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I Want Candy by Tiana Laveen


love intertwined vol.2

Pepper Pace - 2012
    1, Pepper explored the romantic side of IR eroticism. But in this collection, Pepper Pace reflects the steamier side of eroticism. Included is the Literotica award winning Blair and the Emoboy. Pepper pulls you into her tales of black women who find themselves drawn into sexually charged relationships that reveals sides of their personality that they had no idea existed!In Blair and the Emoboy, Pepper explores what happens when the tough as nails, outspoken Blair finally pushes her shy best friend, Daniel, one step too far. In My Special Friend, celibate Kia decides that her raunchy friend Todd might be just what she needs to open her ‘closed’ mind. And in MILF, Noreen is always in control, until her younger, white, protégé flips the script. Bonus story includes Emoboy; the Submissive Dom—what happens after Emoboy and Blair explore submission and domination.Pepper’s new collection explores submission and domination, forced sex and also romance and love between black women and white men. Warning: extreme graphic content. Mature readers only.

Loving The Head Man

Katherine Cachitorie - 2011
    A newly-minted attorney with an eye on the big leagues, she quickly discovers that her brains are not enough in the dog-eat-dog world of a major law firm. When her supervisor pressures her to sleep with him, and when a family crisis forces her to make bad decision after bad decision, she discovers that the only person in her corner is the owner of the firm himself, Robert Colgate, a man who favors Bree from the start and ends up breaking every rule he has lived by, including sleeping with and craving the young and brilliant Bree, even though she works for him.But when Robert finds himself accused of sexual harassment, it is Bree who ends up in his corner, not only to help get his good name back, but to help him through turbulent nights where their unbridled passion for each other becomes a powerful antidote to the craziness around them. Bree and Robert forge a different kind of interracial love affair, the kind built on trust and need and perseverance. And even when Robert’s son comes into the picture, and attempts to drag his mother, Robert’s ex, back in with him, it is that very love that’s tested over and over, almost to the breaking point.

Daniel's Girl: Romancing an Older Man

Mallory Monroe - 2013
    After a disastrous marriage that ended in divorce, he wasn't looking to fall in love with anyone. But when he meets Nikki Graham, a smart, feisty, African-American journalist, he falls hard. But it isn't an easy ride.  He constantly finds himself in an ongoing battle of wills and determination as he struggles to keep her safe from her own youthful dares without curbing that wonderful thirst for life that makes her so unique. But when forces from without seek to undermine their relationship, Daniel realizes that it is going to take all of his considerable power and reach to protect his beloved Nikki, only to painfully discover that some things are even beyond his reach and influence.From the national bestselling authors, Mallory Monroe and Katherine Cachitorie, comes a sweet May-December romance where it's all about love and what one man is willing to risk to protect the young woman who quickly becomes the love of his life.

Pain Lived, Love Found

Thalia Lake - 2015
     Sloane Paris grew up in dysfunction. With no one to protect them or help them, Sloane and her siblings survived the best way they could; until they could get out from the hell hole they called home. For Sloane, her escape was college, followed by a successful career that she worked very hard for. She left little to no room for love. In fact, she made it a rule to never let a man get close enough for her to fall in love. However, a chance meeting with a handsome stranger would make her reconsider that rule. Luca Santorini is a successful businessman with a thriving business. He comes from a large, loving family that is the complete opposite of Sloane’s. Family meant the world to him, and he hoped to have one of his own one day. He had been meeting with new financial advisors on his retired father’s behalf, and he had the task of choosing which firm he would sign with. Before the meeting, he saw a woman in a coffee shop that intrigued him from just seeing her big beautiful eyes and amazing smile. All he knew was that her name was Sloane and that he would never forget her name or those eyes. Call it fate, but their paths crossed again, and this time Luca wasn’t going to let Sloane Paris just slip away. Luca quickly found out that he had his work cut out for him, but he felt Sloane was more than worth it. While getting to know one another, Sloane managed to do something no other woman has been able to do - she won Luca’s heart. Luca was still trying to win hers, but he wanted more than her heart. Luca wanted to know who or what was the cause of the constant sadness in Sloane’s eyes so he could do everything in his power to put an end to it. He wanted Sloane to trust him enough to share with him her deep, dark secrets, but will Luca be able to handle it once she opens up to him? Will he be able to break through Sloane’s emotional walls and help her let go of the pain she lived and accept the love she’s found with him?

So Different

Ruthie Robinson - 2012
    Her fierce exterior masks a woman who is loving, compassionate and deeply loyal to those she loves.Adam Barnett Jr. is a dentist like his father. He has come to Austin to take over his father's dental practice while he recuperates from an accident. The timing couldn't have worked better for Adam, who just broke off his wedding engagement to a woman he thought was perfect, both inside and out.He meets Mariah at her regular dental appointment. She is interested, willing to put aside her normal reticence and give him a chance. Adam, however, assumes the worst about her, given her black eye and the bruises on her arm. He assumes that she is the victim of some form of abuse and he approaches her in an attempt to help her seek help. But Mariah, with assistance from Adam's father, has a thing or two to teach him about making assumptions. As they spend time together and get to know each other they find sex, friendship, and eventually love.


Victoria H. Smith - 2018
    I never forgot our conversation or her... taste when I'd been fortunate enough to have it.She had me in a world where she was mine and, even though the experience of her had only been for a short while, I took that memory into the rest of my life, Anita... the girl who spoke of dreams.She reminded me of my dreams and that it was okay to have them. I made those desires into reality years later, after a fallen marriage and a lifetime of hesitance, but never once did Ann leave me.I never thought I needed anyone when the girl with talks of dreaming finally made it back into my life over three decades later, my family and the strong boys I raised into men all I needed. Anita sure proved me wrong, because not only did I need that woman, I lived for her once I had her back in my life.My sudden heart attack may have brought us back to each other, but our history...It gave us both a second chance.Blake by Victoria H. Smith is a 20,000-word story created just for those who demanded to see and read more about Griffin's pop, the head of the Chandler brood who has a love story all of his own. Set in the 1980s with flashes to the present, this contemporary romance will steam up your Kindle and possibly make you shed a few tears along the way! An origin story between Blake and Griffin's stepmom Ann, this short read acts as book six in the Found by You series and is best enjoyed after reading the full-length novel Brody.

The Color Of Trouble

Dyanne Davis - 1994
    Because she's black, she assumes she can't be prejudiced. She ignores her heart's reminder that she left Jonathan because he was white. She also ignores the warning bells that tell her she's with her finance, Doctor Steven Anderson, because her parents approve of the colour of his skin. With him, she can have the babies her parents will love, the babies she couldn't have with Jonathan. Jonathan Steele finally has what he wanted, a promising career with a good law firm. Love is the last thing on his mind. He thought he had it once, but spent seven months of his life in jail, betrayed by the woman who claimed she loved him. Kari's purchase of a timeshare brings Jonathan and his firm back into Kari's. Can they dismiss their past or will final judgement sentence them to try again?

The Accidental Mistress

Sienna Mynx - 2011
    She's lost her virginity to the man who is set to take over her father's business. How did such a thing happen? Years later she's forced to answer that question when she faces the smooth debonair stranger who's responsible for the only reckless thing Zuri has done in her life.Christophe Montague is a very pragmatic man. But after a painful breakup he seeks comfort in the arms of a young woman to forget. It works. For the next few years he channels his energies toward monetary success not love. The Oasis, a now bankrupt resort on the island of Martinique. Christophe learns it's prime real-estate and does what he and his company does best--he buys it. To his surprise the island resort is the family business of the young woman from his one nightstand. Her fight to keep control of her company throws Christophe into a sexy web of lies, deceit and ultimately love under the island Sun in paradise.

The Hottie in Finance

T.K. Cherry - 2020
    Then, she met Dustin “The Beefcake” Collier. One glance, and the career-focused businesswoman is stumbling over her words like a love-sick teen. What Greer thought was a one-sided crush took a thrilling turn when Dustin sent her a friend request on social media. Unfortunately, the more she saw of his life online, the more she doubted the attraction would ever be mutual. She was the wrong height. Wrong build. And wrong complexion. Little does Foxy know, Beefcake has a taste for chocolate and he’s craving her. Can colleagues from two different backgrounds find a way to release their inhibitions? Or will the struggle between work and family squash their shot at love?

Loving True

Marie Rochelle - 2008
    That-s why his betrayal cuts her to the bone and she flees town, wanting to put her ex-boyfriend behind her. She vows to not let another devastatingly handsome man into her heart or life. Her promise is put to the test when she moves next door to the amazingly sexy Hayward Campbell. Hayward Campbell moved to Montana to get away from the life that still seems to haunt him. He isn-t interested in any woman until a pair of shapely mahogany legs gets out of a flashy red sports car. Will Hayward and True be able to get over their tormented pasts and find love with each other in-..Loving True?

Stronger Than Me

Shara Azod - 2011
    Her long time, live-in boyfriend is lazy, trifling and a cheat. She keeps telling herself that one day she is going to leave, that one day her future will start. But as the years fly by that one day never comes. There is never enough money, never an opportunity. Trudging along her depressing existence, she runs headfirst into her one day in the form of one seriously fine former Marine and hometown hero.Emory couldn’t explain it. There was something about Kennedy that touched down to his core. It wasn’t just her beauty, but the woman haunting his every thought. It killed him to see her working her fingers to the bone for a man that didn’t deserve her. All he wanted to do was gather her in his arms and make it all better. But how could he if she refused to lean on him, even just a little?

Rogue In Love: Thea and Lex

Inger Iversen - 2017
     Lex knows exactly where the good people of Blackwater think he belongs. In prison, right alongside his no-good, murdering father. It’s one reason he’s spent the last two years living rough in the woods outside of town. The other? Thea—granddaughter of the man who rescued him from an irreparably broken home. The exact moment Lex noticed Thea had grown into a woman, he was packed off to the military. Lex gets it. He knows better than anyone he tends to destroy everything he touches. Now, ten years later, a mysterious summons brings Lex back to civilization, though the thought of watching Thea marry someone else ignites a savage instinct he dares not unleash. At first, Thea doesn’t recognize the grizzled, mountain of muscle who breaks into her grandfather’s house in the dead of night. Until his rusty, familiar voice emerges from all that unkempt hair. Lex, the boy who broke her heart when he walked out of her life. For a while, she had everything she thought she wanted: a successful medical career, a doctor fiancé, a comfortable future. With a single, hopeless diagnosis, she dropped everything—including the fiancé—to come home. And into the arms of the boy who has matured into a man who makes her body tremble with desire, even as her brain warns her to guard her heart. Forever is waiting just on the other side of the emotional walls towering between them. Walls that love could leap…if it’s strong enough to shed the weight of their pasts. This book includes the first chapter of Open Wounds and a sample of Incarcerated: Letters to Inmate 92510 The Love Against the Odds books are written as standalone, bwwm/interracial romances. However, your enjoyment may be enhanced if you follow this order: - Incarcerated: Letters from Inmate 92510 Katie & Logan 1 - Inevitable: Love and War Teal & Trent 1 - Indelible: Beneath His Ink Teal & Trent 2 - Rogue in Love: Lex and Thea | standalone novella - Open Wounds: Abel and Hope | standalone novella - Indebted: Til' Death Do Us Part Teal & Trent 3 - Weathered Soul: Eric and Ivory | standalone novella

Employee Relations

Wynter Daniels - 2011
    After losing her job, boyfriend and home, she's forced to accept a position as a live-in nanny for a rebellious teenager so she can finish college and realize her dream of becoming a teacher. Luck has no place in Ethan Chandler's life as a workaholic CEO who grew up with a gambler mother. He swore off relationships after the only woman he ever loved disappeared with his baby daughter, years ago. When that child is suddenly dumped in his lap--an angry teenager bent on smashing every rule--all hell breaks loose. To complicate matters, the nanny has hijacked his heart.

Try a Little Tenderness

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb - 2008
    It's impossible to resist the unconditional love and unbelievably hot sex offered by her former professor, Peter Koss. Intrigued by the possibilities presented by a virginal mate, Lola can't wait to mold him into the perfect lover.Lucky for her, this boy genius learns quickly and is very good with his hands, his mouth, and assorted other body parts. Giddy with their new found love, they quickly move in together, but Lola can't resist the appeal of the strip club, and their relationship is trashed in her wake.Five years later, older, wiser, and determined to achieve all her ambitions, Lola returns to the school and the man she has always wanted. But it will take more than apologies to win him back. First, they'll have to fight together for their lives.Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal intercourse, violence.


Dahlia Rose - 2012
    In Cormina, Louisiana a small town that was close to the swampland with a fragile ecosystem she was known for her visions. In her little house close to the river she was quite content to be in her garden, and she didn't much care what the small town people said about her. One night in the middle of a fierce storm her visions were brutal, and her second sight showed her a new path that her life was going to take with people she hardly knew. Instinct always told her that Alex Wakefield and Dominic Cross were more than just men, and she tried to stay a healthy distance away. That was going to be difficult now since she saw herself as their mate and her destiny was intertwined with theirs. Her mind's eyes had shown her that they were meant to be a party of three, and her visions were never wrong.