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Heart Hunter by Sophia Knightly


Going All The Way

Cynthia Cooke - 2016
    She has been burning the candle at both ends and has the scorch marks to prove it. She returns home to San Francisco to focus on her artwork, relax, and hang out with her friends. A stress-free life. Until a man moves in next door who pushes all her buttons. Between Ryan and his dog, Riley, life is anything but peaceful. But it sure is a whole lot more fun.

Catching Irish

Katy Regnery - 2018
    So when an invitation arrives at her Florida condo, inviting Tate to spend St. Patrick’s Weekend back at Summerhaven where Finian works, she can’t resist heading up to New Hampshire for the festivities.Having just gotten out of an awesomely bad relationship, Finian Kelley has sworn off romance, which is why it’s good that hottie Tate Jennings lives far away in the Florida Keys. They may have fooled around at Rory’s wedding, but at least they have no future together, right?Wrong. When an annual celebration brings Tate back to New Hampshire, will Finian be able to stay away from the woman who’s already made an unwanted impression on his heart?Return to Summerhaven one last time for this sweet, sultry, summer novella! (available in the SKINNY DIPPING OPTIONAL collection)

The Billionaire Bargain

Barb Han - 2013
    Usually, she beats them to the punch. Now she is determined to save the father she barely knows, even if it means calling on the one man she can't forget.Wealthy, powerful, and sinfully gorgeous Daegen Tan has it all. Except the one thing he truly wants: Rae, the woman who ended their passionate affair three years ago. He is determined to have her back in his bed. This time, he'll take pleasure in seducing her--and then he'll be the one to leave. Except his heart has other ideas.Can Rae stay long enough to give him a chance? And will Daegen be able to convince her that he isn't going anywhere?

A Fake Marriage Boxset: 5 Sweet Fake Marriage Romances

Anne-Marie Meyer - 2019
     Marrying a Cowboy When a fake marriage turns real. Emma seems destined to be the perpetual bridesmaid. Especially when her one potential groom dumped her on her birthday a year ago. Austin must fulfill his grandmother’s marriage stipulation in order to inherit his grandfather’s ranch. After a broken heart, he decided that love isn’t going to be a requirement for marriage anymore. Both are at the mercy of every do-gooder matchmaker, so they concoct a plan. A fake marriage between the two of them would be beneficial for both. What could go wrong? When they fly to Austin’s Montana ranch, they’re optimistic that they’ve come up with the greatest arrangement. When the relationship is fake, no feelings get hurt. Until it’s no longer fake. Marrying an Athlete Kissing was a mistake. Anna’s life has been in a slump ever since her boss and boyfriend—who happened to be the same person—dumped her. Michael’s running from a stupid mistake. When Michael’s little sister, McKenna, who happens to be Anna’s best friend asks for a favor, they both agree. It was simple. Fake a marriage and join McKenna and her husband at a marriage counseling resort. Besides, the drunken kiss they shared two years ago was definitely a one-time mistake. If they can only leave their feelings in the past, they just might survive this island getaway. Marrying a Billionaire The contract said it all, feelings were forbidden. Lillian is desperate for a job. Six months pregnant and recently divorced, she needs health insurance. Now. Reed is trying to get over his broken heart and to make matters worse, he discovers that he needs to be married to inherit his family’s billion-dollar investment company. But marriage isn’t in his future anymore, so it doesn't matter. Out of desperation, Reed’s mom puts in a call to an elite matchmaking agency to find him a contract wife. After an episode of mistaken identity, Lillian finds herself contractually obligated to marry Reed. Which is the ideal relationship for the both of them. When a contract is involved, no one gets hurt. Until feelings begin to change. Marrying a Prince To save the prince, she must agree to marry him. Marianna has sworn off men. After all, they only hurt you the moment they have the chance. Prince Leonardo is in America with one mission: propose to the woman he doesn’t love because his parents think it will be the best thing for their country. When he hits his head, he fakes amnesia with the hopes that his parents will let him off the hook. After all, they wouldn’t force him to marry someone he doesn’t remember, right? Wrong. Desperate to get away, Leo “accidentally” proposes to Marianna. The plan is perfect.

Knight Moves: Vol. 1

K.B. Winters - 2016
    She teaches ballet to underprivileged children to pay the bills while auditioning relentlessly for her chance of having her name in the bright Vegas lights. Despite her booked schedule, her roommate Tori convinces her to go out on a blind date, and Everlie finds herself tangled up with the irresistibly intense Navy SEAL, Ryker Knight. After spending years ping-ponging around the world and leading the charge in special ops missions, Ryker is stateside and just when he starts itching for his heart pounding life in the battlefield, he meets Everlie. Her appearance in his life makes him question everything he ever thought he'd wanted. Ryker's past catches up to him all too quickly, throwing Everlie into a complicated web of secrets and lies. Will Ryker be able to show her the truth and win her trust before it's too late? Or will Everlie decide the sexy SEAL’s secret life is too complex and throw it all away before they even get a chance to start? Find out in the first sexy installment of KB Winters’ and Evie Monroe’s hot and steamy military romance!

Mr. January

Ann Roth - 2015
    It’s time, but more important, the promotion will finally earn him the respect of his dying father. Single mom Samantha Everett’s deadbeat ex has left her to fend for herself, and she’s working hard to support her young son with her baking business. Neither Adam nor Samantha is looking for a relationship. But love has a way of surprising people…

Loving the Mountain Man

Jeanette Lewis - 2020
    Ledger Price spends his days doing what he loves–hiking, fishing, hunting, and exploring the mountains around his hometown of Tamarack Ridge, Montana, all while filming for his popular MyHeartChannel, Montana Mountain Man. The only downside is his daughter, Aubrey, who loves to come on his excursions, but also yearns for someone with a feminine touch. But Ledger is not relationship material; he tried with Aubrey’s mom discovered marriage is not worth giving up his freedom. Brynn Ramsey is building a successful career as a real estate agent to the wealthy in San Clemente, California. Sure, it’s stressful, but Brynn figures it’s all part of paying her dues. When she starts having debilitating panic attacks, her mentor sends her home to Tamarack Ridge for some R&R. It’s only supposed to be for six weeks and then she’ll be back to the sunny beaches of Southern California. But when she reconnects with Ledger, her dreams begin to shift from palm trees to pines. As their relationship grows more serious, Brynn and Ledger have to make a choice. Is love worth any sacrifice?

One Last Risk

Nancy Stopper - 2017
     Firefighter Lucas Bennett had the carefree life he’d always wanted until a deadly blaze took the life of his company mate and best friend. Blaming himself was easy but pulling himself from the tailspin of guilt proved to be much harder. The fog of sadness and guilt pushed him down a dangerous path until he nearly died fighting the beast. Forced to stop and reevaluate his life, he decided to make a change before it was too late. A fire took almost everything from Sarah Robinson—her husband and her home—leaving her to raise their precious daughter alone. Everywhere she looked held memories of her husband, pouring salt on her ever-present wound. Unable to live any longer around the memories of her husband, she and her daughter moved to Oak Grove, far away from the grief of the past. All Sarah needed was the chance to start a new life for her and her daughter. A car accident on a dark, rainy night put Lucas and Sarah on a collision course neither of them expected… with questions they’re not ready to answer. Can a single mother open her broken heart for a second chance at love? Will a broken firefighter risk his heart for what might be his only chance at forever? Are each of them willing to take one last risk to be together? His risk. Her reward. Together, they’ll mend each other's broken hearts. If you like small-town romance where the heroes are sexy and the women are strong, unlock One Last Risk to start your visit to Oak Grove, Pennsylvania and fall in love with Lucas and Sarah!


Olivia Sands - 2019
    He’ll run the Red Widow Bourbon factory—a business that’s been in his family for generations—build a beautiful home, marry a nice country girl, and start a family. After all, family is what the Greens are all about.But all those perfectly laid out plans fly out the window the second he meets Grace Baker. There’s no room in his life for the big city legal eagle who’s recently joined his uncle’s law firm.How could she fit in his plans when she’s accepted a case against his best friend? How could he still be drawn to her? And how will he stay away from her if she settles down for good in his small town?Each book in the KENTUCKY GREEN small town romance series can be read on its own.

Teach Me New Tricks

Ali Parker - 2019
     And possibly lose my job. How dare he? It’s pretty simple, though. Don’t date students. Which is normally easy to stick to. Who wants to date an eighteen-year-old boy? Not me. I much prefer an older man with rough hands that knows what he’s doing. Enter Mr. Evans. A single father billionaire with more time on his plate than he knows what to do with. And the man is brilliant and wickedly delicious. Much to my surprise, he’s quickly becoming my star pupil, which means he gets more of my time than necessary. But I can’t help myself. He’s exactly what I need in my life, in my bed, kissing me at the stroke of midnight… And the best is even though he’s older than me, he’s more than willing to let me teach him a few new tricks. Let's just hope we don't get caught.

Crushing On You: Travis and Gabriella (An Emerald Falls Romance, Book One): Clean and wholesome small town romance

Christine Kersey - 2016
    Learn more by copying and pasting this link into your browser: ***This clean & wholesome standalone romance by bestselling author Christine Kersey is the first book in the Emerald Falls romance series.When Gabriella Peters inherits her aunt's cottage in Emerald Falls, she's ready for a change. After a failed relationship in another city, she's determined not to make the same mistakes again. But when she runs in to a crush from her past, she wonders if taking a chance might be worth the risk after all.Travis Haywood plans to live in Emerald Falls only long enough to complete his veterinary internship, but when he meets Gabriella he begins to question what's most important to him--the woman who has captured his heart, or his long-held career aspirations.BONUS: Includes first two chapters of Dangerous Lies: Sawyer and Amethyst (An Emerald Falls Romance, Book Two)

Summer Loving (Sullivan Family Series Book 3)

Milan Watson - 2018
    Elated with her new appointment, Abby doesn’t realize what a challenge it was going to be working for the man that had stolen her heart thirteen years ago. Max Sullivan has it all or so he thought until Abby stepped onto his boat and back into his life. He is blindsided when he finds out his mother just hired Abby as the new events coordinator for his business. Max is suddenly reminded of a summer romance that had ended too soon. As they fight against the re-emerging feelings and the heartache from long ago, it becomes clear that Abby’s life is in danger. Will Abby follow her heart this time? Can Max forgive her for what happened thirteen years ago? Who is threatening Abby’s life? If you like Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts, and Sandra Brown, you’ll be sure to enjoy Max and Abby’s story. Milan Watson writes contemporary romance filled with danger, deceit, and desire. Be sure to get your copy now with one click. *** FREE SHORT STORY INCLUDED *** Enjoy 4th of July with the Sullivan Family and revisit all your favorite Sullivans.

Taken by the Sheikh

Kris Pearson - 2012
    Seduced. Purring.Laurel de Courcey is captured by terrorists, chained up in a disgusting bunker, and videoed for a ransom demand which is shown worldwide.Ooops - wrong hostage! Who'd expect a shy Kiwi nanny to be worth anything?Laurel's soon tied up in Sheikh Rafiq's bed instead, because he rescues her and appoints himself her personal bodyguard. Very personal. But she has good reason to distrust men.Imprisoned in his old royal hunting lodge deep in the desert 'for her own protection', Laurel rebels. Spectacular fireworks, dangerous escape attempts, and an impossible love affair follow.Warning: contains one red-hot Sheikh with a wicked tongue and unlimited stamina.

Jaded Billionaire

Jill Snow - 2018
     Ethan Thomas is disillusioned after selling his company for billions and discovering all the people he cared about are now only interested in him for his money. Needing to get away, he heads to a campground in Sweet Mountain, Montana. It’s the off-season and he is assured all the other cabins will be empty. He’s after complete solitude which is why the last thing he needs is a city-slicker faux camper in the cabin next door. Especially one who doesn’t even know how to boil water over an open fire. Lily Ryder doesn’t even know how to boil water over an open fire. Or on a stove for that matter. But she can’t pass up the opportunity for a big promotion at the newspaper where she works. All she has to do is spend one week at a campground and she’ll steal the job right out from under the nose of her rival. Camping, even in a cabin, turns out to be a lot hard than she expected, but the last person she’s going to turn to for help is the Neanderthal that almost shot her dog. They could just ignore each other, but Sweet Mountain is hiding a secret, one that could change both their plans forever.

Flirting with the Personal Trainer

Amy Sparling - 2019
    She’s been overweight her whole life and she’s sick of it. She didn’t graduate college and get a great job just to still be miserable and single. She needs to do something. She just doesn’t know what. Brent Castro’s dreams of being his own boss have finally come true. With his two best friends, he owns Roca Springs Fitness, the luxury gym his clients love. But the success isn’t bringing him happiness. He’s lonely. He wants a girl that’s all his, not just some random fangirl comments on his fitness Instagram. When his co-owner gives out free memberships, Dani decides to risk utter humiliation and join up at the gym. She thinks Brent is way out of her league, but he falls for her the second he sees her and offers free personal training just so he can get close to her. Dani thinks training with this hot guy will give her the body she wants, but what she doesn’t realize is there’s already someone who likes her just as she is. And he’s right in front of her.This sweet romance novel is the first in the Love at the Gym series, a collection of heart-warming, page-turning full-length romances that all feature a strong love story and a happy ending.