The Real Mr. Darcy

Sarah Johnson - 2020
    When the real Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy arrives Elizabeth has a second chance to become acquainted with the gentleman. Can she break through the façade Mr Darcy erected because of a family tragedy, and will she like what she discovers of his character?

Marrying Mr. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Juliana Abbott - 2019
     Rather than see her sister marry her cousin, a horribly dry man she doesn’t love, Elizabeth Bennet hatches a plan that will see her sister marry a wealthy man and send their boring cousin packing. Moments before the ceremony, Elizabeth’s plans go awry, and she is inexplicably cast into her sister’s role as a blushing bride. Despite her best intentions, Elizabeth suddenly faces the risk of scandal and public ruin… and a marriage she never planned on. Married to the much-revered Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth struggles to understand the stirrings in her heart. When an afternoon by the lake goes awry, Fitzwilliam Darcy finds himself giving his consent to marry a woman he’s never met. He never imagined his return to Pemberley would result in a new bride, a growing scandal, and an inexplicable connection to the beautiful and tenacious Elizabeth. As he settles into his unexpected role, a threat emerges, promising to sever their relationship and possibly ruin Elizabeth’s good name. With controversy stirring from all angles, can Elizabeth convince Fitzwilliam that he is the man she’s come to care for more than anyone in the world? **** Marrying Mr. Darcy is a sensual romance featuring Our Dear Couple in this Pride & Prejudice Variation, and it's over 40,000 words long.. ****

Ready For Capture: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Lorell C. Hornbrook - 2021
    Bennet is dead. Her second eldest daughter, Elizabeth, has no time for suitors. She must placate a melancholy father and help raise her younger sisters. Fitzwilliam Darcy is of like mind. He struggles to keep his family's legacy alive and support a younger sister beset with problems of her own.The two meet at a country assembly. While she teases out his quiet charm, he delights in her fiery intelligence. As soon as he lets his feelings be known, duty pulls him away.Will Elizabeth conquer her prejudice against the first circles to see a man worthy of respect? Will Darcy deliver justice for the sins committed against his sister, or forever drown in the silence of his inherit pride? Will he capture the only woman to bewitch him body and soul?

Mr Darcy's New Neighbour: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Marie Green - 2021
    Whilst there she is surprised to meet Mr Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam and Mr Wickham.Elizabeth is about to be astounded time and again by the events that play out in Liverpool. Events which see her undertake a night time adventure with two men she had no idea were in fact cousins!While staying at Gracechurch Street in London she had been invited by Lady Matlock to a soiree at Matlock Gardens. It was there that she was left in no doubt, by her Ladyship, that she was not a suitable wife for her son Colonel Fitzwilliam, who Elizabeth had only recently met. Too poor, was the insinuation and certainly not born high enough.After being duped by Wickham and astonished by what she overheard Mr Darcy say to his cousin, Elizabeth was delighted when within less than a week, her life changed immeasurably. A change which would find her living, albeit temporarily, only five miles from Pemberley.This is a gentle, lightly amusing tale of the developing love between Darcy and Elizabeth, with all its ups and downs.

The Longbourn Heir: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Florence Gold - 2021
    The estate entailed to a male heir has created enmity between relatives and divided the family.Yet, an unexpected solution suddenly appears when one of Elizabeth’s sisters marries the heir, Mr Collins.A cruel twist of fate involves Darcy in the rescue of the new Mrs Collins, proving his generosity and benevolent nature—very different from the gentleman Elizabeth met at Netherfield.But the way to Elizabeth’s heart is full of obstacles that Darcy must conquer one by one in a battle to win his lady’s hand.Angst, love and friendship are mixed with unforeseen events involving our favourite characters in a plot that twists with every turn of the page.Impossible to predict the end, you will be safe only on Elizabeth’s journey towards her beloved Darcy.

Mr Darcy's Reluctant Bride: A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Eleanor Carter - 2021
    But after the sisters finally are reunited with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley during their night out in the Vauxhall Gardens, Jane suddenly goes missing.It doesn’t take long for Mr. Darcy to reveal that Jane and Mr. Bingley are currently on their way to Scotland to get married.Their elopement forces Lizzy and Darcy to put aside their clash of wits as they travel together in a desperate bid to bring her sister back.Unified in their quest, Lizzy and Darcy somehow manage to work past mutual prejudices as they grow closer to each other.Until an unexpected scandal compromises the fragile peace between them, forcing them to marry.Furious at this development, Elizabeth knows that she will need to learn how to tolerate her new husband if she ever wants a happy marriage.But can their budding relationship ever survive the marriage of convenience that now holds them captive?And what happens when someone with an old grudge secretly tries to unravel their chance at love?*** Please Note: the book starts off-canon as Elizabeth joins her sister, Jane, in London. without her passing through Rosings beforehand.***Mr Darcy's Reluctant Bride is a sweet and clean romance featuring Our Dear Couple in this Pride & Prejudice Variation, and it's 53000 words long.

A Year Without Summer: A Variation on Pride and Prejudice

Martin Hunnicutt - 2020
    The Bennet family recognizes that the winter is very cold but nothing prepares them for the ‘year without a summer’ that follows. Frost and cool temperatures every month of the growing season reduce harvests of important grains, vegetables, and fruits. Their England is dependent upon locally grown foodstuffs and the people are unable to bring in food stuffs from other parts of the world–in fact other parts of the world would not have had surpluses of food to send. Horse and oxen-drawn wagons could only move produce so far in any single day.With some good luck, Mr. Darcy and Miss Bennet separate after the Ball at Netherfield on excellent terms. Through happenstance, the couple meet at Hunsford at Easter during the cold spring, fall in love and become engaged. However, as the families and tenants struggle to harvest diminished harvests of grains and hay, the Bennet and Darcy families struggle to remain hopeful. The poor harvests do not prevent the marriage of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam, and they travel from London to Pemberley for the lean winter that affects the inhabitants of manor houses and farmhouses.In Hertfordshire, Charles Bingley must deal with Caroline and his aunt from Scarborough, and Jane must rally her family as they discover how much they miss Elizabeth’s humour and wit. But in spring 1817, the weather makes all of England a green and bountiful land once again, and Jane and Charles find their way toward the happily-ever-after they deserve.

Prisoner of Longbourn

Jann Rowland - 2021
    When Darcy wakes, he finds himself at Longbourn, injured and confined until his body can heal.The Bennets, he thinks, are an eclectic mix of characters, and at times he finds them difficult to endure. The unresolved question of who caused his accident festers in the back of his mind, leading him to suspect his hosts of deceit.As his time at Longbourn lengthens, however, Darcy finds himself becoming more accustomed to them. Esteem begins to overtake him as he considers their unstinting hospitality and care for him, a man no more than a stranger to them. In particular, Darcy is intrigued by the second daughter, Miss Elizabeth, a woman unlike any other, and one for whom he quickly develops a liking.Eventually his forced confinement wears on Darcy, and the coming of a relation he finds difficult to endure, along with the reappearance an old enemy, wreak havoc on his equilibrium. When events happen which demand his action, he cannot allow the family who succored him to suffer from the ignominious behavior of one of their number.

Mr. Darcy's Deception: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Kate Speck - 2020
    Darcy owned Netherfield and was persuaded to take a holiday there as a seemingly a modest gentleman? He has his father's brother, the honourable Judge Darcy, to support him with the heavy burdens on his shoulders during his respite in Hertfordshire after Georgiana’s difficult summer. Elizabeth Bennet does not form her prejudice against Bingley's visitor and a platonic friendship forms. This story contains several adventurous scenarios with mild language and reference to kidnapping and sexual innuendo.

Mr. Darcy's Destiny: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Lily Bernard - 2019
    She felt a shiver go through her body and her broken heart lurched at the intimacy and tenderness she heard in his voice. What if Fitzwilliam Darcy gave in to Bingley's demands and danced with Elizabeth Bennet at the Meryton Assembly? What if they fell in love and became betrothed while Darcy was still in Hertfordshire? This is a story of love, loss, and destiny; our dear couple faces almost insurmountable challenges on their road to happiness. Will Elizabeth and Darcy be forced to end their betrothal in order to protect Georgiana, the young woman Elizabeth came to love when she joined her brother at Netherfield? Can anything be done to stop the cruel machinations of Lord Matlock? Will Elizabeth find someone else to love? Will Lady Matlock find a 'suitable' wife for her nephew? Can Elizabeth and Darcy ever find a way back to each other? Mr. Darcy's Destiny is a sweet, clean Regency Romance for those who believe in happy endings.

Mr. Bennet's Gambit: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Don H. Miller - 2018
    It assumes Jane Bennet has received the note from Caroline Bingley telling her that Bingley is unlikely to return and implying he may court Georgiana Darcy. Mr. Bennet decides something must be done to secure his family’s future and informs Elizabeth that she must marry Mr. Collins, which he can do because she is not yet of age. Elizabeth thwarts Mr. Bennet's plans by disappearing from Hertfordshire, perhaps forever. The story follows Elizabeth’s escape from what she considers a fate worse than death and her adventures after her escape. It also tells of Darcy's attempts to find her, once he discovers she is gone and is willing to admit to himself that he loves her. However, her father’s betrayal of the trust she had in his love for her makes Elizabeth question whether she will ever be willing to trust a man's love again. If the father she worshiped, whom she thought doted on her, was willing to submit her to a marital life of misery just to satisfy his own desires, how could she ever trust another man’s love. The book also tells how Mr. Bennet's decision, which causes Elizabeth to leave, directly or indirectly impacts the lives of all his daughters.

In Search of Beauty, A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Melanie Schertz - 2020
    They meet Mr Thomas Bennet, an art history professor at one of the universities there, and his two daughters, Jane and Elizabeth. The Bennets are part of a group trying to restore the stolen works of art taken by Napoleon's army when they plundered Belgium. One piece of art in particular was the Bruges Madonna, sculpted by Michelangelo. Along with Colonel Fitzwilliam, the Bingleys, Lord and Lady Matlock, the search for the missing art leads through Belgium while the hearts of two gentlemen find their matches in Mr Bennet's home.

Darcy's Love: A "Pride and Prejudice" Variation

Andrew Zane - 2021
    The story is appropriate for all audiences.While spending a pleasant time in Ramsgate as a companion to her aunt, Elizabeth meets and befriends a young, beautiful and elegant young lady of whom she knows little except that she resides in a nearby cottage. Surprised, Elizabeth observes the restrained girl with delicate manners breaching propriety several times by meeting late at night with a man who seems to hide his identity. Their friendship, although new, is not shallow and when the girl simply disappears one evening—apparently taken away by her brother—Elizabeth can’t help worrying about her and makes efforts to enquire about her health and whereabouts.Returning home to Longbourn, Elizabeth finds several new arrivals in the neighbourhood: Mr. Charles Bingley, the new master of Netherfield, his family and his friend—Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley. Mr. Bingley’s amiable manners are universally appreciated, in complete contrast to Mr. Darcy’s arrogance and aloofness. When a militia regiment then arrives in town, a certain Mr. George Wickham—handsome and charming—also claims his place in Meryton and Longbourn society.To her utter joy and complete astonishment, Elizabeth finally receives news about the young lady she met in Ramsgate—and the revelations are astounding.While struggling with pride, prejudice, misunderstandings and misjudgements, Elizabeth will grow in character and feelings and will slowly discover Darcy’s true character as well as the strength, depths and loyalty of Darcy’s love.

Entrancing Mr. Darcy: a Pride and Prejudice variation

Valerie Lennox - 2021
    Darcy. When the two are discovered together, after a treacherous nail has done violence to Elizabeth’s dress, tongues wag, and the rumors decry Elizabeth’s reputation.For the sake of her family’s good name, Elizabeth agrees to marry Mr. Darcy. Given the circumstances, they have decided to live apart, and Mr. Darcy will ready a small estate called Leonane for Elizabeth’s use.Leonane itself, however, sits high on cliff top, an imposing fortress of a house, which all the servants have fled, claiming a curse haunts the place. When she and Mr. Darcy arrive, their carriage is destroyed and the horses disappear.Is it the curse?Or is there someone who doesn’t wish them to leave? Who wishes to trap them there?

OF LOVE AND LOSS: A Pride and Prejudice Variation

Jae George - 2021
    It is a sweet and clean regency romance with only non-graphic references to intimacy between married couples.Excerpt:"Darcy, what are you doing in London? Why are not still with Bingley in Hertfordshire pursuing the enchanting Miss Elizabeth Bennet?" Darcy looked up in surprise at his cousin Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam?Without waiting for a response, the colonel spoke, "Oh, don't try to convince me you aren't enamored with the lady. You may have fooled Bingley, but I know you too well. I saw the way your eyes followed her whenever you were in her company, how you listened to all of her conversations. Not that I blame you, of course. She is truly a fascinating woman. Intelligent and witty with beautiful eyes, not to mention her very fine figure." Richard grinned and waggled his eyebrows at his cousin.Fitzwilliam Darcy was shocked to discover that his attention to Elizabeth Bennet had been noted by anyone. "Really, Richard, I know not of what you speak. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is tolerable in appearance, but her manner is impertinent, not even taking into account her appallingly inappropriate family. Surely you jest to think that she would attract my attention.""Well, despite your protest of disinterest, I can see that you have given the alliance a good deal of thought. I am amazed that you don't recognize that Miss Elizabeth is a 'pearl of great price'. You are severely underestimating the young lady. And I cannot believe that you would abandon her to a forced marriage with her obnoxious cousin Collins!""If you think so much of the lady, Richard, then you go rescue her!" Darcy huffed.Colonel Fitzwilliam continued to gaze at his cousin and dearest friend in disbelief before standing and pronouncing, "Very well, I will, if she will have me"