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Paradise Lane (A Gulf Coast Romance Book 1) by Fran McNabb


A Bridge Between Hearts

Casey Swan - 2021
    Adam Finlay left the vet practice he was working for when cost cutting led to animals suffering. He would love to open a one-man practice of his own, but all his savings went to his ex wife in her battle against cancer. He’s still getting over the divorce, and he doesn’t have anything to offer a woman at the moment anyway.Adam’s sister has set him up in a rental house in the small seaside town of Kauri Bay, not far from the family farm, and he soon notices Polly, the manager of the Beach Front Cafe. Polly knows she can’t get interested in the handsome young vet, she really mustn’t, but her heart flutters every time he’s near her. The two young people find themselves in an impossible situation – or is it? Not when help comes from a completely unexpected source. A clean and wholesome romance, set in an inspirational community.

The Inn at Cranberry Cove (Cranberry Cove Series Book 1)

June Foster - 2020
    She’s inherited her aunt’s B&B and is determined to carry on her legacy. Upon preparing for guests, she learns of a century-old tale of treasure within the inn. Many have searched for the illusive gems but to no avail. She discovers a man working on the inn’s grounds, but is he the gardener Gina Price hired? Perhaps he’s searching for the hidden treasure.James Atwood, corporate executive, works in the Atwood’s thriving cranberry business. Tragedy strikes, and he’s numb and riddled with guilt. Befriended by Gina Price, he finds solace working evening and weekends in the fresh earth, fescue grass, and aromatic blossoms of the inn’s gardens, helping to divert his mind from his dishonest cousin Robert, bent on destroying the Atwood business. He continues tending the grounds after Gina passes, and the new owner believes he’s a gardener. After she calls late one night upon hearing a prowler, James races to her rescue and discovers his feelings are more than protective.Ashton’s first guests, the Claxton’s, appear out of nowhere saying they’ve had reservations for a year though she finds no record of a deposit. She chalks the failure up to faulty accounting before she arrived. When an elusive intruder continues to make frightening midnight visits, Ashton fears for her own safety and that of the Claxtons. But then, their odd comings and goings cause Ashton to wonder. Are they really vacationing visitors from California, or do they have other motives for staying at the inn?Can two people allow the majestic northwest and fragrant coastal air heal their wounded hearts? Will they discover the secret of The Inn at Cranberry Cove?


Holly J. Martin - 2017
    She had a gang of brothers who positively adored her. She led an affluent life at her family’s home in Maine. She even had an ongoing flirtation with the charming Jared Ross.He would prove to be her doom. After her father catches her with Jared, he virtually disowns her. Jack is forced to live in a halfway house for wayward teens run by sadistic guards. There, she experiences an assault that changes her life forever.When Jack escapes, she takes to the streets in search of a place to belong. She finds friendship in Sam, a former special forces POW determined to help anyone in need, and Noah, a young gay model with dreams of stardom. As Jack begins creating a new life with Sam and Noah, she still faces the unbelievable pain of her family’s betrayal. Jack doesn’t know the whole story. As she follows her dream of owning a recording studio, her brothers and Jared are all desperately searching for her. Their reunion will be more difficult than any of them expect. Jack has found a new family. Is there room in her heart for anyone else?

Where's the Groom?

Cathryn Brown - 2020
    Now her groom’s missing and a new man’s helping her search for him.Summer realized she’d made a big mistake. Why did she say yes to him? When her groom never arrives at the church, she uses her one clue to find him. She gets a big surprise. And she meets her Watson to help her search.Cameron agrees to help Summer because a family member’s caught in her mystery. She’s glad to have someone working with her, especially when he’s handsome and has a great smile, but a new romance is out of the question. But she sometimes (maybe too often) gets in trouble when she leaps before she looks, so he could come in handy.Cameron and Summer are immediately pulled into a mystery bigger than a missing groom (with no dead bodies!) and fighting their attraction to each other. If they can find the groom—and solve this mystery—they’ll part ways and never need to see each other again.They’re caught in a situation they didn’t create. Can a woman who almost got married find love on the run?

For a Governess' Fiery Kiss

Henrietta Harding - 2020
    She's newly orphaned and ruined, wanting only the peace and quiet that a governess position for Edwin's stoic daughter allows. She never expected though her new employer to be so handsome that she can barely resist the temptation. She soon discovers that she is not the only one who is hiding secrets, but that doesn't stop her lascivious longing. There is a dreadful scandal that has tarnished Edwin's name and left him broken-hearted... Can a governess full of secrets find a place in Edwin's house and most importantly in his wounded heart?Edwin Huntington moved with his jaw-droppingly gorgeous blonde, Cecily, and their young daughter, Jane, across the country, so he could work as a high-ranking military officer. Little did he know that he and his daughter would be abandoned by Cecily for his cousin, the next in line to Edwin's wealthy uncle's estate. Since Jane doesn't seem to take kindly to her mother's disappearance, Edwin soon realizes the urgent need of a governess. But when the new magnetic governess appears to be more than he ever wished for, he finds himself trying to tame his growing feelings. After all he's been through, could she really be the one to set his body and soul on fire?Emilia and Edwin know they are playing dangerously close with fire, but their intriguing lust is too overwhelming to resist. As the story of Cecily and Edwin's wealthy cousin, Marcus, is not over yet, whatever joy and passion Edwin and Emilia might have found together is at high risk. Can they defy everyone and turn this promising desire into an everlasting love? Or will their passionate affair go down in flames before it fills them with sparks?

Whisling Island Series Books 1-3: Inspiring Women's Fiction

Julia Clemens - 2021
    Sunset on Whisling Island - Meet Bess, Olivia, Deb, and Gen as they endure and overcome loss. A visit to the beautiful island just off of the coast of Washington State will change you. You'll laugh, cry, and rejoice with these wonderful women as they navigate through life.New Beginnings on Whisling Island - After darkness, there will always be light. A new beginning. Join the women of Whisling on this next thrilling and lovely chapter of their lives as they find purpose, love, and discover who they really are.Sisters and Sunrises - The women of Whisling are back! Through the mess and craziness of life's ever-present changes, the women continue to rely on each other. And they're reminded that even after the longest of nights, the sun always rises again.

Tangled up in Blue: A Rainy Day Women Romance

Linda Steinberg - 2021
    Deadbeat dads, that is. Until she's arrested by a handsome detective who won't listen to reason. But when she discovers a dead body while working a case, she needs Detective Tall, Dark and Handsome's Help.Protect and serveWhen Dallas P.D. detective Trey Donovan arrests a feisty, gun-toting woman with a stack of hundred dollar bills stashed in her camisole, he senses this is no ordinary drug bust. He manages to maintain his professional composure but he can't get her out of his mind. On his next case, when he finds Selena standing over a dead body, they agree to work together to catch a killer.Trey is by the book; Selena prefers to color outside the lines. But the chemistry between them sparks creative detective work. And ignites simmering passions. Despite their intentions to keep the relationship professional, a rainy night stakeout leaves them 'tangled up in blue.' And when Selena's out-of-the-box ideas put her in danger, Trey realizes this is a woman he will never put out of his mind. And that's a 'Dunn deal.'Tangled up in Blue is the first book in the Rainy Day Women series, featuring women empowering women--and the men who love them. In a converted warehouse near downtown Dallas a group of strong, professional women come together to volunteer their services to the women of an under-served community. They name their facility the Rainy Day Women's Center. Each book is a stand-alone romance about competent, independent women and the equally competent, independent men they can't ignore--or live without.

Lucie’s Billionaire Cowboy Grace: Sweet Cowboy Billionaire Novels (Seven Billionaire Cowboy Brothers at Christmas Wilmont Lodge Book 1)

Brenda Clemmons - 2020

Sweet Billionaire Romance Box Set: Books 1-8

Emilia Hattington - 2019
    And don’t look back.My best friend told me to run, and I listened.My name is no longer Emily.I changed it to Emma and ran as fast I could.I found paradise with a little dash of family.I began rebuilding my life from the ashes.Then Liam walked into my new life.He was kind, smart and downright sexy, but trust wouldn’t come easy to me anymore.He said we could just be friends, but I know he wanted more.I wanted so much to lose myself in him.I wanted so much to forget.But some things can’t be forgotten.Some people can’t be banished.All I could hope is that by the time my past caught up with me, those I loved would be safe and sound.I had the worst luck in love.Women only saw my bank account when they dated me.I had a long sad history with gold diggers, and I was done.But then I saw Emma laugh.Her beauty struck deep within my tired soul and I knew I had to possess her.But I could tell she had a secret.I just never knew how dangerous that secret was.Now it is up to me to save her.If she will let me….When pain and misery litter the pages of our past, can we afford the price of love?Book 2: Lucky EncounterFive years ago, he broke my heart.I was a struggling waitress, down on her luck.He was rich, successful, hot, and charming. How could I keep saying no?But I was a fool to think he cared.When I got pregnant with his child, and he abandoned his responsibilities with a callous note, I vowed to remake myself and never be stupid enough to trust somebody like Noah Pryce again.Now our daughter is four, and I’ve worked my through grad school to build us a better life.When I get a job working at a high end security company for more money than I’ve ever seen, I think Bella and I have it made.But they didn’t tell me it’s Noah’s company.They didn’t tell me the man who abandoned us would be my boss.Somehow I’ve got to keep things professional and work for the bastard who almost ruined my life.Noah’s still gorgeous, still charming, and sometimes I think he might have changed.But for my daughter, I’ve got to keep my head on straight.Noah Pryce may have may have fooled me once, but I’m a different woman now.Book 3: Unexpected AdventureDeep in the Amazon Rainforest is the answer to all of her questions...Megan James has hated wealthy bad boy Andy Saxon ever since an accident that happened years ago.But, when Megan’s sister goes missing in the Amazon, Andy is the key to getting her back.Together, the unlikely duo concoct a plan to save the day.A fake wedding, a private jet, and a hidden heart of gold...Will Megan be able to overcome the past and learn to trust Andy?Will Andy ever find someone who loves him for more than his money?Can they rescue Megan’s sister from the jungle in time?What happens in the Amazon, certainly doesn’t stay in the Amazon...Book 4: Baking for the BillionaireA baking competition show isn’t exactly my thing. But when I find myself strapped for cash, that grand prize proves too hard to resist.Derek is charming, rich, and for some reason, interested in me.I know I should keep my distance, a contestant dating the show’s producer could be the ultimate scandal. Too bad I find the guy irresistible.As the competition heats up, so does our relationship, and I find myself falling head over heels for the man. But he’s got baggage in the form of a selfish ex-wife and I’m facing sabotage on the set.Can we move past our obstacles and find the recipe for love?Book 5: Keeping Her SafeI have a knack for finding trouble.This time, it’s landed me in the witness protection program.Now, I have a new name and a new life in Biloxi, Mississippi.I’ve barely settled in when a hurricane comes along to stir things up.I find myself stranded in the storm, desperate for shelter.Enter Ethan Kincaid.Sexy, rich, kind. He’s the total package.Suddenly, being stuck in the path of a tropical storm while hiding from a deranged killer doesn’t seem so bad.But I can’t forget about the danger that brought me here in the first place.And I can’t tell Ethan who I really am.Between the rain, the secrets, and the ever-lurking danger, I have a lot on my plate.Can I make room for love as well?It looks like I’ll have to, because I lost my heart to a billionaire while the storm raged.Book 6: My Perfect MatchMy trust in men had been destroyed by my previous employer.I wanted never to be a nanny again.But the story of a broken little girl caught at my heart.I accepted the job and made one unbreakable rule for myself -don’t ever let the boss get too close.Too bad this boss lived to break rules.I didn't want him. I didn't trust him.But he really didn't care.Loving him would mean risking the child who needed me.But how could I hate him when he made me feel so special?How could I resist the passion he was offering?If I throw caution to the wind, can we all come out the other side happier than we’ve ever been? Or will the flames burn everything to the ground? Book 7: Loving PursuitMy Hawaiian vacation turned into the perfect getaway when I met Marie.It only took one hot night for her to get under my skin.But I woke up alone the next morning.All I know is her name and the town she’s from.It’s enough to track her down, but should I bother?I can’t seem to help myself.I want her in my bed again. And again. And again.Before I know it, I’ve developed real feelings for her.But we come from different worlds.I’m a Beverly Hills billionaire. She’s a small-town princess.My father would never approve.Then, we get a shocking surprise that could change everything.Will we embrace change and come stronger on the other side?Is love enough to conquer all?Book 8: Return to MeOlivia Jacobs is the one that got away.It’s been ten years since life pulled us in different directions.In that time, I’ve become a billionaire with women falling at my feet.But none of them measure up.When an accident lands me in the hospital, I’m shocked to see Olivia there in scrubs.Sparks fly between us, but is it enough to reignite an old flame?Between my crazy ex and an opportunity that threatens to tear us apart again, there’s plenty to get in the way of happiness.Can we push through the obstacles and find a love that was always meant to be?

Healing Hearts (The O'Connors Book 2)

Jax Burrows - 2020

Love in the Rockies: Sweet romance on an unforgettable train journey (True Love Travels)

Poppy Pennington-Smith - 2020
    But she’s stuck in sleepy Oxford. Every day is the same. Nothing ever changes.Until, completely out of the blue, Beth gets the chance of a lifetime.She’s sent to Canada to compete in an infamous travel writing competition. Winning would propel her to stardom and make all her dreams come true. It would change everything…The problem is, she’s up against swoon-worthy Canadian, Blake O’Brien. And Blake is not the kind of guy who gives up without a fight.As finalists, Beth and Blake are forced to travel together through the Rocky Mountains and across Canada. And slowly, as Beth’s self-belief soars, she begins to see Blake in a different light. Perhaps he’s not the brash, arrogant, sarcastic guy she thought he was? Perhaps he’s exactly what she needs…But as the competition comes to a head, and loyalties are tested, will Beth and Blake realise they simply have to be together? Or will their rivalry, and their very different lives, get in the way? 'Love in the Rockies' is a sweet, clean, romance novel with no cliff hangers and a HEA. It is the first in the True Love Travels series by Poppy Pennington-Smith.

Her Billionaire Inventor

Dobi Daniels - 2018
    She’d been emotionally scarred from her last relationship and has just managed to pay off the mountain of debts she was saddled with.Now all she wants for Christmas is to rediscover Christmas joy—no love in the equation, and what better place than her hometown Dexington where she recalled spending the happiest times of her life. She is determined to stick with her plan and not even a chance encounter with Phillip—billionaire hospital heir and inventor, and the town’s most eligible bachelor—can change her mind.Until she discovers he is the boy she kissed in high school.Phillip Dexington is finally about to launch a new medical device after having his last invention stolen by his former girlfriend and sold to his archenemy. He’s determined that nothing must go wrong this time around—which means avoiding a relationship at all costs—and is content with spending Christmas with the children at the orphanage.But when Phillip runs into Sarah Nash, the girl who stole his heart in high school, his world flips upside down. She’s only in town for Christmas, and the time before the launch party is Phillip’s only chance at determining if she is the one.Will they open their hearts to the fullness of Christmas and give love a second chance, or will their trust issues rob them of a happily ever after?This is a sweet/clean emotional scars Christmas medical billionaire romance with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA.

Contract Baby

Fallyn Briggs - 2018
    They have been best friends since diapers and she isn't one to back down from a problem if she can offer a solution.What was that her friends keep saying? She shouldn't carry the child of the man she's been in love with for half her life? Well, there is a solution to that too...she just hasn't discovered it yet.Keenan Myers's entire future fell apart with one word: terminal. His beloved wife is dying of cancer and all their dreams of the future would have gone with her until his best friend, Layla, offers to give them one back. The tiniest hope restored, Keenan feels like he can breathe again, until he wakes one morning to find his wife gone, having fled rather than let her love watch her die.Keenan is shattered and needs his best friend more than ever, but how can she be there for him now that she is determined to move on. Contract Baby is a sweet billionaire romance with no bad language or sex scenes. Of course, there is also a Happy Ever After. Grab your copy now!

Love at Turtle Dove Inn: Sweet Small Town Romance

Susan Warner - 2021
    But when she arrives, the job has fallen through. Andthen nearly getting run over by a handsome bachelor? Hardly surprising at thispoint. She can’t refuse his offer for a job though, especially because it comeswith room and board.Conner Sanders bought the Turtle Dove Inn—a romantic notion to give hisparents a chance to relive their honeymoon. But the inn needs a lot of work,which is why Riley is the perfect answer. If only he could figure out why , thesmall-town residents don’t seem willing to help him. Or why he can’t stopthinking about kissing his beautiful new hotel manager.Riley isn’t looking for love and Conner doesn’t think love is in his skillset.Can two strangers learn to let go of their past mistakes and be healed byunconditional love?Start reading today and discover the small-town charm, irresistiblechemistry, and sweet storylines of the Inheritance Bay series.

Escape To...The Little Beach Cafe

Sarah Hope - 2018
    Does she risk the little she does have to follow her dreams? Moving her young son to the seaside to run The Little Beach Cafe proves harder than Pippa ever imagined, particularly because she can't actually bake.With the help of new friends, can she make a success of her new venture or will she have to return to her old life in the City? When her son's father turns up, will he be able to win her back or will she find love elsewhere? A single parent romance filled with self-belief, love and second chances.