Hunting for Curves

Julianne Reyer - 2013
    She's at her breaking point but she's certain this is the best that life has to offer. After all, who would want a shy, plus-size girl like her? Looking to fill a void in his long-time love affair with the intense, but busy, billionaire CEO Evan Westmore, Luke Rosso suggests bringing a woman into their bed -- for one night only. Neither man expects to be captivated by Jasmine's lush curves and genuine smile.Jasmine can't resist the invitation to let the two sexy men share her. However, both men find themselves falling for her ample beauty. Will a steamy threesome be the end of Luke and Evan, or will Jasmine prove to them that one night is never enough?

Lust Dazed

Charlotte Stein - 2011
    They work together, play together, support each other and...accidentally eavesdrop on each other, doing some very dirty things.When Ellie hears what Evan and Jimmy have been doing behind her back—watching smutty movies that feature women who look just like her—she doesn't know whether to be bemused or offended. Or maybe just hugely turned on.And that's not even getting into the secret crush Jimmy seems to have on Evan...or the plans he has for the three of them, now that everything's out in the open.* Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Threefold anthology by Total-E-Bound.

Ruin Me

Cara McKenna - 2010
    Everything about her relationship with Jay makes sense-makes her happy-but she can't bring herself to accept his proposal. Her body has unfinished business with Patrick, the man who saved her life six years ago. For a long time she assumed her potent feelings for Patrick were born of fear, wrapped up in the night she was attacked, but now she's realizing it's far simpler than that. She wants him. Always has, always will.More attached to Robin than the idea of her being faithful, Jay gives her the green light to go after Patrick in the hopes that it will demystify the man and get him out of Robin's system. It begs the question-if you've got permission, is it still cheating? And which will ultimately sway the heart-reason or attraction?Reader Advisory: Robin makes some decisions that might seem to stray into the realm of infidelity . . . but with a temptation like Patrick, who could blame her?

Under Their Protection

J.A. Bailey - 2014
    Fame, fortune, adoration. Well, apart from one thing—her bodyguard. Brooding Blake has been by her side through thick and thin, remaining a loyal friend throughout her climb to fame. But friendship isn’t enough for Ebony. Unfrotunately, it doesn’t look like their relationship is ever going to change. Until Walker enters their lives. Following several threats—the last being a message written in blood—Blake makes the decision to bring in fellow bodyguard—and best friend, Walker. Both men are determined to protect Ebony no matter what. When the outgoing, sexy Walker draws her attention, she discovers she doesn't desire just Blake anymore. But is there any future for her with either man? And if they turn their attentions to their sexy client, will they be able to protect her from her crazed stalker? Content warning: This story contains MMF menage content and some light BDSM.

Flirting With The Law

Madison Faye - 2017
    Now it’s time to find out what happens when you cross the law. Samantha: Getting pulled over is the last thing I need after I find out my scumbag of a fiancé is cheating on me. But that’s before I see the cops who step out of that squad car. They’re dangerously gorgeous - rough looking and tattooed, not to mention dominant and demanding. Even more, the way they look at me stirs something dark inside of me that’s just dying to get out. And I know I should be scared, or furious at their rough, hands-on treatment when they make me bend over the hood of the car and submit. I know I definitely shouldn’t be turned on when they cuff my hands behind my back and put their filthy hands on me. And I definitely shouldn’t want them to keep going. I definitely shouldn’t want more… Blake/Dustin: We’ve had our eyes on her for longer than she knows. It was our job to watch her - seeing her at her most vulnerable, at her most intimate. And now we’re obsessed. Now we’re consumed with the primal need to have her and make her ours. She might not be the criminal we’re after, but she’s wrapped up in this now, and there’ll be no denying us the sweet, innocent prize we’ve been dying to put our dirty hands on. Come hell or high water, Samantha Caraway will submit to us. Both of us. And not even the law we uphold will stand in our way. Flirting With The Law is a quick and filthy book involving two utterly obsessed alpha heroes, one sassy heroine, and enough insta-love, steam, and sugary-sweetness to make your Kindles melt. This mfm romance is all about her – no m/m. If you love over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty stories, this one’s for you! HEA with NO CHEATING! For a very limited time, this book now also features two other stories of mine. Twice Bossed and Bossed Three Times are included in the back of this book as special thank you for picking up this new release edition!

Training the Receptionist

Juniper Bell - 2010
    As her training period begins, she quickly discovers she s required to do more than take messages and order office supplies. Her job description contains some deliciously naughty duties that give receptionist a whole new meaning.Simon has almost given up on finding the right woman who will please his clients as well as his demanding partner and mentor, Ethan Cowell. No one measures up until Dana. Her inner fire and fearless nature are perfect for the job. No matter what wicked punishment he devises to chastise her for her on-the-job mistakes, she accepts with a relish that leaves him wondering which one of them is really in control.The last thing he expects to discover is that she s a perfect sexual soul mate he can t bear to share. But share he must it s part of his business agreement. Unless he makes Ethan the deal of a lifetime "

Anything Goes

Lynn LaFleur - 2011
    She believes the best way to start her new life is to celebrate her fortieth birthday at the sex club, Anything Goes.Brother to Cat’s best friend Lisa, Alex Cline spends his days developing applications for smartphones. His nights are spent at his sex club, Anything Goes. He had no idea the club would be so successful when he started it three years ago. Celebrities, politicians, and royalty all come to his club outside of Dallas for a taste of the forbidden.When Alex finds out the woman he’s lusted after for years wants to visit his club, he decides to make Cat’s visit the most sensual, most fulfilling evening of her life…an evening that he plans to be the start of many nights in his arms.Approximately 17,000 words.


Trista Ann Michaels - 2009
    She thought wrong. Thank goodness she won’t have to face it alone. She has Nathan and Derrick to help her. But Bethany wants a little more than just their help.Derrick and Nathan are used to sharing women, but never a woman they both have feelings for. While they struggle to get past the jealousy and tension of their joint seduction, they have a bigger, more important battle—against the monster determined to claim her for himself.Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/f/m), violence.

The Five Brothers Next Door

Nikki Chase - 2017
    I used to peek from my bedroom window when they were playing in their backyard. I didn't even care that they never looked my way.Now that we're all grown up and they're home for a visit, something's different. The way they stare at me sends a thrill down my spine. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they're checking me out and they like what they see.But that's insane, right? There's no way the five gorgeous brothers are into me.I try to forget about them, but we keep running into one another in this small town. One night, the Hunter brothers even save me from my harassing ex.I'm in trouble. It's getting harder and harder to ignore the wicked glint in their eyes, or the way they linger when we touch . . .When they whisper in my ears, telling me all the naughty things they want to do to me, I can't deny it any longer. I want them, too. All five of them.It's wrong. Oh, so wrong.But five alpha, protective, hot-as-sin men? What chance do I have of resisting the Hunter brothers?

Forced by the Kingpin

Celia Aaron - 2015
    I know his haunts, habits, and vices. The only thing I didn't know was how obsessed he was with me. Now, caught in his trap, I'm about to find out how far he and his local cop-on-the-take will go to keep me silent.Warning: This book contains situations involving forced seduction and dubious consent. If these are triggers for you, it's likely best for you to avoid this story. If not, get the popcorn and enjoy.*** This is a quick dose of dirty that can be read in one sitting *** FORCED by the Professor coming August 2015

Up All Night in Bliss

Sophie Oak - 2013
    Having two babies who don’t sleep at night is a nightmare for their love life. They all love Charlie and Zander, but they’re missing something. Callie feels unsexy and more like a mom than a wife. Nate and Zane love their wife, but they’re not sure how to reach her.Her marriage out of control, Callie worries she might lose them. But her husbands have a plan to change all of that. It involves spending some time in the Talbot guesthouse.Deep in the night in Bliss, this threesome will get their groove back.


Paisley Walker - 2014
    Kimberly makes one mistake that could end up making her lose everything she has worked so hard to achieve. It can strip her career away from her and the business she’s worked so hard to grow. When she finds out she’s being sued for that mistake she searches for the best lawyers Louisiana can offer. What she finds is something she never saw coming. Jonathon Phillips and Emerson Stanley are the best lawyers in the state of Louisiana. Both are extremely wealthy and extremely secretive, until they meet Ms. Weston. What do you do when emotions get in the way of business? What happens when you don’t have the means for the help you need? For these three a relationship of passion will ensue, but will it keep Kimberly from getting barred?

Between Two Lovers

Carol Lynne - 2008
    He and his long-time partner, Jasper had the best of both worlds. While they loved each other exclusively, they were also free to bring women into their bed. When Mojo spots April in Club Maverick, he knows he has to have her.When April Lawson sets eyes on the large bald bartender, she thinks she's died and gone to heaven. Even the fact that Mojo has a partner doesn't deter her from what she craves. All she wants is to be in Mojo's bed, as soon as possible. The thought of sleeping with two men is new and exciting for the small town girl and April jumps feet first into sex with both men. But that just might lead to a broken heart.Over the years, Jasper has shared Mojo with many different women, but he senses April is different. He begins to wonder if they'll be able to walk away with their bond intact or if the affair with April will forever change the face of their relationship.Publisher note: This book is connected to Joey's First Time, although it can be read as a stand alone book.

Catch Me If You Can

Stacey Espino - 2011
    When her late grandmother gives her the gift of a luxury vacation, she looks forward to the break from reality. But instead of an upscale resort, she arrives at a working ranch with three dead sexy cowboys. They may not offer to give her the spa treatment, but they're eager to please her in other ways.Just when the relationship between the Christina and her cowboys moves to the next level, she's forced to leave the ranch in order to protect the men she loves. She runs from them, knowing that if they catch her, she won't be able to stay away. But being together seems destined to failure. Can they overcome the obstacles facing their loving ménage?

The Office Slave

Opal Carew - 2012
    Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d have the opportunity to live out her fantasy... until her friend decides to make it happen. Now she’s about to become an office slave… to four hunky men she’s never even met. But faced with the reality, can she actually go through with it?____________________Volume 3 of the Red Hot Fantasies series.Length: 9,000 words