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Prodigal by Rektok Ross


A Beautiful Heartbreak

Alora Kate - 2017
    A complicated, high-powered lawyer. No one said that life in New York City was going to be easy. So, when Ki’s life gets completely flipped upside down, she seeks the safety of a disorganized man of few words. Is he the hero Ki needs, or will he push her away? This is the first book in the NYC Series. The books must be read in order. Genre: Romantic Suspense

Knocked up, by her best friend's dad.

Hazel Gower - 2017
    One night with the man of my dreams. One night with my best friends' young, hot dad. One night that I will never forget. One night that changed everything...

Tennessee Heat

Cami York - 2019
    The shimmering mirage that can almost be seen in the air around them cannot be explained away so easily. He’d waited almost two years for her, and now he can wait no more. But she’s still skittish, they come from two different worlds after all, and she’s constantly reminded of how much better he can do by all the hangers on that are waiting in the wings. When she was transferred to a better school in a wealthier part of Memphis, Annabelle thought all she had to do was keep her grades up and get into a good college. That was her only way out of the rundown drug infested neighborhood that she was dying to escape. She was not prepared for the infighting and backstabbing that ensued when the wealthy debutante set at her new school felt threatened by her brains and beauty. And things only got worst when the coveted Chase Worthington set his sights on her. Teenage angst and a life spent hearing from her own mother that she was never going to amount o anything held Annabelle back from believing that Chase Worthington could have any real interest in her. He’s rich, handsome and an all around nice guy, no way could he want a girl like her from the gritty side of the city. Chase knows he’s fighting an uphill battle to win her over, but he’s willing to pull out all the stops. But there’s one thing trying to stand in his way, one hanger on who thinks that she’s more deserving to be on his arm and there’s nothing this spoilt little debutante won’t do to get ‘her’ man.

The Pastor's Wife

Jennifer AlLee - 2009
    But when "the other woman" in her marriage turned out to be her husband's congregation, she ran. Six years later, she's back in the small community of Granger, Ohio, for the reading of a will that names both her and Nick as beneficiaries. Now, Maura must face the husband - and the congregation - she left behind.

Heavenly Bodies

Rochelle Allison - 2016
    But weeks before senior year starts, her mother announces they’ll be moving to a tiny island in the Caribbean to take care of her ailing grandfather. Having to leave her best friends and the only home she’s ever known is bad; having to leave her father behind, too? Awful. But as Isla reluctantly starts adjusting to island life, she discovers that St. Croix isn’t the disaster she thought it would be. Making friends and growing closer to her mother’s side of the family, she realizes she has a place in this close-knit community. And then there’s Rigel, the fascinating boy at her new school. Everyone knows Rigel Thomas, his reputation, and his somewhat notorious family. From the pool at school to the best beaches on the island, he makes it his mission to win Isla’s heart. But life on St. Croix isn’t all sunsets and stargazing, and as Isla is pulled deeper into Rigel’s world, she learns that some things can only be discovered by slipping far beneath the surface.

A Hundred Days With You

Roma Dimaandal - 2014
    Dane’s Treble Five barkada then comes up with an ingenious plan to not only get Dane’s groove back, but Barbs as well. Ang plano? Kailangan pumili si Dane ng isang ‘unlucky girl,’ make her fall in love with him, and then break her heart… all within 100 days. Naniniwala ang barkada niya na once makita ni Barbs si Dane with another girl, she will totally want him back.Ang napiling ‘unlucky girl’? Si Kate Borja. Simple, innocent, and romantic, Kate gets to spend time with the school’s most popular guy. What she doesn’t know is that she’s in for the biggest surprise (or heartbreak?) of her life! Things take an unexpected turn nang magsimula ng ma-develop ang feelings ni Dane para kay Kate. Coincidentally, ang best friend niyang si Luis ay in love din kay Kate. Will love destroy their very solid barkada? Or will Dane and Luis willingly put their love for the same girl on hold just to save Treble Five?

Dreams By Starlight

Staci Stallings - 2007
    However, her headlong dash to Princeton's Aerospace Engineering program crashes to a heart-jarring halt when in order to "round out all those math classes," she is unwillingly signed up for drama class. Awkward, shy, and quiet, Camille struggles to stay part of the wall even under the bright lights. But sometimes where you want to be isn't where you were destined to be at all...Jaylon Patrick Quinn has been the star so long, not even he remembers when he wasn't. Confident to the point of obnoxious, smooth to the point of disgusting, Jaylon has his high school peers enthralled. However, the fool's gold of stardom and the glare of being one-half of the school's star couple have made Jaylon begin to question if this is really how life is best lived. Now he must decided which direction his future is headed and more importantly, if he really wants to go there at all.

Dying Wish

Margaret McHeyzer - 2017
    Elijah Turner is quickly becoming the fourth.He's been around as long as I can remember. But now he's much more than just the annoying guy at school.My life was working out perfectly...until it got turned upside down.

Letting Go

B.A. Wolfe - 2015
    He’s dealt with his share of heartbreak and pain, and now he keeps his secrets close to his heart to avoid getting hurt again. Living the only way he knows how.Until Cassandra Pierce crashes into his world. After a life-changing moment he never anticipated, he realizes that loving her is only the beginning.A whirlwind of days…Beautiful moments…Then it all comes tumbling down, and Jason learns that the hardest part of living…of loving…is letting go.This is Jason's story.

Accidentally Married to the Billionaire

Sierra Rose - 2016
     His only hope is Marjorie Reynolds. The COO had decamped for greener pastures just ahead of a so-called merger. What it was, was an acquisition by a sweeter name. The company would get to keep its moniker and brand under the umbrella of Power Regions Ltd. Presumably, it would be helmed by a new executive. But Brandon Cates expiration date was coming and the game was about to change. He failed to meet the terms of the will, so his wicked stepmother will take all. Lena Cates has a team of lawyers circling him like vultures as the termination date approaches. To maintain control of the company, Brandon has to be married by his thirtieth birthday. When intoxicated Marjorie Reynolds hears his story at a dance club in Vegas, they scheme and hatch an idea that just might work. Marj cannot believe she has just accepted such an outrageous proposal. But she knows it’ll give Brandon the keys back to his billion dollar kingdom. Marj is all about fighting oppression and injustice. She refuses to let Brandon’s evil stepmother win, even nicknaming her the Wicked Queen. Because if this wicked queen does win, Marj will be out of a job, too. And she's already sinking in debt. Brandon is confident he has this one in the bag. Or so he thinks… Can Brandon convince his new ‘accidental’ bride to play along with the charade? Some readers might know Marjorie Reynolds from the book, The Boss's Son. She is Britt's best friend at the office. Marj now gets her own three book series. 18+ due sexual situations.

Love Nouveau

B.L. Berry - 2014
    I knew from the start that he would wreck me. Nothing could have prepared me for the day he walked into my life ... or the day he walked out of it. I self-destructed. All that remained was a shell of the girl I once was. SHATTERED. And I don't know if I'll ever recover.

As the Light Fades

Catherine West - 2019
    With the family estate under renovations, the solitude she craves seems out of reach. Matthew Stone intends to steer clear of his new tenant. She’s carrying a load of baggage, but as long as she pays the rent, he’ll let her be. He’s got enough to deal with caring for his wayward niece, Mia. Liz doesn’t have time for teenagers and her track record with men is abysmal, but an unlikely friendship forms between the three. When her former boyfriend is charged with assault, Liz is called to testify against him. But he knows the darkest secrets of her life—secrets she’d hoped to keep buried forever, and he’s ready to reveal them. Telling the truth is the right thing to do, but it may cost her everything she’s worked so hard for, and all she’s come to love.***NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR*** As the Light Fades is published as a standalone novel, but features some characters from one of Catherine's earlier novels, The Things We Knew, published in 2016 by Thomas Nelson.

An Anchor on Her Heart

Patricia Lee - 2017
    She promised to love him until death parted them. But when circumstances drive a wedge into their marriage and Dane chooses to escape what life has dealt them, how long can she be strong? Can she remain faithful to her marriage vows when tempted by the friendship of an unlikely stranger?Rudy Taylor, who senses McKenna's loneliness and understands the difficulty of raising her daughter, struggles to keep his concern for the young woman biblical. Will McKenna’s faith in God and Rudy’s commitment to his Lord be enough to keep their relationship simple until McKenna's husband one day returns?

Books 1-5 Collection : After, New Beginnings & The Excellence Club

Joy Ohagwu - 2020
    Over 500 Five Star series reviews. Quoted by the famous and churches alike. The First Five Novels of the acclaimed After, New Beginnings & The Excellence Club Christian Inspirational Series. Enter your most impactful Christian Fiction series yet.Book 1 - AFTER - Candace had a stunning voice but he plotted her downfall and the loss of her faith. When she falls before thousands, will shame win, or will her newfound faith in Jesus build her a new platform?Book 2 - JABEZ - Born into a family where support was lacking, will his dreams fall before it began? Or will an encounter with a pastor change the direction of his life and destiny?Book 3 - AFTER 2 - Blinded by tears, broken by rejection, and caught at her wits end, Blossom mistakenly plunges her car into the Potomac River and isn't sure whether she will survive. Will she drown or can she be rescued before it's too late? Will she trust God to carve her a fresh start while sinking to the bottom of the Potomac?Book 4 - AFTER 3 - Harboring a secret that torpedoed every chance at finding love, can she trust God to lead someone who accepted her...including her challenge? His grief for a tragedy soured his choice to live. After his chance encounter with her, a future filled with sorrow seemed like a choice. Would he accept hope?Book 5 - HER UNDYING FAITH - Sharon Parsons is no stranger to being different. However, she did not expect to fall in love with a man who not only didn't share her faith, but any faith at all. When her heart gets deeply in love, and their faith differences more stark and impossible to ignore, what ends - his faithlessness or their marriage?Dive into this beloved series by USA Today bestselling author Joy Ohagwu, hailed as a top 17 Christian Fiction Author, stories applauded by thousands, and hope-filled adventure and don't stop until you flip the last page. Books by Author Joy Ohagwu in reading order:The New Rulebook & Pete Zendel Christian Suspense Series-1- Red2- Snowy Peaks3- The Wedding4- Vanished5- Rescued6- Delivered7- Freedom8- Rest9- Sunshine10-Whisper11-The Secret Heritage12-Hunter13-Hunted14-Courageous15-Defended16-Warrior17-Emergent18-Reign19-Legacy20-Emerald EyesThe Pleasant Hearts & Elliot-Kings Christian Suspense Series:Uncommon GroundUnbound HopeUnveiled TruthUnshaken LoveDecoyA Home RedeemedA Trust RestoredA Tainted FruitA Righteous CallingRaspberry KissesThe After, New Beginnings & The Excellence Club Christian Inspirational Series:AfterJabezAfter 2After 3At First SightTo Have & To HoldHer Undying FaithHis Changed LifeHis Secret MissionTheir Sister's RescueHis Stubborn ChaseA Daring AdventureTheir Happy HomeA Sacred TrustA Sealed DealAn Opened TreasureA Restored PromiseA Three-fold CordA Cherished BlessingA Godly CovenantAsia Bancroft Christian Suspense series:She Knows Her GODShe Had A Name

Dream Lover

Aubrey Wright - 2019
    The prick actually left me at the altar.I was devastated when my fiancé dumped me.Even though the cosplay theme wasn't exactly my dream wedding.Even though my married name would have been Pepper Salt.Even though I had a vague sense I was settling.Jilted is jilted.And when the news is delivered by an Ewok? Even worse.My life was a shitshow, and I needed a distraction.I wasn't expecting it to be THE Noah Mack.Former lead singer of the Lover Boys and the star of my teenage fantasies.Dripping with raw, unbridled sexuality.Hell, he's the star of my adult fantasies!Suddenly, he's pulling me up on stage,inviting me back to his dressing room,showing up at my office with that hard body and that cocky smile.My wildest dreams are coming true.But there's more to Noah Mack than shredded abs and a gorgeous face.My spidey senses are telling me beware.But my heart is saying fu@k yeah!Hotter-than-hell rock star meets sexy nerd next door in this scorching romance with a dash of humor from Amazon bestselling romance author, Aubrey Wright.