Book picks similar to
The Stone by Seb L. Carter


Perfect Timing

Aimee Brissay - 2011
    I was pulled in from the first page." "A different take on the vampire/shifter/fated mates storyline." "I was fascinated with it from beginning to end" Valentin Alekseev prays for death while fleeing for his life, hunted for secrets he shouldn't be aware of. With his home in ruins and his master killed, he should know better than to bring innocent bystanders into his life. But Fate has other plans. Twenty-seven years old, Shawn Dougal never thought he’d fall for a man, much less a bloodsucker. But how else can he explain the sudden lapse in judgment that has him traveling halfway across Romania, risking his own life to save Valentin’s? And will breaking and entering a centuries-old castle full of vampires be enough to get his lover back?

Shades of Power

Beany Sparks - 2015
     Ethan White is a witch whose days are spent in his apothecary with his familiar, Beema. While making potions for the townsfolk keeps him busy, nothing exciting ever happens—until one day when a surprise visitor walks in and his world crumbles around him. Suddenly Ethan and his familiar are on the run, heading for the Fae to seek sanctuary. Grayson is an alpha wolf. His two best friends are his betas, but there’s one thing missing—a pack. It’s for that very reason that the three of them were volunteered by the council to act as representatives. Their mission? Try to convince the Fae Queen to get the Fae involved in a battle with the Midnight Coven, the witches suspected of using the dark arts. However, the mission takes a back seat when Grayson meets his mate for the first time. With revelations and lies around every corner and a battle looming, they have to be ready to fight if they want to have a life together. When a prophecy about the Shades of Power comes to light, both sides want the power for the battle against the other. The question is—who will unite them first?

Untrue Love

Amy Crook - 2015
    That is, until he puts himself in the middle of a criminal investigation by literally stepping in it.This is the story of Alex's first case with Agent Murielle Lapointe, and while it's lacking in romance, it's a delightful look into grumpy young Alex and what he got up to before he was a professional consultant.


Eileen Glass - 2015
    He gets away with it for several years, fleeing to a new city whenever the wolves get too close, but his survival mechanism creates a terrible, unforeseen result. By dodging and ducking every rogue alpha to approach him, the one that finally keeps up is the size of a truck. Liam is not a wolf to be disrespected, and Skye is all too aware of his place in the pack. Natural selection has never been kind to him.But, strangely, Liam sort of is. Trouble is a novella of about 26,000 words. Go here for all available books in the series:

Kian's Hunter

R.J. Scott - 2010
    His plan is to kill the monster who murdered his Uncle. The same monster who used magic to escape to our world and is hiding here and growing in strength. Regan is a loner, a hunter of Demons. The first son, of a first son, he is the one who protects this world from the monsters that no one else knows are here.Kian knows he's found his mate, but Regan trusts no one. It isn’t until they are facing death that Regan has to choose sides for the final time.

Nephilim Prophecy

Adrienne Wilder - 2012
     And warriors like Indigo Black, a Palet, a man cursed with the ability to kill and see the Demonic, have been forbidden from seeking out the evil walking among men and destroying it. The one time Indigo dare challenge the Covenant to save an a human life, the Church punished him by breaking the wings of his Guardian Angel and lover, Ariel, and cast him out of heaven. Living with the burden of his guilt has cost Indigo everything. Then the death of a mentor begins to unravel a deadly secret. The Demonic have some how created a Nephilim who has a human soul and is capable of being possessed by the most powerful members of the Demonic Parliament. A vessel who would allow the Demonic to walk the mortal plain. With the Covenant broken, Indigo must win the battle go protect an innocent who holds the fate of mankind, and win an all out war to save his heart.

Dark City

Kit Hallows - 2016
    I guess you could call me a Supernatural Detective, Undercover Agent, the guy that takes out the trash and cleans up the messes people want to ignore. Mostly, it means I take out nightmares, demons and werewolves. You know, the things that go bump in the night. We call them Nightkind.Still, I’m ready to leave all that behind. Retire, find some sunny beach with pretty women, a few stiff drinks, and forget the Nightkind even exist.Talk about wishful thinking. See, I have one last job—eliminate a rogue vampire, named Mr. Tudor. In this business there’s no such thing as a simple job. And when bodies start piling up at my own front door, my dreams of retirement fade. Because the clues are adding up to something big.The missing piece of the puzzle… It’s me. How the hell do I fit into all this mess?

Expectant Moon

Alexander Elliott - 2018
    Ignored. Threatened. Modern gay shifters struggle for equality, but history paints a different picture. When Alpha Ben Blair challenges the status quo, he unintentionally ignites a controversy which divides the community. While Gladstone soon becomes the focus of competing forces, Ben gains new allies who change everything: Evan Reid, a misunderstood Arctic wolf possessing unique gifts, and Jack Eby, an ancient shifter holding the key to their future. Join the Gladstone shifters as they find love, acceptance and purpose in a time of monumental change. Expect the unexpected. Expectant Moon. Notice: Contains male/male romance and sexuality. Recommended for readers 18+.

An Evidence of Magic

Kris Michaels - 2016
    Too bad. There are other things he'd like to do to the gorgeous young man than book him for murder. Worse, his sexy suspect is certifiable. The nutcase claims he's some kind of high wizard from an alternate reality and needs Hiro's help to save their worlds. While the striking Sable Campion appears a youthful twenty-five, he’s endured over two-hundred lonely years as guardian of the portal between Everlight and Elysium. None of those centuries offered him any experience finding a vicious killer. That's where Hiro Santos comes in; but convincing the virile detective to trust Sable will take all his persuasive skills...and perhaps a bit of magic. The magic they find in each other's arms will rock each of their realities.

The Wish

Eden Winters - 2010
    Sometimes even death can’t stop the meddling. Byron Sinclair might be gone, but he has unfinished business before his spirit can rest: watch over his much-older partner Alfred Anderson, and see his lonely nephew Paul settled in a meaningful relationship. With Alfred’s nephew, Alex, who hasn’t yet realized how badly he needs someone to see past the spoiled rich boy façade and love him for himself. They’d be perfect together, once Byron works out a few small problems. Alex is convinced Paul is an opportunistic suck-up with the morals of an alley cat. Paul, from humble beginnings, isn’t impressed with aloof and arrogant playboy Alex, either. Both swear they know all they need to about the other, and need not look further.But Byron sees what could be if they'd give each other half a chance, a romance for the ages like what he shared with Alfred. He's going to see their nephews happy together, or di…Well, he’s already died, but he won’t stop trying.

Sage's Mystery

Lynn Hagen - 2012
    The place looked as though it was ready to fall down around him, but Sage was determined to call it home.William roamed aimlessly for years, never having a place to call his own. When a stranger shows up in Mystery and states that he’s the new owner, William is ready to grab his bag and run. But when Sage invites him to stay, William knows that he has found the man of his dreams.But Mystery holds a dark secret that Sage is determined to find the answer to. When howls erupt on the night of his shift, Sage fights to find out Mystery’s past and keep William from becoming one of them. But plans don’t always work out the way one would want them to when William is pulled violently into Sage’s world.Welcome to Mystery.

Unsuitable Omega

Skye R. Richmond - 2018
    Marriage is a merger, and happiness is definitely not a requirement. Nickolas is ready to do his duty until an omega walks into his life making him want things he never thought possible.Nickolas shouldn’t want him; he’s not from their world. He’s not part of the plan. But Jai is the opposite of what he’s used to. Sweet. Kind. And for the first time, he’s met someone that doesn’t seem to care about his bank account. Falling for Jai was easy. But can he hold on to his future with his past invading his present?


Penny Brandon - 2012
    Not only that, it was up to him to convince his true love they were meant to be together. All bad enough, but after finding Liam, the only way he's able to persuade Liam to go out with him is to offer him sex – even though that was something Marc was definitely not ready for. Liam thought Marc was crazy. Marc was straight and he was talking about true love and making a life together, but Liam didn't believe in love and he certainly wasn't going to fall in love with a crazy straight guy regardless of how sexy he was. But he hadn't reckoned on Marc's pushy attitude or his offer of sex which, no matter how much he knew he should, Liam couldn't turn down. An m/m erotic romance with a HEA

Double Alchemy

Susan Mac Nicol - 2014
    Dangerous, powerful, tortured, sharing his body with the soul of an ancient Welsh sorcerer, Quinn is never alone—and never wholly himself. He fights against all those who would exploit his kind. He takes pleasure where he can find it.In the forest of Hampstead Heath, Quinn’s hometown, Cade Mairston appears to him like a waking dream. Lithe, lean and silver-eyed, he evokes feelings in Quinn unlike any other: lust with true affection, immediate and shocking. Cade is clearly more than he seems. And yet, if a man of the world, Cade is innocent. He knows nothing of warlocks, witchfinders or Withinners. He knows nothing of what he is, what he might be, or what he might feel. For him, the story is just beginning. Magyck, peril and passion await.

Under the Dragon's Spell

Ann-Katrin Byrde - 2016
    But when his boyfriend kicks him out, it’s starting to look like that’s never going to happen. Worse yet, he has to move in with his brother to keep from living on the street, and the prevalent bias against men with the ability to carry children keeps him from finding a job of his own. He’s about ready to give up hope when he finds a job offer in the newspaper searching for someone to produce an heir for a rich dragon shifter. Having a baby with a stranger, even if he’s enigmatic and hot as hell, is not his definition of happiness, but when he finds himself falling for the dragon, he starts to hope again. If only it wasn’t for the competition… Stand alone story with no cliffhangers.