Deadly Gift / Deadly Harvest / Deadly Night

Heather Graham - 2010
    Brought to Newport, Rhode Island, from her native Ireland to nurse ailing millionaire Sean O'Riley, she's living a life few can imagine. But money can't hide the tension between O Reily s trophy wife, his paranoid daughter, the eccentric aunt in the attic and the staff members who run the house. When O Riley s business partner goes missing, family friend Zach Flynn arrives. Determined to help him solve the case, Caer becomes enmeshed in a mystery that weaves together the sins of the past with one family s destiny and a spirit that watches the mansion, possessing a deadly gift.DEADLY HARVESTWhen a young woman is found dead in a field, dressed up as a scarecrow with a slashed grin and a broken neck, the residents of Salem, Massachusetts, begin to fear that the infamous Harvest Man is more than just a rumor. But out-of town cop Jeremy Flynn doesn t have time for ghost stories. He's in town on another investigation, looking for a friend s wife, who mysteriously vanished in a cemetery. Complicating his efforts is local occult expert Rowenna Cavanaugh, who launches her own investigation, convinced that a horror from the past has crept into the present and is seducing women to their deaths. Jeremy uses logic and solid policework. Rowena depends on intuition. But they both have the same goal: to stop the abductions and locate the missing women before Rowena herself falls prey to the Harvest Man s dark seduction.DEADLY NIGHTAidan Flynn, a private investigator and eldest of the Flynn brothers, scoffs at the haunted-house rumors--especially since Kendall Montgomery, a tarot card reader who has been living in the mansion, is the one to tell him the tale of a woman in white. But when he finds a human bone on the grounds, and another by the river, Aidan delves into the dark history of the Flynn plantation. Forced together to uncover the truth, Aidan and Kendall realize that a serial killer whose victims seem to vanish into thin air has long been at work and that their own fates are about to be sealed forever unless they believe in the unbelievable.

Wild Boys After Dark Boxed Set: Logan, Heath, Jackson, Cooper

Melissa Foster - 2021
    Meet the Wilds, four sinfully sexy billionaires who’ll burn up the sheets, stealing hearts one leading lady at a time.If raw emotions, cursing, dirty-talk, or intense, passionate sex that sometimes includes a silk tie, turn you off, then the After Dark books are not for you. *NO CLIFFHANGERS* BOXED SET CONTAINS: Four (4) novella-length steamy love stories featuring alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. Please note that the follow-on series, BAD BOYS AFTER DARK are all full-length novels.WILD BOYS AFTER DARK: LOGAN (Book 1)WILD BOYS AFTER DARK: HEATH (Book 2)WILD BOYS AFTER DARK: JACKSON (Book 3)WILD BOYS AFTER DARK: COOPER (Book 4) LOGAN:Navy SEAL vet turned private investigator Logan Wild has a thirst for justice — and one-time flings. But when he meets Stella “Stormy” Knight, he finds himself craving more from the mysterious beauty… Stella “Stormy” Knight is an expert at hiding—her feelings, her past, and her identity. Sometimes all that hiding takes its toll, and she needs to come out from under that heavy suit of armor and cut loose—but it never takes her long to put it right back on and disappear without a trace.Navy SEAL vet turned private investigator Logan Wild is relentless in his pursuit to discover the truth for his clients. He works hard, plays even harder, and always walks away unscathed and untethered. Until he meets mysterious and sexy-as-hell Stormy, who leaves him craving more than a one-night stand.Passion ignites, secrets are shared, and their deep connection is impossible to ignore. But in order to have a future, Logan must uncover Stormy’s dark past—and when he does, he’ll hold her fate in his hands.HEATHNo last names. No strings. No ties.Except of the silk variety.Dr. Heath Wild and Allyson Jenner only wanted a simple tryst. But Heath couldn’t live with just one night, just one taste, of Ally—and Ally couldn’t escape the memory of his hands on her skin, the way he looked at her like she was his obsession, or his seduction, which had pushed her to the edge and had made her want to do things she never had before.One night leads to one tantalizing phone call. Can one phone call lead to forever?JACKSONReceiving a marriage proposal is supposed to make a women happy, but when Erica Lane receives a beautiful marriage proposal from her perfect boyfriend on the eve of her annual camping trip with her best friend, Jackson Wild, the first thing she does is jump into bed with Jackson.Jackson’s all too happy to screw the annoyance out of Erica. After all, they’ve always screwed the hell out of each other when they were bored or angry, lonely, or too damn drunk to see straight.But the marriage proposal changes everything, and their annual camping trip takes unexpected turns. Will a few nights in the wilderness set these friends with benefits free, or lead them on a path of destruction?COOPERFour years ago at a film festival, Cici Fine met Cooper Wild, a man who turned her world upside down in the span of one deliciously perfect week. He was everything she’d ever dreamed of: sinfully sexy, intelligent, and incredibly loving. When the festival ended, they returned to their own hometowns with promises of forever. But Cooper disappeared, and Cici was left to raise the daughter he never knew about alone.Cooper is finally thinking straight after years of being lost in grief from the tragedy that killed his father and left his mother blind. Now he’s on a mission to find the woman he left behind—the only woman he’s ever loved.But Cici Fine is no longer a naive young girl. She’s a savvy businesswoman with big responsibilities, on the cusp of a life-changing move. When fate brings the two together, they’ll put the old adage to the test and find out if love really can conquer all.Read the whole Billionaires After Dark series:BAD BOYS:DylanMickCarsonBrettThe BILLIONAIRES AFTER DARK series are part of the LOVE IN BLOOM big family romance collection. Each book may be read as a stand-alone novel, or as part of the series.

Eye of the Needle / The Man from St. Petersburg / The Key to Rebecca

Ken Follett - 1983

Debbie Macomber's Heart of Texas Series Volume 2: Dr. Texas\Nell's Cowboy\Lone Star Baby

Debbie Macomber - 2014
    It's a ranching town in the Texas hill country�and it's a place with a mysterious past. But Promise has a heart of goodness, and everyone here knows what really matters in life. Love, family, community…Now meet the people of Promise.They call her Dr. Texas. She's Jane Dickinson, a newly graduated physician from California who's working at the Promise clinic. They call him Mr. Grouch. Cal Patterson was left at the altar by his out-of-state fiancée, and he's not over it yet. Too bad Jane reminds him so much of the woman he's trying to forget! Dr. TexasNell Bishop, widowed mother of two children, is turning Twin Canyons into a dude ranch. One of her first guests is Travis Grant, a wannabe cowboy, an Easterner known for his books about the West. Nell's kids are crazy about him, and Nell�she could fall for him herself. Except that it's too soon… Nell's CowboyWade McMillen might be a minister, but he's also a man. Is it as a man that he responds to the lovely young woman who shows up in Promise, pregnant and alone? Or as a man of God? Maybe it's both. Amy Thornton hopes to make a new life for herself and her baby, and she needs Reverend McMillen's help. What she wants is the love of a man named Wade. Lone Star Baby The Heart of Texas. There's no place like it!

Break Volume 2: Spring Break & Lucky Break (Break Series)

Lucy Smoke - 2021
    Now, years later, we’re practically inseparable.Spring break was supposed to be our first real vacation together. A cruise with all the sun and fun a girl could ask for. That is … until Dex’s family crashes the party.I hate hiding my relationship with all of the guys almost as much as Dex’s mother so obviously hates me. There’s no way I’m going to let her or Dex’s nosy brother drive a wedge between us.I came to play, but now I might lose it all.This Volume Contains the Following Titles:Spring Break: A Steamy Contemporary Reverse HaremLucky Break: A Steamy Contemporary Reverse Harem

The Concrete Blonde & The Last Coyote (Harry Bosch, #3-4)

Michael Connelly - 2008

Texas Rich / Texas Heat / Texas Fury / Texas Sunrise

Fern Michaels
    There’s Moss, living in his father’s shadow; Jessica, the doomed mother; Moss and Billie’s children, trying to live up to insurmountable expectations; and the grandchildren, heirs to a tarnished empire. Most of all this is the triumphant story of Billie Ames Coleman, who holds them all together.Texas Heat: The magnificent Austin empire now belongs to Moss and Billie’s daughter Maggie. She has invited the whole family to a Fourth of July barbecue in celebration of a renewed sense of family pride. But as loved ones gather, they bring along old resentments and new temptations destined to generate more than a little heat.Texas Fury: For Amelia Coleman Assante, the last surviving child of a legendary tycoon, it is a time of transition. As her family’s kingdom faces new challenges on the horizon, she starts a fateful journey that recalls a troubled past controlled by a father’s iron will.Texas Sunrise: Billie Coleman Kingsley, beloved matriarch of the clan, is dying. As her family gathers together, the indomitable Billie offers new hope to heal the rifts that separate them. Even as her own strength fails, Billie instills courage, fortitude, and her conviction that life goes on after tragedy.

Amazing Grace / Honor Thyself / Rogue (Danielle Steel CD Collection)

Danielle Steel - 2009
    Grammy-winning singer Melanie Free comes to a turning point in her life and career?. Former war correspondent and photographer Everett Carson finds new purpose amid the carnage?and Sister Maggie Kent searches through the rubble - and knows instantly that there is much work to be done?.Honor Thyself: Carole Barber has come to Paris to work on her novel - and to find herself after a lifetime in the spotlight. But on this cool November evening, a fiery instant of terror shatters hundreds of lives - and leaves Carole alone, unconscious and unidentified in a Paris emergency room. As a woman whom the whole world knows slowly awakens, she knows nothing of herself. For Carole, an extraordinary opportunity has arisen in a life-threatening crisis: a second chance to count her blessings, heal wounded hearts, recapture lost love?.Rogue: For five years, Blake and Maxine have worked out an odd but amicable divorce. Blake enjoys his globe-trotting lifestyle while Maxine raises their kids in Manhattan and pursues her passion, working as a psychiatrist. When a devastating earthquake strikes near one of Blake's palatial foreign homes, he sees hundreds of orphaned children in need of shelter. Now, Blake wants Maxine in his life again - as a partner in a humanitarian project. Blake's sudden transformation - from carefree playboy to compassionate, responsible grown-up - raises questions Maxine's never managed to answer?.

The Boy who Broke the Rules

Isabelle Ronin
    Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved.*He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her.Entranced by his voice and intensity of his gaze, she let him draw her.But what lay behind his sketches and silent stares was something more.And she was willing to find out.

A Chesapeake Shores Collection Volume 2: Driftwood Cottage / Moonlight Cove / Beach Lane / An O'Brien Family Christmas

Sherryl Woods - 2017
    The welcoming arms of the boisterous, loving O’Brien clan embrace her and her son, but accepting their support only seems to further alienate her son’s father, Connor O’Brien. Moonlight Cove Jess O’Brien has overcome a lot, including the near bankruptcy of her beloved Inn at Eagle Point. Now she’s ready to share the future with a man—but Will, her childhood friend, has already chosen the perfect man for Jess: himself. Beach Lane Susie O’Brien is thrilled when her friendship with Mack Franklin finally heats up. But just when happily-ever-after seems within reach, Mack loses the job he loves and Susie faces a devastating diagnosis. An O’Brien Family Christmas Dating Matthew O’Brien—a playboy and a younger man—cost Laila Riley her career and her parents’ respect. A high price, even for love—but will Laila discover that some risks are actually once-in-a-lifetime opportunities?

The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Instaread Summaries - 2013
    Robin Ellacott's long-term boyfriend, Matthew, proposes on her first day to work for Strike as temp secretary.

The Book of Maladies Boxset (Books 1-3): An epic fantasy boxed set

D.K. Holmberg - 2020

The Complete Bragg: All Eight Novels (The Bragg Thrillers Book 3)

Jack Lynch - 2020

THE BLOOD NOTEBOOKS (A Cam Retro Thriller)

Jude Hardin - 2015
    Fishing, swimming, golf, tennis. Seems like the ideal location for a former secret agent posing as a retired police officer and part-time private investigator. Until people start disappearing. Suggested reading order for the Nicholas Colt series: COLT LADY 52 POCKET-47 CROSSCUT SNUFF TAG 9 KEY DEATH BLOOD TATTOO SYCAMORE BLUFF THE JACK REACHER FILES: FUGITIVE THE JACK REACHER FILES: VELOCITY (Novella) THE BLOOD NOTEBOOKS Note: Although published at a later date, the events in COLT and LADY 52 precede those in Jude Hardin's debut thriller POCKET-47. All of the books listed work as stand-alone thrillers, depending on reader preference. Nicholas Colt also appears in several short stories, including the one titled RATTLED and the one titled RACKED. Praise for Jude Hardin’s Thrillers: POCKET-47 sucked me in and held me enthralled. Author Jude Hardin keeps the pace frantic, the thrills non-stop, but best of all is his hero, the wonderfully ironic Nicholas Colt. This is a character I'm eager to follow through many adventures to come. —Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author of ICE COLD. The best PI debut I've read in years, fit to share shelf space with the best of Ross Macdonald, Sue Grafton, and Robert B. Parker. POCKET-47 is so hot you may burn your hands reading. Highly recommended. —J.A. Konrath, author of the Jack Daniels mysteries Hardin gets everything right in his powerhouse thriller debut, which introduces rock star–turned–PI Nicholas Colt. —Publishers Weekly on POCKET-47 KEY DEATH is an exhilarating thriller that punches way above its weight. It hits you hard and fast with crackling suspense, hair-raising twists and stunning revelations. Word of advice: don't start on this one unless you're prepared to stay up all night. —John Ling, author of THE BLASPHEMER Colt is a physical, no-holds-barred PI, reminiscent of Robert B. Parker's Spenser and Lee Child's Jack Reacher, and his debut is action-packed. With a hefty toll of dead bodies, some described in cringe-inducing detail, this is crime fiction at its rawest. Hard-boiled connoisseurs should make Colt's acquaintance now. —Booklist on POCKET-47 With CROSSCUT, Jude Hardin takes the PI novel and psychological suspense to a new, unrestrained level. Fast, fierce, and relentless. —David Morrell, New York Times bestselling creator of Rambo

The Will Trent Series 6-Book Bundle: Triptych, Fractured, Undone, Broken, Fallen, Criminal

Karin Slaughter - 2013
    And when Slaughter created detective Will Trent she broke the mold. While displaying an uncanny knack for reading people, solving puzzles, and cracking cases at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Detective Trent navigates the varied relationships with the women in his life: vice cop Angie Polaski, supervisor Amanda Wagner, partner Faith Mitchell, and Dr. Sara Linton. This gripping eBook bundle contains six novels in the Will Trent series, including:  TRIPTYCHFRACTUREDUNDONEBROKENFALLENCRIMINAL  Praise for Karin Slaughter and her Will Trent thrillers   “One of the best crime novelists in America.”—The Washington Post   “Crime fiction at its finest.”—Michael Connelly   “Slaughter writes with a razor. . . . Better than Cornwell can ever hope to be.”—The Plain Dealer   “Slaughter will have you on the edge of your seat.”—Seattle Post-Intelligencer   “Slaughter’s gift for building multilayered tension while deconstructing damaged personalities gives this thriller a nerve-wracking finish.”—USA Today, on Triptych   “Heart-pounding . . . Trent and Mitchell, a pair of complex and deeply flawed heroes, will leave fans clamoring for the next installment.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review), on Fractured   “A complicated spider web of secrets and tangles.”—Los Angeles Times, on Undone  “Addictive . . . Slaughter is a terrific writer, and she keeps the emotional tension high throughout.”—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on Broken  “An absolute master . . . Slaughter creates some wonderfully complex and mature female characters, a distinctive achievement in the world of thrillers.”—Chicago Tribune, on Fallen   “[A] hold-on-to-your-hat, nail-biting story . . . What raises Slaughter way above the sensational is her wonderful way with characters.”—The Washington Post, on Criminal