    However, one dream never came true, and she hopes it stays that way. A nightmare has haunted Penelope for as long as she can remember. What happens when the nightmare comes true? Rain and Drizzle After a one-night stand, Grayson can’t stop thinking about Cora. He knows she is his mate. The only problem is he has no idea how to find her. The Rescue Owen has always been a lone wolf and refuses to depend on anybody for help. All of that changes one night when he meets Sophia, a woman much younger than him. He must learn to trust her if he wants to live. New Beginning Nina harbors a dark secret about her past. When she finds herself in Evergreen Grove, she knows she must leave immediately or risk being hurt again. When she meets Keppler, he tries to earn her trust, but her trust is not easily given. Romance books also included: Alpha’s Girl, Wrong Mate, The Lost Shifter, Earth Dragon, Water Dragon, Killian’s Seduction, and Vampire’s Revenge WARNING: These novellas are fast, sizzling hot, and ready to be devoured! If you like super sexy, quick, and dirty paranormal romance novellas, you will love Evergreen Grove Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection! Each story features a bad boy shifter hero. No cliffhangers and no cheating. Intended for 18+ readers due to adult content.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace Inn

Malinda Martin - 2014
     What could be a better destination for the holidays than a peaceful inn tucked in the picturesque mountains of Vermont? But when a blizzard hits, three couples will be forced to deal not only with the weather but also with the reality of their relationships. Mary Michaels, competent innkeeper is very good at her job. And at hiding her growing attraction for the inn’s handyman, Joe Puletti. Friend of her late husband, Joe is a great catch, but with a five-year old son and complications from her past, Mary is not. Lila Benson needs to reinvent her life. What the quiet, second grade teacher doesn’t need is to run into a face from her past—Dan Hamilton, football star that she helped tutor in high school. And fell hopelessly in love with. Celia and Richard Davis have brought their children Kevin and Jenna for a family vacation. It will be their last since the divorce will be final soon. However, Kevin and Jenna have hopes that a little time together is all their parents need to heal their family. Can these relationships be saved? Anything’s possible at Christmas. Especially with the help of three children, a man with a white beard, the inn’s mysterious manager, and a reindeer.

You're My Home: Billionaire Romance

Emma Kingsley - 2018
    She's never been loved or cared for. Can the arrival of a handsome billionaire in her life change everything? Debbie Donovan and Ethan Myers live in worlds as different as they could possibly be. Debbie grew up as an orphan and now operates Red Oak group home, dedicating her existence to giving abandoned children the life she was denied. Ethan is a handsome billionaire, in charge of the family empire that his grandfather had built. When their worlds meet, sparks fly. It doesn’t take long for their mutual respect to blossom into something more. But will their love for each other be enough to bridge the gap between them and keep them together? Clean, inspirational romance novella about letting go of fear and opening up to love.

Simha International

Sundari Venkatraman - 2017
    A thief comes up with a simple modus operandi, believing that nobody’s really going to find out anything about the thefts taking place. But when a guest brings it to his notice, Rohit is determined to save the reputation of Simha International and ropes in a top-notch detective. Will Rohit be able to find who the thief is before time runs out?The lovely and intelligent Tasha Sawant goes to work at Simha International as the duty manager. Her experience in the hotel industry only adds to the hotel’s excellent service. Tasha is attracted to Rohit and it would seem that he reciprocates her feelings. Well, the lady isn’t looking for a permanent relationship as it looks likes she’s already had an unpleasant experience. But then, what about the guy? Does Rohit want any kind of relationship with Tasha? *Simha International is the first book in the trilogy called The Bansal Legacy.

Fake Bride

Cassandra Bloom - 2017
    Anaconda,’ they call me. I don’t chase women, they chase me. I’ve made my fortune, I’ve built my empire. I play to win and live by my own set of rules. My darkest secret? There's something I’m missing. Something all my billions can’t buy. Till she came into my life. Every inch of her curvy form makes my mouth water. But she’s heard of my womanizing reputation. Now she needs a job. And I have the perfect assignment for her. $50’000 for her to be my Mrs. for two weeks. She is mine now. Now the game is on. And I play Dirty… I won’t let anybody f*ck with my plans. But to really fall for a girl. To make her completely and utterly mine. Claim her for my own. My wildest dream and my darkest nightmare all in one… Which one will it be? If I toy with my desires, will she steal my heart? Fake Bride is a steamy fake marriage romance story with no cheating, no cliffhanger and, as always, a happy ever after ending. Includes bonus content for your reading pleasure! Enjoy.

Bay Area Bad Boys: Box Set

Stasia Black - 2017
    So he wants her to answer emails with her shirt off. So what? She worked at Hooters for years to get herself through college and it's not that much different. But when his demands get more and more invasive and he begins toying with her in front of his business rival, Jackson Vale, the job that was just supposed to pay for the lawyer in her son's upcoming custody hearing starts becoming more than she ever bargained for. PLEASE ME: The conclusion to Crush Me. Callie's determined that no man will ever have the power to hurt her again. But the path to getting her life back on track is messier than she ever expected. Especially when the man she thought she'd left behind is ready to fight for her every step of the way. But can a woman like her, having gone through the things she's experienced in her life, ever truly expect a happily ever after? WOMAN NAMED RED: (in the Crush Me universe, interacting with the previous characters) Kennedy: Her name was Scarlet and she burst into my life as an explosion of color as bright as her name promised. But don’t get confused. This isn’t a love story. I don't do love. No, this is a story about a woman with a fiery temperament and passion for life to match her name. She and I were combustible together. Which means maybe we were always meant to burn to the f*@king ground. Warning: All three of these novels contain dark themes and potential triggers which may be distressing to some readers.

The Arrangement

P.G. Van - 2019
    Where does she end up? In a small town where she crashes her car, causing a lot of damage to the town. The accident is a blessing in disguise, allowing her to stay out of the limelight. To avoid the media attention and her past life, she needs to make an arrangement with a man who looks at her as if he despises the very sight of her. Mahen wants to build his ancestral town into the next big economic hub and is upset when a rash driver crashes a car into a newly constructed building, setting it on fire. He wants to cut his losses and wants her out of his town, but she doesn’t want to leave. He agrees to let her stay for a month, only as a temporary arrangement. An arrangement that was supposed to last a short time turns into something else when sparks fly between Niha and Mahen. Niha may have run away from her past, but she cannot hide from it. When Mahen finds out who she really is, will the new arrangement last? Note: The Arrangement is a Stand-alone, Passionate, Contemporary romance.

The Lost Princess ( Sravanapura Royals #3)

Preethi Venugopala - 2019
    Yet, the man she has loved all her life will not warm up to her.Rajeev, a hotshot movie director, has feelings for Ishaani. But, she is his sister's best friend and has been like another sibling to him. Yet, what can he do if he feels compelled to make her his own?Then, Ishaani's life changes overnight. She is no longer a lowly commoner but a princess.She has to make some tough decisions to protect the man she loves.Her choices lead them both down a path filled with shocking revelations and devastating consequences.Will true love prevail?Or will the many twists of fate tear them apart?

Heartland Giving (A Heartland Cowboy Christmas Sweet Romance Book 5)

Jessie Gussman - 2021