X-Men: X-Tinction Agenda

Chris ClaremontRick Leonardi - 2011
    The war in Genosha has boiled over, and the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants will never be the same! With the never-deadlier Cameron Hodge pulling the strings, the heroes are kidnapped, killed, stripped of their powers and forced into combat! And when the dust settles, the teams change lineups, sending the X-Men into a new era! COLLECTING: Uncanny X-Men #235-238, #270-272; New Mutants (1983) #95-97; X-Factor (1986) #60-62

X-Men: X-Club

Simon Spurrier - 2012
    using SCIENCE. But just as construction of the X-Club's state of the art space elevator nears completion, chaos erupts! And it appears to the world that mutants are to blame. Can Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Kavita Rao and Danger clear the X-Men's name before their experiment backfires? Don't miss the story that will surely change how you look at the X-Men and the Periodic Table of Elements FOREVER! COLLECTING: X-CLUB 1-5

X-Men: The End

Chris Claremont - 2009
    The epic finale to the story of the Children of the Atom! Renowned X-Men scribe Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men) joins with star artist Sean Chen (Wolverine) for a trilogy in the style of the Lord of the Rings movies, one that spans the length and breadth of the X-Men canon and brings the saga of Marvel's mutants to a climax! Collects X-Men: The End -- Dreamers and Demons #1 to 6, Heroes and Martyrs #1 to 6, and Men and X-Men #1 to 6.

War of Kings: Road to War of Kings

Dan Abnett - 2009
    Havok, Polaris, and the Starjammers are being held and tortured in the most secure prison in the universe. Marvel Girl, Korvus, and Lilandra are being hunted by the Imperial Guard. Vulcan is Emperor of the Shi'Ar Empire and his expansion has begun. No King will stand when Vulcan and his armies are done. Join Christopher Yost (X-Force) and Dustin Weaver (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) as they spin the story of a fight against insurmountable odds. Plus, The Secret Invasion may be over, but the Inhumans are still reeling from the terrible wounds inflicted on them by the Skrulls. And this time, the Royal Family and their massively powered people have been pushed too far! You have never seen the Inhumans like this - and it's only the beginning!Collecting: X-Men: Kingbreaker 1-4, Secret Invasion: War of Kings, War of Kings Saga

A+X, Vol. 1: = Awesome

Dan Slott - 2013
    Spinning directly out of AV X, this all-star team-up anthology brings you Avengers and X-Men action by the industry's top creators! It's time-travel aplenty when a WWII -era Captain America meets Cable, and Red Hulk and Wolverine face a future menace! Black Widow and Rogue fight Sentinels, while Iron Man, Kitty Pryde and Lockheed battle the Brood! Storm and Black Panther have their first post-AV X encounter, Gambit and Hawkeye team up to save lives, and Spider-Man and Beast take on zombies! And while Cap mentors Jean Grey School problem student Quentin Quire, Iron Man and Beast butt heads, and Iron Fist and Doop's first adventure is revealed! All this and more as A + X adds up to awesome adventure...NOW! COLLECTING: A+X 1-6

Generation X Classic, Vol. 1

Scott Lobdell - 2010
    Then, it's the dawning of a new day as Xavier's School opens its doors once again! Jubilee says goodbye to the XMen as she joins the fl edgling Generation X, along with the sullen Chamber and the mysterious Penance-but when the marrowsucking monster known as Emplate strikes, will any of the new students survive their baptism of fi re? Collecting: Uncanny X-Men #316-318, X-Men #36-37, Generation X #1-4, Generation X Ashcan Edition, material from Generation X Collector's Preview

Cable and X-Force, Volume 1: Wanted

Dennis Hopeless - 2013
    Just who are Cable's new recruits? Where has Colossus been post-AvX, and what is wrong with his powers? And most importantly, why are Cable and his team attacking a civilian company? Caught red-handed at the scene of a terrorist attack on a major American corporation whose CEO has expressed anti-mutant views, the X-Force find themselves branded criminals and on the run...with none other than the Uncanny Avengers in hot pursuit. There's no going back from here... Collecting: Cable and X-Force 1-5 & material from Marvel Now! Point One.1

X-Men: Nation X

Matt Fraction - 2010
    The hits just keep coming, but can the X-Men, still nursing their wounds from UTOPIA, deal with this?Collects Uncanny X-Men #515-522, Dark Reign: The List - X-Men and Nation X 1-4.

X-Men: Onslaught - The Complete Epic, Book 1

Mark WaidCarlos Pacheco - 2007
    Powered by his progenitors' rage, Onslaught laid siege to humanity - touching off a conflict destined to deprive a world of its most revered icons.Collects X-Men (1991) #53-54, Uncanny X-Men #335, Onslaught: X-Men, Avengers (1963) #401, Fantastic Four #415, Cable (1993) #34, Incredible Hulk #444.

Cyclops, Vol. 1: Starstruck

Greg Rucka - 2014
    And when Corsair and Cyclops shipwreck, they get to have that nice father-son chat they’ve both been avoiding, The indigenous species are none too happy with them, either. What bargains will need to be struck to get out alive? And is their would-be rescuer putting Scott at greater risk than before? Greg Rucka charts a new course for the first X-Man! Collecting CYCLOPS (2014) #1-5.

X-Men Origins: Jean Grey #1

Sean McKeever - 2008
    Jean recently developed mutant psychic abilities, but through the most traumatic circumstances. She was present when her friend Annie Richardson had been struck by a vehicle and killed. Jean telepathically felt Annie dying inside her brain. Now, she cannot keep the voices out of her head. Xavier explains the nature of Jean's mutant heritage to her parents and offers to help her any way he can. After spending a considerable amount of time with Jean, he decides to erect psychic dampers inside her brain, preventing her from perceiving the surface thoughts of those around her.Time passes and Xavier visits the Grey home once again. He tells them he is opening up a boarding school for mutants and invites Jean to become one of his students. Jean accepts and becomes one of Xavier's X-Men. She trains with them consistently and earns the admiration of her fellow students. At this time, Jean develops the power of telekinesis.When a mutant menace threatens Cape Citadel, the X-Men scramble in response. Jean however, does not go with them. Instead, she takes a walk through nearby Salem Center where she is forced to use her telekinesis to rescue people from a traffic accident. Xavier collects her after the Cape Citadel mission and admonishes her for ducking out on the team. However, he is proud to see Jean coming into her own.

Avengers West Coast: Vision Quest

John Byrne - 1992
    See how one of comicdom's most recognizable talents remade the West Coast Avengers, starting with the readjustment of the Vision! Ancient secrets of humanity revealed! The Scarlet Witch's first step into the descent that disassembled the Avengers! Introducing the Great Lakes Avengers and featuring the triumphant return of one of Marvel's hottest golden age greats! Battles, betrayals and the bizarre as only Byrne could bring you! Collects Avengers West Coast #42-50.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase

Fabian Nicieza - 1997
    After subsequently appearing in X-Force as a recurring character, Deadpool began making guest appearances in a number of different Marvel Comics titles such as The Avengers, Daredevil, and Heroes for Hire. In 1993, the character received his own miniseries, sub-titled The Circle Chase.Collecting: Deadpool: Circle Chase 1-4

New Mutants, Vol. 1: Back to School

Nunzio DeFilippis - 2005
    But what happens when these "New Mutants" find out Professor Xavier's up-and-coming students think of them as the "Old Mutants?" Former students become the teachers as the old guard is asked back to help prepare the next generation of New X-Men. Collects New Mutants #1-6.

Eternals: To Slay a God

Charles Knauf - 2009
    Now, they have returned! One of the Celestials now towers over Golden Gate Park, standing in judgment over the Earth... but does he bring the end of the world? Following up on Neil Gaiman's best-selling series (and a recent appearance in the Incredible Hercules), join writers Charles and Daniel Knauf as Jack Kirby's Eternals return to walk among us! Collects Eternals #1-6.