Dirty Assignment

J.P. Comeau - 2019
     A handsome pirate and a beautiful princess throw aside their cares in a Mardi Gras fling. But Zoe is his student, and Aiden is her professor. They broke it, that unspoken law… Professors shouldn’t fraternize with the students. It was a mistake, they can’t be together, and it’s best for them to forget that night ever happened. But he can’t. She can’t. And they can’t forget each other. As she learns and he teaches, they wonder. Was it really just a fling? Or was it the beginning of a forever love? To find out, download today. Dirty Assignment is meant for mature audiences only.

Rescuing Single Mom

Suzanne Hart - 2019
     But then he runs the opposite direction once he meets my kid. Silas Denton. Billionaire, cocky, the man who thinks he owns the world. His family RUINED me. And now he wants to make things right. Well, guess what? I don’t need his help. And I definitely don’t need him in my bed. It should be easy for me to shove him right out the door. Except his chiseled chest refuses to leave my dreams. He might be in my fantasies. But there’s no way in hell I’m giving him my heart. We’ve both got our secrets to protect. What would happen once he discovers mine? Will this feisty single mom accept help by being rescued by her prince charming? Scroll up and one click to discover this hot romance today! All novels in the Turning Good Series have interconnecting characters, but each has a unique storyline and individual HEA.

Rule Breaker By Accident

Ali Parker - 2019
     One rule. Easy enough, or so I thought. Until this hot surgeon that I’ve been dating off and on becomes a client. It was a casual fling, a fun summer love affair. Until it wasn’t. My heart wasn’t ready to fall so hard for this bad boy in scrubs. The secrets he has hidden in his past stop me dead in my tracks. But he isn’t giving up on us. Not for anything. And I have to decide where I stand. Break the rules or walk away from the best thing I’ve ever had.


Ashlee Price - 2017
    She's feisty yet sweet.Innocent but f#ckin' sexy.She can be so intoxicating.Her touch is sweet like honey.Each time I see those eyes, those lips, that body...I just want to make her mine. (again and again and again)Leaving her was a mistake. Now I'm back to win her over.And I won't take no for answer.Rekindled is a stand-alone surprise baby, second chance, billionaire romance with a guaranteed HEA. Also includes an exclusive never before published dirty fairy tale romance: Sinderella.

Not So Fake (The Billionaire's Secret #7)

R.S. Elliot - 2021

Accidental Marriage

Avery Edwards - 2020
    Off Limits doesn't fit my brand or my plan.He's the burly country singer type.All flannel, all the time.I'm an elite New York socialite.Opposite is an understatement.Being with him could ruin everything.But the heart wants, what the...#LAME.So when I find out I'm pregnant?Well, let's hope I can keep that secret...Opposites attract in this full-length enemies to lovers romance. Don't miss this spectacular happily ever after! This book is part of the Ranch Boys series but stands alone. Books do not have to be read in order.

Pretend Daddy

Lulu Pratt - 2019
    To my country, my best buddy and now my little boy. I’m a single dad to a little boy I never knew existed until I got home. I don’t know anything about raising babies, the only thing I know is that I need a nanny. That’s when Ashley walks into my life. Her sweet curves and soft lips threaten to distract me, but I am duty-bound, I won’t cross the line. At least until I can’t resist the way she looks at me any longer. It’s more than the way she feels in my arms, it’s the way she’s making this house a home. And then the rug is ripped out from underneath us. Our pretend family is no more. But I've never backed down from a fight. I’m going to make us a forever family. ***Sizzling hot alpha romance full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after***

Make Her Mine

Scarlett King - 2020
    A newer edition of this book can be found here.Telling my boss my BIGGEST secret was just one of many mistakes…#1 I revealed that I was still a…you know what.#2 I also confessed I’d never experience the big O.#3 I don’t even have to spell it out do I?Look, I NEVER expected him to make it his mission to help a girl out,But I can’t say I haven’t fantasized about it.Even when I want to slap his arrogant face,I wouldn’t mind tearing his suit off in the process.As much as I want to let him take me in every way imaginable,My mission to find the big O,Quickly turns into Oh shit!Falling for him wasn’t part of the plan…or the agreement.Will I always just be another conquest for my billionaire boss?Or can I fall out of his bed and into his heart?

Invisible Scars

Crystal Faye - 2019
    It’s been more than ten years, but I’ve put the past behind me. I’m on the cusp of fulfilling my lifelong dreams. I just need a little bit of help. Lexicon Enterprises has everything I need to take my company global. Only one problem. Connor Millwright. I had loved him with youthful abandon and he had cast me aside like nothing. Now, suddenly, he’s back in my life. 
He’s handsome. Sexy. Successful. His smile sends shivers down my spine. I never wanted to see him again. Let alone put my destiny in his hands. But I didn’t have a choice. Walk away from his help, and I had to walk away from my dream. Connor
 More than a decade ago, I left home and never looked back. Now, years later, I have it all. Money. Power. Prestige. But it was missing something. Someone to share it with. Until I met her again. A girl from my past. Only she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was beautiful, intelligent, and sexy as hell. Only one small problem. She hated me, but I didn’t know why. But I would change that. This time I would do right by Alex. Now that fate had brought us together again, I’m not going to let her go.

Single Dad's Fake Marriage

Claire Angel - 2020
    It was supposed to be a simple contact but I am falling for him.Looking into his eyes makes me weak.And this fake marriage feels so real.I feel like giving love another chance.But… he gives me mixed signals.One moment he acts as we are really married.And the next moment he keeps me at a distance.I sold my soul and now he has my heart as well.He ignores me and turns cold.He acts like a spoiled brat and rude at times.I have to be careful and protect my heart.But everything ended with us sleeping together.What a disaster…And now he again has turned ice cold. How can I even forget that it was just a simple contract?

The Billionaire's Fake Engagement (Durand Billionaire Brothers Book 1)

Leslie North - 2022

Marrying My Neighbor

Roxy Reid - 2020
    Marrying My Neighbor is a stand-alone novel with no cheating, no cliff hangers and a sumptuous happily ever after.

Make Me an Offer

C. Morgan - 2019
    I don’t have time for anything but my bustling shop. Fate didn’t ask me though, and attraction turns into some much, much richer.This woman is mine from the moment she walks in. Deal or no deal, I’m playing for keeps.

Accidental Kiss

Mia Ford - 2019
    We had two choices: live a lie forever or get killed.Libby NorrisBeautiful, fun loving, intelligent, kind, s@xy.My son's play school teacher.The only woman who stole my heart after my wife's death,And also, the woman who doesn't know my biggest secret.One kiss was all it took.One kiss and I was hooked.I want to get lost in those beautiful eyes and that charming smile - forever.But Libby's acting all sassy and doesn't have any time for romance.I guess it's time I teach her the ropes of the game.But her mafia connection?F*ck it, I'll do all it takes to win her heart and soul!Libby baby, I am coming for you,And I'll do anything to protect you. After all, who said love was an easy game to play!

Bryson's Treasure

Linzi Baxter - 2019
    He barely got out alive with the help of a young Afghan girl he refused to leave behind. His boots barely touch Montana soil before he and his brother Noah rescue an unconscious woman trapped in a wrecked truck. A truck whose brakes were clearly tampered with. Though still wounded himself, his instincts scream to keep her safe until they find out who wants her dead. A heart she dares not trust…her own. All Lynn remembers from the accident is a pair of crystal-blue eyes she never thought to see again. Until those eyes show up a few days later, attached to a tall, sandy-haired cowboy who takes all of five minutes to get under her skin. He wants her to stay put? She just got away from a dangerous cult. No one tells her what to do or where she can and can’t go. Especially not a sexy ex-Marine with a rescue complex. But when more near-misses leave her shaken, she has no choice but to surrender to Bryce’s protection…and try like hell not to surrender her heart.