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Running from Romeo by Tru Taylor


A Slave To Him (Book 2) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Kelly Favor - 2016
    From New York Times bestselling author Kelly Favor, comes a sexy and gripping new series that will leave you breathless… HIS OBSESSION Orlando Parker is one of the richest, most powerful men in the free world.And when he decides he wants something, or someone, he gets it.If he chooses you, be ready to give him everything.Be ready to take everything you can take.Be ready to be… A SLAVE TO HIM.

Cove House

Christine Gordon - 2020
    Where small-town life is full of love, surprises, and second chances. And no one needs a second chance more than Megan Atwood, a chef who lived in New York City for most of her married life. When she leaves her unhappy marriage, she comes home to Bristol Bay with nothing to show for the years she’s been away. Well, nothing except a failed marriage, a failed career, and five years of failed in vitro attempts.Meet her fun-loving and quirky family as they share their triumphs as well as their disasters. Romances and secrets weave through the lives of the cousins at Cove House, keeping everyone on their toes and waiting for the next reveal.Even when finding love again seems hopeless, new love blossoms in this memorable story of how friendships and family can provide the strength to start over.

Highlander’s Lesser Evil: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance (Highlands' Deceptive Lovers Book 4)

Adamina Young - 2020
    Desperate for a solution, Theodore agrees to marry a woman chosen by the people to proclaim his loyalty to them.Gemma Merrimen was the fiancee of the powerful and feared Laird Fletcher MacSeaver, who abandoned her to wed another lass. She thought she had escaped his claws, but now that Fletcher is widowed, Gemma lives under the fear that he will reclaim her and agrees to do something she'd never thought she would; wed someone willingly.Highly regarded by everyone, Gemma is chosen to marry the new mysterious Laird Theodore MacDougal, a man she does not trust, but compared to her previous wicked betrothed, the enigmatic Laird looks like the lesser of two evils…She and Theodore are cautiously circling each other, and sparks of passion ignite, but there are inner demons that keep their hearts at bay. Gemma fears that she might have wed the wrong man, and if that is true, she has doomed not only herself but also her beloved clan.Enjoy this Highland Historical Romance story filled with plot-twists, mystery and romance with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after, by best-selling author Adamina Young! Get your copy TODAY for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Enjoy!

Hidden Desires (The Hidden Series Book 5)

Kristin Coley - 2018
    An unexpected arrival turns Wade's world upside down even as the rest of the gang struggles with their own desires for the future. Futures that may not happen if they don't stop the threat coming at them from all sides.

Dear Mr. Tindle (Mail-Order Bride Ink Book 12)

Kit Morgan - 2020
    What's a matchmaker to do?Mrs. Mahulda Brock had been tasked with a very important mission. Matchmaking! Not that she hadn't done a little before ...But this was different. For one, she had to find ways to bring two young people in her home town of Independence together. Finding things to make that happen wasn't easy. But with the help of her long time friends, Mercy, Martha, and Maude, she'd manage, wouldn't she? After some trial and error, she wasn't so sure. Worse, she noticed the young couple in her charge weren't the only ones bereft of love. There were others. How was she going to manage to bring together so many lonely hearts? Find out in this sweet, clean romantic romp that only Kit Morgan can deliver!

First Blood

Rawlin Cash - 2019
    Their first kiss. The first time a bullet bit into their flesh. The first time they killed a man. They say everyone comes from somewhere. Well, the place I come from, they say you ain't really a man until you've been shot. So I guess that means I'm a man. This is a story about a couple of things. It's about my grandpa and the Nazi memorabilia he keeps hidden in the barn. It's about the time he killed my dog and knocked me near to death. It's about my daddy's rifle and the first time I really used it. It's called First Blood, and that's an apt title. Everyone comes from somewhere. Everyone has a first time. Everyone has a story. This is mine. This prologue novella sets the scene for one of the most full-throttle CIA assassin series to hit bookstores in years. It has been created from the ground up, with the help of present and former national security operatives, to fill the space between Jason Bourne and Mitch Rapp. The extensive series will see one new novel every six weeks during 2019. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the series that has already garnered critical praise and a passionate readership. Reader relations: Prequel Novella: Jack Hunter Origin Story Prequel Novella: First Blood Book 1: Headshot Book 2: Super Sniper Book 3: Coming October 2019

The Boyfriend Type

Shae Sanders - 2020
    She's not looking for love but she wouldn't mind having a little fun.Handsome restaurateur Larenzo Black is trying to put his womanizing ways behind him and focus on business. For him, women are trouble.They're both running from their past and when they crash into each other, sparks fly. But Larenzo's best friend in the world happens to be Yasmeen's older brother, and every man knows that's a line you never cross.Theoretically...

Firestorm: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (The Awakened World Book 3)

William Stacey - 2020
    But now an unknown enemy wants even more…The war we feared has come, and leading the invading army is the only remaining dragon, the “Black Death.” If it’s not stopped, the dragon will slaughter thousands. I’m Angie Ritter, former army mage and the first source mage to be born in centuries. I might be able to stop the dragon.If I can learn to control my new magic.If I can master the ancient entity possessing me.If I can act like a grownup and stop fantasizing about the sexy were-jaguar I’m traveling with.Oh, and if I can avoid getting my heart cut out, or drained of my blood, or burned to death… or, well, any of the countless other grisly deaths that await me.Now something haunts my dreams.Something hungry.FML.

Edge Case (Cassidy Book 3)

M.R. Forbes - 2021
    Gaining mastery of his past has unlocked his full potential, and the final fight against the Immortals is about to begin. But will his next move free humankind…....or destroy an entire universe?

The Summer Escape (Cannon Beach Series Book 3)

Grace Meyers - 2021

The Sheikh's Pregnant Teacher (Khalid Sheikhs Series Book 3)

Leslie North - 2021

Wayward Son

Kimbra Swain - 2019
    His wife, Regina, is pregnant, and the pack prepares a great celebration for the coming Alpha and heir to the pack. Tragedy strikes and Regina miscarries the child. After many years of trying, she is unable to conceive again. She pleads with her husband to take a second wife to produce an heir. The pack's survival depends upon it. When rival packs begin to test Frank's authority of the pack, he gives in to his wife's request. Instead of taking another wife, he makes a deal with a fairy woman who assures him a male heir and protection for his pack. He makes the deal on behalf of the pack. She bares him a son, Dominick. The pack is unhappy about the deal that Frank made with the fairy woman, however, with pressure from the other packs, they reluctantly accept Dominick as the next Alpha.This is the story of Dominick Meyer who ended up as a knight of the Queen of the Winter in Shady Grove, Alabama. His journey begins as a Wayward Son. Wayward Son is the prequel to the Dog River Wolfpack Series, which is a spin-off of the Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen Series.

The Small Town Boy's Second Chance (Richmond Rebels Sweet Romance Book 3)

Jessie Gussman - 2020
    He’s no longer street racing. The past is the past, including the “girl” who rode beside him when he was Richmond’s unofficial champion street racer back in high school.Holland Powell has always been a good girl. She ran with the right crowd in school, got her college degree, a fabulous job, the right husband and had two children with that husband, before he walked out, taking her job, her kids and her self-esteem. When she’s involved in a car accident and needs a place to recover, she has no choice but to move back in with her mother and face the boy who represented her only walk on the wrong side of anything, and who she could never forget.The past lies between them, thick and heavy and impossible to overcome; except their attraction is there too, sparking and charging the air in the house they share.Is it possible they could develop a friendship to bridge the gap between trust and passion?Books in The Small Town Boys series:1. The Small Town Boy's Redemption2. The Small Town Boy's Secret Romance3. The Small Town Boy's Second Chance

Omnibus Three

Lucia Ashta - 2019
     What would you do if you were invited to study at the Magical Arts Academy? Enroll, of course! Join Isadora and her crew of magical misfits. Embark on a wild adventure today! Omnibus 3 includes books 9-13 of the Magical Arts Academy: Castle's Curse Spirited Escape Dragon's Fury Magic Ignites Powers Unleashed

The Playboy Prince's Baby (Royal Heat Book 4)

Ana Sparks - 2020